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The Star Has Arrived! Card Story - Episode

A Fleeting Étude


Haneoka Girls' Academy
Theater Club
Kaoru: "Oh, Moon. Let your fleeting light glow upon me...!"
Misaki: Wow~... That's really good, Kaoru-san.
Tomoe: Maybe that's because the show is right around the corner. Her acting is starting to get a lot more intense, isn't it?
Hagumi: Mhm, mhm! I feel like I can really see the moonlight!
Himari: Wh-what do I have to do to be able to act like that?!
Kaoru: Fufu, I appreciate the kind words, everyone.
Kaoru: You'd like to know how to act like this...? Let me see... For me, I'd say more so than acting, it's that the spirit of the character descends upon me.
Kaoru: I take the thoughts and feelings of that character as they are, and I move as they dictate.
Tomoe: And that's why your acting is so natural...? It's pretty crazy that the character just comes to you like that.
Himari: But it doesn't sound like something any normal person could imitate... Ohh~, I wish I could be a better actress...
Kaoru: Ahh, Himari-chan. What a wonderful willingness to improve. Your heart has a desire to reach new heights. How very fleeting and beautiful it is...
Himari: N-no... That's too much praise for someone like me... But I will work hard and learn how to act well!
Kaoru: Fufu, charming. I've an idea. If it's your acting you'd like to improve, might I suggest some improvisational theater?
Misaki: Improvisation...? Does that mean you do all of your acting completely unscripted?
Kaoru: Indeed. You lose the script and find a way to progress the story as a group. It'll develop in many unpredictable ways, helping you train your brain to be more spontaneous and flexible.
Tomoe: Interesting... So no script, all ad-lib, right? That sounds kinda fun!
Himari: That means you don't know how the story will turn out until you actually do it!
Kaoru: It's a training method that the theater club has implemented. Without a doubt, it will improve your acting. If you want, we can try it out now.
Hagumi: Yeah, okay~! I wanna do it too!! Mii-kun, you do too, right?!
Misaki: Nope, I'll pass... I'll be right here, watching. You go ahead and have fun, Hagumi.
Kaoru: In improvisational theater, you start by deciding on a very basic situation. Afterward, everyone will freely perform according to the context that was given.
Kaoru: The lines are completely unplanned, allowing you to practice how to create a natural conversation as well. Committing that point to memory may be beneficial.
Himari: O-okay...! I'll try my best!
Kaoru: No need to be so stiff about it. First, it's essential that we feed off of each other's acting to continue our improvisation, so I'll begin by conveying to you what sort of roles we're trying to play.
Kaoru: Now, let us raise the curtain on this show! The setting of our performance shall be, hmm... A snowy mountain lodge!
Kaoru: ... Oh my, what an incredible blizzard! The fierce chill of this snowy evening could freeze not only one's body, but also their very soul...
Hagumi: Whoa~, awesome! Kaoru-kun actually looks cold!
Misaki: Seeing that level of acting up close is enough to put you on edge... Are they sure they can handle that...?
Kaoru: I somehow found my way to the lodge and escaped the snow... Oh? Seems there are already other customers here. Who are you?
Himari: Huh?! U-us?! We're~... Uhhh, well the blizzard was so strong that, uhm...
Tomoe: Y-yeah, it was snowing so hard outside that we didn't even think before running in here. Uhhh, yeah. So we're... j-just people! No, wait wait, hold on... Uhhh, we're village people!
Himari: R-right! We're villagers! And we stopped here so we can warn... w-ward... Huh? W-w-w-worm... W-wahhh~!!
Misaki: Sh-she's stumbling all over her words...! Just like I thought, she is nervous!
Kaoru: Take a breather, little village ladies who have fled the blizzard. There's no longer need to worry. The prince of the great Hello, Happy Land is here.
Tomoe: Huh...? L-like royalty?
Himari: Wow, it's a prince~!! I thought you looked really elegant! That explains it!
Misaki: H-hold up, Uehara-san accepted that way too easily?! Why would a prince be on a snow-covered mountain? Was there some sort of accident?
Hagumi: Ramen~, ramen~, get your hot and yummy ramen~! Hey hey~, Prince-y! Here's your bowl~!
Kaoru: Ahh, there it is! I've been waiting! I'd like for you to also provide some warm, fleeting ramen for these young ladies!
Misaki: ... Hagumi works at a ramen shop?! And she and the prince know each other?!
Hagumi: You got it! We have a whole bunch. Eat up, everyone!
Himari: Wow~, this looks so amazing! Tomoe, I bet we'll feel much better after eating this!
Tomoe: Y-yep, you got that right! Now if only we could safely escape from this mountain...
Misaki: Wha- This world they created is all over the place. Are they seriously gonna ignore that and just keep going...?!
Kaoru: Would your village happen to be at the base of this mountain? That is where my country lies, but I don't believe we can walk back in this snow...
Hagumi: If that's the problem, you can just use this ramen bowl once we're done eating to slide down it!
Kaoru: Such a spectacular suggestion! I expect nothing less from an individual who works at the greatest ramen shop in my country! Oh, so fleeting...!
Hagumi: Well it is big enough to become a sled! We only need one for all of us to fit!
Kaoru: Now then, has everyone entered the bowl? Let us go! It's time to liberate ourselves from these hilly blankets of snow!
Misaki: Not only is that bowl way too big, but apparently, it just stopped snowing...! Ugh, forget it! At the very least, can you create an ending that makes sense?! That's all I ask...!
Kaoru: What's that...?! You're actually the missing princess from the nation over?! I simply cannot believe you'd be disguised as a villager from my country...!
Misaki: ... N-nope. It's actually just getting worse...!
Kaoru: ... And so, the prince and the others went on a joyful journey to find ramen...
Hagumi: And they all lived happily ever after! Hmm~... I'm glad we could put together such a good story!
Tomoe: Man, that was awesome! It felt kinda like it was getting easier to talk as we went, and things just kept becoming crazier and crazier!
Himari: Mhm, it was fun being able to act together with everyone! And I realized that the story wouldn't go anywhere if we were too embarrassed... I feel like I'll be more comfortable acting in front of people now!
Misaki: Yeah. That story was complete madness by the end, though...
Kaoru: Fufu, it's a joy to act, is it not? If you've truly come to understand that as I do, then I am pleased.
Kaoru: Obviously, I'm delighted by all of the little kittens who fancy my acting... However, I must not forget that I'll be on stage together with you all.
Kaoru: And to be able to share these sentiments with my friends is... something both fleeting and euphoric, is it not...?!
Himari: Kaoru-senpai...! I'm gonna work even harder now! And I'll be doing it for you too!
Kaoru: I appreciate that, Himari-chan. Now, shall we raise the curtain of improvisational theater once more?! Misaki will accompany this time, correct?
Misaki: What?! I will?!
Kaoru: All of that squirming around earlier tells me you have an itch to participate that you must scratch, no? Come! We shall create a wonderful story, together!
Misaki: ... Nah, I'd call this more of an irritation than an itch!

