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They're All So Cute! Card Story - Episode

Let's Choose Souvenirs


Kanon: Wah~, they have so many cute things.
Misaki: Yeah. Coming to the souvenir area really makes you feel like you're at the aquarium, doesn't it?
Hagumi: Just looking at everything is a lot of fun!
Kanon: The stuffed animals are, uhh... Ah, here they are.
Hagumi: What are you gonna buy, Kano-chan-senpai?
Kanon: Since we're here, I thought I would buy a penguin doll.
Hagumi: That'd be good! You really got along with the penguins!
Misaki: Yeah. Feels like a Kanon-san thing to have, too.
Kanon: They have so many though... Ones with different poses, different sizes, different materials... It's so hard to choose...
Misaki: You're right. There's a lot of variety.
Kanon: Hmmm~, which one should I get...?
Hagumi: Yeah, there is a lot, but... I think when it comes to stuffed animals, you gotta look at the face!
Misaki: The... face?
Hagumi: Mhm! Every stuffed animal has a unique face! So you can just choose by taking a long look at their face and seeing which one you like the most, no?
Kanon: A-are they really that different...? ... Ah! This one kinda looks like Pen-chan!
Hagumi: It does!
Hagumi: It's just the right size for you to hug it, and it's not too big, so it can easily fit in your room!
Kanon: Mhm... Yeah...
Hagumi: But most importantly... Just feel it! It's so nice and fluffy!
Kanon: Ah, it is...! It's like I'm hugging Pen-chan! Maybe I'll buy this one.
Kanon: Thank you, Hagumi-chan.
Hagumi: Ehehe~, nice to see it makes you happy!
Misaki: Hagumi, it's like you're on one of those home shopping channels.
Hagumi: Huh, you think so? Is that something amazing?
Misaki: Uhhh, hm. Amazing might be one way to describe it...
Hagumi: Oh, yay~! I love picking out stuff like this!
Kanon: Ah, if you're going to buy something too, Misaki-chan, why don't you have Hagumi look around for you?
Misaki: Yeah. I want... to buy something for my little sister. Maybe I should just go with treats.
Hagumi: For your sister, right?! In that case, how about cookies? Ones in the shape of a fish would be really cute!
Misaki: You might be right. She does like cookies... Alright, I'll get these. Thanks, Hagumi.
Hagumi: Ehehe, seeing you happy makes me happy too~!
Kanon: Hagumi-chan, you're so awesome! You helped us pick our souvenirs in no time.
Misaki: So, are you gonna buy something, Hagumi?
Hagumi: I was thinking I would get this!
Kanon: Is that... an otter backpack?
Misaki: Ah, yeah. That could be fitting. Seems like something you'd own.
Hagumi: You think so, Mii-kun? 'Kay, I'll buy it then!
Hagumi: Ehehe! Especially since you said it's perfect for me! That fills me with joy!
Hagumi: Alright, everyone to the register~!
Kanon: You know, Hagumi-chan really does have a feminine side.
Misaki: She did just sprint toward the register though...
Kanon: I was actually thinking... Hagumi-chan might have more of a feminine side than anyone else in Hello, Happy World!
Misaki: Y-you might be right...

They're All So Cute! Card Story - Special Episode

Kano-chan-senpai is Amazing


Hagumi: Ah, welcome! BanG Dreamer-san!
Hagumi: Today we have a great deal on chicken! And our cuts of steak are cheap too~!
Hagumi: Hm? What am I doing? I'm helping out our store, of course!
Hagumi: Thought I would, since I don't have band rehearsal or softball practice!
Hagumi: So, are you here to buy something today?
Hagumi: My recommendation would be the crunchy croquettes!
Hagumi: ... Huh? They're sold out?
Hagumi: Not to worry! We're frying up some new ones as we speak! If you get one now, you'll taste all of the crispy, warm goodness~!
Hagumi: Our croquettes are a big hit after all! Those potatoes are fried one moment, and they're gone the next!
Hagumi: If you're planning to get one, you better get it quick!
Hagumi: Okay, two croquettes, right?
Hagumi: Yay~, thank you~! They'll be done soon. Just give it a second!
Hagumi: Hmhmhmm~♪ ... Oh, I know! While you're waiting for them to fry, I'll tell you a story!
Hagumi: The other day, we brought a lost penguin back home!
Hagumi: Kano-chan-senpai found it in the bullet train area, and with the other members of Hello, Happy World!, we took it to the aquarium~!
Hagumi: Kano-chan-senpai was so awesome! It took her almost no time to figure out that the penguin was from the aquarium!
Hagumi: I was so sure it came to the station using the bullet train though.
Hagumi: Ehehe, imagine how fun that would've have been if that actually happened!
Hagumi: I wish Hello, Happy World! and I could go on a bullet-train adventure~!
Hagumi: We'd all buy our own bentos and share our side dishes! And we'd have long conversations and play cards~!
Hagumi: ... Hm? What was I talking about again?
Hagumi: Ah, that's right. The lost penguin!
Hagumi: It really liked Kano-chan-senpai!
Hagumi: It was a super scared, little penguin, but for some reason, it was drawn to her.
Hagumi: Kano-chan-senpai is awesome! Being able to become friends so quickly like that!
Hagumi: But you know, I totally get why that happened!
Hagumi: I mean, she is really kind after all!
Hagumi: She also gives off a very soft, warm vibe, and being with her makes you feel relaxed~.
Hagumi: I'm sure the little penguin realized that and became close to her!
Hagumi: Oh, Kano-chan-senpai~! That's so nice~! I wish I had a penguin or an animal for a friend!
Hagumi: ... Hm? You think I would get along with animals very easily?
Hagumi: Yeah, there are animals I've made friends with!
Hagumi: But you know, there are also a lot of animals who run away really fast whenever I show my excitement and go toward them.
Hagumi: But I want lots of animal buddies~.
Hagumi: ... Hm? What? I can't get excited and run at them?
Hagumi: ... Wow, I see! So I was startling them!
Hagumi: My dad is always full of energy when he greets people, so I show excitement when I say hi to everyone...
Hagumi: Next time I'll do my best not to scare them so that we can become friends!
Hagumi: I'm sure I can do it! I did become friends with Michelle after all!
Hagumi: ... Wait... But I feel like Michelle said something about being a magic bear before...
Hagumi: Uhhh, maybe I was able to become friends with her because she's magical. Hm~, I don't know~!
Hagumi: ... You think I can definitely make lots of animal friends?
Hagumi: Ehehe, thanks~! Yeah, you're right! I can!
Hagumi: ... Ah, looks like the croquettes are ready!
Hagumi: Okay, here you go! And just for listening to my story, I threw in an extra one for free!
Hagumi: But don't tell my dad, okay?!