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The Whitest Day Event Story - Opening
A Clear White Day

It's been a while since Chisato had a day off.
While she's thinking about how to spend it, Tae shows up.


Station Entrance

Chisato: (My first day off in a while... What is there to do? I came all the way out here, but...)
Chisato: (Maybe some quiet time at a cafe, or-)
Tae: Happy White Day, Chisato-senpai!
Chisato: ... Huh?
Tae: I said, Happy White Day.
Chisato: ... I was confused by what you said and how abrupt it was, not because I couldn't hear you. Anyway, let's start over. Good morning, Tae-chan.
Tae: Good morning, Chisato-senpai. Today is White Day.
Chisato: ... Unless my calendar is mistaken, it's still a tad early for White Day, I'm afraid.
Tae: ... What is White Day, anyway?
Chisato: Is it not the day to reciprocate gifts received on Valentine's Day?
Tae: I both received and gave chocolate on Valentine's Day, so I suppose my return gifts are already taken care of.
Chisato: I suppose they are. You're speaking of Poppin'Party, yes? Everyone in Pastel*Palettes also exchanged chocolates with one another, so I'm not planning anything for White Day, either.
Tae: Maybe we should be, though.
Chisato: Why is that?
Tae: I'm not sure. It's something that I've thought about. We have a day called White Day, and it would probably be best to actually celebrate it.
Tae: But when I tried to think about what the holiday actually is, nothing came to mind. I just drew blanks. Colorless and uninteresting ideas... Everything white.
Chisato: I-I see... In that case, why not discuss it with the rest of Poppin'Party?
Tae: I thought the same thing and tried to message the others this morning, but they already have their own plans.
Chisato: That's a shame. But why the sudden interest in White Day? Do you like customs like that?
Tae: They're alright. Anyway, it all started this morning.
Tae: I woke up, ate breakfast, then fed my rabbits.
Chisato: Yes, I do recall you owning quite a few of them.
Tae: Afterward, I thought about playing guitar for a bit... but then I remembered that I sent the one I usually play in for maintenance.
Chisato: ... So you couldn't actually play anything.
Tae: No, unfortunately. I don't have work today, either. While I was thinking about how to spend my day, I turned on the TV... and that's when I saw it. A special program about White Day.
Chisato: ... And then?
Tae: That's all.
Chisato: Uhhh, so what is the connection between guitars and rabbits?
Tae: A very precious bond that I share with both of them.
Chisato: That's not quite what I meant... but I don't doubt it.
Tae: How about you, Chisato-senpai? What are you doing here?
Chisato: What am I doing...? Nothing in particular. The plans I had for work suddenly fell through, so I was trying to think of how to spend my unexpected day off.
Tae: In other words, you're also having a white day?
Chisato: I'm... sorry, but I'm not sure what you're talking about. Tae-chan, you keep mentioning White Day, but what do you mean, exactly?
Tae: Having no work, having finished all of my chores, and not being able to play guitar. A blank date on the calendar, as white as a fresh sheet of paper. Therefore, White Day.
Chisato: Ah... Now I'm beginning to understand. You're going out of your way to come up with a special meaning to apply to a holiday that you have very little interest in...
Chisato: You sure have a lot of time on your hands, don't you?
Tae: Exactly. Which leads me to my next question, Chisato-senpai.
Chisato: ... What might that be? Though I get the feeling that I may not like it...
Tae: Will you join me in thinking about White Day?
Chisato: As I thought... Seeing as I have no plans, I suppose I can help out a little.
Tae: Glad to hear it. Now, we had better hurry...
Chisato: Where are we going?
Tae: ... Somewhere. Do you know any good places?
Chisato: ... Perhaps I was too quick to agree to this...

The Whitest Day Event Story - Chapter 1
Overlapping White Days

As they ponder what White Day is for, the two of them visit a candy store.


