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The Magic of Smiles (Seta Kaoru) Card Story - Episode

A Magician's Training


Tsurumaki Residence

Kaoru: I see. The concept surrounding our new outfits shall be magic, then? That's fabulous, Kokoro. I am on board.
Kokoro: So you are! I knew you'd say that, Kaoru!
Kokoro: You know what else?! I think during shows where we have these outfits on, we should perform magic spells!
Kaoru: A splendid suggestion, Kokoro. You're aware that I have made a dove appear in a former show of mine, yes? I'd be pleased to experience that level of euphoria once more.
Kokoro: What if instead of a dove, you do a parrot this time? It'd fill the venue with so many colors and make things even more fun!
Kaoru: A parrot...? I've yet to make one of those appear, but for you, and for the sake of the smiles around the world, I shall accept this undertaking.
Kokoro: Of course you would! I can't wait to see it!
Kokoro: If you can pull that off, then we'll have you do the trick with a peacock!
Kaoru: A peacock...?! I'll be sure to keep an open mind and consider it.
Kokoro: And while you're at it, why don't you try with things that aren't birds? Dogs and cats are a given, but I think something like a lion would be fitting for you!
Kaoru: The king of the beasts...? If I could bring one of those onto the stage, it would add the greatest of flavors to our show.
Kokoro: Giraffes and elephants would be nice too! The more animals we have, the more exciting it would be!
Kaoru: Certainly, that is spectacular in its own right, but instead of magic, we'd be entering the realm of zoos.
Kaoru: And while I enjoy a good zoo, it shall distract from the magic. I can't help but feel that that would be an unfortunate loss.
Kokoro: You're right. We can wait for next time to do our zoo performance!
Kokoro: We wanna make sure the star of the show this time is magic!
Kaoru: Allow me to segue by asking... Have you and the other members decided what kind of magic you'll be performing?
Kokoro: Not yet. And there are so many things I wanna try, that I can't decide. Something that I can't let go of, though, is the chance to perform levitation!
Kaoru: Levitation...?! How fleeting... Why yes, after going through the effort of including magic, you'd want to present the acts that allow the arena to shine its brightest.
Kaoru: Unfortunately, as we become more and more ambitious, it is unclear if we'll have the expertise to comprehend and perform the trick...
Kaoru: What am I saying? How could I falter before even trying my hand? One cannot know their limits without even an attempt... Isn't that right?
Kokoro: That reminds me. The suit people brought a lot of books having to do with magic. Would you like to take a look?
Kaoru: Indeed. I was wondering what the mountain of books was. So it's a pile of spell books meant to help embellish our performance. Let us take a look.
Kokoro: Instantaneous movement...! Underwater escapes...! Hmm~, I just wanna do all of them! What kind of magic is written in your book, Kaoru?
Kaoru: It seems to be a book of knife-related spells. The ability to make them appear in an instant. Techniques for throwing them. There are detailed explanations on things of this nature.
Kaoru: I understand that risky stunts will get their hearts racing, and I shall not deny that the crowd would be filled with excitement, however...
Kaoru: I am simply not captivated by the idea of throwing a knife. Magic or not, I have no desire to send a blade soaring through the air toward a human being.
Kokoro: Yeah. I don't wanna do anything dangerous. That would make the smiles disappear.
Kokoro: No matter how great of a trick it is, if it doesn't make everyone smile, then it's not for Hello, Happy World!
Kaoru: Precisely. It is as I suspected. Our destinies have brought us together...! Now, let us search for a more enjoyable act.
Kokoro: Yeah, let's do it! I wonder which book it'll be in...
Kaoru: I am intrigued by the magician on this front cover. With this unique makeup, it is as if they are a comedian.
Kokoro: Alright, then that must be a good book! I'm sure it'll be filled with fun magic stuff!
Kaoru: It has even included ways to induce the need to smile in the audience. Fascinating...
Kaoru: Hm...? Yes. Indeed, this magic is brilliant. Smiles will envelop the venue.
Kokoro: What kind of magic is it?
Kaoru: You start with a handkerchief that has vertical stripes. You crumple it up into a ball, open it up again and somehow... it becomes a handkerchief with horizontal stripes.
Kokoro: Wow, how weird! The pattern changes!
Kaoru: I shall perform this trick, and it shall be comical. I hope you will look forward to the day of the show.

The Magic of Smiles (Seta Kaoru) Card Story - Special Episode

Fleeting Magic



Kaoru: That is followed by this... Oh my, it seems I have failed yet again.
Kaoru: Hm...? Oh? Look who it is... BanG Dreamer-san.
Kaoru: Today we will be having rehearsal in the studio. However, I arrived a little early, so I am practicing some magic.
Kaoru: Indeed. Our new ensemble is magic themed, and as such, we must also perform tricks of the same nature.
Kaoru: In our previous show, I briefly introduced some of our acts, but this time, I want to unveil something hypnotic, something the audience will not be able to take their eyes off of.
Kaoru: And so, between band rehearsals and theater club activities, I have been practicing like so.
Kaoru: Oh, but... if you could resist the urge to spread this information, I would be especially grateful.
Kaoru: Once it is known that a magician practices their magic, all of the wonder is lost, is it not?
Kaoru: Without the mystery, a magician has no flavor to offer.
Kaoru: So you shall keep this to yourself? Thank you. You have my gratitude.
Kaoru: And as a token of that gratitude, maybe I can present to you, one of my tricks. Would you do me the honor of being my audience member, just this once?
Kaoru: Splendid answer. Now, I would like for you to focus on my left hand. I shall make appear... a present for you.
Kaoru: Haha, magnificent. I can see the expectation in your gaze.
Kaoru: Alright, it's time to bring it out. Three, two, one...!!
Kaoru: Well, here you go. This elegant flower is for you. Please, don't be shy. It is yours.
Kaoru: Haha, no no. I wouldn't describe that as impressive in any sense of the word. However, if you are delighted, then that's all that matters.
Kaoru: At this stage... flowers are the only thing I can make appear. But one day, I hope that I can do it with something truly fleeting.
Kaoru: If I ever accomplish such a feat, I shall perform it in front of your very eyes. You can look forward to it.
Kaoru: Hm? That's quite the buzz coming from the entrance... It appears that the others have arrived.
Kaoru: Well then... The time to practice magic has passed, and the time for band rehearsal is now.