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This Warmth in My Heart Event Story - Opening
Those Close to the Top

Despite getting an invitation from a music agency, Yukina's response is not what they want to hear...



Yukina: ... I'm sorry. We cannot accept your offer.
Music Agent: B-but why...? Our agency will be able to help Roselia succeed as a pro-
Yukina: That's not it. We're not refusing because of any issues with your agency.
Yukina: It's just... We haven't decided what we'd like to do going forward. No, it would be more accurate to say we've been unable to decide...
Music Agent: I see... I understand. Thank you very much for your time. If you'll excuse me.
Lisa: ... Yukina~! Thanks for taking care of that!
Ako: I was a bit worried when the time came for you to give your answer...
Yukina: Why? We talked about this beforehand, so you knew I wouldn't accept, didn't you?
Ako: I know, but still~...
Rinko: We've been receiving... so many offers... lately...
Sayo: Yes, this has been our second one this week alone... Many agencies have been scouting us ever since Future World Fes.
Ako: Do you think it's because of how good we did?
Sayo: Most likely. It felt like our best performance yet, and it seems we were not the only ones who thought so.
Ako: Yay~! That means we're as cool as a professional band, right?
Lisa: Well, one thing's for sure; people think we are~☆
Lisa: I feel kinda bad for saying no all the time, though.
Yukina: ... We need to walk the path that will take us higher, and I'm not sure becoming professionals is that path.
Yukina: We took a giant step forward at the fes, but that's why we must choose our next step carefully.
Rinko: Yes... There is no need... to rush... But this does... make me wonder...
Rinko: What does it mean... to be a professional...?
Lisa: Uhh~... That'd be someone that belongs to an agency and does lots of shows at big venues and stuff...?
Ako: Hmm... Maybe they're someone that's always thinking about music?
Ako: Like, "I don't have time to sleep, I'm gonna practice all night~!" ... Or something like that!
Sayo: ...? Isn't that normal?
Yukina: Yes... Dedicating everything to climbing ever higher is perfectly normal.
Lisa: Well, they're called professionals, so I'm sure they practice a lot more than us.
Rinko: There's a reason... they're closer... to the top...
Ako: Oh~. Guess that makes sense 'cause pros give amazing performances.
Ako: I've been checking videos online, and I found tons of cool pros!
Ako: Like this person!
Rinko: Is this a concert... from Future World Fes...?
Sayo: It looks like one of the musicians who was invited to the fes, not someone like us who had to compete to participate.
Sayo: I believe she is Mira-san...
Yukina: She signed up under her own name... It looks like she's a solo musician.
Lisa: Huh~... Hm? I think I know this song. I've heard it playing at work!
Rinko: I think she performs... all over the country...
Lisa: Ah, so she's the real deal, huh?
Ako: Yeah! I've even seen her on TV! The way she plays the guitar and sings is so cool~!
Sayo: I can see that... Her performance is incredible.
Sayo: There is something that draws you in... Some kind of intensity... That is what I feel from her performance.
Yukina: Yes. It feels like the intensity we felt at the fes...
Lisa: Intensity, huh...? Y'know, that feeling really was something special.
Rinko: Yes... It helped us take our performance... to the next level... I had never felt... something like that... before...
Sayo: That intensity we felt on that stage showed us a glimpse of the way to the top.
Sayo: I am certain it is something we saw only because of our unflinching dedication to music.
Ako: I think so too! I just know it's something we shouldn't ever forget!
Yukina: ... I also believe that intensity will lead us to greater heights...
Yukina: If professional musicians are truly closer to the top than us...
Yukina: Then she... no, not just her, but all professionals... might know what that intensity is.
Lisa: ... Well, as Rinko said, it's not like we need to rush or anything. Let's take our time looking for the path that's right for us!
Lisa: And before we can do that, we still have today's practice to work on!
Rinko: You're right... We need to practice... so that... that intensity... becomes ours...
Ako: Yeah! The flames of hell... shall be mine!
Yukina: ...
Sayo: Minato-san? It is almost time. Let's go to the studio.
Yukina: ... You're right, we should get going.
Yukina: (The world of professionals... The place where my father used to belong.)
Yukina: (I never thought about it... No, I tried not to think about it.)
Yukina: (But I'm not like I used to be. I'm singing for my own sake now.)
Yukina: (Maybe now... Maybe now that I've started walking on my own two feet as Yukina Minato, I can face it...)

This Warmth in My Heart Event Story - Chapter 1
A Connecting Step

After practice, a professional musician casually approaches Roselia. What could she want...?


