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The Impromptu Wedding Dress Event Story - Opening
A Special Flavor

A new wedding hall is opening downtown, and someone's got something to ask Saaya...



Rimi: Sigh... I didn't know we were going to have a quiz today.
Saaya: That teacher really likes to take everyone by surprise. All I could think was, "Another one?!"
Rimi: Ohh, I wish I studied.
Saaya: ... You don't think you did well?
Rimi: I'm not sure. Lately, all I've been doing is practicing with the band.
Saaya: Ahh, yeah. When Kasumi gets started, there's no stopping her. It makes sense that rehearsal would take up so much time.
Rimi: I want to focus on the band, but you never know when the next pop quiz will happen... If I have to take extra classes, I won't be able to practice...
Rimi: Uhm... Saaya-chan. You can say no if you want, but... do you mind tutoring me?
Saaya: No, of course not. And today is perfect. I don't have to help out at home, and there's no rehearsal.
Rimi: Thank you! Uhm, so... Will a cafe be okay?
Saaya: Yep. With my little brother at home, it'd probably get noisy there anyway...
Passerby 1: Hey, did you hear? Apparently, there's a new wedding venue opening up soon.
Passerby 2: I know! I heard it was going to be a really fancy place.
Saaya: Wedding venue...?
Rimi: What's wrong?
Saaya: Ah, I just overheard someone saying there's gonna be a new wedding place opening.
Rimi: Wedding...? I would love to wear one of those dresses one day.
Saaya: I get that! Whenever there's a special on TV or in a magazine about wedding dresses, I get caught up.
Saaya: There's been a lot of different types recently... Rimi-rin, what kind would you want in the future?
Rimi: M-me...?
Rimi: I said I would love to... I can't imagine myself wearing one though.
Saaya: But aren't there times when you see a dress and you think, I definitely wanna try that one on?
Rimi: Hmm, yeah... I think I would like to wear one that's puffy. Those are cute.
Rimi: What about you?
Saaya: I... Ahaha, I can't think of anything. I guess maybe it's too far off, or it's hard to imagine...
Saaya: Huh...? That looks like...
Rimi: Is everything okay?
Saaya: I've seen that person's face a lot, around town and in my store buying bread.
Rimi: I see... Looks like they're having trouble. I wonder if they're okay.
Saaya: Yeah. I'm gonna go see if they need help. Sorry, do you mind going ahead?
Rimi: Okay. I'll get us a seat.
Saaya: Thanks. I'll be there soon.

Saaya: Hey.
Person: Oh, Saaya-chan. Hey.
Saaya: Looks like something's bothering you. Everything okay?
Person: Actually, I was planning on taking some promotion shots, but the model called in last minute to cancel.
Person: The photoshoot is tomorrow. There's no way I'll find a replacement now...
Person: ... Oh, wait. Hold on, hold on...
Saaya: ...?
Saaya: Wh-what's up? Why are you looking at me like that...?
Person: I got it, this can still happen! ... Saaya-chan!
Saaya: Huh?!
Person: Will you be my model?!
Saaya: Wah~! Me?! I-I can't just become a model, just like that...
Saaya: Not to mention, I don't even know what I'd be modelling...
Person: A woman just married. There's a new wedding place opening, so for the promotional photos, I'd like for you to dress up as a newlywed.
Saaya: N-newlywed...?!

The Impromptu Wedding Dress Event Story - Chapter 1
I Choose You!

It's Saaya's time to shine, modeling as a newlywed. However, it seems the model for the groom can't make it...