Candy Shop

Tae: I knew you'd know a good place, Chisato-senpai. But why here?
Chisato: Why...? Tae-chan, don't you want to think about White Day together?
Tae: Ah, you're right. I did.
Chisato: Why are you surprised...? Never mind. Okay, the staple return gift on White Day is candy, correct? If you look around, the perfect item may present itself.
Tae: That makes sense. And they do have a lot of candy to choose from.
Chisato: That's right. Do you like sweets, Tae-chan?
Tae: I do. I'm especially fond of red-bean soup. Anything with red beans in it, really. How about you?
Chisato: Yes, I enjoy sweets, as well. Due to my line of work, however, I avoid them as much as possible.
Tae: Idols sure do have it rough.
Chisato: I'm used to it now. Ah, but there is one thing that occasionally becomes an issue.
Chisato: Sweets are among the most common gifts I receive at work. And while I am grateful for that, there are times when I cannot possibly eat them all, so I split them among the other staff members.
Tae: I see... Maybe we had better go with something other than candy, then...
Chisato: I don't see the problem with giving candy to a normal girl, so long as they don't dislike sweets.
Tae: Hmmm... Huh? Over there, isn't that...
Ako: Hm? Ah, Tae! Chisa-senpai! Are the two of you shopping together? I never would have imagined~!
Chisato: ... Yes, it's turning out to be a rather unique experience. How about you, Ako-chan?
Ako: I came to buy some White-Day gifts for everyone in Roselia, but I couldn't really find anything cool.
Tae: Oh, we're also thinking of what to do for White Day.
Ako: Whoa, really?! Okay then, let me join you! If anyone would know how to find a super cool present, it's you, Chisa-senpai!
Tae: Sure, no problem.
Chisato: U-uhm, Tae-chan? I'm not too familiar with what Ako-chan likes...
Tae: You say that, but you're the one who's gonna come to her rescue, aren't you, Chisato-senpai?
Ako: Hooray~! Thanks, Chisa-senpai!
Chisato: ... I suppose I have no choice now. In any case, we should go ahead and leave. We'll only cause trouble for the staff by noisily loitering around the store without buying anything.
Tae & Ako: Okay~.

Station Entrance

Tae: Alright, where to next?
Chisato: Well, if we're at a loss for what to do, I say we... head our separate ways! Any objections?
Tae: Fufu. Chisato-senpai, you're so funny.
Chisato: It wasn't really a joke...
Kokoro: Ah! Hello, everyone!
Ako: Hey, it's Kokoro! Morning! What are you up to?
Kokoro: Good morning! I'm just looking around, trying to see what fun things I can find!
Ako: We're looking for return gifts for White Day~.
Kokoro: White Day...? Ah, isn't that when people give each other things like candy or marshmallows?
Tae: White Day for Chisato-senpai and me is different.
Kokoro: Oh~? What's White Day for you?
Tae: The answer to that... is still white for us.
Kokoro: Still white? What do you mean? ... Ah! Wait, this is some sort of riddle, isn't it?!
Tae: A riddle? In a way, yes. One that even we don't have the answer to yet.
Kokoro: You don't? That must be one tough riddle, then. Here, let me help you think! It sounds like a lot of fun!
Ako: Kokoro is coming, too?! Nice~! Looking together as a group should make it easier to find something good! Isn't that right, Chisa-senpai?
Chisato: Huh? Yes... I would think so.
Tae: Are you okay?
Chisato: I'm fine. Just a bit of a headache coming on. For now... why don't we find a nice, quiet place to discuss the matter?

Hazawa Coffee

Tsugumi: Welcome to Hazawa C- Huh?
Tae & Ako: Hello. Hello~!
Kokoro: Don't mind us, Tsugumi!
Chisato: Tsugumi-chan... Good afternoon.
Tsugumi: H-hello. And welcome. A rather unusual group, I'd say.
Chisato: Isn't it? I'm still in a state of shock myself. Anyway, room for a party of four?

The Whitest Day Event Story - Chapter 2
What is White Day?

Chisato, Tsugumi, Ako, Kokoro, and Tsugumi all have a meeting to talk about White Day.