A Few Hours Later

CiRCLE - Lobby

Ako: Ugh~... I'm so tired~...
Lisa: Ahaha... We did go over a lot of songs~.
Sayo: Many of which we have not played in some time. I would say today's practice has been very fruitful.
Yukina: Yes. I'd like to review our set list for future events.
Rinko: Okay... I'll book us a slot at the studio fo-
???: Hey, are you guys Roselia?
Sayo: ...? Yes, we are...
???: Finally~! I've been looking for you guys!
Sayo: Pardon me... But who are you?
Lisa: Hmm~...? Wait a sec... You look familiar...
Ako: Ahhh!
Rinko: Wh-what is it, Ako-chan...?
Ako: Mira-san! It's Mira-san, the person in the video I showed you guys! The professional singer!
All: ...!?
Mira: Oh, looks like you know me~. Hi. I'm the singer Mira.
Ako: Wow! It's Mira-san! The real one~!
Mira: Yep, the one and only~.
Lisa: U-umm~... Is it okay to call you Mira-san? So, what do you mean you've been looking for us...?
Mira: Oh yeah! I want you guys to be in my next show!
All: Huh?! ...?!
Ako: B-but Mira-san, we're not pros like you!
Mira: I know. I found out about you guys at the Future World Fes.
Mira: I couldn't believe you guys were an amateur band. Your performance was incredible. That's why I want you to do a show with me.
Sayo: Excuse me... By be in your show, do you mean be the opening act?
Mira: Nuh-uh, I want us to do a joint concert!
Lisa: A joint concert... You mean we'd be equals...?! Is something like that really possible?!
Mira: It's totally possible~! There's nothing that says professional musicians can't do a joint concert with amateurs!
Mira: Labels like that don't mean a thing! What matters is that you guys play good music!
Lisa: B-but~... Yukina, what do you think?
Yukina: ...
Lisa: Yukina?
Yukina: (A joint concert with a professional... A musician capable of creating that intensity...!)
Yukina: (I didn't think we'd get the chance to learn about it so soon...)


Ako: This is unbelievable...
Rinko: A joint concert... with Mira-san... a professional musician...
Lisa: Hmm... I can't imagine us actually doing something like that with her. I mean, I know she thinks we're good, but still...
Sayo: She did give us her business card and tell us we could get in touch if we were interested... What do you think we should do?
Yukina: Let's see... I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts.
Sayo: Working with a professional may help us learn about the intensity we discussed earlier... If we can learn something that will help us go higher, it will be very worthwhile.
Lisa: ... That's true. When you put it that way, I guess I'm interested.
Lisa: It'd be kinda cool if we could make that intensity our own, y'know?
Rinko: Y-yes... I'd like to try... too.
Rinko: Because it's important... to take the first step... so that we can... choose our own path...
Ako: I-I think so too...! I'm a bit scared, but I'm sure we'll be okay as long as we're together!
Ako: I'll keep Roselia safe!
Yukina: ... Thank you. I agree with all of you.
Yukina: The intensity we experienced at the fes will help us figure out what we need to go higher.
Yukina: Identifying that intensity and how we can make it our own...
Yukina: Just learning that will surely help us in many ways, including choosing our path.
Yukina: ... Alright. Let's do this joint concert.

This Warmth in My Heart Event Story - Chapter 2
A Pro's Pace

Roselia meets Mira at the studio and finds two familiar faces...


