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Theme Park Fun! Card Story - Episode

New Lyrics!


Kasumi: Saya~! Rimi-rin~!
Kasumi: C’mon, hurry~!
Rimi: Kasumi-chan, hold on!
Saaya: She’s pretty excited. Ever since we decided on going to the amusement park, she hasn’t been able to settle down.
Kasumi: Yeah! I was so excited I couldn’t sleep last night!
Saaya: It’s fine to have fun and all, but let’s not forget why we’e here. We have to find some inspiration for the lyrics to our next song.
Rimi: I hope we’ll be able to come up withh something.
Kasumi: Don’t you worry. We’re at an amusement park, right? There are so many fun things to do here♪
Kasumi: And if we have a lot of fun, we should be able to write our next lyrics.
Saaya: I sure hope so. Anyway, let’s just enjoy ourselves.
Rimi: Which ride should we go on first?
Kasumi: That one! The rollercoaster!!
Rimi: Already?! Seems kinda scary...
Kasumi: Rimi-rin, we’re with you all the way!
Saaya: It’s not that high, so it’ll probably be okay.
Saaya: It’s also a good chance to challenge yourself, Rimi-rin.
Rimi: O-okay! I’ll give it a try!
Kasumi: Alright! Let’s do it!
Rimi: Wow~, that was amazing...
Kasumi: Fun, right?! My heart is still racing!
Saaya: That was pretty intense. Especially those steep drops.
Kasumi: You wanna ride it again?! C’mon, one more time!
Rimi: No, no more-...
Saaya: Well then, what should we do next?
Kasumi: Something a bit more slow-paced, like... that!
Rimi: Merry-go-rounds are more relaxed, so it shouldn’t be too scary.
Kasumi: It’s decided♪
Kasumi: So scary...
Rimi: You were pretty close to falling off the horse, Kasumi-chan.
Saaya: You should make sure not to turn around while the ride is going.
Kasumi: Hehe, sorry!
Rimi: Haha. I haven’t been to an amusement park in so long. This is really fun.
Saaya: It’s been quite some time for me as well. It is pretty fun.
Kasumi: Yeah! Let’s bring Arisa and O-Tae next time!
Rimi: Yep! I’m looking forward to it already.
Saaya: So, were you able to think of any lyrics?
Kasumi: ... Ah!
Saaya: You completely forgot, didn’t you?
Kasumi: Hehehe...
Saaya: I thought with such a change in scenery you might be able to think of lyrics with a different vibe...
Kasumi: Oh yeah!
Kasumi: Like on a rollercoaster, that feeling when you drop... Like whoosh!
Kasumi: Why don’t we try turning that into lyrics?
Rimi: That’s a great idea! It would be a real Kasumi-chan original.
Saaya: But, whoosh...? It’s not bad, but you might have to think it over a bit more.
Kasumi: If we need more thinking, then we need more fun!
Rimi: I agree♪ Where should we go next?
Saaya: If we follow the order of the rides, our next stop is...
Kasumi: Let’s go to the haunted house!!
Rimi: What?!
Kasumi: If we want to think of good lyrics, then we need to have different experiences♪ C’mon, let’s go!
Rimi: N-no no no no no!! Books are fine, but people actually jumping out at me is too much!

Theme Park Fun! Card Story - Special Episode

Impromptu Shopping♪


Kasumi: BanG Dreamer-san ♪
Kasumi: What are you up to? Doing some shopping?
Kasumi: Same here~ ♪ I'm shopping too!
Kasumi: Since we're both here, why don't we go around together?
Kasumi: Really? Yay~! Let's go!
Kasumi: What are you looking for today~?
Kasumi: I'm here to buy a notebook! But I'm hungry, so I might get something to eat too~.
Kasumi: There's so many places selling delicious food around here!
Kasumi: It's so much fun just walking around, don't you think?
Kasumi: Looking at the shops over there~, then checking out these ones here!
Kasumi: There's just so many shops, I always get distracted~.
Kasumi: Hm? What shops do I like to go to?
Kasumi: Let's see~.
Kasumi: For example, that one over there!!
Kasumi: The butcher shop ♪
Kasumi: I really like the croquettes they have here! They're so good I always eat too many~!
Kasumi: Aa-chan... my sister, she can eat like three of them in one go! That's how good they are!
Kasumi: And then there's...
Kasumi: The Yamabuki bakery!
Kasumi: This is Saya's shop! I recommend the cream buns ♪
Kasumi: Have you tried them before?
Kasumi: You really should~! They're amazingly good!
Kasumi: Rimi-rin likes the chocolate cornets! She says she always buys there here!
Kasumi: She sometimes shares them with me too~.
Kasumi: The chocolate is so creamy, and the bread is so fluffy! You feel happy the moment you take a bite ♪
Kasumi: Do you know what Arisa likes?
Kasumi: She's into bonsai! She gives them names and treats them like pets.
Kasumi: She never lets me touch them when I ask though... That's how important they are to her!
Kasumi: Oh! That reminds me, I went to an amusement park with Saya and Rimi-rin ♪
Kasumi: It was for more than just fun, you know? We had a proper reason for going!
Kasumi: Fufufu, can you guess what it was?
Kasumi: The correct answer is... to think up lyrics for a new song~!
Kasumi: We thought that if we go somewhere different, we might be able to come up with some good lyrics! So we decided to go to an amusement park!!
Kasumi: ... And that's how it happened~.
Kasumi: The first thing we did when we got there was go on a roller coaster!
Kasumi: Oh my god! It dropped down soo fast, and then went whoosh as it came back up!
Kasumi: It was a little scary, but lots of fun!
Kasumi: We went on a merry-go-round~. I rode a horse!
Kasumi: Saya and Rimi-rin rode a two-person carriage! I took so many pictures of them!
Kasumi: After that, we were thinking about going into the haunted house, but Rimi-rin was too afraid~.
Kasumi: I told her it would be okay since we'd all be together~. I could've protected her from the ghosts ♪
Kasumi: ... Huh? What about the lyrics?
Kasumi: Don't worry! We came up with something nice!
Kasumi: Do you wanna hear it? You do, don't you?
Kasumi: In that case I'll sing it for you right n- Oh, maybe next time? Sure.
Kasumi: By the way, what about you?
Kasumi: What kind of rides do you go on at amusement parks? Tell me what you like the most!
Kasumi: Ferris wheels? Anything that's really high maybe?
Kasumi: You like roller coasters too?
Kasumi: Hrm... Okay, you should come with us next time!
Kasumi: Let's work out what rides we like most by going on them!
Kasumi: Fufu, it's a promise, okay?
Kasumi: I hope I can get to know you better ♪