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The Mole Person☆Transport Mission! Event Story - Opening
It Came Falling Down

The normal return home from rehearsal.
As Hina looks up at the sky, she finds a sparkle. What could it be...?



Aya: Phew, another day of practice behind us~.
Eve: Yes, our rehearsals went very well today!
Chisato: Good work, everyone. We are on track for completing our new song in time for its live debut.
Maya: Yes, I feel as though our performances improve with each session. And today, Hina-san was especially...
Hina: ...
Maya: Hina-san? Why are you looking up at the sky?
Chisato: I know you enjoy stargazing, but maybe don't do it while you're walking...
Hina: Stars? Hahaha, you're way off the mark with that.
Eve: What exactly are you looking at, then?
Hina: Thought you'd never ask, Eve-chan! I'll have you know that I'm hunting for UFOs!
The Other Four: UFOs?!
Hina: Ever heard of the Hollow Earth theory? They say that a bunch of mole people live in the center of the planet!
Hina: Apparently, they fly up in UFOs through big holes in the ground to observe the surface world!
Chisato: Yes, I thought I saw you with your nose buried in an occult magazine during our break...
Aya: She said it looked interesting and dove right into it.
Hina: I've never read such a boppin' magazine before~♪ You wouldn't believe all the stuff I learned!
Maya: Uh, all they're saying is that there are people who advocate such a theory. I must advise against taking them seriously...
Chisato: Correct. An amusing little tale, I'm certain, but the existence of UFOs and mole people is simply...
All: ...?!
Eve: A bright light just appeared in the sky...!
Hina: Ah~! Look, everyone! Over there!
Aya: Where...? Huh?! Th-the light is flying around!
Maya: That sort of zig-zagging pattern... is not something an airplane could do.
Hina: It's gotta be a UFO! Oh man, I'm getting goosebumps!
Chisato: I-it can't be... Ah!
Eve: I-it came crashing down...!
Aya: Hey, isn't that over by the woods in that big park...?
Hina: All right, guys! Race you there! Time to catch us a UFO~!
Chisato: Huh?! Wait a minute!

Park - In the Woods

Chisato: I-I can't believe this is happening...
Hina: Yes, yes, yes~! This is so boppin'♪
Aya: H-hey, Maya-chan. Do you think this is the real deal...?
Maya: I cannot say for certain... having never seen one for myself...
Eve: That appears to be the cockpit! Hm, there does not seem to be anyone inside...!
Maya: The pilot may have been flung from the vehicle. I wouldn't be surprised, considering how hard it landed...
Maya: Oh! There's some kind of device on the ground! What do you think it's used for?!
Chisato: Wait, Maya-chan. You shouldn't pick up strange objects like that.
Maya: M-My apologies. I was so wrapped up in figuring out how it works...
Chisato: In any case, we should leave as quickly as possible. It's dangerous to linger around an area like this.
Hina: Huh~? But why~? You actually wanna leave after finding a real UFO~?
Hina: Quick, take a picture, Aya-chan! It'll be a hit on social media!
Aya: Y-you're right! This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance!
Chisato: Not you, too, Aya-chan...
Eve: H-Hina-san, Aya-san! We really should listen to what Chisato-san said!
Eve: The pilot of the UFO is likely still somewhere nearby!
Eve: Whether it is an alien or a mole person... it may pose a danger to us!
Hina: No need to worry! It's been knocked out cold!
Aya: Knocked out...?
Hina: Yeah, come look.
Aya & Chisato: Kyaaah!!
Maya: Wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-what is that?!
Eve: It's a yokai! A strange, hairy yokai!
Hina: That's no yokai. It's definitely a mole person. I mean, it looks just like a mole.
???: Sq-squeak~...
Hina: ...? Hey, doesn't it look hurt...?
Chisato: I-I can't make heads or tails of anything anymore...
Aya: ...? I think someone is coming this way.
Maya: The crash itself was hard to miss, so I imagine a lot of people are coming to see what happened.
Hina: What?! But that's bad!
Aya: What are you talking- Huh?! Hina-chan, why are you carrying that thing?!
Hina: We can't let anyone find it! Hurry, let's get it out of here!
Chisato: W-wait, Hina-chan!

The Mole Person☆Transport Mission! Event Story - Chapter 1
Visitor from Underground

Hina brings the mole person to the agency.
She has a suggestion for the members trying to rain on her parade...