Hazawa Coffee

Tsugumi: Sorry for the wait. Uhhh... So why are you four together today?
Tae: Because it's White Day.
Tsugumi: Huh?! Wait, are you sure?!
Tae: All of us have blank, white schedules today.
Tsugumi: Blank, white schedules... Is that some kind of wordplay? If so, I suppose it's White Day for me, as well. I'm helping out at the store because I had nothing else planned.
Tae: Then it's a white day for all of us.
Chisato: Putting Tae-chan's joke aside, we were thinking about how to spend the real White Day. Do you have any plans, Tsugumi-chan?
Tsugumi: None at the moment, no. I've already exchanged chocolate on Valentine's Day, so I'm still thinking about how to spend White Day...
Chisato: Sounds like we're all in the same boat, then. How about Hello, Happy World! and Roselia?
Ako: Same with Roselia! But actually, Rin-rin gave me some really pretty, super cool chocolate, so I'd like to give back something that's just as amazing!
Kokoro: Everyone in Hello, Happy World! has given me so much to smile about! So, my return gift is going to be giving back those smiles in kind!
Tae: The gift of smiling... Sounds nice. It suits both you and your band well, Kokoro.
Chisato: May I ask how you plan on doing that?
Kokoro: That's what I'm gonna think about now! And all of you can help!
Chisato: You don't say... I do believe you may be onto something, though.
Chisato: White Day can simply be an opportunity to do something for your loved ones. It should be enough that it makes the people you cherish happy.
Tsugumi: Wow... That's a terrific idea! If we did that, the return gifts wouldn't have to be limited to sweets.
Tae: Ah, that's another thing they mentioned on TV this morning. Items like knick-knacks, accessories, and cosmetics were said to be popular.
Ako: Sounds like stuff more mature people would give! You know, things like matching accessories and whatnot. I like it!
Chisato: Hand lotions, lipstick, or even simple consumables may also work.
Ako: Consumables?
Chisato: Items that are gone after one use.
Tae: I've been thinking... What does the "white" in White Day stand for, anyway?
Ako: What brought that on?
Tae: We've been going on and on about White Day this whole time, but I realized that I don't even know what it really is.
Tsugumi: If memory serves, Valentine's Day comes from a person named Valentine.
Kokoro: Which means White Day was made by someone with the name White!
Chisato: There is no specific reason behind its namesake. Japan's confectionery industry simply made it up. It doesn't appear to exist in other countries.
Ako: I had no idea~. Chisa-senpai, you sure know a lot! Way cool~!
Tae: But there are other similar phrases like "white Christmas."
Chisato: That expression refers to the snowy scenery during the winter, so I think that's a bit different.
Kokoro: But if it actually did snow on White Day, then it would be even whiter than it usually is!
Tsugumi: Hm... but I don't think we'll see any snow in March.
Kokoro: That's true. But any kind of white landscape would work, right? Even if it wasn't snow?
Tae: I'd like to think so. That would make it an actual white day.
Kokoro: Now that's interesting! Hey, I just came up with a really great idea!
Chisato: From that conversation...? Well, I'm glad that you thought of something, Kokoro-chan.
Chisato: So... Does everyone have a better understanding of what to do for the holiday?
Tae: More than I did this morning, yes. You were a big help, Chisato-senpai.
Ako: Yep, I bet I can find something interesting now!
Chisato: Glad to hear it. Alright, I think this a good place for us to go our sepa-...
Kokoro: I say we go out and look some more! There are plenty of things that we'll never find by just sitting here!
Ako: Count me in~! Let's do it! You should come, too, Tsugu-chin!
Tsugumi: Who, me?! Uhm, let me go ask my mother.
Tae: Come along, Chisato-senpai. We're off in search of our White Day.
Chisato: ... So it would seem... Sigh.

The Whitest Day Event Story - Chapter 3
The Search for Gifts

Ako, Tae, and Kokoro are living it up at the shopping mall.
Meanwhile, Chisato and Tsugumi...