A Few Days Later

Studio - Large Room

Yukina: Hello, we are Roselia.
Mira: Hi there! I've been waiting for you guys~! Come in, come in!
Ako: Wow, this place is so huge! And look at all the people... Oh, they must be the backup band!
Sayo: ... Excuse me, it was my understanding that we would simply be introducing ourselves... Why are we meeting at a studio?
Sayo: Everyone also appears to be practicing already.
Lisa: ... Hm? Hey, that person on the bass is...!
LAYER: Hello, everyone.
Lisa: I knew it! Hi, LAYER! What're you doing here? Is RAS gonna be in the show too?
LAYER: No, I'm just here as a temporary member. I've been occasionally helping out since before joining RAS.
Rinko: I see... I suppose... you've always been active... in the professional music scene...
Ako: Oh yeah! That's so cool, LAYER!
LAYER: I-it is? I don't know about that, but thank you.
Mira: Oh, you guys know each other?
Ako: Yeah! We performed together at the Budokan!
Lisa: We even went to a hot psring inn together~. That feels like ages ago.
LAYER: Yes. I'll bring CHU² and PAREO next time.
Mira: Fufu. You look happy, LAYER-chan.
LAYER: Huh? I do...?
Mira: Mmhmm, you look the same way you do when you're talking about RAS. It must be nice to be with friends your age~.
LAYER: ...! A-anyway, Mira-san, don't you think you should explain to them?
LAYER: You still haven't said why you asked them to come to the studio.
Yukina: ... Yes, we would appreciate that.
Mira: Oopsie. Looks like I was the one getting a bit carried away~... First, I'd like to thank you guys for accepting.
Mira: I'm looking forward to working with your ban to make this a great concert.
Yukina: Thank you. We feel the same way.
Mira: As for why I asked you to come here... It's 'cause I want you to hear one of my songs!
Rinko: Hear... your song...?
Sayo: You want us... to do that?
Mira: Yeah! It's a new song that I'm gonna be unveiling at the show! I wanna hear your honest thoughts!
Mira: I'll get ready real quick, so could you gimme a second~?
LAYER: I'm sorry. She wouldn't listen...
Yukina: ...
Lisa: H-hey... She's... doing this because she's thinking about music all the time as a pro... right...?
Ako: I-I think so... But do you really think it's okay for us to give her feedback?
Rinko: Maybe she's that obsessed... with the quality... of her performance...
Sayo: ... In any case, it does not look like things will go anywhere until we listen.
Mira: Sorry for the wait! All right... Let's do this!
All: ...
Mira: ... So, yeah. That's the song. What did you guys think?
Lisa: Umm, well~... I-it was really nice! The way you played the guitar and sang was really good...
Yukina: But that's all there was to it.
Lisa: Y-Yukina?!
Yukina: ...? Mira-san asked for our honest opinion.
Lisa: Yeah, but... Y'know~.
Yukina: The intensity I felt when I saw the video of your performance at the fes was missing.
Yukina: That's how I feel.
Ako: Y-Yukina-san, you're not supposed to sya that! I've been trying so hard not to say the same thi- Uhh...
Mira: Ahahahaha! It's totally fine, don't worry about it!
Rinko: Y-you're not... mad...?
Mira: Why would I be? I mean, she's right.
Sayo: ... You had us listen even though you knew?
Mira: Mmhmm. You're right. This song's still far from good. It's not done yet.
Mira: It just doesn't click, but I've tweaked it so many times that I can't tell what's missing anymore.
LAYER: That's why she had all of you listen to it.
Lisa: Oh, I see...
Mira: Yeah. Thanks for telling me what you think. Intensity, huh~? Hmm...
Ako: ... I didn't know a pro could hit a wall.
Rinko: Yes... It's a little... unexpected...
Sayo: However, this will be a good opportunity to witness how a professional handles performance setbacks...
Mira: Hmm~... All right!
Mira: Time for a break~!
Lisa: Huh...?!
Yukina: ...

This Warmth in My Heart Event Story - Chapter 3
Approach to Music

Setting aside her unfinished song, Mira calls for a break.
However, all she talks about is unrelated things...