Rehearsal Studio

Hina: All right, the coast is clear... Hurry, you guys. This way.
Chisato: Why are we sneaking through the agency like this...?
Hina: Because! We can't let any of the staff see what we've found!
???: ...
Hina: Hm, it looks hurt, and it still hasn't opened its eyes. You think it'll be all right...?
Eve: ...!
Aya: Uh, Eve-chan? What's with the wooden sword?
Eve: I always keep one here at the studio! I brought it as a safety measure, should the mole person try to attack us!
Maya: O-okay, I'll be counting on you if it comes to that...!
Maya: Ngh, how can we be sure this mole thing won't growl at us or try to bite us?
Aya: What?! Y-you think it bites?!
Eve: D-do not worry! If it does, that's where my sword comes in...!
Chisato: ... Everyone is terrified, Hina-chan. Take that creature back to where you found it.
Hina: N-no way! Not with injuries like this!
Chisato: In that case, we take it to the proper authorities. Or at the very least contact someone...
Hina: O-out of the question! That'd be even worse!
Hina: I've seen this in movies and manga and stuff. The government will do all sorts of horrible things if they get their hands on it!
Chisato: So that's why you didn't want it to be found and decided to bring it here...
Hina: And I'm planning on keeping it with me until it gets better.
Aya: Huh?! Your family will never allow that~!
Hina: I know. That's why I'm gonna watch over it here at the studio.
Maya: Huh?! N-n-n-n-no! You can't treat an alien creature you don't know like some sort of pet...!
Eve: I-I agree! This is very dangerous! It may bite you!
Hina: Come on, it's not scary~! I mean, just look at the little cutie.
Chisato: How it looks is irrelevant. Keeping it here at the studio is-
???: ... Squeak?
All: ...!!
Eve: It's awake...!
Maya: Ahhh!! Please don't bite, please don't bite!!
Chisato: C-calm down, Maya-chan!
Eve: D-do not fear! I will protect us with my wooden sword!
???: Squeak? Squeak? Squeak~...
Hina: ...? It's looking around the room...
Aya: Do you think it might be scared, too...?
Aya: I mean, it did wake up in an unfamiliar place surrounded by a bunch of strangers.
Hina: Don't be afraid! There's nothing here that'll hurt you!
???: Squeak~...
Eve: ...! It does appear to be rather frightened...
Hina: Hmmm... Ah, I have an idea!
Hina: Hey, are you hungry? I've got some leftover cookies that you can have.
???: Squeak? Squeak, squeak...! Squeak!
Aya: Ah, not a crumb left! Hahaha, look at that happy face.
Hina: Look how fast those cookies disappeared! And without a fuss! See, there's no reason for us to be scared!
Maya: Yes, there doesn't appear to be any danger... I apologize for my previous outburst.
Eve: I am relieved to hear that! We have nothing more than a strange mole on our hands!
Chisato: H-hold on, everyone! You're far too quick to let your guards down!
Chisato: We have never seen a creature like this before, and Hina-chan plans to take it in as a pet.
Hina: Please! I'll take good care of it!
Chisato: Listen, Hina-chan... This isn't some dog or cat or something. It's a mole person.
Chisato: And we're not even sure if that part is true...
???: Squeak~...
Aya, Eve & Maya: ...
Aya: Uhm, Chisato-chan... Don't you think it might be better to lend a hand?
Chisato: Huh?
Maya: We're not in any immediate danger, so before doing anything rash... would you mind waiting until those wounds have healed at least?
Eve: I concur! We cannot abandon someone in their time of need!
Chisato: D-do you seriously intend to take care of a mole person here at the studio...?!
Hina: Pretty please! I'll never ask for anything ever again!
Chisato: ...
Chisato: ... Fine. If you are serious about this, then I'll offer my support.
Hina: Really?! You mean it?! Yay! Thank you, Chisato-chan!
Chisato: I couldn't possibly refuse after such insistence. Not if I want to respect the wishes of my precious comrades in Pastel*Palettes.

The Mole Person☆Transport Mission! Event Story - Chapter 2
Interacting with the Unknown

The girls have gotten used to having the mole person around. But a change has taken place...


