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This Is Where I Belong Card Story - Episode

Thank You, Michelle


After the Parade
Hanasakigawa Smile Land Staff Room

Misaki: And~... off you go. Ahhh~, it was so hot in there...
Misaki: I can't believe we had two parades... Although, to be fair, I did get really into it. Can't say I didn't enjoy myself.
Misaki: Aw man, you got so dirty, Michelle. Whoa, look at all this fur sticking out on the right side of your face!
Misaki: I'm gonna have to ask the suits to send you for maintenance. Now, what to do with you until then. It's not like you're gonna fit into a locker...
Misaki: I suppose the only option is to place your head in just the right position so I can tell the others you're sleeping. Just~... like this.
Misaki: Cool, looks good. You were working pretty hard out there, Michelle. Just like the rest of 'em. Nicely done.
Michelle: ...

Black Suit: We have something for you, if you would be so kind as to accept. It is Michelle. Whenever Kokoro-sama should call for Michelle, we will help you change into the costume.

Misaki: ... Man, that seems like ages ago.
Misaki: Still, if I really think about it, we've come a long way together.
Misaki: I wouldn't have imagined in a million years we would be doing this. Not when I first met you. I mean, I didn't even know the part-time job was for playing a mascot and handing out balloons.
Misaki: That leading to meeting Kokoro and the others and forming a band was just the cherry on top. Only a complete weirdo could've foreseen all of this.
Misaki: I just got caught up in the nonsense. That's why I wasn't planning to stay with the band in the first place. In fact, I wanted to quit the moment it was formed.
Misaki: But you know, at some point when we were doing all that band stuff, I started to love Hello, Happy World! And... along the way...
Misaki: I came to resent you.
Misaki: I mean, c'mon. The others can't open their mouths without mentioning good ol' Michelle. They were looking at you for you, not for me. It's only natural I would start to feel insecure.
Misaki: It made me think, "Everyone loves Michelle more than they love the real me, don't they?"
Misaki: I know, I was being stupid.
Michelle: ...
Misaki: Kaoru-san said something that stuck with me.
Misaki: "Every version of me is still me". That includes the me that plays Michelle and the me that doesn't.
Misaki: No matter what, I'm still me... Well, that's what she told me.
Misaki: ... Sigh...
Misaki: That's pretty obvious, huh? Just thinking about it makes me feel so dumb.
Misaki: I wonder what made me think there could only be one real me.
Misaki: Both Michelle and Misaki Okusawa are the real me. That was the most important point, and yet...
Misaki: I didn't even realize something as simple as that, and I took my frustration out on people who didn't deserve it... I'm sorry I hurt you, Michelle.
Misaki: Thanks for always being there for me. And... I hope you'll continue to do so.
Michelle: ...
Misaki: Hello~. Michelle, are you even listening~? ... Nah, I'm just kidding.
Misaki: What am I doing, talking to a costume like this? Welp, it's about time to meet up with the others so we can start cleaning up...
Kokoro: That was amazing, Misaki!!
Misaki: Wahhh!! K-Kokoro?!
Misaki: N-not really. All I can see is an exhausted bear... Wait, forget about that!
Misaki: How long have you been there...?!
Kokoro: How long? Hmm, I think it was from when you said, "You were working pretty hard out there, Michelle." That sounds about right.
Misaki: That's pretty much the whole time! Why didn't you say anything?!
Kokoro: But you were having an important conversation, right? So I decided to wait until you were done.
Kokoro: I didn't hear everything all that well... But I could tell that you really love Hello, Happy World!!
Misaki: Gah! You don't have to repeat it!
Misaki: Anyway, just don't mention this to the others. Knowing that you heard all of that is already extremely embarrassing.
Kokoro: Why? You love Hello, Happy World!, right? Then there's nothing to be ashamed of!
Kokoro: I love you, Michelle, and the rest of the band too!
Misaki: Ugh, come on~... I can't take the embarrassment. Just forget you heard anything, please.

