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The Feeling of Giving Card Story - Episode

Like a Picture Book


Ushigome Residence - Rimi's Room

Rimi: Saya-chan, I'm putting your tea down here, okay?
Saaya: Oh, thanks! Actually, I should be saying sorry since I came over so abruptly...
Rimi: No, don't worry about it. In fact, I should apologize for forgetting to give you back the CD I borrowed the other day...
Saaya: No, not at all! It's fine!
Rimi: Well, let me give it back to you now so I don't forget again! Here you go. Errr... Let me give you a bag to put it in...
Saaya: There's no need for one. I can just take it home like that.
Rimi: No, that won't do! It would be horrible if the CD got scratched!
Saaya: Ahaha. Rimi-rin, you're such a worrywart~. Okay, can I use this one then? This bag on the table.
Rimi: Mhm. Oh, but the things I bought might still be inside. Can you take them out and leave them on the table?
Saaya: Okay, thanks. Taking them out then... Let's see, there's a... picture book inside?
Saaya: This brings back memories~! I had this when I was a kid!
Saaya: But why'd you buy such an old book? And I thought they didn't sell this version anymore since they changed the cover.
Rimi: Actually, I bought that at the flea market the other day.
Saaya: Oh~, that's right. You said you were taking part in a flea market!
Saaya: We were thinking of having a stall too, but our shop was so busy that we didn't have enough time to prepare...
Rimi: Oh, so that's what happened. That's a shame.
Saaya: Yeah. Huh? But, Rimi-rin, didn't you say you were selling picture books at the flea market?
Rimi: W-well... about that...

Saaya: I see. Yeah, you might have sold some, but there are still a lot of picture books in this room.
Rimi: So you know what happened? I... I pretty much ended up buying the same number of books I sold...
Rimi: While walking around the flea market, I found so many wonderful books, and some of them were nostalgic, too. So without thinking, you know...
Saaya: Ahaha! I get it, I get it! Once you sell some books, you free up space in your bookshelf. Then you end up wanting to buy some because you have space!
Saaya: This seriously brings back memories, though... I used to read this one here when I was young.
Rimi: I especially liked this one.
Saaya: Oh~, that's a good one. But it has a pretty heartbreaking story, no?
Rimi: Yeah. But the mean prince eventually became kind in the end and found happiness.
Saaya: Oh, that's right! He did! Even though there were some sad parts, it ended up being a really sweet story, huh?
Rimi: Yeah. You know... picture books are pretty remarkable, aren't they? Even though we've read them so many times, we still want to read them on occasion.
Saaya: That's certainly true. I still get worked up every time I read them even though I know the stories inside out.
Rimi: It's like a different picture is painted each time... Like sometimes you discover a new meaning for something. Maybe that's the reason they're always so enjoyable.
Saaya: Right. They're really packed with different emotions, huh?
Saaya: I hope that our music can become like that, too.
Rimi: Saaya-chan... Mhm, I feel the same!
Saaya: Hey, Rimi-rin. Can you lend this picture book to me? It's not really related to what we were talking about... But I'd like to read it to my younger siblings.
Rimi: Of course. I hope the two of them will enjoy it.
Saaya: Well, that would depend on how well I can read it to them~.
Rimi: Fufu. Then do your best, Saaya-chan.
Saaya: You bet! Just leave it to me!

The Feeling of Giving Card Story - Special Episode

Because It's Precious



Rimi: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san. Hello.
Rimi: You must be buying something since you're downtown, right
Rimi: Oh, you're getting dinner. Me? I'm meeting up with the others from Poppin'Party.
Rimi: Kasumi-chan invited us all to go stargazing...
Rimi: Though, I guess I arrived too early and no one's at the meeting place yet...
Rimi: BanG Dreamer-san, if you've got some time, would you like to chat for a bit?
Rimi: Thank you so much!
Rimi: Oh, right! Actually, there was something I wanted to talk to you about! The other day, I was part of a flea market event that Himari-chan invited me to...
Rimi: Yes! We all sold stuff at a stall there.
Rimi: The preparation was definitely a lot of work and so confusing, too...
Rimi: But because we all put our efforts together, it ended up being a lot of fun!
Rimi: Of course, I sold stuff too, such as stuffed animals. And a few picture books.
Rimi: They were all items precious to me and I didn't really want to get rid of them, but I was running out of places where I can put that stuff...
Rimi: Because of that, I thought it'd be better if someone else could have them and take good care of them. That's why I decided to sell them at the flea market!
Rimi: Whenever someone bought my items, whether it was my stuffed animals or picture books, I always hoped really hard that the person buying them would cherish it like I did.
Rimi: It was the same with Himari-chan's clothes, too.
Rimi: I'm sure as we speak, all of our items are being well taken care of!
Rimi: If the chance arises, I want to take part in a flea market again. Next time, I want it to be with everyone in Poppin'Party- Oh!
Rimi: It's that late already?! I should make my way to the meeting place!
Rimi: BanG Dreamer-san, thanks so much for listening to me talk! I'll be on my way now!!