A Few Days Later
Rehearsal Studio

Maya: Sorry for the wait, everyone!
Aya: Ah, Maya-chan. Did you talk to the agency staff?
Maya: Yes. I asked them to avoid entering the studio so that we can focus on our rehearsals.
Hina: Great. Okay, Mo-chan, you can come out of the box now.
Mo-chan: Squeak, squeak~♪
Chisato: ...
Aya: What's wrong, Chisato-chan?
Chisato: I was just thinking about how such an unusual situation is somehow becoming normal for us...
Aya: Hahaha, not many people out there looking after a mole person.
Chisato: I don't think there are any...
Maya: Mo-san seems to be doing much better than before, and those injuries have healed well.
Eve: All thanks to the care and attention provided by Hina-san!
Aya: She's been here every day taking care of Mo-chan, even when we don't have rehearsal.
Hina: I guess~. But now the staff thinks I'm some extra hard worker because of how often I'm here.
Maya: I heard them say they would try to find more work for you, Hina-san.
Aya: What about me~?! I work hard too~! I upload photos to social media every single day~!
Maya: Hahaha. In any case, it doesn't seem like they're aware of Mo-san being here.
Eve: I had assumed it would be more difficult to keep that a secret.
Hina: The storage room makes for a perfect hiding place. Hardly anyone goes in there, and all that junk is great for keeping out of sight.
Chisato: I'm sure they would never imagine that a mysterious creature is living right under their noses...
Hina: ... Ah, that reminds me! Listen to this!
Eve: What is it?
Hina: You'll never guess what Mo-chan can do! Go on, show them!
Aya: What is it? A trick or something?
Mo-chan: Mo' or less.
Aya: Ah, I see... Huh?!
Aya, Maya, Chisato & Eve: Whaaat?!
Eve: D-did you just speak...?!
Hina: What'd I tell you~?! Mo-chan ending up learning our language in a few days!
Chisato: That's not something you just 'end up' doing...!
Maya: W-well, Mogu-san was able to pilot that UFO...
Maya: Our approach may have been the same as raising a pet, but there's obviously more intelligence at work here...!
Aya: H-have you two been talking this whole time, Hina-chan?
Hina: Yeah, Mo-chan told me all kinds of stuff. Turns out that we really are dealing with mole people.
Hina: This little one came from the Mole Kingdom deep underground. To survey the surface world, right?
Mo-chan: I wanted to dig up info on the surface world. We don't talk much now, but I'm hoping our two cultures can have mo' contact in the future.
Mo-chan: That's why I popped up to get a whiff of what humans are like and see how likely it'd be for us to become pals.
Hina: And that's when some engine trouble brought that ship crashing down.
Eve: So that is what happened...
Mo-chan: But now I'm feeling rock solid, thanks to you! Nothing mo' to do than to fix my ship and go back home!
Hina: I'll help you fix it then! I hope you'll show me what the inside of a UFO looks like!
Maya: U-uh, speaking of the aircraft... did everyone see the recent news?
Hina: The news? Yeah, I figured there'd be a huge fuss about the UFO, so I looked.
Hina: But that's not how they painted it. Something about how it was a meteor that crashed into the park.
Chisato: ... Any information is probably being censored to prevent widespread panic.
Maya: Yes, most likely...
Maya: I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I stopped by the park again... but the aircraft had been carried off and disappeared without a trace.
Aya: Huh? Then how will Mo-chan get back home?
Chisato: I don't think that's possible now...
Mo-chan: Oh no, really...? But I need to mosey on out of here...
All: ...
Hina: D-don't worry! I'll make sure you get back!
Aya: Y-yeah! If we all put our heads together, I'm sure we can think of something!
Eve: Well said! We will be there every step of the way!
Maya: Yes, but how exactly will we do that...?
Chisato: ...? Wait, I hear some commotion outside...!

Idol Talent Agency - Hallway

Aya: What's going on? What's with all the people in the suits...?
Staff: Wh-who are you?! What are you doing here...?!
Government Agent: Government agents. We ask for your cooperation in searching the premises. We have reason to believe a suspicious creature is being sheltered at this very location.
Chisato: Wait, do they mean...?!
Eve: Have they come to take away Mo-san?!
Maya: Those government organizations that Hina-san mentioned... Maybe they really do exist in the real world...!
Chisato: But how did they know where to look...?
Hina: This way, you guys! We can use the emergency exit!

The Mole Person☆Transport Mission! Event Story - Chapter 3
A Brief Break

The girls flee from the organization chasing Mo-chan. Then someone calls out to them. Who could it be...?!