Saaya: Me, a newlywed...?
Saaya: On top of that, that means I'd have to wear...
Person: It's okay, You'll definitely look amazing!
Saaya: I'm happy to hear that, but...
Saaya: (What do I do? If it was something a little more lighthearted, I think I could help, but...)
Saaya: (This is a newlywed we're talking about!)
Saaya: (Not to mention, the wedding venue must be what those people earlier were talking about. Everyone's got their eyes on this place...)
Saaya: (Which means a whole lot of people will see these promotional photos! There's no way I could do something that embarrassing...!)
Person: For this shoot, the idea is wedding ceremonies for young people. Not only would you look great, but you'd be perfect for it!
Saaya: B-but, I'm still just a high school student... I think maybe that's a bit too young, no? Ahaha~.
Saaya: A-and I don't know if I can be mentally prepared for it by tomorrow...
Person: Please! You're our only hope!
Saaya: Ungh...
Saaya: (Not only have I never done any modeling, but this is making me nervous, too...)
Saaya: (At the same time, though, I can't let down someone who needs my help, right...?)
Saaya: ... Okay... I... I'll try!
Person: Really?! Thank you! I knew I could count on you, Saaya-chan!
Person: Right, so tomorrow, someone from the wedding venue will choose a dress from this pamphlet for you to wear. If you'd like, take a look.
Saaya: Thank you.
Person: I should be the one saying that. I can't thank you enough.
Person: The shoot will be at 10 a.m. Can you meet us at the wedding venue?
Saaya: Yeah, no problem.
Person: Thank you so much. Alright, see you tomorrow.
Saaya: ...
Saaya: (I was so quick to say yes, but... will I really be able to pull this off?)
Saaya: ... I should get over to the cafe for now. Rimi-rin is waiting for me.

Hazawa Coffee

Rimi: Ah, Saaya-chan! Over here!
Saaya: Sorry I kept you waiting.
Rimi: You were taking a long time. Is everything okay?
Rimi: Also... You look a bit worried, Saaya-chan... If you want to talk about it, I'm happy to listen.
Saaya: Thanks. So I was talking to that person we saw earlier, and...

Kaoru: Ahh... What a fabulous day. It seems the sun is putting up a fight, in an attempt to not be outdone by my elegance.
Kaoru: Who was the first to pronounce that beauty is a sin...?
Person: Huh?! The groom canceled too?! And after going through the trouble of finding a new model for the bride...
Person: What do I do...?
Kaoru: Now the, I must make haste. To the music store. My little kittens await... I know Hagumi will not be able to bear it for much longer.
Kaoru: As much as I'd love to savor their anticipation... I cannot allow it to continue.
Person: ... Oh? That person over there was on the poster I saw earlier for that Hello, Happy... thing...
Person: Yeah! That's perfect...
Kaoru: ... What's this? I can feel someone staring... Does this mean...not only the sun, but the people around me cannot resist being captivated...?
Kaoru: My beauty infallibly attracts the gaze of every man, woman and child... Ahh, can a crime of such weight be allowed to go unpunished?

The Impromptu Wedding Dress Event Story - Chapter 2
A Nervous Wreck

A doubtful Saaya gets encouragement from Rimi and runs into two familiar faces on the day of the photoshoot...


Hazawa Coffee

Saaya: I was talking with that person we saw earlier... And I was asked to model as a newlywed.
Rimi: Saaya-chan... You're gonna be a model?!
Saaya: R-Rimi-rin! Keep it down!
Rimi: Ah, sorry. I just didn't expect that...
Rimi: But how did that happen?
Saaya: Apparently, they're having the shoot tomorrow, but the model who was supposed to play the bride canceled last minute.
Saaya: I heard what happened and talked for a bit... Before I knew it, I agreed to be the replacement.
Saaya: I just thought, I can't ignore someone who I see regularly downtown and at my store, so I said I'd help, but...
Saaya: I don't know if I can do it~... Sigh...
Saaya: I've never done any modeling, and I haven't even worn a dress before... The more I think about it, the more unsure I am...
Rimi: ... I think you'll be okay.
Saaya: Huh...?
Rimi: You always have everything in order. And I think it's amazing that you'd try something you've never done, no matter what the reason is!
Rimi: With that attitude, I think you can do this modeling work, no problem!
Saaya: Rimi-rin...
Saaya: ... Thanks. Hearing you say that makes me feel like I really can do it.
Saaya: Yeah, just a new challenge...! I told them I would, so I'll give it my best shot.
Rimi: Mhm! And I'll be cheering you on!
Saaya: Oh, right. They gave me something to look that...
Rimi: A dress pamphlet? Wow, they're all so pretty.
Rimi: Which one do you want to try on?
Saaya: Hmm... Wait, we just had this conversation.
Rimi: Ah, yeah. I just got carried away...
Rimi: But I wonder what you'll have to wear tomorrow.
Saaya: Hmm, I was told that the person from the wedding venue would choose, so we wouldn't know until then.
Rimi: Oh, okay. So it'll be like a surprise. How fun.
Saaya: Fun... Yeah. I think it makes my heart race at the very least.
Rimi: Saaya-chan, you can do it!
Saaya: Ahaha, I'll try... Alright, Rimi-rin. Why don't we get down to business?
Rimi: Business? What do you mean...? Ah...
Saaya: Let's put all that other stuff aside. We have to focus on studying.
Rimi: Right...
Rimi: I have to do this for the band, too.
Rimi: Okay, Saaya-chan. I'm ready to learn!

