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The Star Orihime Card Story - Episode

Aya & Kanon's Wish


Fast Food Store
Aya: Welcome~! When you're ready to order, please step up to the register~!
Kanon: W-Welcome~!
Aya: An order of large fries and a burger set, right? One moment, please~.
Kanon: One large fries, please~.
Aya: Phew... Looks like the rush is over...
Kanon: It was really crowded... It must have been because of the Star Festival.
Aya: Yep, probably. I'd said so, since there were a lot of kids in yukata. I bet they're all having a lot of fun.
Kanon: Isn't it great? If I didn't have to work, I would have liked to go.
Aya: Ooo~. You know, it just feels like if this day ends and all I got to do was work, it'd be such a waste.
Aya: Hey, Kanon-chan. What time do you get off today? I'm done at five.
Kanon: Today? My shift also ends at five.
Aya: Same time! Alight, when we're done, would you like to go to the festival together? We may not get much out of it, but still...
Kanon: Ah, I wanna go! Mhm, let's do it!
Aya: Fufu, it's decided then. Okay~, five o'clock it is!

Aya: Whoa~, the sun's down but the streets are still so crowded~. I'd love to sing for a crowd like this at one of our concerts~.
Kanon: With all these people... I-I'd be really nervous...
Aya: W-Well, yes... But it'd still be fun!
Aya: ... Ah! Kanon-chan, look! There are strips of paper for writing wishes. We're already here, so why don't we both make one?
Kanon: O-Okay.
Kanon: A wish...? I have no idea what to write.
Aya: There, got it ♪
Kanon: What, already? Uh-Uhh... What should I~?!
Aya: It's okay, no need to rush. There's a lot of time to think before you write.
Kanon: (Ooo~... What do I want...? I wish I had more confidence... Maybe...)
Kanon: (But that doesn't seem like the kind of wish I should write here... Oh, I know...)
Kanon: ... S-Sorry I took so long. I did it!
Aya: Nice! Alright, let's go hang them up!

Aya: And~... Done! Wish made~. Did you hang yours up, Kanon-chan?
Kanon: M-Mhm... I just finished. You think it'll be okay? It won't fly away with the wind or something like that...?
Aya: I think it'll be fine. It's hanging onto the bamboo leaf pretty tight!
Aya: But, you know, it has to be a pretty special wish if you're that worried about it flying away. Tell me, what did you wish for?
Kanon: Uhm, I wrote "I wish that Hello, Happy World! will be able to make everyone smile." What about you, Aya-chan?
Aya: This one's mine... "I wish that Pastel ✽ Palettes will be able to put on the greatest show ever!"...
Aya: Ehehe, I didn't think we would both write something about our band. Wow!
Kanon: I know. Fufu, I hope both of our wishes come true~.
Aya: Don't worry, I'm sure they will! That's why we both have to keep working really hard. Just to be sure...!
Kanon: Mhm!

The Star Orihime Card Story - Special Episode

Perfect Pair


Hazawa Coffee
Kanon: Mmm~, it always smells so lovely in here...
Kanon: Ah... BanG Dreamer-san!
Kanon: Uhh, uhm... There's no one in the seat in the front of me... If you'd like, you could sit there...
Kanon: Ah, s-sorry... I didn't mean to bother you if you were busy. I wasn't trying to pressure you...
Kanon: It's okay? Yay~, thank you!
Kanon: I have so many things I want to tell you about. I'm glad you have time.
Kanon: Uhh, so I'll start with what happened at my job the other day...
Kanon: Do you know about the Star Festival that they had downtown?
Kanon: The store was really crowded that day...
Kanon: But Aya-chan was working too. It's like we know what the other is thinking, so we can split the work just right. Everything went so smoothly.
Kanon: I'm happy I was partnered with her. If it were anyone else, I think we would have had a store full of angry customers.
Kanon: When our shifts ended, we walked around the festival for a bit.
Kanon: There was a lot of people, but... It was still fun ♪
Kanon: We wrote out wishes and hung them on bamboo leaves, and we ate at a few different food stands...
Kanon: It was a long day of work, so we just couldn't stop eating... Ehehe ♪
Kanon: Both Aya-chan and I made a wish for our band. That's a funny coincidence, don't you think?
Kanon: The other thing I wanted to tell you about was... Oh yeah, I remember!

One Hour Later
Kanon: ... Phew, talking that much really makes you thirsty. Now I want some iced tea.
Kanon: Thank you for listening for so long.
Kanon: Uhm... If you're ever free, maybe we can do this again...
Kanon: You'd be happy to?! Ehehe, thank you. Alright then, I guess I'll see you next time.