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This Way and that Way Card Story - Episode

Teru Teru Michelle


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Class 1C

Kasumi: Teru teru dolly~♪ Let me see the sun tomorrow~♪
Misaki: I go with the flow, and this is what happens... It's been so long since I've made one of these, though... I probably haven't done this since elementary school.
Kasumi: Really? I made one just last month!
Kasumi: I had plans to hang out with everyone in Poppin'Party, so I really wanted it to be nice and sunny!
Misaki: Ahaha... That sounds like something you'd do, Toyama-san.
Kokoro: Hey, Misaki. Who's this 'teru teru dolly' we're singing about? She should come and play with us!
Misaki: It's just a doll, not a person... Teru teru bozu dolls are like... these little figurines you make when you want the weather to be nice and clear.
Kokoro: I see! In that case, let's make them together, Kasumi!
Kasumi: Yeah! If we want it to be sunny, we need to make lots and lots!

Misaki: ... U-uhm, guys? I know you really want the weather to be nice, but this is too many, don't you think? We've practically made a mountain of these things...
Kasumi: There's no such thing as too many. Hmm, what to do next...? Should we draw on the faces?
Kokoro: I draw the face on this round part, right?! Teru teru bozu dolls are so much fun!
Kasumi: Let's see... Smiley faces are perfect for teru teru dolls, so I'll do that!
Kokoro: You're going to do a smiley face? Do they always have the same face?
Misaki: There's nothing saying you have to do it that way. You can draw whatever you want, I'm pretty sure.
Kokoro: I thought so! Then I'm going to draw Michelle's face!
Kasumi: Ah! Great idea! Maybe I'll do that too!
Kokoro: Would you like to try too, Misaki? I'll even show you how to draw her.
Misaki: (Yeah, right. I have to be more of a Michelle expert than she is...)
Misaki: (... Although, to be fair, I'm always inside the suit, so even I'm a little fuzzy on the details...)
Kokoro: There! That's one down!
Misaki: That fast?! Th-there's no way you could've finished just like that. What's it look like? Let me see.
Kokoro: No problem! Look, guys! Here's my Michelle doll!
Misaki: Okay, hang on... Huh?!
Misaki: (Th-this looks nothing like her... She drew her with fangs and a pig nose...)
Misaki: (No way, this is completely different...)
Misaki: H-hey... Kokoro. Has Michelle always had fangs...?
Kokoro: Pretty sure she has! She is a bear, and all bears have fangs, silly!
Misaki: Uhh, yeah, she's a bear, but... Well, she's a really nice bear. So she doesn't have fangs.
Kokoro: Now that you mention it, you're right! I think the nose is perfect, though!
Misaki: Hold on... Didn't you just say Michelle is a bear? That looks a lot like a pig nose to me.
Kokoro: Ah! Okay then, Misaki, you do it! I wanna see what kind of Michelle you can draw!
Kasumi: That's a great idea! Misaki-chan should be amazing at drawing Michelle!
Misaki: I don't know about that, but I can probably draw her better than Kokoro...
Misaki: Just give me a second... Let's see... I'm pretty sure the eyes go like this... And I think the nose is something like this... Finally, the mouth...

Misaki: ... There. Finished. I think I've got it right...
Kokoro: Wow! Misaki, this is terrific! It's like Michelle in the flesh! It might start moving any minute now!
Misaki: Y-you're going a little overboard there...
Kasumi: Wow, you're right, Kokoro! I'll have to copy this doll when I make my own!
Misaki: Seriously, Kokoro... Would it kill you to pay closer attention to Michelle?

This Way and that Way Card Story - Special Episode

An Unexpected Aspect



Misaki: Ah, good afternoon. Are you on break, BanG Dreamer-san?
Misaki: Same. Rehearsal reached a good spot to take a breather, so I thought I'd get some fresh air.
Misaki: Our practices are always so chaotic, so finding a nice quiet spot like this is really relaxing.
Misaki: Speaking of chaotic, Kokoro, Toyama-san, Udagawa-san and I went to a festival together the other day.
Misaki: I'm sure you can already imagine what it's like to have Toyama-san and Kokoro together... Things got pretty wild.
Misaki: I figured having Udagawa-san there would make it a little bit more manageable at first, but...
Misaki: Ah. Hey, what kind of image do you have of Udagawa-san?
Misaki: ... Yeah, that's what I thought too. I've always seen her as this tough, mature person...
Misaki: However, that couldn't be farther from the truth...
Misaki: You see, it was raining on the day of the festival. I tried to tell them that the weather report said things would clear up...
Misaki: But those three thought their chanting and taiko drumming was what made the rain stop. And they were being serious...
Misaki: Something tells me... she's more like Kokoro and Toyama-san than she lets on...
Misaki: Still~... I always thought she seemed kind of standoffish... But now that I've seen that other side of her, my impression of her has really changed.
Misaki: I suppose you could call it a sense of familiarity...? She reminds me a lot of my bandmates.
Misaki: Those three really seemed to hit it off. After the festival, they were talking about doing more taiko practices together...
Misaki: Y-yeah, that's true... It sounds like it'll be quite the show. You can't help but be a little curious.
Misaki: It's like watching a train wreck, you just can't look away. Almost makes me wanna join them... Ah, wh-what am I saying? What a terrible idea...
Misaki: But I'll be honest, I remember thinking how interesting it was to see such an unexpected side of people I thought I knew.
Misaki: I'm sure other people are like that. Everyone's got their secrets. Maybe even you, BanG Dreamer-san...
Misaki: It's certainly an amusing idea, something I might never get tired of... But the thought of so many secrets is also just as exhausting.