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The Splash Trio Card Story - Episode

First High School Summer


The Beach
Himari: Lisa-senpai, I'm going to head back and take a break! I'm kinda thirsty too!
Lisa: Okay, got it~ ♪
Lisa: ... Ah, wait a sec, Himari!
Himari: Huh? What's up?
Lisa: Now, Ako!
Himari: Kya! Oh my god, it's so cold~!
Ako: Heh heh heh, you're wide open, Hii-chan! Lament the day you turned your back to me~!
Himari: What?! Where'd you come from, Ako-chan? You scared the life out of me~!
Ako: I was holding my breath under the water until Lisa-nee gave me the signal!
Ako: You got me before, so I waited until the moment of truth to unleash my wrath!
Lisa: Nice work, Ako! Yay~ ♪
Himari: H-Hmph~! Lisa-senpai! You ganged up on me! That's not fair~!
Lisa: Ahaha, sorry~! You were going to take a break, right?
Lisa: I think I'll join you~. I want to put some more sunscreen on after that swim just now ♪
Ako: I'll go back too! I'm getting thirsty!
Himari: Okay, let's all head back together then!

Rinko: ... Ako-chan... here's some water...
Ako: Thanks, Rin-rin! ...*gulp* *gulp*
Ako: Ahh~! I'm alive again~!
Rinko: That's... good...
Himari: Hmm~, which photo should I go with~? This one looks like we're having the most fun~.
Ako: What are you choosing photos for, Hii-chan?
Himari: I wanna send a super-fun looking photo to Ran-chan and the others and make them envious for not coming~.
Himari: ... Yep, this is definitely it. I'm gonna send a picture of us playing in the water! Okay... sent!
Lisa: You took your phone out in the water? You should've just left it with our stuff and focused on having fun~. What if you'd dropped it~?
Himari: I know, but... I just had to do something to make the other envious, you know~?
Lisa: Oh, okay. Actually, why couldn't anyone else from Afterglow come?
Himari: Oh my God. They were like "I've got plans~." or "It's too hot~.” Can you believe that? They're so mean!
Himari: Whoa, they already replied?! Let's see... "That bikini, ooh la la. It's so sunny. Don't melt out there, Hii-chan."
Himari: Hmph, Moca is always like this, fufu. I'm not an ice cream, I won't melt!
Himari: ... Like, if she's free enough to reply so quickly, she could've just come to the beach!
Lisa: Ahaha, come on, Himari. Don't pout like that~. You look kind of cute with your cheeks puffed up like that though ♪
Himari: Ugh~, that doesn't make me happy at all. Tomoe said the same thing once, and teased me so much about it~.
Ako: Ah, that reminds me! When I left this morning, my sis was really sad that she couldn't come today! She said she felt bad for saying no to you.
Himari: R-Really?!
Ako: Yeah, she's super busy in this season because she has to play the taiko at the festivals and all that.
Himari: Oh, you're right. I guess that can't be helped...
Ako: Yeah... Oh, but when I said "I'll look after Hii-chan for you!" she smiled!
Ako: And then she said she was counting on me!
Himari: What, she asked you to look after me? Shouldn't it be the other way around...?!
Lisa: I ran into Ran and Moca too, and they said, "Take care of our leader for us.”, you know~?
Himari: Why does everyone say that~? I'm supposed to be the leader for a reason, you know~?
Lisa: Oh, it just goes to show how much they love you♪ The fact you got a reply so soon is proof of that. There's no way they'd respond that quick unless they were waiting to hear from you.
Himari: Oh... I guess that's true... Ehehe♪ I guess they do like me after all~ ♪
Himari: Fufu~♪ I wonder what souvenirs I should get them for~.
Lisa: Y-You're such a pushover...!
Himari: Huh? Did you say something?
Lisa: N-No, nothing! I was just thinking it's so cute how your expressions change so quickly!
Himari: Ehehe, really? ... Oh, I got a text from Tsugu! "Sorry I couldn't go to the beach with you today. Say hi to everyone for me! Have fun!"...
Himari: Ts-Tsugu! Aww, she's such a good girl~!
Himari: Fufu, what should I write in return? Hmm...
Lisa: Umm, Himari~? You're out with us at the moment, you know? I'm not gonna sit here and let you forget about us~.
Himari: S-Sorry! I didn't forget or anything!
Lisa: You can spend all the time you need thinking about a reply on the train ride back. Right now, you're gonna enjoy the beach with us, got it?
Lisa: Sorry to the rest of Afterglow, but you're ours for the whole day, Himari...
Lisa: Let's have so much fun that they all wish they had come too~ ♪
Himari: ... Yeah, you're right! We won't get another summer while we're in the first grade, after all!
Himari: Okay, back to the water! Charge~!

