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The Stars I Saw with You Card Story - Episode

Preparations Complete!


Hikawa Residence

Hina: Sis, why'd you bring out your suitcase? What, are you planning on going somewhere?
Sayo: I am not. I'm making the necessary preparations for tomorrow's stargazing event.
Hina: Huh? But the telescope and planisphere are in the club room... I don't remember there being anything we had to bring from home.
Sayo: Not only will this take place at night, but it's also winter. Precautions should be taken just in case.
Hina: Precautions...? Like what?
Sayo: First, we'll need to be protected from the cold. It may end up being more chilly than initially presumed, and there's a chance some of the participants attend in only light clothing.
Sayo: Therefore, I've prepared things like blankets, disposable hand warmers, and stuff that can be used to cover up.
Hina: Ohhh. Yeah, the cold can be brutal around this time of year.
Sayo: We will also have products to prevent illness. As the one organizing the event, you need to take your participants' well-being into consideration.
Sayo: The event would be ruined for someone if they joined only to start feeling sick, no matter how well everything else is going.
Hina: Hm~, that wouldn't be boppin', that's for sure.
Hina: Impressive as always, Sis! I didn't even think about that stuff!
Sayo: That's the bare-minimum effort required. It doesn't matter how small the event is, you're still the one in charge.
Sayo: As part of a band, you practice and you make all the necessary preparations to make the performance the best it can be, correct?
Sayo: It's the same idea. How you prepare beforehand will heavily influence the actual event.
Hina: The same as being in a band, huh...? When you put it that way, yeah, that makes sense.
Hina: Ehehe... I always knew you were amazing.
Sayo: I haven't done anything of note.
Hina: What~? Yeah, you hav- Hm?
Sayo: Is something the matter?
Hina: Sniff! Sniff, sniff! Sniff, sniff, sniff! Something smells yummy!
Sayo: Does it? I haven't noticed anything.
Hina: Definitely! Its got a sweet scent! Wait, is it... coming from you?
Sayo: Right, you may be talking about these.
Hina: They're... cookies!
Hina: Yay~♪ Thanks, Sis♪
Sayo: Halt.
Hina: Aww~! I can't eat them~?!
Sayo: They're for the event.
Sayo: Cookies are able to create a more relaxed atmosphere. I thought they'd be necessary since people will be gathering.
Hina: Wow~, cookies sure are interesting! I didn't know they had that kind of effect~.
Sayo: It's been proven to work at Roselia meetings.
Hina: Ah, so when you were messing around in the kitchen yesterday, it's because you were making these?
Sayo: Correct. I figured they might as well be handmade...
Hina: So you've been doing a whole bunch of stuff to help with the event. Thanks, Sis!
Hina: I'll help you get everything together! We just needa put it all into this suitcase, right?
Hina: Hm? Something's already in here. This is...?
Sayo: Oh, uhhh...
Hina: Here's my hoodie... Oh! And this is my scarf! Both are things I really like!
Hina: Why is my stuff in here though?
Sayo: I assumed you wouldn't have prepared anything, as would be typical of you, so I put them in there.
Hina: There are sweets in here too! And I guess this is for...
Sayo: I purchased those while I was at the store buying the ingredients for the cookies.
Hina: All of them are ones that I like... You remembered which ones are my favorites.
Sayo: It's not that difficult when you live in the same house.
Hina: I mean, sure, but... not really!
Hina: Think about it. You would never know that if you weren't actually paying attention!
Hina: That makes me so happy♪ You've been watching over me.
Sayo: Hina...
Sayo: Look, this isn't the time for that. We have to prepare... You said you were going to help, yes?
Hina: Yep, you got it! I'll make it all nice and neat!
Hina: Let's make it the most boppity-boppin' stargazing event ever♪
Sayo: Right. Its success is in our hands.

The Stars I Saw with You Card Story - Special Episode

All the Things I Don't Know



Sayo: Hello? Hina? Are you home yet?
Hina: "Nope, I'm on the school roof looking at the stars."
Sayo: That must mean... you're doing astronomy-club stuff? So you're by yourself?
Hina: "Mhm, and the stars are absolutely beautiful today! You were doing some solo practice, right?"
Sayo: I'm done, actually. I'm about to go home. Alright... I suppose I'll have to stop by and pick you up. Get your stuff ready and wait for me there.
Hina: "Really?! You're gonna come?! Okay, you got it! I'll be here!"
Sayo: Goodness gracious. How could she be out so late? I'll have to give her a good lecture once we get home...
Sayo: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san... H-how long have you been standing there...?
Sayo: Yes, I was talking to Hina. I thought I should go pick her up at her school since she decided to stay out so late by herself doing club activities.
Sayo: ... A caring older sister? Me? No, that sounds like an exaggeration more than anything.
Sayo: Staying out late is sure to worry our parents, and it's only natural for family members to pick up one another.
Sayo: ... So you're not only referring to that? You heard about what happened with the astronomy club?
Sayo: Oh, from Hina... I see... Still, I don't see it as a big deal.
Sayo: I was simply concerned about the feasibility of her plan, so... I lent her some assistance.
Sayo: I'm sure you're completely aware, but Hina is often unable to see the bigger picture...
Sayo: Indeed, I was quite relieved when the event ended up going well. It was decided that Hina's astronomy club wouldn't be disbanded, which made her especially happy.
Sayo: Maybe I wasn't supposed to stick my nose in her business, but I believe my personality dictates that sort of behavior.
Sayo: Still, I do think it was a good thing that I helped.
Sayo: I hadn't been able to face Hina for the longest time... That means there's a lot I don't know about her.
Sayo: But with this past event, I think I was able to learn a bit.
Sayo: About what she likes, places that are important to her... How she feels about those things, what memories she has of them...
Sayo: How she spends her time at school... What her astronomy club means to her... I learned a lot of different stuff.
Sayo: Correct. I don't have to look away. I can face her head-on.
Sayo: And that's because I realized that the thing I needed to confront all along was myself.
Sayo: M-my apologies... I'm basically having a one-person conversation... Perhaps I wanted someone to talk to.
Sayo: I will be off. Hina is waiting for me.
Sayo: Yes, I will see you at my next rehearsal.