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The Fruit of Dreams Card Story - Episode

Apple-Pie Smile


Hazawa Coffee
Tsugumi: My apologies for the wait. Here is your apple pie.
Kanon: Wow, it looks delicious~! Thanks, Tsugumi-chan!
Chisato: It smells incredible. I can't wait to try some.
Tsugumi: Please be careful as it was just taken out of the oven.
Kanon: Okay~. Let's eat~. Om... Mmm~! This is really good~! I don't think I'll ever have enough of this~!
Chisato: Yes, it is wonderful. The crust is crisp, and the richness of the butter is enhanced with every bite.
Chisato: Which further brings out the cinnamon and the sweetness of the apples, creating an excellent balance of flavors.
Kanon: Chisato-chan, that was amazing...! You sound like a pro critic!
Chisato: Ah, my apologies. I was so enthralled by the dish that I began to ramble on.
Tsugumi: Fufu. Thank you very much, both of you. I'm so glad you like it. I'll be sure to tell my mother what you think.
Kanon: I need to go thank her myself, Tsugumi-chan. She went out of her way to bake this apple pie for us, after all.
Tsugumi: No, think nothing of it. She and I had just been discussing how we wanted to make one.
Tsugumi: Besides, it was you who provided us with the delicious apple, Kanon-san.
Kanon: Only one, though. But I'm happy that you found a use for it.
Chisato: Kanon, may I ask why you wished for them to bake an apple pie in the first place?
Tsugumi: Come to think of it, the apple you gave us seemed important somehow. Was it something special to you?
Kanon: Oh yeah, Afterglow showed up right before the show started, so you couldn't have known.
Kanon: Fufufu. You see, it all started at the shrine the other day...
5 Minutes Later
Tsugumi: Wow, so that is what happened on the day of the taiko performance?
Tsugumi: Now I understand. That many people being there for any normal shrine visit would've been unbelievable.
Kanon: We tried our best to bring in as big of an audience as we could. I'm glad that it was such a big hit.
Kanon: Maybe that's the power of New Year's.
Chisato: Having your dream come true is surprising enough, but for the dreams of everyone to become a reality... is truly incredible.
Kanon: It's strange, I know. But once that monkey gave me its apple, I just knew that I had to use it to treat everyone to something nice.
Kanon: So I figured that having you make it into a dessert would bring out the smiles of all your customers.
Chisato: Yes, I have no doubt about that. The taste alone is proof enough.
Kanon: If only we could have shared some with that monkey~.
Kanon: I wonder if it's still over by the shrine. I'll have to give my thanks if we run into each other.
Chisato: I still need to find a way to express my gratitude to you, Kanon. The apple pie you arranged for us was exquisite.
Chisato: Thank you so much for inviting me.
Kanon: No, the pleasure was all mine. I'm happy to have shared it with you.
Kanon: Ah, why don't we invite some of the others to join us? Tsugumi-chan, is there any more of the apple pie remaining?
Tsugumi: Fufu, don't worry. My mother said that she made more than enough.
Kanon: Wow, that's great~. Alright, I'll send out some texts then.
Tsugumi: Okay! I can't wait to have others try it!
Kanon: Fufu, and I can't wait to see them smile after having some.

The Fruit of Dreams Card Story - Special Episode

Appreciation Apple


Shrine - Entrance
Kanon: Happy New Year, BanG Dreamer-san. What brings you to the shrine?
Kanon: Oh, so you came to make your New Year's wish. No, I'm actually here for a different reason...
Kanon: I'm looking for someone, I guess you could say...
Kanon: There was a monkey performing at the shrine the other day, and it gave me an apple as a present...
Kanon: That apple became very special to me, so I figured I would come back to offer my thanks...
Kanon: Why was it special...? Well... you promise that you won't laugh?
Kanon: Okay so, my first dream of the new year was about me receiving a magical apple, then making all my friends happy by sharing it with them.
Kanon: Even I didn't really get it at first, but once that monkey shared its apple with me... it sort of clicked.
Kanon: Fufu, I know it's probably all in my head, but I feel like that apple is connected to my dream somehow...
Kanon: Afterward, I went to Tsugumi-chan's place and had them bake it into an apple pie that we shared with everyone.
Kanon: I sat down and had a taste together with Chisato-chan, and it was so, so tasty...! My dream really did come true in the end.
Kanon: I also need to thank Ako-chan and Arisa-chan for what they did that day.
Kanon: I mean, I never would have noticed that connection on my own, and I doubt I would have even seen the monkey show, either.
Kanon: Speaking of which, Arisa-chan said that a monkey will attack if it makes eye contact with you, so we were all on edge.
Kanon: So I started freaking out when it suddenly started coming towards me...!
Kanon: You wouldn't believe how much I was panicking.
Kanon: Once we realized that everything was alright, everyone breathed the biggest sigh of relief you can imagine. Fufu!
Kanon: It was a lot of fun. The amazing taiko performance really blew me away, and everyone there helped make it a really eventful day.
Kanon: All I need to do now is find that monkey...
Kanon: ... Hm? Just now, wasn't there a lot of cheering coming from over there?
Kanon: Yeah, I definitely hear people clapping! It must be the monkey and its owner!
Kanon: Alright, I'm off to thank the money with this banana I brought.
Kanon: The rest of the band and I will stop by CiRCLE again soon to get in some practice.
Kanon: Let's both try to make this another amazing year. I'm looking forward to spending it with you.