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This game is a song covered by Roselia.

It was originally sung by Suzuki Konomi and used as the opening song for the anime No Game No Life.

The full version of the song is included in the album BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Cover Collection Vol.3, which was released on December 18, 2019.

Game Info

Server availability Jp.svgKr.svgTw.svgEn.svgCn.svgNintendo Switch Version
Bpm.png Beats per minute 147 BPM
Easy.png Easy Song Level 11 216 notes
Normal.png Normal Song Level 15 370 notes
Hard.png Hard Song Level 21 634 notes
Expert.png Expert Song Level 27 907 notes
Special.png Special Song Level 26 826 notes



# Songs Duration Audio
08 This game 04:43
00 This game (Game version) 02:02


Live Performances

  • August 3-4, 2019: Flamme & Wasser
  • August 30, 2019: Anisama 2019 -STORY- Day 1 (with Konomi Suzuki)[2]