Studio - Large Room

Ako: Huh? You also like Snappy-chan, Mira-san?! I love her too!
Rinko: Fufu... You talk about that manga a lot, Ako-chan...
Mira: Yeah~, it's a masterpiece. It deserves to sell better, if you ask me.
LAYER: Masuki also recommended it to me. Is it actually good...?
Rinko: It's hard to believe... based on what I've heard...
Mira: That's what everyone says at first! You'll know what I mean if you read it! You guys have gotta read it~!
Sayo: ... I cannot believe she really is taking a break.
Lisa: Yeah~... I wonder what she's gonna do about her new song...
Yukina: ... I don't understand. How can she be like this and still give such an amazing live performance...?
Yukina: If it were us in her place, we would take this problem more seriously...
Sayo: We would... But her methods appear to be considerably different from ours.
Lisa: ... Hey, LAYER. Do you mind if I ask you something?
LAYER: ...? Yes?
Lisa: Is Mira-san, um, always like this when it comes to practice?
Lisa: Everything she's been talking about has been unrelated to music. I'm just wondering if she's gonna ignore her new song...
LAYER: Ah... Fufu, I'm not surprised it looks that way.
Sayo: What do you mean...?
LAYER: You see, it's actually the reverse.
Lisa: The reverse...? Are you saying she's thinking about her new song? It honestly doesn't seem like it at all, though...
Mira: Ooo, you talkin' about me?
Lisa: Ahh! Well, umm...
Yukina: We've been wondering why you haven't been working to solve the problems with your new song.
Lisa: Yukina~!
Yukina: Both you and Sayo said as much. I honestly don't understand how you're able to give such an amazing live performance when you act like this.
Mira: ... Fufu, ahahaha! Yeah, you're totally right, Minato-san!
Ako: Ah...! I-it's not that, Mira-san! Yukina-san is, um, not very good with words, and...!
Mira: It's totally fine. I don't blame her for wondering!
Mira: But that's how you see me, huh...? You said you really liked my show... Is it 'cause you guys are fans of mine?
Rinko: Umm... Before your proposal... we saw a video... of you performing live, Mira-san...
Rinko: You were so amazing... I even tried playing your song at home...
Mira: Really? You're making me blush~! Which song did you play by the way?
Rinko: Huh? Umm... The first song you played... at Future World Fes...
Mira: Oh, that one! It's a great song, isn't it? It's one of my favorites too!
Rinko: Yes... There's so much passion... in the piano part... I enjoyed playing it...
Mira: Right~? ... Oh yeah! Why don't we do a session and play that song?
Rinko: Huh...? A session...? Now...?
Mira: Mmhmm! You can use my backup band's equipment!
Ako: Wow, I can't believe this! I can't wait to hear you guys do a session!
Ako: I bet you're gonna be so cool, Rin-rin!
Rinko: W-well... I'd like to, ubt... umm...
Yukina: ...
LAYER: ... Minato-san, could you let them play together? I promise it won't be a waste of time.
LAYER: I think it'll help you understand Mira-san's concert.
Yukina: ... Sigh. I never say I wouldn't.
Yukina: And I don't have the right to stop Rinko if she wants to do it.
Rinko: ...! Okay, I'll do it then... Thank you very much...!
Mira: Looks like that's been settled! Let's set things up!
Lisa: Ahaha... It feels like there's no reason for us to be here.
Sayo: Indeed... However, it is also true that that song resonated with us. As LAYER-san has said, we may finally be able to learn something about it.
Yukina: Yes... I hope so.
Mira: Shirokane-san, you ready to go?
Rinko: Y-yes... I'll do my best...!
LAYER: It's just the guitar and vocal parts at first, right? I'm ready whenever you are, Mira-san.
Mira: All right! Let's do this...
Rinko: ...!
All: ...?!
Rinko: (What is this...? I'm being drawn in...!)
Rinko: (And Mira-san's music... This feeling... It feels so familiar...)

This Warmth in My Heart Event Story - Chapter 4
The Scene I see

Yukina remembers a certain scene when listening to Mira and Rinko play...


Studio - Large Room

Ako: That was so amazing! You guys were super cool!
Ako: It was like... the powers of eternal darkness were unleashed with a boom and a bang!
Mira: Yeah~! I thought that was pretty good too!
LAYER: You did great, Shirokane-san. And thank you for humoring Mira-san.
Rinko: ...
LAYER: Shirokane-san?
Rinko: ... Ah, I'm sorry... I spaced out... for a moment...
Lisa: ... Hey, Yukina, Sayo. That session...
Yukina: Yes... It was nothing like the new song.
Sayo: Indeed. The intensity I felt when we watched the video was present in that performance...
Yukina: (... But that wasn't all. As I listened to her perform, there was an image in my mind...)
Yukina: (But why...?)
LAYER: Mira-san, isn't it almost time?
Mira: Huh? ... Ah! You're right! We need to pack up in a hurry!
Ako: Aw~, are you leaving?!
Mira: Yeah... I need to go to my next job. I was having so much fun that I totally forgot~.
LAYER: We'll take care of things here, so go on ahead.
Mira: LAYER-chan, you're a saint~! Thanks so much~!
Rinko: U-umm... Thank you very much... for letting me do a session with all of you...
Mira: No problem. Thanks for playing with me! You even gave me so many ideas for the song~!
Rinko: I did...?
Mira: Yeah! Thanks for coming today, guys! I canm't wait for the day of our show! See ya!
Yukina: ... Pardon me, Mira-san. There's something I would like to ask...
Mira: Sorry, Minato-san! It'll really have to wait! Just message me or something!
Lisa: ... And she's gone.
Yukina: ... Yes.

