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Things You Can Say to Me Card Story - Episode

Secret Stories


After Practice
CiRCLE - Lobby

Ako: Alright, with this, we're all scheduled for our next studio session. Same as today, we'll use Studio B, and it'll be at our usual tim-
Ako: Ah, Sayo-san! I just finished reserving a room for our next practice!
Sayo: Did you? Thank you.
Sayo: Minato-san and the others are taking quite some time with the cleaning, so I thought I'd go talk to the desk about next time... But it seems you've beaten me to it.
Ako: Ehehe. I just can't wait for our next rehearsal.
Sayo: That's a good attitude to have... The others should be coming soon. Shall we wait for them here?
Ako: Sure!

5 Minutes Later

Sayo: ... They're taking longer than I thought.
Ako: Yeah~... U-uhm, Sayo-san... I was wondering...
Sayo: What is it?
Ako: U-uhm, well... A-ahaha! Never mind, it's nothing! ...Sigh...
Sayo: (Udagawa-san's been like this for a while now. It's fairly obvious why though...)
Ako: ... Ooo... I really need to know...
Sayo: ... Sigh...
Sayo: Udagawa-san. Could it be that you're wondering what Tomoe-san and I were talking about?
Ako: ...! Yes! I-I am.
Ako: I ran into my sister a while ago, but she wouldn't tell me.
Sayo: Then just leave it be. It's not my place to tell you if Tomoe-san herself won't.
Ako: But isn't there something you could do? It's really bothering me... If this keeps up, I might worry myself sick!
Sayo: A-are you serious...?! That's not good... So you're saying you just have to know?
Ako: Yes! I just have to!
Sayo: Even if it was just small talk?
Ako: I don't care! I really, really, really wanna know!
Sayo: ... Then I suppose I have no choice. Alright, but promise me this stays between us.
Ako: ...! I promise!
Sayo: Tomoe-san and I were talking about...
Sayo: I've changed my mind. I really can't tell you.
Ako: What~?! N-no fair~!
Sayo: Life's not fair.
Sayo: (It's so easy to tell when Udagawa-san is frustrated. She's ruled by her emotions, and it shows.)
Sayo: (Something about this feels a little... just a little... refreshing. Perhaps it's because I'm so used to giving in to Hina?)
Sayo: (I can certainly see why Tomoe-san spoils her.)
Ako: Ooo, I'm so curious~. Please, Sayo-san, give me something! Even if it's just a little hint!
Sayo: ... At this rate, you really will make yourself sick... Alright, I'll give you one hint.
Sayo: Although this is more my impressions than what we talked about. I remember thinking... Tomoe-san really cares about you.
Ako: My sister cares about me? ... I see... Ehehe.
Ako: That makes me really happy! But... I still have absolutely no idea what you two were talking about!
Ako: Sayo-san, I'm begging you! Gimme another hint! Just one more! Please~!
Sayo: No. You have to figure out the rest on your own.
Ako: No fair~! I'm just asking for one more hint, that's all~! Sayo-san~!!

Things You Can Say to Me Card Story - Special Episode

How to be a Big Sister


CiRCLE - Lobby

Sayo: Oh... BanG Dreamer-san. Good afternoon. Are you on break?
Sayo: A well-deserved rest. I thought I'd take a quick intermission myself before getting back to my solo practice.
Sayo: I look like I've got something on my mind?
Sayo: Well... It's nothing serious, but I was thinking to myself, yes.
Sayo: Something happened recently that's got me questioning what it means to be the older sibling.
Sayo: Did you hear about what happened to Tomoe-san and Ako-san?
Sayo: ... That's right. Tomoe-san really surprised me with her idea of a big sister.
Sayo: Instead of telling Ako-san how she feels, she'd rather communicate her role through her actions...
Sayo: ... On the other hand, I told Hina exactly how I felt. I even told her I wanted to be her sister.
Sayo: Exactly. The conclusions Tomoe-san and I reached are complete opposites. And yet, that doesn't change the fact that we're both older sisters.
Sayo: The old me always thought an older sibling had to be a certain type of person. Because of that, my relationship with Hina suffered.
Sayo: I lamented my role. I believed my being in this position was a mistake.
Sayo: ... But looking back, I was being too narrow-minded.
Sayo: Seeing Tomoe-san made me realize...
Sayo: Big sisters come in all shapes and sizes, but none of them are wrong...
Sayo: Fufu, it did take me a while to come to understand this.
Sayo: You can learn so much from engaging with other people.
Sayo: Anyway, I must return to practice. I came here as a member of Roselia, after all, not an older sister.