Day of the Photoshoot

Saaya: (It's time...)
Saaya: (I can't cause them any more trouble than they've already been through. Just gotta pull myself together!)
Ako: And then, Yukina-san complimented me...
Ako: Ah, it's Saaya-chan!
Saaya: ... Hm? Tomoe and Ako. You guys hanging out today?
Tomoe: Yeah, you could say that.
Ako: Ehehe, today is our sister date ♪ We're gonna have so much playtime!
Saaya: That's nice. Have fun.
Ako: You bet!
Tomoe: What about you, Saaya?
Saaya: Me...?
Ako & Tomoe: ...?
Saaya: ... I'm helping out a friend today.
Tomoe: Really? That was kind of an awkward pause just now, wasn't it?
Saaya: You must've imagined it. Alright, I have to go. Later.
Ako: ... Saaya-chan's gone.
Tomoe: She sure was acting weird... Wonder if everything is okay.

The Impromptu Wedding Dress Event Story - Chapter 3
Partners for... a Day

Saaya arrives at the shoot, surprised to see Kaoru. The rest of Poppin'Party tags along with Rimi to support Saaya, but...


Wedding Hall

Saaya: Good morning. Thanks for giving me this opp—
Kaoru: Oh? Saaya-chan.
Saaya: Kaoru... san...? Huh, what are you doing here...?!
Kaoru: Well, it's simple really. This moment was fated for she whose beauty was great enough to be declared a sin.
Kaoru: But who could have envisioned that you'd also be standing at the end of destiny's road... It's... just so... fleeting...
Saaya: Uhm...
Saaya: (What do I say? I didn't understand any of that...!)
Photographer: Thanks for waiting. You two will be our models today.
Person: Saaya-chan, Kaoru-chan. Thank you so much for your time.
Saaya: Huh? Kaoru-san too...?!
Person: After I asked you to fill in for the bride, the model for the groom canceled as well... That's when Kaoru-chan was passing by, so...
Person: I asked her to be the replacement. I'd see her on a poster before, so I knew she'd be the perfect fit.
Saaya: What~?! As the groom...?!
Kaoru: That's right. In order words, this outcome, our encounter, was inevitable.
Saaya: I wasn't expecting this, but I'm glad to be working with someone I know... Kaoru-san, let's make this photoshoot a great one.
Kaoru: Certainly.
Person: Alright, the costumes are ready, so you guys can get changed.
Saaya: Okay.
Kaoru: I will transform as well... Into a being that will captivate your heart, that is.

