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The One I Admire Card Story - Episode

Pure Decision


Eve: Maya-san, that was a great show today!
Maya: Good work, Eve-san. We all had to put a lot of hard work in today, huh?
Eve: That's true! I was a little nervous about Aya-san's performance at one point...
Maya: I know, right...? Even I started to panic a little when I saw her foot get caught up in the cords... She managed to sing through it though.
Aya: We're all done!
Eve: Aya-san! Great show today!
Maya: We had a couple of scary moments, but overall nice job today, Aya-san!
Aya: Ehehe ♪ Thanks, Maya-chan!
Aya: Hey, where are Chisato-chan and Hina-chan?
Eve: They said they had some things to do, so they left straight away!
Aya: Oh... I really wanted to talk about today's show. Too bad.
Aya: What are you two doing?
Maya: I don't have anything else going on today, so I was just chilling out...
Aya: Ahh, okay~. I'm kinda tired too, I think I'll hang around for a bit!
Eve: Great! Let's relax together!
Aya: Phew~, I'm so tired~. It's times like this that I just wanna listen to one of Marmalade's songs~.
Maya: I'm guessing you own all of Marmalade's albums?
Aya: Of course~! I have everything they have ever released!
Maya: Fufu, you really are a hardcore fan!
Aya: Sure am! Ehehe~.
Eve: Fufu...
Aya: ...? Why are you laughing, Eve-chan?
Eve: Oh, sorry... I was just thinking how lovely your smile is, Aya-san!
Eve: You cried a lot more than usual the other day when you met Ayumi-san, so I was a little worried.
Aya: Ahh... ahaha, sorry! That was kind of pathetic, huh?
Eve: There's nothing for you to apologize about, Aya-san!
Eve: You were overcome with emotion because you met the person you admire! It's natural that you cried!
Eve: If I ever get the chance to be taught bushido by a real samurai, I'm sure I would be very emotional...
Eve: I would definitely be so overcome with emotion that I'd cry my eyes out!
Aya: Eve-chan...
Maya: Eve-san is right, Aya-san.
Aya: Maya-chan?
Maya: Ayumi-san was just as lovely as I expected the person you admire to be...!
Maya: It's kind of funny how you are so similar to her.
Aya: Wh-what?! I'm similar to Ayumi-san?!
Maya: Not in terms of how you look... More like your... aura, I guess? I think that's what's similar.
Eve: Now that you mention it... there is something about the ki that flows from Aya-san...
Maya: Ayumi-san naturally attracted so many fans, and I think you have that same kind of lovely personality.
Maya: That's why I am here with you now!
Aya: That's right! Now, and into the future too!
Aya: Maya-chan, Eve-chan...! Aww... Thanks...
Aya: I'm so happy... Aww...
Maya: Ahh~! Please don't cry again!
Eve: No crying, Aya-san!
Aya: ... *gasp* Th-that's right! That was a close one!!
Aya: I'm not supposed to cry at a time like this! I should smile and say thank you!
Aya: Thanks, both of you!
Aya: I promised Ayumi-san that I would become a greater idol than her... And that's what I'll do!
Aya: I can see her face when I close my eyes... I can hear her words!
Aya: I will never give up, no matter what!
Maya: Ooh~! That's our Aya-san!
Eve: Your resolve is like a beautifully sharpened katana!
Aya: I couldn't have done any of this on my own.
Aya: Maya-chan, Eve-chan, Hina-chan, and Chisato-chan...
Aya: You guys are the reason I could make it this far.
Maya: So I think... as long as we're together in Pastel✽Palettes, I'm sure everything will work out!
Eve: Of course! I will follow you to the edge of the earth, and to the depths of hell!
Maya: Me too, Aya-san! I'm sure Hina-san and Chisato-san feel the same way too!
Aya: You guys...!
Aya: Thank you, I'm so happy... Aww...!
Maya: I-in the end...
Eve: She can't stop herself from crying...

The One I Admire Card Story - Special Episode

Persistent Dreams


Aya: Mmm-hm-hmm~ ♪
Aya: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san! Hi!
Aya: I look like I'm in a good mood? Ehehe, really~?
Aya: To tell the truth, I went to the last concert of an idol group called Marmalade just the other day!
Aya: It was so much fun! I got to meet Ayumi-san and...
Aya: Oh, I haven't told you about this, have I?
Aya: Have you heard of Marmalade? They were on TV a lot until recently...
Aya: They're a wild, cute idol group based on citrus fruits, led by Ayumi-san! They're really lovely!
Aya: I'm a super-big fan of Ayumi-san!
Aya: She's like the most amazing idol! She makes so many people feel happy!
Aya: In fact, it's because of Ayumi-san that I wanted to become an idol.
Aya: Back then I was still an elementary school student...
Aya: I heard Ayumi-san singing on a music program on TV...
Aya: She wasn't a great singer, to say the least, but I just fell in love the way she sang so happily with a smile on her face!
Aya: That's how I got into Marmalade.
Aya: They have songs that just make me feel good no matter how many times I listen to them, and songs that give me a lot of energy...
Aya: The more songs I listened to the more I got into them.
Aya: But it was Ayumi-san that I liked the most about Marmalade.
Aya: She always has a happy look on her face, and never lets on how hard things can be on stage. She smiles at everyone in the audience...
Aya: Seeing Ayumi-san like that made me want to put a smile on everyone's face too.
Aya: I wanted to be an idol that makes people smile and gives them courage, just like Ayumi-san...
Aya: And that's why I'm here, right now!
Aya: If I hadn't wanted to become an idol like Ayumi-san, we wouldn't have met, you know?
Aya: Marmalade had their last concert and broke up...
Aya: Ehehe... I'm going to miss them.
Aya: The other members of Pastel✽Palettes organized it so that I could meet Ayumi-san after the concert... I shook her hand...
Aya: She even encouraged me!
Aya: I was so happy when she did that...
Aya: It's really embarrassing, but I was so overwhelmed I cried my eyes out.
Aya: I mean, the idol I admired more than anyone else in the world was standing in front of me, and she was encouraging me!
Aya: ... Marmalade might have broken up, but I want to become an even better idol than Ayumi-san someday.
Aya: I thought that Marmalade breaking up that day was like the end of my dream as well.
Aya: But now I know that even though they've broken up, they'll always be in my heart.
Aya: Which is why my goal now is to become even better than the Marmalade in my memories...
Aya: I want to be an idol that people admire, like how I admired Ayumi-san back then...
Aya: No... I want to be the kind of idol that helps everyone follow their dreams!
Aya: That's why I'm going to practice hard every day, and just practice, practice, practice!
Aya: No matter what the song, or what kind of performance, I have to learn how to do it perfectly!
Aya: I might not be able to do it on my own, but with everyone from Pastel✽Palettes, I'm sure it's possible!
Aya: ... You think so too, BanG Dreamer-san?
Aya: Ehehe, thank you!!
Aya: Hearing that from you really makes me think I can do it, BanG Dreamer-san!
Aya: Okay, I'm going to give it everything I've got~!
Aya: And until the day I become an even better idol than Ayumi-san...
Aya: I will never ever give up!