Shopping Mall

Ako: I bet you're happy you were able to come, Tsugu-chin!
Chisato: I'm sorry for getting you roped into this, Tsugumi-chan...
Tsugumi: Wh-why are you apologizing? My mother said she can manage the store without me, so please don't concern yourself over it!
Tsugumi: I've also been wondering what to do for White Day, so the timing was perfect!
Tae: Our White-Day group is five people strong. Should our team name be the White-Day Five?
Kokoro: Wow, now that's a fun title! You've got a good sense for naming things, Tae!
Ako: Aw~, we should go with something cooler if anything! If it were up to me, I'd go with~... The Snowy White... Hm... Snowy White... Girls with Free Time?
Chisato: Listen, everyone. We're here to find gift ideas for White Day. It's fine to enjoy ourselves, but don't forget our objective.
Tsugumi: You seem excited for this, Chisato-san! I'll follow your lead and do my best to find the perfect present!
Chisato: L-lovely... Why am I being made out as the one who's most eager?
Kokoro: Look! A big bear is handing out balloons over there!
Ako: Haha, that character kind of looks like Michelle.
Tae: ...! They have rabbit balloons... Be right back.
Chisato: ...
Tsugumi: Uh-oh~. Uhhh... Listen, everyone! I'd like to check out that knick-knack shop over there. Would that be okay?
Kokoro: Oh, what a cute little store! And it's decorated with clown dolls!
Tae: A piggy bank... But it's a bunny. Let's go.
Ako: Ah! Those stickers seem kind of cool!
Tsugumi: Phew...
Chisato: ... Thank you, Tsugumi-chan.
Tsugumi: It was my pleasure! I think I now know why you apologized to me earlier, though...

Knick-Knack Shop

Chisato: Was there something here that caught your eye?
Tsugumi: No, nothing like that. I thought that this would be the best option for finding things that everyone in Afterglow would like.
Chisato: How did your Valentine's Day go with them?
Tsugumi: Himari-chan poured her heart into it this year, so we had a ton of fun!
Tsugumi: We were able to make such a wonderful Afterglow memory, so I'd really like to return the favor somehow.
Chisato: I could see that... Having such hard-working people around often means their energy rubs off on you.
Tsugumi: Is that true for you, too?
Chisato: Yes. With Pastel*Palettes, we had our Aya-chan, and she's quite the busy bee. She put so much effort into Valentine's Day, she lost sleep over it... Fufu.
Chisato: Perhaps it would be best if I did give something back...
Tsugumi: Ah, these are so adorable~! Come have a look at these bath bombs!
Chisato: Oh my, and in the shape of candy.
Tsugumi: How interesting! And they come in a variety of scents and colors. This one is lemon, and that one is strawberry!
Chisato: Fufu, they do seem like fun. Do you like bath products?
Tsugumi: Hehehe... You could say that, yes. I like using them, of course, but they're also fun to collect! It's surprising how many cute and stylish designs there are.
Chisato: True, they all do seem rather lovely. Honestly, seeing you act so excited kind of makes me want some as well.
Tsugumi: I-it does?
Chisato: Of course. It was like watching the shopping channel... Yes, I do believe these would make for lovely gifts. And if anyone could pick out good ones, it would be you.
Tsugumi: You know... Ran-chan isn't too big on actual sweets, but I think she wouldn't mind these because they're only shaped like candy!
Tsugumi: Okay, I've decided that Afterglow will get these!
Chisato: I'm glad that you were able to find something nice.
Tsugumi: It's all thanks to you, Chisato-san! Hehe, now, who should get what~?
Chisato: Take your time thinking it over. I'm going to look around a bit.
Tsugumi: Okay!
Chisato: ... Hmmm. Where are the other three? I don't see them anywhere. What could they be up to?
Ako: Hahaha, check this out~! It's a cosplay corner. Look, they've got rabbit ears!
Tae: ... I better try them on.
Kokoro: And I think these are bear ears. Wouldn't it be fun if we all pretended to be animals?!
Chisato: Okay, you three... You can have your fun, but do keep your voices down, okay?