One Hour Later
Ceremony Area

Saaya: (This is my first time wearing a dress... I'm so nervous.)
Saaya: Okay, I'm read-
Kasumi: Wow~...! Saaya, you're beautiful! Look, over here!
Saaya: Kasumi?! What are you—
Arisa: It's not just her, you know.
Rimi: Sorry we didn't tell you beforehand.
Saaya: Arisa, Rimi-rin, O-Tae... What are you guys doing here?
Tae: We heard from Rimi that you were gonna be modeling as a newlywed.
Kasumi: We knew you were worried, so we came to make sure everything was okay~!
Saaya: Oh, really...?
Kasumi: But never mind that... Saaya, that dress looks so~, so amazing on you!
Arisa: Yeah, looks pretty good.
Tae: It's just your style.
Rimi: Saaya-chan, you look just like a bride. That dress is perfect for you.
Saaya: Ehehe... You guys are making me blush...
Saaya: But with you all here, I finally feel relaxed. Thanks for coming.
Kasumi: So, who's the groom?
Saaya: Fufufu, it's somebody you all know actually.
Rimi: Someone we know...?
Kaoru: What do we have here? There are more princesses than I was expecting.
Kasumi: ... What~?! Kaoru-san is the groom?!
Arisa: Wow, it's kinda scary how good that fits her...
Tae: Yeah. Looks really cool.
Rimi: ...!
Tae: Rimi? What's wrong?
Rimi: ...
Saaya: I think she's frozen...
Kasumi: Hey~, Rimi-rin~. Are you with us~?
Rimi: S-so handsome...!
Kaoru: Merci, my lovely little kitten.
Rimi: L-lovely...?! L-little kitten...?! Me...?!
Kaoru: None other. You, my dear, are the loveliest little kitten.
Rimi: Uh-uhh, ah, ahh, uhm...! I-I... Uhm...
Kaoru: Well well, your cheeks are as bright as the reddest of my apples, my dear. How adorable. I might just have to take a bite...
Rimi: B-bite...?!
Arisa: Uhh... Is Rimi gonna be okay?
Tae: I don't think so...
Kasumi: Rimi-rin~! Get a hold of yourself~! Come back to me~!!

The Impromptu Wedding Dress Event Story - Chapter 4
An Elegant Escort

The photoshoot has started and Saaya's nervousness is written all over her face. Enter, Kaoru...


Ceremony Area

Photographer: Alright, let's start the photoshoot!
Saaya: O-Okay! Let us know what you need!
Photographer: First I need you two to stand at the alter and look at me.
Saaya: (We want to look, uhh... This way... Wh-what face am I supposed to make...? Like... this?)
Photographer: Saaya-chan, you're looking a little stiff. Try to relax a bit~.
Saaya: L-like this?
Arisa: Saaya's really nervous. She looks like she's in pain.
Tae: I think she's trying her best though...
Kasumi: Saaya~! Just imagine you're on stage performing and smile~!
Arisa: Can't you just picture that cameraman as a fan?
Saaya: (Even if I try, a photoshoot and a show are two different things...!)
Rimi: I think Saaya-chan is overthinking it. We should we do?
Kasumi: I know! Let's make funny faces at her!
Arisa: No thanks.
Kasumi: Aww!! It seemed like such a good idea~.
Saaya: (Everyone is worried about me... But the more I try to relax, the more nervous I feel...)
Kaoru: Saaya-chan, don't fret. Look, just take a deep breath.
Saaya: Kaoru-san... O-okay...
Kaoru: Once you've relaxed, take hold of my hand.
Saaya: Like this?
Kaoru: ... That's right, good girl. That's my princess for you.
Saaya: Princess...?
Kaoru: Don't you think? The princess adorned in a beautiful dress... And for the moment, I am your prince who will protect you... Fleeting.
Saaya: F-fleeting...?
Kaoru: It is as I predicted. We were fated to stand here together, our hands joined as one.
Kaoru: A wise man once told us that destiny is that which delivers our souls to their most suitable place.
Saaya: Uhm, wh-what does that mean?
Kaoru: It is... exactly as it sounds.
Saaya: ...
Saaya: ... Pfft, fufufu.
Kaoru: What's with the sudden laughter?
Saaya: N-nothing... Nothing at all...
Photographer: Yeah! That's the smile we're looking for!
Saaya: Huh?
Photographer: I want you two to keep looking happy like that. Then, I want you to look into each other's eyes.
Saaya: O-okay!
Kaoru: I can see myself reflected in your pupils, and I'm sure your fleeting beauty is mirrored in mine. Ahh, so fleeting...
Saaya: Fufu... Kaoru-san, you're funny...!
Kasumi: Ohh, it looks like Saaya isn't nervous anymore. Is it because of Kaoru-san?
Arisa: She sure is full of herself...
Tae: Fleeting... I wonder what that's supposed to mean.
Rimi: Ahh... They're just like a real couple. It's like they were meant for each other.
Photographer: ... Alright, great! We've got some good pictures, so why don't we take a break?
Kasumi: Saaya, Kaoru-san! Nice job!
Kaoru: Ahh, merci.
Saaya: Phew, I was so nervous...
Rimi: Saaya-chan, that was really beautiful.
Saaya: Ahaha, thanks. I'm gonna go get some fresh air.

