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Things I Can't Describe Card Story - Episode

The Same Opinion


Station Entrance
Tomoe: So it looks like we're making this song for Pastel ✽ Palettes, huh?
Tsugumi: Eve-chan was really happy when I contacted her with the news!
Tsugumi: She responded instantly, too. Here, look at this.
Tomoe: "I'm so happy... Being able to play an Afterglow song is a like a dream..."
Tomoe: Looks like we can't cut any corners with these kinds of expectations, huh Ran...?
Ran: ...
Tsugumi: Ran-chan... Is this still bothering you?
Ran: I said I'll do it, so I'll do it properly, but...
Ran: I'm still not sure about it all.
Tsugumi: Not sure about what, exactly?
Ran: ... We talked about us growing by doing this, but growth is a really ambiguous word.
Tomoe: True, when you say growth it can pretty much be used for anything.
Tomoe: Success can be growth. So can failure...
Tsugumi: I know it might feel like that when you put it that way, but... I just...!
Ran: It's okay, Tsugumi. I know what you meant and I wasn't trying to say anything against that...
Ran: I was just wondering about what I would feel if we were able to get an actual sense of growth from all this...
Tomoe: What you'd feel, huh... I guess it's just one of those things you won't know until it happens.
Ran: Yeah.
Ran: ... I wanted to ask you, Tomoe. What made you decide that you wanted to do this?
Ran: It felt like you were against it in the beginning.
Tomoe: Me? The reason why I wanted to do it had nothing to do with growth or anything like that...
Tomoe: I guess I just wanted us to write a song together like we used to.
Ran: ... Huh?
Tomoe: ’Cause you know, we've left all the song writing to you these days, Ran, so I wanted to argue and stuff and write a song like we used to.
Tomoe: You said we could "all put our heads together" for this one, right Tsugu?
Tsugumi: Yeah, that's right.
Tomoe: The moment I heard that I just wanted us to do it together... I felt there was just no point going on and on about it.
Ran: ... Haha. That's totally what I'd expect you to say.
Tomoe: How do I put it? I feel I understand the kind of things you want to express better now, and that I can put my ideas into words better.
Tomoe: What kind of sound you want at what point, or what to do to make that happen. That kind of thing.
Tsugumi: I see. So you wanted to put that to the test, Tomoe-chan?
Tomoe: Yeah, you could say that... I guess?
Tsugumi: That might be an example of growth! The fact you feel like you can tell what Ran-chan is visualizing better now!
Tomoe: ... I see. You might just be right.
Ran: In the end, anything can lead to growth.
Tomoe: Well, we have been doing this for a while now...
Ran: ... Okay, let's at least give this a proper shot.
Tomoe: Yeah!
Ran: So, speaking of which, what did you have in mind for the opening?
Tomoe: Definitely a major, rock kinda approach.
Tomoe: I think it'd be awesome seeing Pastel ✽ Palettes play classic, hard rock while looking how they do.
Tsugumi: I know what you mean! That's totally it! I think a full-on rock approach is best!
Tomoe: What do you think, Ran?
Ran: … You clearly know already.
Tomoe: Ahahaha...
Ran: Okay, then about the chorus...

Things I Can't Describe Card Story - Special Episode

Turning Point


Tomoe: Yo, BanG Dreamer-san. Doing some shopping?
Tomoe: ... Ohh, CiRCLE is busy as always, huh?
Tomoe: ... Me?
Tomoe: I'm on my way to taiko practice.
Tomoe: I like rock beats and all, but I can't get enough of the boom of the taiko either.
Tomoe: Especially recently, I've been playing a lot of hard rock, so I need to get my taiko rhythm back.
Tomoe: Yeah, we've been going hard with the rock stuff these days.
Tomoe: ... Oh, I didn't tell you, did I?
Tomoe: Until just the other day, we spent pretty much all our time working on a song for Pastel ✽ Palettes.
Tomoe: It was pretty tough work, but the song we came up with had a really Afterglow-kind-of hard rock feel to it.
Tomoe: ... Yeah. It's been a while since we bounced opinions off each other and wrote a song like this, so it was great fun.
Tomoe: I guess it reminded me of how it used to be.
Tomoe: We always used to do it like that when we first started the band.
Tomoe: But recently it's mostly been Ran doing it on her own.
Tomoe: That's why it really brought back memories.
Tomoe: We even did this thing we used to do and went up onto the school roof.
Tomoe: ... Yeah, naturally it was our high school roof this time.
Tomoe: ... Oh, yeah. It was the lyrics that gave us the most trouble.
Tomoe: The music itself didn't take much effort at all. Putting all of our ideas together was the hard part.
Tomoe: We just kept on coming up with stuff.
Tomoe: I'd never really been aware of it until now, but I've kinda become able to just tell what kind of things Ran is trying to express in our songs now.
Tomoe: I kinda felt that we've grown somewhere along the way.
Tomoe: Like, it's a song that we wrote for Pastel ✽ Palettes, but I also feel that this song is a turning point for us.
Tomoe: It's like we've been able to get an actual sense of own growth through writing this song.
Tomoe: Ran said it too. We realized there's another kind of sky after the sun sets.
Tomoe: And it's true. We never really paid attention to that until now.
Tomoe: ... Haha, thanks. I have to admit that I was kinda against it in the beginning.
Tomoe: Yeah, I guess in that sense I'm really glad we decided to do this song thing.
Tomoe: I'm really excited about how Pastel ✽ Palettes is going to perform our song now.
Tomoe: I mean, the Pastel ✽ Palettes look with a hard rock song? I think it's gonna have some serious impact.
Tomoe: I hope you're looking forward to it too, BanG Dreamer-san. Hahaha...
Tomoe: That reminds me... We still play the first song we ever wrote, but...
Tomoe: We rearrange it here and there.
Tomoe: It's slightly different to how it was when we first wrote it.
Tomoe: I guess it's kind of like the song is growing as we grow...?
Tomoe: I can't wait to see how it grows.
Tomoe: ... Fufu. true! Guess I've got another thing besides Ako that I can look forward to seeing grow up.
Tomoe: ... Huh? ... Our song might end up being an idol song?
Tomoe: Haha, I really can't imagine that.
Tomoe: I mean, it's a song that contains our spirit.
Tomoe: Pastel ✽ Palettes will play that song and it will slowly change and grow.
Tomoe: I'm really looking forward to seeing what it turns into.