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The Modest Idol Card Story - Episode

Modesty: Weakness or Strength?


Dressing Room
Maya: Phew~... It's finally over~...
Chisato: Good work today, Maya-chan. Fufu, looks like a weight's been lifted off your shoulders.
Maya: Ah! Ch-Chisato-san! I'm just glad everything went so smoothly... You did great too!
Chisato: Thank you. How was speaking with your fans for the first time?
Maya: Hmm, well... I was really nervous, but I also had a lot of fun!
Chisato: I did too, and everyone who came seemed to enjoy it as well, so I think today was a success.
Maya: But it feels a little sad that it's ending, doesn't it?
Maya: Just thinking about all the fans and how enthusiastic they are makes my heart flutter.
Chisato: Fufu, I know what you mean. They're so eager to support us.
Chisato: And every single one of those people that came today is a fan of ours, Maya-chan.
Maya: ... There were so many...
Maya: ... I still can't believe all those people came to see us...
Maya: The lines were just so long, even the one for me...
Maya: And on top of that, they all gave me compliments and words of encouragement...
Chisato: Yes, I'm glad they all had such nice things to say. I can't imagine things would have been like that before...
Chisato: By the way, Maya-chan, you shouldn't say things like 'even the one for me'.
Maya: Sorry! I just...
Chisato: All of your fans think you're an incredible person. That's why they were in line to meet you.
Chisato: Every single person in that line came because they had something they wanted to tell you and you alone.
Chisato: It's disrespectful to them to say something like that after they came to share their love and support with you.
Maya: Ah...! Yeah! You're exactly right...!
Chisato: You need to carry yourself with confidence so that you can properly thank your fans for their support ♪
Chisato: If you can do that, I think both you and your fans would enjoy the meet-and-greets even more.
Maya: Right! I'll do my best to be that kind of person... The kind of person who doesn't think of herself as inferior!
Chisato: I will say... I think it's wonderful that you're so humble, Maya-chan.
Chisato: That very humility serves as motivation for you, and it keeps you from getting too full of yourself, even when other people start to show you attention.
Chisato: The ability to do that is very important for an idol.
Chisato: But humility has its good sides and its bad sides.
Maya: You're right... Too much of it and I can end up seeming like a real downer... I need to be careful.
Maya: Aya-san told me the same thing... That I don't have to make myself sound like an afterthought. I want to do my best to put that mindset into practice.
Chisato: Fufu, your performances are always spectacular, and you're cute too. You should feel more sure of yourself.
Maya: Huhehe. Hey, come on... You're embarrassing me... Ah! I mean, thank you! Th-th-that makes me happy!
Maya: From now on, I want to be an idol who can thank her fans from the bottom of her heart... And as a drummer, I want to put on even better performances for them! I've got a lot of work to do!
Chisato: Yes. We both have a lot of work to do, don't we, Maya-chan?
Maya: Yes! Thank you, Chisato-chan!

The Modest Idol Card Story - Special Episode

The Passion for Moving Forward


Record Shop
Maya: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san! Hello, are you out shopping today?
Maya: Oh, if that's what you're looking for, I recommend this section! I, personally, have been listening to this artist nonstop!
Maya: Ah, me? I came here to see if I could find the album we just released!
Maya: And when I got here... look what I found! They made a special display corner just for us!
Maya: This is all so new to me! I was taking pictures as soon as I saw it. Not even a moment's hesitation.
Maya: Yeah! I'm definitely going to send them to the other girls in Pastel*Palettes!
Maya: I'll be honest, I'm a little embarrassed about getting our own little corner in this store, but more than that, I'm ecstatic!
Maya: Oh, we also did a release event for this album, with a meet-and-greet and everything.
Maya: Have you ever heard of a meet-and-greet, BanG Dreamer-san?
Maya: It's an event where we get to interact with our fans, and we hand out merchandise and other special thank you gifts.
Maya: I was so worried no one would line up to meet me, and that I'd be the only one with an empty line...
Maya: There was also the fact that I might be talking with our fans one-on-one for the first time! I was practically shaking!
Maya: But when the event finally started, so many people lined up to meet me.
Maya: Not to mention, they were all so kind! It was such a fun event!
Maya: ... However, there were definitely things I need to get better at.
Maya: Our fans went through the trouble of coming all the way to the event just to see us... Yet there were times when I had no idea what to say, and I'd sort of panic.
Maya: I was already nervous enough, but it became even worse was when the fans would come up to me and say things like "I love you!" I'm just not used to interactions like that, so...
Maya: Those words really shook me up... Next time, I want to be able to speak with them without getting flustered.
Maya: You know, though, hearing their words of support in person really does motivate me to keep doing my best.
Maya: And I'm going to do just that so that they know I can hear them cheering me on!