Wedding Hall

Ako: Sis! They say this building is gonna be the new wedding place!
Tomoe: Ohh, I think one of the women downtown was walking about it. Everyone's really excited to see how it turns out.
Ako: So cool...! You know, there might be ancient magical powers sealed away somewhere!
Ako: Can we get a closer look~?! Please~!!
Tomoe: That's fine, but it looks like they're still working on it, so only for a bit.
Ako: Okay! Thank you!
Ako: Wah~, it's so pretty~. I want to take a peek inside~...
Tomoe: You know you can't d... Hm?
Ako: Sis, what's wrong?
Tomoe: Hey, isn't that...?
Ako: Saaya-chan...?

The Impromptu Wedding Dress Event Story - Chapter 5
An Abrupt Entrance

Tomoe and Ako are filled with confusion after seeing Saaya in a wedding dress. What's their next move... ?


Wedding Hall

Ako: Oh, Sis! Isn't that...?
Tomoe: It's definitely Saaya... What is she doing wearing a dress?
Ako: Not just any dress. It's a wedding dress! Maybe she's getting married.
Tomoe: No way. She's still in high school.
Ako: But as long as you're 16, you can still get married in high school, right? Maybe once her birthday passes...?
Tomoe: Haha, no no... Wait, hold on...
Tomoe: ... She was acting weird the last time we saw her, wasn't she?
Tomoe: Could this be what they call "pre-wedding jitters"...?
Ako: Wah~!! Sis! Look!!
Tomoe: What now?!
Ako: That person there...
Kaoru: Saaya-chan, break time's almost over.
Saaya: Thanks for coming all the way out here to get me. We can go back inside.
Kaoru: That won't be necessary, for the next shots will take place outside. Would you allow me to be your escort?
Saaya: Okay. Please lead.
Tomoe: The person next to Saaya is... Seta-senpai?!
Ako: Huh? What? Saaya-chan and Kaoru are a couple...? Are they gonna get married...?
Tomoe: N-no, that can't be right... What is going on here...?
Ako: I-I have no idea! Uhh, uhm, this calls for...
Tomoe: (Saaya and Seta-senpai getting married? No no no, if I just take a second to think, there has to be another explanation.)
Tomoe: ... Calm down, Ako. We both just need to try and keep cool.
Ako: O-okay...
Tomoe: We can't just sit here guessing... The only way to know what's really happening is to ask!
Tomoe: Let's check it out, Ako!
Ako: Yeah!
Kaoru: Saaya-chan, your hands are exquisite.
Saaya: Not really.
Saaya: The drumsticks give me blisters, and I help out a lot at home, so the skin gets rough sometimes, too...
Kaoru: That's why they're beautiful. In the words of the great bard, "He jests at scars that never felt a wound"... This is... exactly what he meant.
Saaya: Fufu. Kaoru-san, you're so interesting.
Ako: S-Sis, Kaoru and Saaya-chan look like they're having such a good time!
Tomoe: ... This is no good, looks like we're gonna have to jump in.
Tomoe: Hold everything!!
Saaya: T-Tomoe?! And Ako...?
Tomoe: Saaya, what is the meaning of this...? Is there something going on between you and Seta-senpai...?!
Saaya: What?!
Ako: Are you getting married?!
Saaya: Married?! What are you guys talking about...?
Tomoe: We were just watching you two talking and being all friendly.
Tomoe: And this morning... You were acting strange. Is this what you were worried about...?!
Saaya: (They must have the wrong idea!)
Tomoe: Saaya, what's going on?! There's no way we can ignore all of this now! Can you at least explain what's happening?!
Saaya: C'mon you two. Do you guys hear yourself? There's a perfectly good expl-
Kaoru: Saaya-chan, stand back.
Saaya: Kaoru-san...?
Kaoru: To try and tear us apart like this cannot be forgiven, no matter who it is. Not even you two.
Saaya: Wh-what are you...? Kaoru-san?!
Kaoru: Saaya-chan, I won't let them lay a finger on you. You stay behind me and don't worry about a thing.
Ako & Tomoe: ...?!
Saaya: This is bad... Kaoru-san has completely sunk into her role... Why is this happening~?!

