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The One and Only Me Card Story - Episode

I Don't Get It, but I Get It


Haneoka Girls' Academy
Astronomy Club
Hina: Alrighty, today's Astronomy Club meeting is now in session~!
Hina: ... Is what I'd like to say, but I'm the only one here!
Hina: Hmm~, what should I do today...? I've read pretty much all of the books we have...
Hina: ... Ah! I haven't read this yet! When did we get this one? Well, whatever! I'll just read it.
Maya: Pardon me~...
Maya: ... Oh, Hina-san! Were you here the whole time?
Hina: Ah, Maya-chan~! Something wrong? What are you doing here?
Maya: We borrowed some equipment from the Astronomy Club for a performance, so I came to return it.
Hina: Ah, now that you mention it, I think someone did come by to borrow that stuff the other day. You can just put it over there~.
Maya: Got it...! So, Hina-san, you really are in the Astronomy Club...
Hina: What~? You're just noticing that now~?
Maya: Ahaha... Sorry. I don't come to this part of the school very often.
Hina: Well, since you're here, pull up a chair and relax! Come, take a seat!
Hina: Hmm~... Now, where should I have you sit...?
Maya: Th-there really isn't much room, is there...?
Hina: I guess that means I have to do some cleaning soon~. But this place is such a mess, I don't even know where to start.
Maya: Ah, then how about I help you do it now? I don't have anything else to do today!
Hina: Really?! Thank you~, that'll help me out a lot!

Hina: Everything's so clean~! Thank you so much, Maya-chan~!
Maya: It was nothing. Just glad I could help!
Hina: Wow~! Now there are a bunch of books I've never seen before! I don't think I've read any of these~. Guess I'll read them tomorrow!
Maya: Is that what you do for all your club meetings? Read books?
Hina: Yeah. I mean, I can't really stargaze if it's not night time. So other than reading books or cleaning, there really isn't that much for me to do, right?
Maya: Y-yeah, that's true...
Hina: But since it's just me, I can decide how to spend my time, so club activities are pretty laid-back for me.
Maya: I-I see...
Maya: I have to ask, though. Why did you join the Astronomy Club in the first place, Hina-san?
Hina: Hmm, well~... I pick up things pretty quickly, right?
Hina: No matter which club I joined, I'd get bored and quit right away. I think that explains it.
Maya: So you're saying you don't get tired of being in the astronomy club?
Hina: Well, you look at all these things related to space in this club, you know? And when you're learning about space, you always run into stuff you don't know. So, I figured it'd be impossible to get bored of it.
Maya: They do say space is full of mysteries, don't they...? Has the Astronomy Club always been just you?
Hina: Nope! When I joined there was a third-year student, my senpai.
Hina: A really strange person! We were always neck and neck in that department!
Maya: Someone as strange as you... I can't even imagine...
Hina: But we haven't gotten any new members since that person graduated.
Hina: A few people were interested in joining, but after talking with me for a bit, they all changed their minds.
Hina: I never understood why, but I think I know what stopped them now.
Hina: I probably said or did something wrong without realizing~. Not that it does me much good to realize that now.
Maya: Oh, so that's what happened...
Hina: But I have Pastel✽Palettes to thank for helping me figure out this kind of stuff!
Maya: Really?
Hina: Yeah! Before, I'd always wonder why other people couldn't do the things I could... It didn't make any sense to me.
Hina: But now, I know that there are differences between me and other people. Although, to be honest, I still don't understand why that means they can't do things, but...
Hina: I guess you can say that I don't get it, but I also get that I don't get it!
Maya: Huhehe, I think I know what you mean!
Maya: I understand you, but I don't. It's like that, right?
Hina: Me...?
Maya: Yeah. When I first joined Pastel✽Palettes, nothing you said or did made sense to me! You really threw me for a loop!
Hina: You actually felt that way?! Ahaha! Well, I guess I can see that.
Maya: I can only say these things to you now that we're good friends...
Maya: But the more we performed together and talked to each other, the more I learned about you!
Maya: For example, I kinda get what 'boppin' means now...
Maya: Fully understanding your thoughts and feelings might be really hard to do, but I can at least try!
Hina: ...
Maya: I-is something wrong, Hina-san?
Hina: Maya-chan~!! I love you!!
Maya: Whoa! N-no surprise hugs, please~!
Hina: Ehehe, Pastel✽Palettes really is the best! Maya-chan, I hope we become even better friends!
Maya: Me too! Let's do everything we can to make that happen, Hina-san!