The Whitest Day Event Story - Chapter 4
Painting The Town White

The five of them stop by an arcade. Is Chisato going to try out the crane game...?



Ako: Ah! Look... It's NFA! I didn't know it was already out~!
Tsugumi: Did you find something?
Ako: Neo Fantasy Arcade! The arcade version of a game that I play! I knew they were making it, but I had no idea it was already playable!
Ako: I'm gonna go check it out!
Chisato: Ako-chan, we're not here to-! And there she goes.
Kokoro: Why the long face, Chisato? I think we might find something nice in a place like this.
Chisato: I doubt there's anything worthwhile in an arcade...
Kokoro: Maybe there isn't... or maybe there is! And Ako is having so much fun over there. Staying for a little while wouldn't hurt, would it?
Ako: Wow~! This is amazing~!
Kokoro: See, looks like she's spotted something. I'm going to join her! I hope you'll find something fun to do too, Chisato!
Chisato: Find something fun...?
Chisato: Sigh... I'm starting to think there's no point in getting worked up.
Tae: Chisato-senpai.
Chisato: Yes?
Tae: Are you good at crane games?
Chisato: No, I've never even tried one.
Tae: Oh... How about you, Tsugumi?
Tsugumi: I'm terrible at them. Why?
Chisato: ... Ah~, so you must have seen what was inside that one, huh?
Tsugumi: Whoa, those rabbit plushies are huge! They must be hard to get.
Tae: That one looks a lot like Oddie. I wonder how it feels...
Chisato: ... Why don't we give it a try, if you're that interested?
Tae: Huh? You don't mind?
Chisato: Ako-chan and Kokoro-chan already ran off to play their own game, so we might as well do something while we wait.
Tae: Okay.
Tae: Yes...! I got it...!
Tsugumi: Ah, nice one! You actually lifted it!
Chisato: Only a little further to the hole... Ah!
Tae: This is difficult... Would you like to try next, Tsugumi?
Tsugumi: Who, me?! S-sure, I'll give a try... Here goes!
Chisato: Oh dear... I think you went a tad too far. It seems important to watch not only from the front but also from the side.
Tae: Care to give it a try, Chisato-senpai?
Chisato: Me? I doubt I'll be of any use. Are you sure?
Tae: Since you're already here, yeah. And I've got this feeling that you'll be able to pull it off.
Chisato: Fufu, I can't imagine why. But now that you've said that, I'll have to make certain not to let you down.
Chisato: Okay... Here goes nothing!
Ako: Man, that was a blast~! Sorry for the wait, g- Whoa~! Now that's a big rabbit plushie! Did you win that?!
Tae: Yes, Chisato-senpai did.
Kokoro: Amazing, Chisato! So you were hiding that skill from us, were you?!
Chisato: Fufu, it was only a fluke. The tag somehow got snagged on the claw. Beginner's luck and nothing more. Here, Tae-chan, you can have it.
Tae: Huh? But...
Chisato: It would be happiest with the person who appreciates it the most.
Tae: Th-thank you very much! ... Fufu, it feels like I'm hugging the real Oddie.
Tsugumi: Ako-chan, were you two playing games the whole time?
Ako: Yep! And get this! It helped me come up with... Er, I mean, remember an idea for a White-Day gift!
Tsugumi: Really? What is it?
Ako: For Valentine's Day, Rin-rin farmed a game item that I had been wanting! And I haven't paid her back for it yet!
Ako: So, I want to give her a super cool item that'll suit her character!
Kokoro: That's great, Ako! See, aren't you glad we came, Chisato?
Chisato: Fufu... You're right. Ako-chan achieved her goal, and the crane game was fun as well.
Tae: With that, Tsugumi and Ako have both decided on their White-Day gifts. How is yours coming along, Kokoro?
Kokoro: Me? Don't worry, I've already thought of mine!
Ako: When did that happen?! What is it~?
Kokoro: Fufufu, you'll have to wait and see! Alright, everyone, time to head out!
Black Suit: Kokoro-sama, all of the preparations have been made. The car awaits your arrival.
Chisato: Wh-where'd they come from...?!
Tsugumi: The suit people from Kokoro-chan's house?!
Kokoro: Alright, up next: my White Day!