The Impromptu Wedding Dress Event Story - Ending
A Stunning Finale?

Saaya attempts to explain the situation to Tomoe and Ako. Meanwhile, Poppin'Party returns to the scene.


Wedding Hall

Tomoe: Seta-senpai, we're not here to argue with you. We just wanted to know what you guys were doing...
Kaoru: I'd say it's obvious. This requires no explanation. It is exactly as your eyes present it to you - a princess and her prince...
Saaya: U-uhm, Kaoru-sa—
Ako: What?! That sounds so cool...!
Kaoru: Fufu, isn't it? But don't fret. You, too, may become a princess. Or maybe even... a prince...
Ako: Whoa, really?! How do I do that?!
Tomoe: Uhm, Saaya... Seriously, what's going on...?
Saaya: Ahh~, don't ask me! That's what I wanna know~!!
Kasumi: Wah! Why are people yelling?! Is everything okay?!
Rimi: Saaya-chan, what happened?!
Arisa: Nope, no need. We can kinda guess what's going on... Just from one glance at these two.
Kasumi: Huh? What do you mean?
Arisa: Basically, they got a look at what Saaya and Kaoru-san were wearing and got the wrong idea.
Tomoe: What would that be...?
Saaya: Like I was trying to say, this is—
Ako: Fleeting...? Fleeting... Yeah! It sounds cool!
Kaoru: Precisely. This is exactly... what it means to be fleeting.
Arisa: Ughhh~!! Everyone just shut up for a second!!
Ako & Kaoru: ...?!
Arisa: First, the reason they're dressed like that. They're just helping out with a photoshoot.
Tomoe: What? A photoshoot?
Saaya: They were making a poster for the new wedding hall and asked me to model...
Tae: They're both just modeling.
Ako: Models...?
Arisa: Right.
Ako & Tomoe: ...
Ako & Tomoe: Ah, I really thought they were getting married...

30 Minutes Later

Photographer: Alright, and with that, we're all done. Thanks, everyone.
Saaya: You're welcome.
Tomoe: Saaya, Seta-senpai. Sorry for all the trouble we caused.
Ako: I'm sorry...
Saaya: You guys really scared me when you came barging in like that.
Ako & Tomoe: ...!
Saaya: Hahaha. Well, everything turned out okay in the end. And I even got to see your freaking out for the first time.
Tomoe: Uhh... Please don't tell anyone from the band about this. Especially... Moca.
Kaoru: Ahh, thanks to all of you, I had an exhilarating experience. You have my gratitude.
Tomoe: Haha... Only you would be so grateful for something like that.
Kasumi: So the pictures they took today are gonna become a poster, right?
Rimi: Yeah. I can't wait to see them.

A Few Days Later

Saaya: Mmm~! School was so tiring. I'm beat~!
Saaya: ... But I guess it's too early for that. I still have to get to band rehearsal. Alright, let's-
Saaya: ... Oh, wow. Looks like they finished the wedding po- I mean, the poster.
Saaya: (It's been a week since the photoshoot at the wedding hall...)
Saaya: (That day was crazy... But thanks to everyone's help, it turned out okay.)
Woman 1: Saaya-chan, I saw the poster.
Woman 2: You looked really good. And you finally reached that time in your life, huh?
Saaya: Wha—? That time?! I was just helpi—
Woman 1: No need to explain, we get it. Not to mention, the groom is absolutely gorgeous.
Woman 2: That's Saaya-chan for you! You reeled in a good one!
Saaya: (Th-this is Tomoe and Ako all over again...!)
Saaya: N-no! I did not get married~!!

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