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This Is Destiny! Card Story - Episode

The Perfect Distance


Convenience Store

Moca: Cheers~.
Lisa: ... Nngh~...
Moca: Oh my, Lisa-san didn't seem to notice this time.
Lisa: Ah, sorry. I had something on my mind~... And you know better, Moca. Greet the customers properly.
Moca: I am, deep within my heart~.
Lisa: Jeez, there you go again with that.
Moca: Putting that aside, you've been mumbling to yourself all day. What's up~?
Lisa: Nngh~, well, it's about Rinko~...
Moca: So what's the deal with Rinko-san~?
Lisa: It's kinda about Roselia's new track, as well as the student council... Well, let's just say that she's been through a lot lately and is feeling kind of under the weather.
Moca: Oho, sounds complicated~.
Lisa: And don't get me wrong, I'm worried about her, but... it's also not my place to pry, you know?
Lisa: I'm torn between talking it over or keeping an eye on her from a distance, and I can't make up my mind.
Moca: Ah, yes. It all makes sense now~. A very fitting predicament for you to be in, Lisa-san~.
Lisa: Hey, what do you mean by that?
Moca: It is my way of showering you with praise~.
Moca: I can't see for myself how Rinko-san is holding up, so I have no idea what is truly going on~...
Moca: But if you're worried about her, Lisa-san, then it's safe to assume that's she's not acting the same as always~.
Lisa: I'd say so~. It's like she's lost in thought, or she's in a bit of a bind.
Moca: Then I may have a solution~.
Lisa: Huh?! What is it?! What should I do?
Moca: Lisa-san, you may be concerned for her well-being, but trying to help and then screwing it up would only add to her burden, yes~?
Moca: In that case, you just need to stay by her side~.
Lisa: ...? That's all?
Moca: That's all.
Moca: If Rinko-san has anything to say, then I think she'll say it on her own.
Moca: And even if she doesn't, you can help her unwind by being someone fun to hang out with~.
Lisa: ... Yeah, I think you're onto something!
Lisa: Thanks, Moca. I'll give it a shot!
Moca: Fufufu~. After being childhood friends with a certain someone for over ten years, I know a thing or two about people who hold things back~.
Moca: This has been another brilliant piece of advice brought to you by the all-knowing Moca-chan~.
Lisa: Hahaha, that would explain it. Can't argue with that track record, huh?
Moca: Even as we speak, that very friend's ears are probably ringing~.
Lisa: They just might be...! Fufu, your way of showing you care is kind of nice, Moca.
Lisa: You don't go out of your way, but it's not like you're doing nothing, you know?
Moca: Come now, all that flattery will make me blush~.
Moca: ... Well, on a serious note, worrying too much will make you exhausted~.
Moca: Which is why the all-knowing Moca-chan thought that a middle-of-the-road solution would be what you need~.
Lisa: Fufu. The all-knowing Moca-chan is a very reliable ally.
Moca: Fufufu~. Alas, I cannot deny that.
Lisa: Alright, why don't I invite her to go out shopping on our next day off?
Moca: Sounds good to me~. Taking her to see all the nearby bakeries would definitely put some pep in her step, if you ask me~.
Lisa: That's what you would do! Nah, I'm thinking that we'll check out some clothes and accessories~.
Moca: Nice~. I think that it is an excellent choice~.
Moca: In any case, here's hoping for the best~.
Lisa: Yeah. Thanks, Moca. Fufu, I feel much better after getting that off my chest~.
Lisa: And to show my appreciation for your advice, I'll treat you to something nice. Is bread what you want?
Moca: Leave it to Lisa-san to know me so well~. Yamabuki Bakery's new item comes out next week, so that will suffice~.
Moca: Oh, and don't forget to bring your point card~. The savings are out of this world~.
Lisa: Yeah, yeah. Got it.

This Is Destiny! Card Story - Special Episode

Just Being There


Shopping Mall

Marina: Hmmm, this is tough~. I wonder which is best.
Lisa: Ah! Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Hey there~☆
Marina: Ah, Lisa-chan! Hello.
Lisa: Hm? Are you having some trouble?
Marina: I am! There is an upcoming event being run by a band that often come to CiRCLE.
Marina: Some of our staff has been invited, as well... and the event itself is a little out of the ordinary.
Marina: They asked all of us, performers and attendees alike, to come in red clothing.
Lisa: A red clothing dress code~. What could they have planned? Sounds interesting~♪
Marina: Fufu, I'm looking forward to it too! But... I'm having trouble choosing an outfit.
Lisa: Hmmm, red is a pretty color, but also very assertive. You have to compliment it with items that won't clash too much.
Marina: Right, right. Whatever I get, it would be nice if I could wear it on a regular basis too...
Lisa: Hm~... Ah! How about this shirt dress?
Lisa: This wine red color is fairly subdued, not too flashy, and could fit into a regular wardrobe~.
Marina: It does seem nice, so maybe I'll go with that. Thanks, Lisa-chan!
Lisa: You're very welcome☆ It would be nice if I could be this quick to decide more often.
Lisa: The other day, I found two outfits that I liked but had trouble deciding between them.
Marina: Fufu, I guess even you run into situations like that. Were you able to make a decision?
Lisa: Yep ♪ I managed to get some advice from Rinko~.
Lisa: I asked her which she preferred, and she ended up giving me her detailed opinion!
Lisa: She went as far as to consider how they would match with what I already own, which was a real eye-opener!
Marina: Ohhh...! Mixing and matching is important, so that is some sound advice!
Lisa: Originally, I just wanted to help Rinko unwind, which is why I invited her to go shopping with me, but I had a great time too ♪
Marina: If Rinko-chan needed to unwind, does that mean something was bothering her?
Lisa: Yeah, I guess you could say that. Ah, but she's fine now.
Lisa: I had planned on giving her some advice, but she resolved the issue on her own.
Marina: Fufu, but don't you think that you deserve some of the credit?
Lisa: Huh?
Marina: At times like those, having someone there beside you is one of the best ways to get over something.
Lisa: Ah, that's exactly what Moca said! Fufu, I hope I was able to be there for her.
Lisa: If Rinko ever finds herself in trouble again... it would be nice if I could help her even a little.
Lisa: And of course, I'd love if she were there for me too! Her wardrobe advice was a real lifesaver☆
Marina: Mhm. Being there for each other in times of need is what makes for a wonderful relationship, in my opinion.
Lisa: Totally! Thanks for taking the time to listen, Marina-san. You too, BanG Dreamer-san.
Marina: The pleasure was all ours! Sorry for going on for so long. Anyway, I'm off to buy the dress you picked out for me!
Lisa: Okay, enjoy your event ♪ Later, guys!