Sayo: ... That was very hectic.
Lisa: Totally~. I didn't expect things to be that way at all. What a surprise.
Ako: But I like Mira-san~! She's so nice and easy to talk to!
Ako: And she was so cool when she performed!
Yukina: ... She was. That's why I want to know how she can create such music.
Yukina: Especially with an approach that was so different from ours...
Rinko: ... Um, about that... I think... we might not be... that different...
Yukina: ...? What do you mean?
Rinko: You see... when I played with Mira-san... and our music came together... I felt something familiar...
Sayo: Familiar...?
Rinko: Yes... Her music carried with it... a feeling...
Rinko: It was a feeling... that I think I know... very well...
Rinko: I still don't know why... but it brought back a lot of memories... as I played...
Rinko: Memories of our time onstage at Future World Fes... and memories of the very first time we played together... as Roselia...
Yukina: ...!
Rinko: It must be because... those same emotions... were present in Mira-san's music...
Lisa: So you're saying our music's got the same feelings as Mira-san, huh? You said something similar about the intensity we felt at the fes too, didn't you?
Ako: Mmhmm! She said Mira-san's music has the same intensity!
Lisa: The same intensity and the same feelings... Do you think those two are related?
Sayo: ... They might be. The sintensity we felt as the fes was not something we created deliberately.
Sayo: If we were to assume something vaused that sensation... It might be the feelings we put into the music we played on that stage.
Yukina: ... Our feelings on that stage...
Yukina: ... As I listened to that session, there was an image that came to mind.
Yukina: It was... a memory of me, Lisa, and my father performing music.
Lisa: Ah...
Yukina: Until Rinko described her experience, I didn't know why that image came to me.
Yukina: But when I take that image and connect it to what I felt after the fes, I think I understand a little more...
Yukina: The feeling that was with me as I sang on that stage was...

This Warmth in My Heart Event Story - Chapter 5
Simple and Pure

Roselia looks back on their time at Future World Fes. What did they all feel that day...?




Young Yukina: What song do you want to sing next?
Young Lisa: Umm, a long song!
Young Yukina: Are you sure?
Young Lisa: Yeah! That way I'll be able to hear you sing more!
Young Yukina: Okay! Then I'll sing a whole bunch!
Yukina's Dad: Haha, you two sure have a lot of energy.
Young Yukina: That's because I love singing, and I get to do a lot of it! I'm so happy.
Young Lisa: And I love Yukina-chan's singing! It just makes me smile!
Yukina's Dad: ... Yes, being able to do something you enjoy is a wonderful thing.
Young Yukina: Yeah, it really is!
Young Yukina: Did you know happiness feels warm?
Young Lisa: It does? Wow!
Young Yukina: Yeah. And when I feel warm, I can sing even better!
Young Yukina: Do you think I can sing like you, Daddy?
Yukina's Dad: Of course. Do you remember what I said? You can go as far as you want as long as you love music and singing.
Young Yukina: Oh, yeah. I remember.
Young Yukina: ... I love music so much!
Present Day


Lisa: ... Ahaha, now that brings back emmories~!
Lisa: But you're right... That was why you were able to smile like you used at the fes, wasn't it?
Yukina: ... What about you, Lisa? No... What about the rest of you? I want to hear what all of you felt that day.
Lisa: Me? Hmm, what I felt on stage, huh~? I remember thinking the moment was both over in a flash and lasted forever.
Lisa: Probably because I had a lot of fun... I wanted to continue sharing that same view with you guys...
Lisa: I might've also wanted to remember every last second up there.
Ako: Yeah! I had fun too~! I think I was smiling the whole time!
Ako: It felt like the whole audience responded to my drumming and was only thinking of us!
Ako: I wanted to shout, "These are the people I love! This is Roselia!"
Rinko: Fufu... I think I understand... what you mean...
Rinko: My time on that stage was precious to me... because I love Roselia's music...
Rinko: I didn't want to betray something I caied for deeply... That's why I gave every note I played my full attention...
Sayo: ... The intensity I felt was mixed with an rven stronger sense of pride than usual.
Sayo: But that pride was only possible because of all of my experiences and this band.
Sayo: I was so glad I decided to play the guitar with Roselia.
Yukina: ... Fufu.
Lisa: Hm? What was that for?
Yukina: It's just that all of you have been basically saying the same thing.
Sayo: ... We would not have been able to stand with you on that stage otherwise.
Rinko: Roselia is Roselia... because of all five of us.
Ako: Yeah! You said the same thing too, Yukina-san!
Yukina: I didn't say it was a bad thing.
Ako: Yeah, but still~!
Lisa: Ahaha!... Looks like we've figured it out, huh?
Sayo: Yes... Since we all feel the same way, this must be the answer.
Rinko: It's so simple... but also so easy to forget...
Ako: I've never forgotten! And I won't ever forget either!
Yukina: I... had drifted away from this feeling until we performed at the fes.
Yukina: But being on that stage with all of you helped me remember once again...
Yukina: This pure and simple feeling shared by everyone who loves music...
Yukina: It will surely show us the way to go even higher.
All: ...!
Yukina: ... Anyway, we don't have much time until the concert. Our music is at the professional level...
Yukina: So together with this precious intensity, we will leave our mark.