The One and Only Me Card Story - Special Episode

The Feeling of Snuggling


Residential Area
Marina: Well, that's everything on the shopping list. We better start heading back. Hm? Wait, isn't that Hina-chan? Who's she talking to...?
Fan: Ah, you're Hina-san from Pastel✽Palettes! I'm a big fan! Can I shake your hand?
Hina: My hand? Sure! So wait, you're a fan of mine?
Fan: Yup! I've been following you since your debut! I was also at your meet-and-greet the other day!
Hina: Really? That's great! How was it? Did you have fun? What was fun about it? Would you come back if we did another one?
Fan: Ahaha, a ball of energy, just like you were at the event! I love you so much, Hina-san!
Hina: What do you love about me? Everyone always says that they don't get me. So I'd really like know mo-
Marina: Wh-whoa, Hina-chan! Hold on! Slow down!
Hina: Ah, it's Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san! Something wrong?
Marina: Hina-chan, you can't just keep asking question after question like-
Fan: Oh, it's totally fine! I'm just glad to know Hina-san's the same during her off time as she is on stage! I need to get going, but I'll be sure to check out your next concert! See ya~!!
Hina: Wow~! Thank you so much! 'Kay, bye-bye!
Hina: There they go. Sigh... I wish we could have talked some more~!
Hina: Ah, that person said they're a fan of mine! So I was asking them all sorts of questions!
Marina: Y-yeah... I could tell... That was really intense, Hina-chan.
Hina: Huh? Really? I feel like I was the same way at our meet-and-greet the other day.
Marina: Y-you were...?
Hina: Ah, that's right! Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san, listen to this! The meet-and-greet we had was super interesting!
Hina: A bunch of people I've never met came, and apparently, they were all fans of mine and Pastel✽Palettes!
Hina: I really wanted to know why they were my fans, so I made sure to ask lots and lots of questions! Although, our staff members kept stopping me halfway through.
Hina: And then, after talking to all those people, I noticed something! There wasn't a single person there that thought like me! Not one! Isn't that kinda cool?!
Hina: That's why everyone says they don't understand me~. Crazy, right~?
Marina: Fufu, I can tell you had a great time from how excited you are right now.
Hina: And I noticed one more thing! The members of Pastel✽Palettes are different from everyone else too!
Hina: I don't understand other people at all, and they certainly don't understand me, but everyone in Pastel✽Palettes at least tries...
Hina: It makes me happy to know there are people out there that don't just say "I don't get her" and move on.
Marina: That makes sense. If you wanna understand someone, you have to start by getting close to them first.
Marina: And everyone in Pastel✽Palettes really loves you, Hina-chan. That's why they're trying to build a closer relationship. That's the reason they're doing their best to understand you.
Hina: Really?! Are you sure?! What do you think, BanG Dreamer-san?!
Hina: Ehehe~♪ I see~! Well, I love everyone in Pastel✽Palettes too~, so that makes me really happy!
Hina: I love them along with the things I don't understand about them~.
Marina: Fufu, it's usually pretty hard to feel that way about someone you don't understand, but I get the feeling that's exactly the type of person you like.
Hina: Yeah! I love talking to those kinds of people! It's fun!
Marina: That's pretty amazing! That means you can become friends with anyone from anywhere in the world!
Hina: Ah! Now that you mention it, I probably could! Wait, does this mean I'm a friendly person?
Hina: Now I'm even more excited to meet new people!
Hina: Thanks, Marina-san! BanG Dreamer-san! Ohh~, I love other people! I just want to talk to all the people in the world~!!