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The Lead Role Card Story - Episode



Haneoka Girls' Academy
Theater Club

Kaoru: Maya, do you have a moment to spare?
Maya: Sure, what's the matter?
Kaoru: Well, I've been practicing for the performance and there's something that caught my attention. Can you turn to page eighty-nine of the script?
Maya: Hold on, give me a second... Page eighty-nine... Yup, I'm ready~!
Kaoru: So there's this line, "Fly! To the next encounter I seek!"
Maya: Ahh, a line from the main character!
Kaoru: Yes, precisely. This scene is the climax of the story, and this line is crucial in illustrating the very meaning of the play to the audience.
Kaoru: Thus, I was pondering. Maybe we should make it more dramatic to further increase the fleetingness of the moment.
Maya: I see your point. I think that's an excellent idea!
Kaoru: At the moment, this scene will be portrayed with...
Maya: Let's see... We will be shining a spotlight on you from above. And that beam will be leading you up to the sky... That sort of thing...
Kaoru: I suppose that's not bad... But I would like to see if we can add a little more.
Kaoru: We should present this scene with a little more impact... You have any clue as to how we can accomplish this?
Maya: Let me think about it. Impact... What can add more impact...?
Kaoru: I know you're busy with many things right now. Forgive me for putting more on your plate, Maya.
Maya: Don't mention it! It's my job to try to work out these kinds of requests!
Maya: Oh, how about this?! We can make it so that you're actually flying!
Kaoru: Would you... care to elaborate...?
Maya: We can harness high-tension wires under your costume to simulate the action of flying on stage. It's called wire-flying, and it's often used for performances such as kabuki and musicals!
Kaoru: Uh!
Maya: The stage we'll be using has a high ceiling too, so we can utilize it to make the performance more dynamic!
Kaoru: R-right... That is a fantastic idea... If we could make it happen, i-i-it would certainly be fleeting.
Kaoru: However, if we're going through with it... Would it not require professional equipment?
Maya: Don't worry! I think I have a solution!
Maya: You see, Pastel✽Palettes had a performance the other day, and there was a staff member on-site who is involved with theater and mentioned that they've done wire-flying.
Maya: I was thinking perhaps I can ask that person to help us! Maybe they can figure something out!
Kaoru: How... very fleeting...
Maya: Yes! They mentioned that they suspended performers three meters in the air during their last performance.
Kaoru: Th-three meters...?! I see... Oh, just imagining it has my heart pumping rapidly...
Maya: Well, there's no time like the present! I'll call the agency right away to see if I can get in contact with that person!
Kaoru: Fufu... I can see it now—the delighted faces of the audience. For their sakes... I must endure this!
Maya: ... Uhm, hello? Hi, this is Maya Yamato! I'd like to get in touch with one of the staff members who worked on the performance we did the other day...
Kaoru: Maya... I must tip my hat to your passion for theater... Three meters in the air... Haha... That's mighty high up...

5 Minutes Later

Maya: Ohh, I see... Ah, okay. Thank you very much. Alright... Goodbye.
Maya: I'm terribly sorry, Kaoru-san. It seems like the expert will be busy working on another production.
Kaoru: What unfortunate news, indeed...
Maya: If only I had thought of it earlier... Then maybe we could have made it happen.
Kaoru: There's no reason to despair, Maya. We shall use the resources available to us.
Kaoru: I intend to delight the audience with a display that exceeds the thrill of wire-flying. That'll be done with my acting, of course.
Maya: Kaoru-san... You're so cool!
Kaoru: I am now motivated and shall push myself further with our stage practice today.
Maya: Okay!

The Lead Role Card Story - Special Episode

A Fleeting Show for You


Shopping Mall

Kaoru: Yes... This play is fascinating, indeed...
Marina: Oh, Kaoru-san?
Kaoru: Ah. Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san... What a serendipitous encounter for us to fleetingly meet here. Or did you follow me here, perchance?
Marina: N-no, we didn't... We're here to stock up on music magazines. You seemed rather engrossed in that book just now... Are you here looking for something?
Kaoru: Ah, no. I was thinking it would serve me well to read works other than Shakespeare on occasion. The selection of books is generous here, so I was taking some time to peruse.
Kaoru: Upon browsing, I found many a book, so riveting. You caught me right when the writer successfully stole my affections by creating a world most intriguing.
Marina: Fufu. It's not every day you hear Kaoru-san talking about a writer who's not Shakespeare, huh?
Kaoru: I must enlighten you then. The other day, our theater club hosted a performance.
Kaoru: And the script of the play was a most enchanting one.
Kaoru: The story was written by a graduate of our school who frequented the club. I must say, the moment I read it, I was immediately held captive.
Marina: H-held captive...?
Kaoru: Why, yes. Of course, the writing is not as refined as the verses composed by Shakespeare. And there are areas where the flow is rather weak...
Kaoru: However, I must say, each line is as captivating as the next, and as you read, the writer's love for theater becomes transparent.
Marina: For you to give such high praise, this work must be something else.
Marina: So, how did the audience react?
Kaoru: Fufu, how do you reckon the audience reacted? May I add that we had to take three curtain calls!
Marina: Th-three?! That's amazing!
Kaoru: Yes, but I must give credit where it is due. We couldn’t have done it without our talented stage crew.
Kaoru: Because of them, we were able to produce an ever-so-fleeting performance, one with fresh ideas we've never done before.
Marina: Wow! I wish I could have seen it... BanG Dreamer-san, you must be curious about it too, huh?
Kaoru: Fufu. Oh, my little kitten has asked! ... How could I possibly refuse?
Marina: Ahaha... A little kitten, huh?
Kaoru: As the heroine of the story traverses many stars, she grows by experiencing chance meetings that inevitably turn into sorrowful partings. Oh, the story is utterly fleeting... And...
Kaoru: Alas, words do the story no justice. I shall bring the script with me next time we use your services at the studio.
Marina: Great! I'm looking forward to it!
Kaoru: ... No, merely reading the script may not be enough to unveil the play's magnetism.
Kaoru: And if that is the case, there is only one way to solve this dilemma. I must utilize the CiRCLE stage and perform the play.
Marina: ... Wait, what? You'll perform a play at our studio?!
Kaoru: Worry not. We have the most talented stage director. She will indubitably make it happen. We should delay no further and have a meeting soon. Oh, I foretell we'll get rather busy.
Kaoru: I eagerly await that time to come! For now, I must depart. Adieu.
Marina: Haha... Hahaha... Uhhh, was she serious...?