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Those Who Know the Way Card Story - Episode

Ninja Skill - Pierce Through



Hagumi: ...
Eve: Uhm... I thought I saw her a minute ago...
Eve: But where did Hagumi-san go...?
Hagumi: Eve-chin! What are you doing here?
Eve: H-Hagumi-san...?! How did you get behind me...?!
Hagumi: ...? What do you mean? I just got here.
Eve: I just saw you ahead of me, though. I even tried to catch up to you so I could say hello.
Eve: But when I took my eyes off of you, suddenly you were gone.
Eve: And then you appeared behind me! You really surprised me!
Hagumi: So that's what happened! Hmm~, I was just running around like normal though...
Eve: So you're able to disappear just by running... Ah! Does that mean you're a ninja?!
Eve: To think you could sneak up on me from behind like that... That's amazing, Hagumi-san!
Hagumi: Wow, a ninja, huh?! That sounds cool! Zoom!!
Eve: Yes! Disappearing in thin air, approaching your enemy through their blind spots, and then taking them down with a single strike... You were just like a ninja!
Hagumi: But I'm not a ninja, so I don't know how to do all of that.
Eve: Then why did I lose sight of you like that...?
Hagumi: Hmm... Ah! Maybe it's because I entered a side road.
Eve: A side road?
Hagumi: Yup! There are tons of tiny streets downtown! I use them all the time~!
Hagumi: I saw a cat in one of them just now, so I went over there to play with it!
Eve: I see! That must have been when I lost sight of you!
Hagumi: Yup, that's gotta be it!
Eve: Are there really a lot of small roads like that?
Hagumi: Yeah! Tons and tons!
Hagumi: I can barely fit in some of them, but they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes!
Eve: That sounds so fun!
Hagumi: Plus~, some of them are a lot faster than taking the main road!
Eve: I had no idea such things existed here.
Eve: With secret passageways like that, it's almost like a samurai household! How cool!
Hagumi: Right?! Everyone downtown knows all about them, and I've been using them since I was a kid~!
Hagumi: And I know all the shortcuts and side streets!
Eve: Running around in secret shinobi passages only you know... You really are a ninja, Hagumi-san!
Hagumi: You think so?! Could I really become a ninja?
Eve: Yes! You're the ninja of the downtown area!
Hagumi: Okay~! Then from now on, that's exactly what I'll be!
Hsgumi: Alright, then I'm off to one of my secret passageways!
Eve: Wait, Hagumi-san! Please teach me about these shinobi paths!
Hagumi: Okay, will do! Then today we'll go through all the different shortcuts together!
Eve: Thank you, Master! I'm officially the student of a ninja... It's like a dream come true!
Hagumi: Wow, so I'm your master now, right?!
Hagumi: ... Alright, try to keep up with me then!
Eve: Yes, Master! Please, lead the way!
Hagumi: Okay, here we go~! Ninja skill, pierce through~!

Those Who Know the Way Card Story - Special Episode

Side-Street Tour


Shopping Mall

Hagumi: Huh? That's weird... It should be here...
Marina: Ah, Hagumi-chan, hello!
Hagumi: Ah, Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san! Hello!
Marina: Fufu, you're as energetic as ever. What are you doing here?
Hagumi: There's a store I really want to go to today, but now I'm lost...
Marina: That's not good. Should we help you find it?
Hagumi: Would you?! Thank you!
Marina: No problem! Then... why don't we look at the map over there? You can tell us which store you want to go to using that.
Hagumi: Uhm... Ah, here it is! This is the store I'm looking for!
Marina: Ah~, I see what happened. This part of the mall is pretty over-crowded, so it can be hard to tell the halls from the shops.
Marina: I'm going to guess that you thought this part was another shop, but it's actually the hallway to the store you were looking for.
Hagumi: What~? Really?! No wonder I couldn't find it...
Hagumi: But now I know where it is! Thanks!
Marina: This building is like a maze, so it's easy to get lost when you're not used to it. I get lost all the time~.
Hagumi: Yeah. I don't come here very often, so it's really easy for me to lose track of where I am...
Hagumi: If we were downtown, I'd be able to figure it out easily.
Marina: Really? Does that mean you know where all the shops are?
Hagumi: Yup! I also know all about the side streets and shortcuts too!
Marina: Now that sounds helpful... Ah, you think so too, don't you, BanG Dreamer-san?
Hagumi: If we played hide and seek downtown, I know I'd win for sure!
Marina: Fufu, that sounds like fun.
Marina: Although it is pretty amazing that you're so knowledgeable about the downtown area. It's like you're an expert.
Hagumi: You think so? Okay, then I'll give you a tour of all the shortcuts downtown sometime!
Hagumi: I'll guide you through all the side streets! Then you'll love going downtown even more!
Marina: Wow, that sounds fun! I'd love to!
Hagumi: Those shortcuts are really cool too. Some of them are really tiny, to the point where I can barely get through them!
Marina: ... Did I just sign up for more than I bargained for?
Hagumi: Ah, I need to get to that store! Thanks again, Marina-san BanG Dreamer-san!
Hagumi: We'll have to figure out when you want to do our tour later!
Marina: Ahaha... Yeah! I'm looking forward to it!