This Warmth in My Heart Event Story - Ending
Course to the Future

The day of the show. Yukina asks Mira about her approach to music.


The Day of the Show

Live House - Stage

Yukina: Could we get a louder kick?
Staff: Got it... How's this~?
Yukina: ... That's better. Thank you very much.
Mira: Minato-san~! Hiya! How're the rehearsals coming along? Everything going well?
Yukina: Yes, no issues here... Excuse me. Do you have a moment?
Yukina: I want to, um... aologize for my rudeness the other day during our meeting.
Yukina: You were just so different from the image I had of a professional musician that I was a little... dismayed.
Mira: Why are you apologizing for that, Minato-san~? It didn't bother me at all.
Mira: Like I said, the only thing on my mind has been how much I've been looking forward to today's show.
Yukina: ... I now know that's your way of doing things.
Yukina: It's different from the way we've pursued music.
Yukina: But if you don't mind, could you tell me why you chose that approach?
Mira: ... Hmm~... Minato-san. Are you good at running marathons?
Yukina: ... Not really.
Mira: Ahaha, guess you're more of a sprinter. You see, it's kinda like running a marathon.
Mira: You have to keep singing, even though you have no idea where the finish line is or when you'll get there.
Yukina: That sounds... exhausting.
Mira: Yes, it is. That's why I decided to stop trying too hard. Oh, that doesn't mean I'm slacking off or anything.
Mira: I only sing when I want to so that my feelings can always remain pure.
Yukina: ... I was right then.
Mira: Hm?
Yukina: You placed your full trust in us because you saw a certain feeling in our performance at the fes...
Yukina: And that feeling also resides within you, forming the core of your music...
Yukina: Like us, you're also in love with music, aren't you?
A Few Hours Later

Live House - Dressing Room

Lisa: Whoa~! I've never seen so many people!
Sayo: This must be the kind of audience a professional musician can attract.
Rinko: B-but... I'm sure... some of them are... our fans...
Ako: Yeah! And even if they don't know us, I'm sure we'll make them like us!
Yukina: ... Yes. We know our strong points the best.
Yukina: All right... Let's go.
Live House - Stage

Yukina: ... We are Roselia. This will be our first song... "Song I am."
Yukina: (I knew it... This is the same as that time. I can feel my senses becoming sharper, and my mind becoming clearer.)
Yukina: (All my other emotions are being swept away by my love for music.)
Yukina: (... No, that might not be entirely accurate. The reason I can feel this way is because of the other four and their music.)
Yukina: (That's why what I should say is...)
Yukina: (When it comes to Roselia's music, more strongly than anyone, I...)
Mira: Evening, guys~! I wanna hear you all cheer~!
Mira: ... All right, you guys pass! I'm gonna kick things off with this new song of mine~!
Ako: ...! Hey, isn't this song...?
Rinko: Yes... It's the incomplete song she performed at the studio...!
Lisa: B-but it sounds way better than it did! It's totally giving me goosebumps!
Sayo: ... Mira-san must have figured something out by playing with Shirokane-san.
Lisa: Whoa~... So that is what a pro can do. I shouldn't feel this way, but I'm kinda jealous.
Yukina: ...
Rinko: Yukina-san...?
Yukina: ... She's amazing.
Rinko: Fufu... Yes, she is... Her music has an intensity... that can swallow you up.
Rinko: She looks like she's having... so much fun...
Yukina: Yeah, she does.
Rinko: ... I... think I can understand the source of the intensity... in our music...
Rinko: It's our music... being infused... with our pride as a band...
Yukina: ...! Yes... I think you're right.
Yukina: Our love of our music is what gives us our pride... and that's what will take us higher.
Rinko: It looks like we're gradually starting to see... where we should head...
Yukina: Yes. With each path we learn about, our own will become clearer.
Rinko: Yes... Let's proceed carefully... but confidently...
Yukina: Indeed. By doing so, I'm sure we'll arrive at our destination eventually.
Yukina: A shining future where we'll be able to continue to play the music we love...

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