The Whitest Day Event Story - Chapter 5
Radiant Amusement Park

Kokoro takes the five of them to an amusement park.
What kind of White Day does she have in mind...?


Hanasakigawa Smile Land

Kokoro: We're here! This is where you'll get to see the amazing, fun-filled White-Day plan that I thought up!
Chisato: At an amusement park? Nothing here really feels related to White Day.
Tsugumi: Seems pretty normal for a theme park.
Kokoro: It'll all make sense soon enough! You just look forward to it!
Ako: This is that one place everyone is raving about! I've been meaning to check it out~.
Tae: Me too. Who could've guessed that we'd end up here today?
Chisato: For now... I suppose we could take a walk around the park while we wait.
Tae: You don't mind, Chisato-senpai?
Chisato: We're already here. Wouldn't it be a waste to not enjoy ourselves?
Tae: That's true... Let's make the most of it!
Ako: Yay~! I want to ride that roller coaster over there~!
Tae: The food stalls all look pretty good, too.
Kokoro: Alright, let's go! I'll show you around!
Ako: From what I've heard, this place didn't have many customers until recently.
Tsugumi: Yeah, that was my impression as well. It's hard to believe how lively it is now.
Chisato: Supposedly, there was a change in the management style, and people are very happy with the new events that were introduced.
Tae: Come to think of it, I heard that Hello, Happy World! performed here. Would that be one of the additions she's talking about?
Kokoro: Maybe~? All I know is that there have been more and more smiling faces ever since we held our parade concert!
Ako: A lot of the attractions are classic favorites but with a shiny new coat of paint! Come on, you guys! Hurry, I wanna ride the roller coaster~!
Tsugumi: I-I hope it doesn't go too fast...
Ako: Man, that was amazing~!
Chisato: It did pack quite the punch but was also slow enough for children to enjoy.
Tsugumi: H-hahaha. You could say that...!
Tae: Are you alright? You look pale... White, even. Oh, is this the White Day you had planned, Kokoro?
Kokoro: No, my idea is completely different. Nice thinking, Tsugumi!
Tsugumi: Th-there's nothing nice about this~! Ugh, I feel kind of dizzy~...
Chisato: Come sit down for a moment, Tsugumi-chan. There's a bench over there.
Kokoro: Ah, it's almost time to begin! Oh, good, you're already sitting down. And now to get this White-Day show on the road!
Tae: Oh, how exciting.
Ako: I wonder what it'll be~.
Kokoro: Get ready, everyone! Three! Two! One!
Kokoro: Ta-da~! Let the White-Day Parade begin!
Ako & Tsugumi: Wow~!
Chisato: The entire park... is glowing...
Tae: Now this is what I call a white day...!
Kokoro: I know! Just like I said at Tsugumi's place, a white landscape will help White Day shine even brighter!
Kokoro: So, I made the entire park white! What do you think?!
Ako: Awesome~! This is so amazing, Kokoro! It's super shiny and sparkly!
Tsugumi: Such beautiful lights... I never thought I could see something like this around this time of year!
Tae: Incredible... I wish the others could see this.
Chisato: It really is wonderful... But how did you pull this off?
Black Suit: Negotiations were held with the park's owner to help make this possible.
Chisato: Kokoro-chan... This is impressive... It was supposed to be just another unremarkable day, but you've made it into something special...
Tae: Chisato-senpai. Look, the parade floats are heading this way.
Chisato: Ah... Here they come. How beautiful...
Tae: It turned out to be a very exciting day, I'd say.
Chisato: Yes... Yes, it has.

