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The Spooky Scare-case Card Story - Episode

Overcoming a Fear?


First Day Back at School
Haneoka Girls' Academy
Tomoe: Moca! Morning.
Moca: Tomo-chin, morning~ ♪
Tomoe: Looks like our summer vacation is over. Can't believe we're already back at school.
Moca: It's over~. I wish we had another three months of vacation~.
Tomoe: Ahaha, isn't that a bit much?
Moca: I don't like the heat, you know~? ... Ah, I don't like it when it's frosty either though~.
Tomoe: Moca, you're so picky~! ...!
Tomoe: ...
Moca: ...
Tomoe: ...
Moca: Hm? What're you doing, Tomo-chin~? Let's go upstairs~.
Tomoe: ... We should head up, huh?
Moca: Yeah, we should. Our classroom is on the second floor.
Tomoe: ... Urgh...
Moca: What's up, Tomo-chin? If you don't hurry up, you'll be late on your first day back~.
Tomoe: It's okay... It's gonna be okay today...
Moca: What is?
Tomoe: When we went to get Himari's textbook, you guys heard my voice on the staircase...
Moca: Oh~, I think we're good. It's morning, you know? I bet the ghosts are asleep.
Tomoe: ... You say it like they're real... Argh, fine! There's no point in going on about it. Okay, Moca, we're heading up!
Moca: Good old Tomo-chin~ ♪
Tomoe: Save it for later! Okay... let's count as we go... One, two...
Moca: Three, four~.
Tomoe: Twelve!
Tomoe: ...
Tomoe: ... Phew. I-I knew there was no such thing as ghosts! There were only 12 steps, no voices...
Moca: Thirteen~.
Tomoe: Hey! Cut it out, Moca!
Moca: Ehehe~, just kidding. Yay~, Tomo-chin. You conquered the staircase ♪
Tomoe: A-Ahaha... Yeah! Done and dusted! Okay, let's head to our classroom!
Tomoe: ... Phew... Man, I'm so glad nothing happened...

The Spooky Scare-case Card Story - Special Episode

Tomoe's Fear


CiRCLE - Lobby
Tomoe: Okay, cool. Catch you later.
Tomoe: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san! How's it going? I was just on the phone with Ako.
Tomoe: She asked me to record some TV special about ghosts and stuff since she's got band practice tonight.
Tomoe: I wonder what she thinks makes something like that worth watching.
Tomoe: Me? To tell the truth, I don't like that kinda stuff... You know, ghosts and supernatural things...
Tomoe: The other day, Himari left her textbook at school, so we went there at night to get it. Things, uh... happened when we were there...
Tomoe: What kind of things? You know, 'things'... Weird noises and stuff even though there's no one else there...! Ugh, just thinking about it gives me the chills. Could we not talk about this?
Tomoe: ... I come across a bit different, so... everyone always acts surprised when they hear I'm not good with that kinda stuff.
Tomoe: Everyone has things they don't like, you know...? Haha, right? It's not just me.
Tomoe: BanG Dreamer-san, thanks! That's just what I needed to hear.
Tomoe: ... Having said that, I've come a long way, you know?
Tomoe: When I was young, even Halloween was scary for me. People dressing up like monsters and all that...
Tomoe: Doesn't it creep you out when Halloween gets closer and every shop has like monster masks and stuff for sale?
Tomoe: Ahaha, right? I'm glad someone understands how I feel.
Tomoe: ... Ugh, I should probably head home and record that show for Ako. She'll be angry if I don't.
Tomoe: I'm glad I talked to you about this, BanG Dreamer-san.
Tomoe: ... Hehe, thanks for being cool.