The Splash Trio Card Story - Special Episode

Beach Photos


CiRCLE - Lobby
Himari: Ehehe~. This is my shot with Ako-chan~.
Himari: This one is of Rinko-san... She has such a great figure~.
Himari: Oh, this is a photo of everyone, but it's blurred... Who took this~? Ahh, it was... me...
Himari: ... Eeeek! BanG Dreamer-san?! You scared me~!
Himari: Hi!
Himari: ... Huh? Was I really smiling that much?
Himari: I was just looking at the photos from our day at the beach♪ Were on summer vacation, so we decided to go.
Himari: Oh my God, I had sooo much fun! It was totally how a vacation should be!
Himari: There were five of us. Me, Lisa-senpai, Ako-chan, Rinko-san, and Aya-san...
Himari: Ahaha! You're right, it was kind of a unique group.
Himari: We ran into Aya-san after we got to the beach. We went to a beach hut and she happened to be working there as the one-day manager!
Himari: It was such an amazing coincidence! I was so surprised! I totally didn't think I'd see someone I knew there!
Himari: The beach hut was so popular because Aya-san was there!
Himari: And since she was there, for some reason we ended up helping out too.
Himari: ... That's right. You have no idea how hard we worked that day!
Himari: It was my first time to do something like that! I really wished the other members of Afterglow were there too~.
Himari: ... Oh my God, can I tell you what happened~? Not a single person from Afterglow would come to the beach with me~!
Himari: They're so mean, don't you think?
Himari: Moca was like, "It's too hot, I'll melt.", can you believe that?
Himari: Everyone said they had plans or something else to do!
Himari: In the end, I got turned down by all of them!
Himari: It was so sad... Like, why say no?! We're on summer vacation! How could they not want to go the beach?!
Himari: And then when I sent them some photos, they responded immediately even though they were supposed to be busy~!
Himari: Don't you think they could've just come to the beach if they were so free?!
Himari: ... W-Well, I was really happy that they replied so quickly, but still...
Himari: Oh, yeah, the beach was so much fun! We splashed about in the water and stuff like that~.
Himari: Lisa-senpai and Ako-chan ganged up and splashed me really bad! Two versus one is so unfair, right~? Ahaha!
Himari: We went on a boat and relaxed too. It was really fun~.
Himari: I was also happy that I got to know Rinko-san and Aya-san better today since we'd never really talked much before.
Himari: Did you know that Rinko-san and Ako-chan always play online games together?
Himari: I didn't! I was kinda surprised to find out.
Himari: Hmph! Why couldn't Ran and the others come too~?! It would've been the perfect chance for everyone to get to know each other~...
Himari: I totally bragged to Ran and the others about how I'm friends with Rinko-san now!
Himari: ... Hmm? Why are you laughing...?
Himari: ... What? Does my expression really change that quickly~?
Himari: Ugh... I'm not doing it on purpose... Lisa-senpai actually said the same thing too, you know?
Himari: I guess my feelings appear on my face right away, huh~?
Himari: I wish I could do the poker-face thing~... Okay, I'm gonna give it a try, right now?
Himari: ... What do you want? I'm in the middle of my poker face. I can't talk.
Himari: Huh? oh, you're right. I got a text... I wonder who it's from...
Himari: Oooh, it's from Lisa-senpai~! She wants to know if I wanna grab something to eat with the group from the beach!
Himari: ... Ehehe~♪ Of course I do! ... Okay, sent.
Himari: ... Huh? ... O-Oh! I totally forgot about my poker face...
Himari: Ugh... I know you're trying to cheer me up, but stop laughing~...
Himari: Huh? You think it's... one of my good points?
Himari: Do you really think my smile has that kind of power...?
Himari: ... Ehehe. I'll be really happy if that's the case though ♪
Himari: Thank you, BanG Dreamer-san!
Himari: I wanna hang out with lots of different people again~! And this time with everyone else from Afterglow too!
Himari: Okay, I'm gonna go get something to eat with Lisa-senpai and the others! We're going to become even better friends after this!
Himari: Let's talk again soon!