The Star Has Arrived! Card Story - Special Episode

White Day Memories


Residential Area
Kaoru: Greetings, BanG Dreamer-san, Marina-san. Are you two also indulging in a free-spirited journey alongside the wind?
Marina: Ahaha, not exactly. We're on our way to buy more studio equipment. Taking a walk, Kaoru-san?
Kaoru: Indeed. I am on a tranquil and leisurely stroll. Appropriate, after being somewhat busy not too long ago.
Kaoru: I am in the midst of relishing this day of freedom... by aimlessly walking around town and getting a feel of the breeze.
Marina: Oh, did you have a lot going on at school?
Kaoru: Correct. We presented a musical on White Day for the little kittens who are always supporting me.
Kaoru: While it was but a brief moment because it was based on a Hello, Happy World! song, I'd say we accomplished the creation of a production most fleeting.
Kaoru: Tragic enough to grip one's heart, filled to the brim with smiles comparable to flowers, flowing with passion hot enough to burst into flames! How very fleeting...! Ahh, my soul trembles at the memory of it all!
Marina: Uhhh... What part of that is "fleeting"...?
Kaoru: Fufu... Your reactions are not unlike that of Misaki. She frequently tilts her head and questions what exactly is fleeting.
Kaoru: Well, that aside, the little kittens I invited to the show were satisfied with it, and all those who lent me a hand seemed to have enjoyed themselves.
Kaoru: To think that everyone involved could be pleased in the end... That makes me believe that we forged the ideal performance.
Kaoru: I've gifted many a kitten with a variety of presents on White Day before. However... I may have provided the most marvelous White Day gift of all this time around.
Kaoru: ... Fufu, BanG Dreamer-san, you're interested to know what my previous presents have been, are you?
Kaoru: It's my pleasure to satisfy your curiosity. Let us see. Not too long ago... I brought my little kittens to a restaurant, a favorite of mine, and we had a tea party of sorts.
Marina: Wow, what a fancy way to give back to them on White Day. That's just about what I'd expect from you. I imagine they were happy?
Kaoru: Indeed. They were all taken aback when they learned it was a place with an all-you-can-drink setup. However, I could see how delighted they were as they went through the many different soft drinks.
Marina: Th-that's not really the kind of restaurant I was imagining...
Kaoru: I've also had a poetry reading. I let them listen to my recitation of Goethe poems I'd been deeply moved by. What an excellent time that was...
Kaoru: And after I finished reading the collection of poems, they sat with their eyes closed, impressed by the works. Some of them even nodded as they attempted to digest what they'd just heard.
Marina: Are you sure... they weren't sleeping...?
Marina: E-either way, that's amazing Kaoru-san! Hosting events for your fans to enjoy like that!
Kaoru: Amazing, I am not. Are we all not happy to see someone else's joy?
Kaoru: And I am even more thrilled when the charming princesses who adore me greatly are the ones who are pleased.
Kaoru: Presently, I can only provide said joy to the little kittens around me, but one day, I hope to do the same for people around the world.
Kaoru: ... BanG Dreamer-san. No need to say a word! I have your support, I know.
Kaoru: And of course, I shall make that desire a reality. After all, Hello, Happy World! is composed of the most magnificent members, as well yours truly, overflowing elegantly with talent...!
Kaoru: Nothing should be impossible for us. Don't you agree?
Marina: Fufu, when you say it that confidently, it really does feel like you can do anything.
Marina: We'll be cheering you on too! Good luck with your dream of making the world smile!
Kaoru: I appreciate that, BanG Dreamer-san, Marina-san! Fufu, be sure to expect big things from us!