The Whitest Day Event Story - Ending
A Colorful White Day

In the end, Chisato and Tae didn't figure out what they should do on White Day, but...


Station Entrance

Ako: Man, that was a blast! The whole theme park looked really pretty!
Kokoro: Fufufu♪ I'm so happy that I could bring out everyone's smiles!
Tsugumi: What an exciting white day! Even if it wasn't the real one.
Tae: I had a lot of fun as well. This was supposed to be a blank day, completely empty and white, but it wasn't white at all.
Chisato: And yet, it ended with that dazzling white spectacle.
Tsugumi: Fufu, hearing the word "white" being used over and over again makes it feel like it's lost all its meaning!
Ako: Ah, it's like that gesundheit something or other! You know, that one cool phrase!
Chisato: The Gestaltzerfall phenomenon, you mean?
Ako: That's the one! It's like, "And so began the Gestaltzerfall phenomenon...!"
Tsugumi: Are you sure you're using that term the right way...?
Chisato: Okay, it's getting rather late, so perhaps we should call it a day.
Tsugumi: I think you're right. Chisato-san, thank you very much for today!
Tsugumi: I was able to find some nice White-Day gifts. It really was a lot of fun!
Chisato: I didn't do a thing... but I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Tsugumi: Did you ever decide what your return gift will be?
Chisato: Now that you mention it, I haven't come up with anything yet. But there is still plenty of time before then, so I'll take my time thinking it over.
Tsugumi: If you need help with anything, please let me know!
Chisato: Thank you, Tsugumi-chan.
Ako: Alright, time to head home and grind for Rin-rin's present! That item has a lot of required materials~.
Kokoro: Ako, you really do love video games, don't you? I think it's wonderful that you can enjoy something so much!
Ako: Hehehe, you really think so? Maybe we can play again soon!
Kokoro: Yeah! I couldn't really understand the controls, but all the flashy effects were exciting!
Ako: Alright, I'm heading out. Bye-bye~!
Kokoro: Take care, everyone! Bye-bye!
Tsugumi: I think I'd better go, too. Goodbye!
Tae & Chisato: Bye-bye! Goodbye!
Chisato: ... I believe that's our cue to leave, as well.
Tae: Alright. ... Ah, Chisato-senpai.
Chisato: Yes?
Tae: Thank you very much for today.
Chisato: First, it was Tsugumi-chan, and now you. Why are you thanking me? I didn't contribute anything in the end.
Chisato: I couldn't even help you figure out what to do for your White Day.
Tae: My White Day... I suppose so, but that's okay.
Tae: At first, I was worried about how to spend a day with so much free time and nothing to do.
Tae: But thanks to you being there, there wasn't a single dull moment.
Chisato: I feel the same way. Originally... I honestly had no clue how to spend my day, either. Thanks to you and the others, however, it was very enjoyable.
Chisato: And it was you who put everything into motion, Tae-chan. I should be the one offering my thanks.
Tae: Not at all. I'm the one who is indebted to you.
Tae: You managed to get this cute rabbit plushie for me, so I'll have to return the favor somehow.
Chisato: Return the favor? No, that's... Wait. This back-and-forth is never going to end if we don't stop now.
Tae: Fufu, most likely.
Chisato: Taking a normal day and hanging out without any plan in mind wasn't all that bad. It was a first for me.
Tae: ... Now there's an idea. Maybe it would be best to celebrate the real White Day in a similar way.
Chisato: In a similar way?
Tae: Exactly like we did today... Yes, I think that'll make for a fine White Day. No doubt.
Tae: See you later, Chisato-senpai. Take care.
Chisato: Huh? Okay... Goodbye.
Chisato: What on earth could she have meant...? It was only our first time spending the day together, but as I thought, she is certainly one tough nut to crack...
Chisato: I better get going as well.
Chisato: ... Now to think of what to do for Pastel*Palettes' White Day. It should be an experience that everyone can enjoy...

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