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The Tin Rabbit Card Story - Episode

Necessary Trio


Toy Museum
Kasumi: Wow! Look, look! They've got a souvenir corner over there!
Saaya: You're right. Should we go take a peek?
Tae: Yeah, for sure!
Arisa: Oh~, they've got a pretty good selection. Look, there are even T-shirts.
Rimi: There's a lot of stuff here that use old toys as designs.
Arisa: It does give them an exclusive feel, huh? They are tempting, I'll give them that.
Kasumi: Hey, look at this! O-Tae, I found a rabbit toy that I know you'll love!
Tae: S-so cute...
Saaya: O-Tae... She's completely frozen in place...
Rimi: You know, looking around, there's actually a lot of stuff that uses rabbits as a motif, too.
Tae: There's so many rabbits here... Am I in heaven?
Arisa: I don't know about heaven. More like Hanazono Land.
Kasumi: Hey, O-Tae, are you gonna buy anything? I kinda want to get something too!
Tae: Hm~... I want them all, though.
Arisa: All of them?! Don't you think that's a bit much?!
Kasumi: I know what you mean, though~. They're all so cute, I just can't choose~.
Rimi: Which ones are you debating between right now, Kasumi-chan?
Kasumi: I like this folder with the tin toy printed on it, but that stationary set looks good too~.
Rimi: Oh, this stationary set is so cute! There's a toy robot drawn on it!
Tae: Arisa, how about you? Do you have anything in mind?
Arisa: Me? Nah, I'm good...
Kasumi: Aww~, c'mon, Arisa, you gotta buy something to remember today by~.
Saaya: I'm going to get this keychain. Jun and Sana really like this stuff.
Kasumi: Oh, that's really nice, too! It's like a miniature toy got turned into a keychain!
Rimi: Isn't this the clown riding a bicycle we saw in the showcase before?
Arisa: Oh, you're right! Wow, look how detailed it is.
Tae: Ah... I think I just found something incredible...
Kasumi: Huh? Which one? Which one's incredible?!
Tae: Look at this one. It's just like the drummer bunny we had until recently!
Kasumi: Wooow~! You're right!
Rimi: Kasumi-chan! Aren't those its bandmates next to it?
Kasumi: Really?! Ah, they are! It's the guitar-playing squirrel and piano-playing cat!
Tae: That settles it. I'm getting these three.
Kasumi: Ah, me too! You gotta keep the whole band together, right?
Rimi: I was feeling a little sad having to say goodbye to them, so this is actually perfect! I'll buy these three, too.
Saaya: Arisa, what do you think? I'm also going to buy them...
Arisa: ... Ugh, when you put it like that, I don't really have a choice, do I?
Kasumi: Yay! Now we'll all match!
Tae: Fufufu. Now it'll feel like I've always got them by my side!
Tae: This has got to be the best souvenir we could have possibly found! C'mon everyone, let's head over to the checkout!
All: Okay!

The Tin Rabbit Card Story - Special Episode

With Toy Instruments


Shopping Mall
Tae: Hey, BanG Dreamer-san. Out shopping?
Tae: Me? I don't know if I'd call it shopping, but...
Tae: I thought I'd take a look around a toy store today.
Tae: Ah, you don't have to act that surprised.
Tae: You see, Poppin'Party went to a toy museum the other day.
Tae: It was a lot of fun, and we saw all sorts of old toys.
Tae: That's true. It's not a place you'd stop by normally, is it? Actually, it was kind of a coincidence that my bandmates and I ended up at the other place too...
Tae: We found this old tin wind-up rabbit toy in Arisa's basement.
Tae: It actually turned out to be part of a three-piece set, but Arisa only had one.
Tae: Kasumi was saying how she wanted to find its friends.
Tae: We were told that they had a whole bunch of old toys at this toy museum, so we ended up popping over there.
Tae: What about its friends? We found them. Both of them.
Tae: We donated the one from Arisa's place, so now the three of them are on display together.
Tae: And on our way out the museum, that toy bunny moved a little bit...
Tae: Fufufu. You think I'm kidding? Who knows.
Tae: I realized something while I was looking around the museum.
Tae: There are a lot of toy instruments, aren't there?
Tae: You know, like toy versions of instruments or little dolls holding instruments.
Tae: Our little bunny was holding onto a drum, and its friends had a guitar and piano, too.
Tae: So I was wondering if there were still toys like that in stores today...
Tae: Yeah! There were!
Tae: Looks like they're still pretty popular among kids.
Tae: There were all sorts of instruments! Guitars, drums, keyboards...
Tae: It's nice that kids can start playing instruments from such an early age.
Tae: Hopefully they'll be interested in the real deal when they get a little older.
Tae: Wouldn't you agree, BanG Dreamer-san?
Tae: The kids at the community center were all so happy when we donated the toys we collected at school...
Tae: Maybe next time we stop by, we could teach them how to play some instruments, too.
Tae: Yeah! I'm sure they'd get a kick out of it! Fufufu, this is gonna be fun~.