Idol Talent Agency - Hallway

Hina: This way, you guys! We can use the emergency exit!
???: Cut!
Hina: Phew... All done~!
Chisato: Good work, everyone. Excellent performances all around.
Eve: Thank you very much! That means so much coming from you, Chisato-san!
Chisato: However, I feel that everyone is perhaps a little over the top... Maybe we can try dialing down the energy...
Maya: No! I don't think that's true at all!
Maya: Pastel*Palettes is starring in its first movie!
We must approach this with all we have!
Aya: Yeah! It's amazing that we get to star as ourselves in a sci-fi production!
Aya: There is one part that I'm not so sure about, though...
Hina: Which part is that?
Aya: How they made me out to be overly obsessed with social media... I mean, I do like being online, but is that really how everyone sees me...?
Maya: I do get the feeling that our depictions are somewhat exaggerated.
Maya: I've been cast as a complete machine-loving fanatic, I guess because of how much I talk about equipment.
Eve: I see. That explains why I must carry around a wooden sword. Mystery solved.
Hina: Hahaha, Eve-chan and bushido do go hand in hand.
Hina: Hey, wait a minute... Is that supposed to mean that I seem like I'd keep a mole person for a pet?
Aya: I don't think that's too far off the mark...
Hina: A studio is no place for that. I'd take it home and ask Sis to help me name it.
Maya: So you don't deny that you would take it in...
Hina: I guess. They're not totally accurate, but I'd say our roles are pretty spot on~.
Chisato: ... I wouldn't say my portrayal is all that accurate.
Eve: What would you change?
Chisato: Well, my character is too sympathetic to the rest of your feelings...
Chisato: I understand that this is a movie, but I would not have actually gone along with looking after a mole person.
Aya: Hmmm, but I think you'd come around in the end.
Eve: Yes, that fits your image perfectly!
Chisato: D-do you really think so...?
Maya: You may not see yourself that way, but that is the impression others have of you.
Hina: Yeah, whenever we do shows or events, you're always there to support us.
Chisato: I-I see...
Maya: In any case, acting is very difficult... Our countless mistakes must have inconvenienced the film crew...
Hina: Hey, don't sweat it. Aya-chan had at least three times as many slip-ups as you.
Aya: Aw, don't remind me~!
Eve: I was very concerned with how many of Aya-san's lines were being taken out of the script...!
Maya: And her dialogue with Mo-san was cut out almost entirely...
Aya: Ngh, and after finally having my chance to shine~!
Chisato: Any performance involving Mo-chan is not easy, so don't be too hard on yourself.
Hina: Mhm. I know they'll add CGI expressions in later, but all we have to work with for now is a stuffed animal~.
Maya: The arms and legs can move via remote control, sure, but that doesn't mean figuring out how to interact with it is easy...
Aya: Sigh, I need to make sure they don't cut more of my lines...
Eve: Being left out sounds scary... I hope the upcoming action scene goes well...
Chisato: That is your standout scene of the film, as I recall.
Eve: Yes, and I will be very sad if my poor acting ends with my scenes being replaced...
Hina: Hahaha, stop stressing so much! I saw how cool you were during rehearsals!
Eve: Thank you very much... I only hope I can bring some of that to the actual performance...
Maya: I know exactly how you feel...
Aya: Ngh, you said it~! Give us some advice, Chisato-chan!
Chisato: I'm not sure what you expect me to say...
Maya: And some for me as well! Please share any tips you may have...!
Chisato: There is no fast track to becoming a quality actor, but if I were to say something... Ah, yes.
Chisato: It would be to never stop acting unless the director says to.
Eve: We should continue with our performance and ignore any mistakes?
Aya: Wait, we're allowed to do that?
Chisato: All directors have their own unique style. Some prefer to strictly adhere to the screenplay, while others take spontaneity and try to incorporate it into the final product...
Chisato: Having said that, our director is definitely the latter. Even when errors are made, the cameras continue to roll, don't they?
Aya: Ah, now that you mention it...!
Chisato: They are testing how well you can adapt and whether your acting can elevate the script.
Chisato: Hina-chan rarely follows what is written, yet they do not ask her to stop.
Aya: Wow, you're right...! The director didn't mind her ad-libbing at all!
Aya: Even if there was maybe a little too much of it...
Hina: Hey, it's not my fault the script is wrong. I'm starring as myself, so I just change the lines to fit what I would actually say.
Maya: In other words, that's the type of movie the director wishes to shoot...?
Chisato: Exactly. You should run with your mistakes, even if you feel the urge to do otherwise.
Chisato: We have the rare opportunity to star in a movie. Yes, we need to have a sense of urgency, but don't forget to have fun with it.

