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The Sister I Adore Card Story - Episode

Supportive Friends


Rimi: Hello~.
Saaya: Oh, Rimi-rin. Hey, how are you?! We still have chocolate cornets left!
Rimi: Ah, no no. I didn't come to buy chocolate cornets today.
Saaya: Huh? Oh, okay... So a different pastry, then?
Rimi: Uhm... I wanted to come by to thank you for everything with the birthday show. The bread was delicious, and you really helped me out.
Saaya: Again...? Ahaha, it's alright. No need to keep thanking me, unless you want to make me blush~.
Rimi: But it made me really happy! The chocolate cornets were so good... and-
Kasumi: Heyyo~, Saaya~! Huh? Rimi-rin's here, too!
Rimi: Kasumi-chan!
Saaya: Kasumi! Nice timing! We were just talking about the birthday concert.
Kasumi: Ooo~. Oh, yeah! I know I said it already, but great job, Rimi-rin!
Rimi: Thank you! You know, I was really happy when you guys brought me those pastries.
Kasumi: Rimi-rin~. It's because you love chocolate cornets so much~!
Rimi: There's that too, but there was also the ones that spelled, "Go Rimi." I thought that was really nice.
Kasumi: Heh heh heh, I'm the one who came up with that idea!
Rimi: Really?!
Kasumi: Hey, Rimi-rin. You think you could guess who made which letters?
Saaya: Kasumi, there's no way anyone could gues-
Rimi: Uhm... I think the G and O were Kasumi-chan. R was Arisa-chan. M was O-Tae-chan. And the I-shaped pieces were Saaya-chan...
Kasumi: Whoa~! Amazing, Rimi-rin! You got 'em all!
Saaya: Wow, that was impressive. How did you know?
Rimi: Hm... Not sure. Just a feeling. The G and O were bigger than the others and looked a little rushed... Reminded me of Kasumi-chan...
Kasumi: Oh...
Rimi: Ah, sorry! I didn't mean it in a bad way! The R was smaller but pretty. Someone who knows how to work with their hands made it.
Rimi: The M-shaped bread reminded me of mountains, and the easy-going vibe those mountains created was really strong.
Rimi: And the I-shaped pieces had the best size, shape and balance. It's as if they were made by someone with experience... I think.
Saaya: I think you could say each of the pieces reflected our personalities. That would make it easy to tell who made them.
Rimi: Mhm. I think it's because we've spent so much time together that I could figure out.
Rimi: That's why when I saw those pieces of bread, it made me feel like we were all together. They helped me relax.
Rimi: ... But maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. Ehehe.
Saaya: Not really. I see what you're saying! I'm glad we could give you a push, even if it was just a little one.
Kasumi: Yeah! Good thing we made those pastries.
Rimi: I told my sister about what you guys did for me, too. She said, "It looks like you've made some good friends."
Saaya: Rimi-rin...
Kasumi: And I think you're a good friend, too! No, not even! You're a... great friend, Rimi-rin!
Rimi: Kasumi-chan...! Thank you...
Rimi: I'll be the one to help one of you next time!
Kasumi: Rimi-rin, you mean it?!
Rimi: Huh...? Yeah, I think so...
Saaya: ... Kasumi, you're up to something, aren't you?
Kasumi: What?! No way~. Hahaha~. Why would I be doing that~?
Saaya: Oh, really? You're not thinking about getting help with something like, I don't know, your homework?
Kasumi: Uhh...
Rimi: Ahaha. Okay, homework it is.
Kasumi: Rimi-rin, you're so sweet~!
Saaya: Rimi-rin, you can't spoil her too much.
Rimi: Hehe. Kasumi-chan, I'll get you some chocolate cornets. You start on the homework.
Kasumi: What?! Y-You mean you're not gonna do the homework with me...?!
Saaya: Rimi-rin did her best to write the lyrics to that song all by herself. You'll only get the most out of it if you do it on your own!
Rimi: Ahaha... That's right, Kasumi-chan.
Kasumi: Aww~! No fair~!!

The Sister I Adore Card Story - Special Episode

First Selfish Act


Rimi: Hmm... That necklace is so cute but so is this handkerchief...
Rimi: Oh! But this hair clip is nice, too... Sigh... There's no way I can choose...
Rimi: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san. Hello.
Rimi: Are you here to shop?
Rimi: Oh, me? Uhm. Well, I...
Rimi: We don't have rehearsal, so I thought I would try to find a present for my sister again...
Rimi: Mhm, yeah! Her birthday just passed.
Rimi: ... Everything seems like a such a good choice, though. I can't decide...
Rimi: But we did have a concert by Glitter*Green on the day of her birthday...
Rimi: That show was full of excitement! Lots of people, like friends and classmates, came to celebrate, and there was a performance...
Rimi: Yeah, Poppin'Party played too!
Rimi: I was nervous about being on the same stage as such a high-level band, but... I wanted to create a song to give as a present.
Rimi: I talked with the girls in Poppin'Party, and I made the song... I even wrote the lyrics, which I never do.
Rimi: I had to make sure my sister didn't hear it before the party, so I was stuck in the studio... Ahaha.
Rimi: It was asking for a lot, but since it was a song for my sister, I wanted to write the lyrics myself, and Kasumi-chan let me...
Rimi: Thinking of the words for a song is really hard...
Rimi: But I think I was able to say everything I wanted with that I wrote.
Rimi: It was pretty tough, but everything was ready by the day of the party.
Rimi: Even with no time to spare, the rest of the band learned the song... Words can't express how grateful I am to them.
Rimi: And on the day of the show, we gave it everything we had, and everyone was happy with that we were able to do!
Rimi: After the show, my sister told me it was the best birthday present she ever received!
Rimi: And she said she could tell that I worked really hard... I was so happy because... I want to be just like her.
Rimi: Actually, I was too happy, and I started crying.
Rimi: Ehehe...
Rimi: To see my sister smile while hearing our song... And everyone in the crowd, too... All of that filled my heart with joy.
Rimi: Of course, I also appreciate my friends in Poppin'Party.
Rimi: They put up with all of my selfishness, made me chocolate cornets and Go-Go, Bread, they cheered me on and supported me...
Rimi: And when it came time for the show, they played with smiles on their faces...
Rimi: I feel so blessed...
Rimi: Now I want to find something I can help them all with.
Rimi: You think I can do it...?
Rimi: Thank you. When you say that, I feel a little more confident.
Rimi: BanG Dreamer-san, thank you so much.
Rimi: I like that my sister enjoyed herself, but I'm also glad we decided to take part in the concert.
Rimi: I was able to learn something during that time.
Rimi: At first, I created the song only thinking about my sister.
Rimi: But that's not enough.
Rimi: Sure, it's important to perform for someone. But I learned it's also important to perform for everyone.
Rimi: Ah... Ehehe. Sorry, my story went on for a little too long.
Rimi: Poppin'Party and I are gonna keep working hard, so please, keep supporting us ♪