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This, Too, is Fleeting Card Story - Episode

Let's Write a Song


Kaoru: I need your attention, everyone.
Hagumi: What's up, Kaoru-kun?
Kokoro: Did you find something exciting?
Kaoru: Hmm, I suppose it is indeed exciting.
Hagumi: Hey, hurry up and tell us, Kaoru-kun!
Kaoru: I would like us to write a fleeting theme song.
Hagumi: That sounds fun! ... But, what's a theme song?
Kaoru: A theme song is a song designed to represent the essence of something.
Kokoro: That sounds nice! I like it, Kaoru! Let's start writing the song!
Hagumi: I'll do my best to help too! Oh, but aren't Mii-kun and Kano-chan-senpai usually here when Kokoron writes her songs?
Kokoro: That's right, but Kaoru is so excited to do it now, so we can just get Misaki and Kanon to check it later.
Kaoru: True. I would like to show them something that has some degree of form first.
Hagumi: Okay! But how do we make our songs again?
Kokoro: I always hum and draw pictures, and Misaki puts that into words and melodies!
Kokoro: So I guess visualizing the song is important.
Kaoru: If that's the case, I already have a visualization of the lyrics. Right here...
Kokoro: A notebook?
Kaoru: That's right. It's full on notes about fleeting sentiments. I thought it might prove useful someday for writing songs.
Kaoru: One can never know when a fleeting moment will present itself in daily life, after all.
Kokoro: That's amazing, Kaoru! Okay, let's use that to think up some melodies and lyrics.
Hagumi: Yeah, let's do it~!
Kaoru: Thank you, both of you. Your words make me happy.
Kokoro: This is basically a song for you, after all, Kaoru. Now, tell us about your notes!
Hagumi: Yeah! When I think of fleeting, I think of Kaoru-kun!
Kaoru: Well, in this fleeting theme song... I would like to express a multitude of fleeting sentiments.
Kaoru: Why don't we start by going through each of my past fleeting moments and make a melody for them?
Kaoru: In the intro, I'd like to place emphasis on the power of fleetingness and strike a powerful beat. Oh, that itself is fleeting…!
Hagumi: I've got a feeling this is gonna be awesome!
Kaoru: And then the first verse will be quiet, expressing a fleeting sensation through a lonely melody... Ahh, fleeting again...
Kaoru: And then, in the chorus... We will display the intense passion of fleetingness, like a roaring fire... Ahh, how fleeting this is...!
Kokoro: I think this is going to be a really fun song!
Kaoru: Fufu, it makes me happy to hear that. I want to use these notes and create a song that only we can create.
Kokoro: A song that only we can create! That's wonderful!
Hagumi: Nice~! ... Hey, Kaoru-kun. I've always wanted to ask you this, but what does fleeting mean?
Kaoru: ...
Kokoro: Kaoru...?
Kaoru: Fufu... It is but that.

This, Too, is Fleeting Card Story - Special Episode

Invitation to the Show


CiRCLE - Lobby
Kaoru: Fleeting... is the moon in the starlight sky... Just like the shine in your eyes... Ah…
Kaoru: Oh, if it isn't BanG Dreamer-san.
Kaoru: Sorry, you would like me to do my rehearsals in the studio? ... My apologies, I was in my own little world.
Kaoru: Thank you for the reminder. We wouldn't want passersby to be enchanted by my beautiful voice.
Kaoru: You are curious about the song I was just singing? It is a song I am in the middle of writing, based on a motif of fleetingness.
Kaoru: I have a melody and general idea of the lyrics, so now I think I'm ready to get Misaki's help with arranging and completing the song.
Kaoru: Misaki is incredible. She turns Kokoro's hums into songs and helps us arrange them.
Kaoru: Which means, our performances would never happen without the help of Misaki.
Kaoru: However, she always disappears when we go on stage. She's quite the confounding little kitten.
Kaoru: Truth be told, I wish she would listen to the songs we make together.
Kaoru: Oh, you're sure that Misaki is happy we play the songs she makes? Fufu, as am I.
Kaoru: But if that's how she feels, why doesn't she come to see us perform...? It confuses me to no end.
Kaoru: Ah, I know! I shall send Misaki an invitation to our next performance. Do you not think it is a wonderful idea?
Kaoru: It is possible that she was simply too shy to come, after all.
Kaoru: Besides, as the great Shakespeare once said... "Heaven helps those who help themselves." It is but that...
Kaoru: You hope she comes to see us perform? As do I. It would make me so happy.
Kaoru: Thanks to you, I was able to come up with a great idea, BanG Dreamer-san.
Kaoru: If Misaki agrees to come see us, I'll be sure to invite you as well.
Kaoru: That would be the perfect place to display my fleeting song. Fufu, I sense a masterpiece in the making. I do hope you're looking forward to it.