The Mole Person☆Transport Mission! Event Story - Chapter 4
The Way to Convey

Filming begins once again. Things seem to be going well
until Aya does something during an important scene...


Camera's Rolling
Training Hall

Chisato: This should be far enough.
Hina: Where are we...? You said you knew a safe place for us to hide, but where exactly is this?
Chisato: A training hall that my past acting group used. I asked for permission to use it again today.
Maya: Leave it to Chisato-san to be able to pull some strings in even this kind of situation.
Aya: Wow, I've never been to a place like this~! It'll make for a great selfie!
Chisato: We aren't here to play around, Aya-chan.
Eve: Those government agents will never find us here!
Maya: Hmmm, we can only hope...
Maya: If we take their previous investigative abilities into consideration, it's only a matter of time until they discover this location as well...
Aya: Huh?! No way~!
Chisato: Maya-chan is correct. We need to devise our next course of action before they arrive.
Hina: Yep! We've got to get Mo-chan back home before it's too late!
Chisato: (We've entered the final stretch before the film's climax...)
Maya: (The device that I secretly brought back with me from the UFO crash site turns out to be for communicating...)
Hina: (Mo-chan's pals are supposed to send a message.)
Eve: (The one who gets the conversation going in that direction is...)
Chisato: (Aya-chan...!)
Aya: ...
Eve: (Aya-san...?)
Hina: (Hahaha, looks like she forgot her line~.)
Maya: (No, she wouldn't be making that expression if she had...!)
Chisato: (She probably doesn't realize it's her turn to speak.)
Chisato: (The cameras are still rolling. I'll have to step in...)
Chisato: Our problem now is finding a way for Mo-chan to return home. We have no idea where the aircraft is, so we need an alternative approach.
Eve: (I do not believe Chisato-san had a line like that... Oh!)
Maya: (I-I remember! We were told to never stop the scene on our own!)
Chisato: (Keep going, everyone.)
Maya: Another way, another way... Hmmm, does anyone have any ideas?
Eve: Hmmm, nothing comes to mind... How about you, Aya-san?
Aya: Huh? Me?
Aya: (I don't remember this being in the script... Eve-chan is supposed to lead into the next part...)
Aya: Wh-why are you asking me~...? Eve-chan, you'd be much better at coming up with a good plan~.
Eve: Huh?! I-I have no idea! Please think of something, Aya-san!
Maya: Yes, exactly! Aya-san, this is where you come in! Save the day with one of your bright ideas!
Aya: Wh-why does it have to be me~?! You should be asking Eve-chan to handle this~!
Eve: Absolutely not! It simply must be you, Aya-san!
Chisato: (A-are they going to pull the plug on this...?)
Chisato: (The girls can't be blamed for not knowing how to ad-lib, but this is quickly going south...)
Chisato: (Wait, what about Hina-chan...?)
Hina: (Hahaha, Aya-chan still doesn't have a clue, even with all this help.)
Chisato: (I can tell she's enjoying every moment of this...)
Chisato: Calm down, everyone. I know how stressful this may be, but we need to keep our wits about us.
Maya & Eve: S-sorry...
Eve: (Oh dear, Aya-san still seems oblivious. How unfortunate...)
Maya: (We shouldn't have dragged that out for so long...)
Aya: Th-thanks, Chisato-chan. I don't get why everyone wanted me to decide so badly~.
Chisato: That's because we're all counting on you.
Chisato: It may usually seem like you have your head in the clouds, but you always come through for us when we need you.
Chisato: Do you remember that one event where you mistook who was supposed to be MC?
Chisato: You initially thought it was Eve-chan's responsibility... In the end, though, you realized your mistake and helped make it a truly exciting occasion.
Aya: Huh~? Are you sure that happened~?
Aya: (Hm? I seriously don't remember that... Wait a second. I thought it was Eve-chan's responsibility...? Oh, I get it now...!
Chisato: (I think she's finally caught on. What a relief.)
Aya: I-I just thought of something...! About getting Mo-chan back home... Do you think there are any other ways of contacting the other mole people down below?
Chisato: You mean we should ask them to come to us. Well, there was likely a communication device of some kind on the aircraft, but...
Maya: A communication device... Ah, that may be what this is! Look!
Hina: Is this that gadget you picked up from the UFO crash site?
Maya: Yes, I brought it back to analyze. It's been emitting voice-like transmissions...
Mo-chan: Holy mole-y, that's my communicator! My pals must be trying to reach me~!
Maya: So I wasn't mistaken! With this, maybe we can contact- Wh-what?!
Eve: The device has begun to glow...!
Chisato: Wait, it's projecting something onto the wall!
Mo-chan: It's a map! And it says they'll pick me up at the marked location tomorrow night!
Maya: The map appears to be displaying a mountain.
Maya: And if you factor in the nearby railway... I think I know where this is!
Eve: You do?
Maya: It's very likely where we did some on-site work in the past.
Maya: It's rather far from here, but we should be able to make it in time if we catch the train early tomorrow morning!

