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There, Perfect! Card Story - Episode

Dedicated Research


Rehearsal Studio

Aya: "That's it for today's rehearsal~! Another day of working hard~!" ... There, all done.
Eve: What a wonderful picture, Aya-san! You're getting more and more comments.
Eve: Didn't you post a picture of the sakura the other day? Did you go see the blossoms?
Aya: Ah, you saw my post?! Yup, I had a sakura party the other day. Did you like my pictures?
Eve: Yes! The sakura were so beautiful!
Eve: What's more, Maya-san looked so happy... You could really tell you two were having fun from that photo.
Maya: Hearing you say it so bluntly makes me blush. Thanks, Eve-san!
Chisato: Now that I think about it, Kanon mentioned seeing the sakura with you, Aya-chan.
Hina: Really~?! So who else was there?
Aya: Let's see, other than us, it was Kanon-chan, Lisa-chan, and Ran-chan!
Hina: Whoa~! Now that's an interesting combination! Sounds like a boppin'♪ time to me!
Eve: It does! The bentos you made were so cute too, Aya-san! I was so surprised!
Eve: Who knew sandwiches could turn out like that.
Hina: Huh? Like what? You made bentos too?
Aya: Yup! We thought it'd be nice to put a little extra effort in, so Kanon-chan and I made some together!
Hina: Wow~, that sounds cool! Now I'm curious. I gotta find this picture!
Chisato: Would it be alright if I took a look too?
Hina: Yeah, come over here~♪ Hmm... Now which one is it~?
Aya: Ooo... Seeing people look at my posts is so nerve-wracking...
Maya: I can personally vouch for the taste and presentation, so there's nothing for you to worry about!
Eve: Exactly! I could tell it was delicious just by looking at it!
Aya: Ooo... That makes me feel so much better...! Thank you so much, you guys!
Hina: ... Ah, found it! These sandwiches are the bentos you're talking about, right?
Chisato: They look absolutely delicious. Just like Eve-chan said.
Aya: Huh? You really mean it?!
Chisato: Of course. They're so colorful and cute, perfect for a sakura party.
Aya: Ah~!! Even Chisato-chan said so...! Did you hear that, Maya-chan?! Eve-chan...?!
Maya: Ahaha! Good for you, Aya-san!
Eve: Congratulations!
Hina: Hmm... I feel like I've seen this somewhere before.
Aya: What?! Y-you must be imagining things.
Hina: Hmm~, where was it? ... Ah, I've got it!
Hina: Wasn't this on that blog you were looking at a while ago? You know, the one called "Super Easy, Super Photogenic Recipes!"
Hina: You were reading that blog with such a serious face, Aya-chan~. How could I possibly forget that?!
Aya: S-so you saw me...
Eve: I see... So in other words, these bentos are the fruits of your labor!
Eve: You even went as far as to research bentos for your party! That's amazing! You really do spend all your time thinking about social media!
Aya: Ooo, Eve-chan, that actually kinda hurt...
Eve: Ah, I'm sorry! I didn't mean it as a bad thing...!
Chisato: I agree with Eve-chan. Putting effort into everything you do is a great trait to have.
Chisato: All the photos I'm seeing here are all beautiful.
Chisato: I'm sure this is another example of the fruits of your labor... You could also call it proof of your photography skills, couldn't you?
Aya: The fruits of my labor, huh...? I don't know about my photography skills, but it's definitely a lot harder to take pictures for social media than people think.
Aya: Just by changing the angle by a tiny bit, you can make something look all the more tasty.
Aya: On the other hand, if you mess up even a little, it can end up looking really silly.
Maya: That's true. Even when people post the same thing, they can look like completely different pictures depending on the photographer.
Aya: Yeah, that's why I try to remember the people who will see my photos when I take them!
Chisato: So in other words, you take photos with your followers in mind. I suppose you could call them your motivation.
Eve: What a lovely way of thinking! Just like Aya-san!
Hina: Uh-huh! I can't believe you research everything you do, even something like taking pictures!
Aya: U-uhm... That's a compliment... Right?
Chisato: Fufu, it is. Isn't that right, Hina-chan?
Maya: A-ahaha... I think she's just trying to say that your work ethic even shows up in your private life!
Maya: Look, Aya-san! Your post has gotten a lot more reactions than usual!
Aya: Wow, you're right! This is great! It feels like all my hard work is finally paying off!
Aya: Okay~, I'll have to do more research! Then I can give everyone even better pictures to look at!
Maya: That's the spirit! We can't wait to see them!

There, Perfect! Card Story - Special Episode




Aya: Hello, BanG Dreamer-san! Are you out for a walk?
Aya: You're looking at the sakura? Ah, I know, aren't they pretty? You can't help but stare.
Aya: Ah, speaking of sakura, did you get a chance to see the sakura with friends this year?
Aya: Me? Of course!
Aya: I actually had a sakura party with Kanon-chan, Lisa-chan, Maya-chan, and Ran-chan not that long ago!
Aya: Maya-chan and I were on our way home from work when we ran into Kanon-chan. We started talking about sakura viewing and parties, so I asked if anyone wanted to have one with me!
Aya: That's when Lisa-chan showed up, and she asked if she could invite Ran-chan. So it ended up being the five of us having a sakura party together.
Aya: Everyone had a lot of plans though, so I offered to coordinate everything since I was free.
Aya: And then Kanon-chan said she'd help me!
Aya: So we ended up meeting a lot and preparing all sorts of fun stuff for the party! It was great~.
Aya: We did everything from picking out the place to deciding the menu for lunches that day. We even practiced making sandwiches together!
Aya: And our sakura party was a total success! See? Take a look!
Aya: This is a picture of everyone, and here's one of our bentos!
Aya: We look like we're having fun? Yeah, because we were!
Aya: These photos make me really glad we had our sakura party~.
Aya: ... I'm sure one of the reasons everything went so well was because I had Kanon-chan helping me.
Aya: It's actually the same way at work. Everything goes well when I have her by my side.
Aya: It's like... She's able to pick up on things that I'm missing.
Aya: And her timing is always perfect! So I know I can focus on what's in front of me!
Aya: As long as she's with me, I know I have nothing to worry about.
Aya: Which is why I think her help is what really made this event a success!
Aya: You know... Something tells me Kanon-chan feels the same way about me. Although that might be a bit conceited of me.
Aya: It's just a feeling I've got!
Aya: Huh? That means we must trust each other a lot...?
Aya: You might be right... Ehehe, at least I hope you are!
Aya: Okay~! From now on, Kanon-chan and I are going to challenge ourselves in all sorts of different ways!
Aya: I'll be sure to invite you the next time we do something new, BanG Dreamer-san! I hope you'll join us!