This Is Where I Belong Card Story - Special Episode

What the Band Gave Me



Misaki: Sorry you always have to deal with this. Please, take your time. We don't have any shows for a while anyway.
Black Suit: We truly appreciate your concern. If that is all, we shall take our leave.
Misaki: Really, I'm the one who should be doing all the appreciating. Thanks again for your help.
Misaki: Guess I just gotta wait to get it back now. Ahhh, it's finally done... Wait, is that...?
Misaki: BanG Dreamer-san, is that you? Hey. You're working, I assume?
Misaki: I see. Got a lot on your plate as always, huh?
Misaki: Me? I just finished handing off Michelle to the suits so they can take it for maintenance.
Misaki: The costume kinda took a beating with how much I've been using it lately. The fur was starting to get messy in a bunch of places, like her face.
Misaki: O-oh, no no! Sorry, maybe that was the wrong phrase! It's not bad enough that you need to worry! It's just kinda dirty, that's all!
Misaki: How did it get like that? Uhhh, that's a long story. I'll cut out the little details. So basically...
Misaki: There was an amusement park on the brink of shutting down, and Hello, Happy World! helped bring it back to life.
Misaki: We painted over spots where the old paint was peeling, we drew a mural. We also, uhhh... advertised by handing out flyers.
Misaki: I was wearing Michelle, of course. It was a nightmare with all those kids flocking to her.
Misaki: We had a parade in the end too. That wasn't the plan at first. We were just gonna have a regular concert.
Misaki: Before we realized it, we had so many people joining and helping us out. I think that's why we were able to have such a festive parade, honestly.
Misaki: The customers loved the show and had a great time, and in turn, that made me happy too.
Misaki: Afterward, the president was saying that they would do everything to keep the place alive before they even think about shutting down. We were able to bring back that motivation.
Misaki: Hello, Happy World! really is amazing.
Misaki: Sure, every member is great, but I guess what I mean to say is that the band's ability to get others involved is especially impressive, in my opinion.
Misaki: Even if you think something is absolutely impossible, the group still comes along and says we're doing it... And that makes you wonder whether or not that thing is actually possible.
Misaki: Ahaha, yeah. I figured you would understand.
Misaki: Huh? Ohh... Yeah. I was one of the people who got dragged into the antics.
Misaki: On top of that, I ended up becoming a member. That's on a whole another level than just getting 'involved'.
Misaki: To be honest, I had pretty much no idea what I should be doing in the beginning, and I was unsure about the whole thing... But now, I'm grateful.
Misaki: The other members of Hello, Happy World! have taught me a lot.
Misaki: I think the most important thing I learned this time around is that enjoyment is born when people come together.
Misaki: I always figured it was something you create yourself.
Misaki: But I thought about it some more, and I realized, even if you're by yourself doing something like reading a book, there's still another person who wrote that book...
Misaki: Now, whether the author actually knows what they've done for the reader is a different story, but either way, that doesn't change the fact that we get enjoyment out of that book.
Misaki: Weirdly enough, that describes my situation too.
Misaki: I've always been so desperate to keep up with all the stuff I do when I'm trying to help the others. I never even thought about whether or not I get people to enjoy themselves.
Misaki: But I was told that the members of Hello, Happy World! believe that I do.
Misaki: This is just between us, but... hearing that made me really happy.
Misaki: Everyone else shone so brightly, and it's not like I thought they were better than me or anything like that, but it did make me worry for a long time.
Misaki: Yet, it turns out there is something I have to offer them, despite all that shining they do. Learning that was a relief.
Misaki: Still, I've got a long way to go. I hope I can become the type of person who can bring enjoyment to even more people.
Misaki: I know I'm not Kokoro, but... I guess the goal is to make the world smile.
Misaki: Really? You're gonna be cheering me on? This is kinda embarrassing... But thank you.
Misaki: I'll be relying on that support. Don't let me down.