The Mole Person☆Transport Mission! Event Story - Chapter 5
Unexpected Leak

No matter where they run, the organization seems to pursue them.
What do the girls come up with when they try to think of the reason...?


In the Mountains

Maya: Huff, huff... W-wait for me, please~!
Chisato: Are you all right, Maya-chan? Let's take a break, everyone.
Aya: Did they really have to put the meeting spot way up here in the mountains?
Hina: They probably don't want to get spotted by more people, right?
Eve: Exactly like ninja! Perhaps the mole people have a close relationship with a clan of...
Eve: ...! Get down!
Chisato: Huh?!
Eve: Over there!
Maya: Those shady government agents are back! I guess they figured out our next move...
Chisato: But how did they find out where we are...?
Hina: Hm, maybe we've been leaving behind clues.
Chisato: That shouldn't be possible. We haven't done anything that would leak information...
Chisato: ...! Wait a minute... Aya-chan, you said that you post photos to social media every day, right?
Aya: Y-yeah. Why...?
Hina: What's up, Chisato-chan? Why're you messing with your phone?
Chisato: I knew it...! What do you have to say for yourself?!
Eve: You are looking at Aya-san's online account...? Ah! This is bad!
Aya: Huh? Wh-what is it?
Chisato: Look at these pictures of yours! Here's one of Mo-chan, and this one is a scenic shot from this very mountain!
Maya: A perfect way of finding our current whereabouts...
Chisato: Why are you still posting when we're supposed to be in hiding?!
Aya: S-sorry... It's what I always do. I didn't even think about it...
Eve: ...! Look out, everyone! The agents are coming this way!
Maya: Should we go around them and head towards the meeting point?
Hina: We can't! We'll miss the meet-up time if we do that!
Eve: In that case, there is only one method with which to cut our way through...!
Chisato: E-Eve-chan, what's with the wooden sword...?
Eve: I will carve open a path for us! Please follow my lead, everyone!
Chisato: (Here comes Eve-chan's big action scene...!)
Aya: (You can do it, Eve-chan!)
Eve: Agents of the government! I, Eve Wakamiya, shall be your opponent! Hiyaaah~!
Maya: (Oh, superb footwork...! Well done, Eve-san!)
Hina: (She's in perfect sync with the other actors! All that practice really payed off!)
Eve: Ha! Take that! And- Ah!
Aya, Maya, Chisato & Hina: ...!!
Chisato: (The sword slipped out of her hands...)
Maya: (It's spinning through the air...!)
Hina: ... Got it!
Chisato, Eve, Maya & Aya: ...!!
Aya: (What?! Hina-chan caught it!)
Hina: (I grabbed it without thinking... The director hasn't said anything, so here goes nothing...)
Hina: Here I come! Hwah! Yah! Raaargh!
Chisato: (Huh...? Hina-chan joined the fray...?)
Maya: (A-amazing! She's having no trouble keeping up!)
Aya: (She mentioned watching Eve-chan's training. Is that all it took for her to be able to do this...?)
Hina: (I'm glad I asked for those choreography pointers~.)
Hina: Nice pass, Eve-chan! You really helped me out there!
Eve: (Huh...? Ah, did she intend to keep the performance going...?)
Aya: (She made it look like Eve-chan intentionally tossed the sword to give her a hand...!)
Chisato: (Hina-chan is quite skilled at ad-libing. That transition was well done.)
Eve: (Thank you very much, Hina-chan! I will definitely repay this kindness...!)
Eve: No thanks are necessary! Now, pass me the sword!
Hina: Okay, here it comes~!
Eve: ... Stand aside, agents of mystery! Those who do not will feel the tempered edge of my bushido!
Eve: Hiyah! Take this! Hragh! Bushidooo~!!!

