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The Magic of Smiles (Okusawa Misaki) Card Story - Episode

Levitating Michelle?


Tsurumaki Residence

Misaki: We're already working on the size of the outfits? Things sure are getting done around here.
Misaki: We just decided on the magic theme the other day... To think we already thought of a design and are doing the fitting... That's crazy.
Kanon: Mhm, it didn't take very long considering how far we've come with them. It feels like once they get the sizes, the outfits will already be done.
Kanon: Apparently, Kokoro-chan has started thinking of what we're going to do once they're finished.
Kanon: Like what kind of magic acts to do, what the staging will be like... That reminds me, I'm pretty sure I heard her say she wanted Michelle to do an underwater escape act...
Misaki: I think she said she wanted to make Michelle levitate last time... So that and an underwater escape...? With that costume on, there's no way that's happening... Scratch that. Costume or not, those tricks are a no-go.
Kanon: Ahaha... Yeah.
Misaki: Jeez, what a headache that girl is.
Kanon: But... you're not against this idea, are you? It does look like you're enjoying yourself.
Misaki: Y-you really think so...? I-I mean... I guess, maybe, I'm having fun...? Or not... Who can say...?
Misaki: Am I... enjoying this? I'm not even sure about that myself...
Misaki: S-still, things are as much of a pain as always. The three dummies have no idea that I'm Michelle, and we're being dragged all over the place and forced to do Kokoro's bidding. That much is certain.
Kanon: Aha... Ahahaha... But it's nice to see you enjoy being part of the Hello, Happy World! fun.
Kanon: Let's take those magic-themed outfits and make the best of this next performance.
Misaki: Yeah, I guess we can just take pleasure in the experience. Ah, but I'm definitely not gonna be flying or swimming any time soon.
Misaki: ... I wonder what will happen if I refuse... You don't think... she'll make a different member do it, do you?
Kanon: Fueee... There's no way I could do it if she asked me~.
Misaki: If she comes to us to ask, we'll create a united front and refuse. Sound good, Kanon-san?
Kanon: M-mhm. Yeah. There's... no way we can do that.
Misaki: Still, we have no idea what she's gonna come up with, so we have to be ready and brace ourselves.
Misaki: I feel like she might come up with something even crazier than levitation...
Misaki: Not to mention, Hagumi and Kaoru-san would be all for it, and before we know it, we'll be doing whatever it is...
Misaki: Ugh~, I have a headache just thinking about it.
Kanon: Yeah, especially when you're the only one here to hold them off. If only I could actually stop them...
Misaki: Ah, don't worry about it Kanon-san. That's pretty much my job. What I want you to do is just stand by.
Misaki: Then if I get completely overwhelmed, that's when I want you to lend me a hand.
Kanon: Misaki-chan... Yeah, okay.
Misaki: Phew, it's always a relief to hear you say things like that. Sure, I have come to enjoy doing things as Hello, Happy World!, but...
Misaki: I think if you weren't here, I would have given up already.
Misaki: The noisy, energetic three, you and me... That's what makes up Hello, Happy World!.
Kanon: Mhm, that's right. We're us because we have all five of us.
Kanon: If even one of us wasn't around, we'd no longer be Hello, Happy World!... That's why we should keep enjoying all the stuff we do together, Misaki-chan.
Misaki: I'll do whatever I can to make sure we can do that.
Misaki: Alright, I guess it's about time to change into Michelle. I get the feeling Kokoro and the others are ready to make a fuss about her not being here.
Kanon: Ah, that's right. Michelle has to get fitted today too.
Misaki: That's despite the fact that the costume isn't gonna change sizes... Those people that have to measure Michelle every time must have it hard too.
Kanon: It sure would be nice if Kokoro-chan and the others figured out that it's really you inside of Michelle...
Misaki: I've already given up on that idea. Those three have something different going on in their heads than we do. But I mean, that's probably why we can come up with ideas that are so fitting for Hello, Happy World!.
Misaki: ... Hm, well that was a long conversation. 'kay, I'm gonna go get changed and fitted.
Kanon: Okay, see you soon.

The Magic of Smiles (Okusawa Misaki) Card Story - Special Episode

Beyond Exhausted, Right?


Misaki: Phew... I'm beat... I think I'll take a short break before going home...
Misaki: Hm...? Oh, BanG Dreamer-san. Working as usual, I see. Yeah. I'm pretty exhausted, as you can see...
Misaki: We were supposed to have your run-of-the-mill rehearsal today, but... it was a bit different this time.
Misaki: At the moment, we're all practicing magic tricks... Today, Kokoro suggested that we perform them while we play our music.
Misaki: That would have probably been fine if that was all we had to do, but the ideas she came up with for our performance just kept escalating...
Misaki: She had me do things like jump and front rolls... I've hit my limit for physical activity.
Misaki: Ahaha... Yeah, makes you wonder why I'd be jumping if we're supposed to be doing magic, doesn't it?
Misaki: I've thought about this before too. I mean, Kokoro... and actually, the members of Hello, Happy World! have a thought process that's impossible to understand, right?
Misaki: By jumping and rolling and stuff, Kokoro and Hagumi might end up thinking of something fun, and Kaoru-san might come up with some sort of magic trick.
Misaki: I figured doing what I do might give them a hint about how to make the world smile.
Misaki: So I was just thinking, if I can find ways to help Kokoro and the others make the world smile, then I'll be happy to accept all of the exhaustion that comes with doing so...
Misaki: ... Wait, I'm been corrupted by that girl, haven't I? If this was the old me, I would have thought it was impossible to jump in that Michelle costume, and I wouldn't have done it.
Misaki: Corrupted... might not actually be the right word. Especially since I'm doing it because I think it'll accomplish something...
Misaki: ... My bad. I think I'm so tired that my brain is being weird. I was a bit too open there.
Misaki: Uhm... Do you think you could keep what I said a secret from Kokoro and the others?
Misaki: I-it's just embarrassing, you know...? I don't really say stuff like this in front of the other members.
Misaki: Not to mention, if they heard about this, I bet they would make Michelle do something that's even more over the top...
Misaki: ... But I guess if it helps to make the world smile like Hello, Happy World! wants, then it wouldn't be a big deal.
Misaki: Alright, that break was enough to give me the strength to get home.
Misaki: With that said, I will be off. 'Kay, see ya.