The Mole Person☆Transport Mission! Event Story - Ending
That's a Wrap!

They finally reach the last scene.
What does Hina show during the moments when they part with Mo-chan?


In the Mountains

Hina: Huff, huff... We finally made it! The meet-up point!
Maya: We've arrived at long last. And it's all thanks to Eve-san driving away those agents.
Aya: Is this the right place? I don't see anything...
Hina: Wait. I just saw a star light up in the sky...
Eve: ...! That is no star!
Chisato: It's almost time. Three... two... one...
All: ...!!
Eve: Several other lights have appeared!
Aya: Wow! They're all UFOs!
Hina: They must have come... to pick you up, Mo-chan.
Mo-chan: Thank you all. I would have had to hole myself up above ground if it weren't for you.
Mo-chan: Hina, Chisato, Maya, Eve, Aya... If there are mo' people like you up here, then the day when our two worlds can meet is not too far off.
Hina: Hahaha, it can't be far off. We're already friends!
Mo-chan: Hina... Yeah, you're mo' than right. The very first friendship between the surface and the underground is right here!
Eve: ...! Mo-san is floating up!
Maya: The light from the UFO must be doing that...!
Aya: Goodbye, Mo-chan~!
Chisato: Take care. Do be more careful when flying, okay?
Maya: Please come back and visit us when you have the chance~!
Eve: I will gladly teach you the ways of bushido should you come again!
Hina: ...
Chisato: (...! Is she crying...?!)
Hina: Bye-bye, Mo-chan.
Film Crew Member: Okay, Pastel*Palettes! That's a wrap!
Hina: Phew~! All done! Good job, everyone~!
Aya: Hahaha, nice job. We finally got through it.
Maya: It feels like we've been filming for ages now.
Eve: Yes, we have come a very long way...
Chisato: Fufu, I can almost feel the tension lifting from you all.
Aya: There wasn't a single moment on set when I could relax...
Eve: Still, this has been a very worthwhile learning experience, from start to finish!
Maya: I'm fairly familiar with what goes on behind the scenes. I'm glad I now understand how it feels to be in the spotlight.
Aya: Hehehe, I feel like I've gotten a little better at acting!
Hina: Better? You...?
Chisato: Are you certain...?
Aya: Hey~! Don't be that way, you guys~!
Chisato: Fufu. I'm glad that I was able to see you all give your best performance though.
Chisato: As well as one very shocking moment... Right, Hina-chan?
Hina: Hm? What's that~?
Chisato: Those tears of yours during the departure scene were very well done.
Chisato: The script did not call for that, and I'm impressed that you managed such a feat...
Hina: Yeah, it wasn't written down, but I figured that's what I would've done.
Hina: Meeting Mo-chan for real and becoming friends but then having to say goodbye would've probably had me in tears.
Chisato: I see...
Maya: That's Hina-san for you! A prodigy in everything, including acting...!
Hina: Hahaha, you think so? A part of it was probably because I was playing myself!
Hina: And if you're gonna praise someone, shouldn't it be Chisato-chan?
Chisato: Huh? What did I do?
Hina: It was your advice that got us through to the end!
Aya: That stuff about continuing the scene unless the director stops us... Hearing that helped me lighten up a bit!
Maya: Agreed. Because we were initially far too concerned with making mistakes.
Eve: It was quite useful to know that an error is not the end of the world!
Aya: And you helped while the cameras were rolling, too... Sorry about forgetting my line in that one spot...
Hina: Aya-chan, you didn't realize at all. That was so weird~.
Aya: I-it's not funny~.
Eve: A shining example of the kind of person Chisato-san is!
Chisato: The kind of person I am?
Eve: Yes, that compassionate side of you who cares about your fellow idol members!
Maya: Hahaha. I couldn't agree more!
Chisato: D-do you really think so...? If so, then I am glad that I was able to help...
Hina: Oh, hey! Once they finished making the movie, do you want to go see it together?
Maya: At the theater, you mean? Having starred in the film ourselves, I'm fairly certain we will receive a special early screening.
Hina: I get that, but I want to see how the audience reacts to it!
Chisato: While I understand your curiosity... would it really be wise for all five of us to go as a group?
Maya: Being spotted would likely cause all manner of chaos...
Hina: No sweat, you guys! We just need some disguises!
Eve: Fufu, I cannot wait to see how the movie turns out!

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