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Through Our Music Card Story - Episode

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Record Shop

Rimi: Ah, this CD doesn't go on sale until tomorrow. Maybe I'll come back then...
Yukina: Oh, Ushigome-san.
Rimi: Ah, Yukina-senpai! H-hello!
Yukina: Hello. I didn't expect to meet you here. What a coincidence.
Rimi: Y-yes! What a coincidence...
Rimi: ...
Rimi: (Wh-what should I do...? What should I talk about? I can't think of anything~.)
Rimi: (I really do want to talk to her. We even did a concert together...)
Rimi: (I should try to remember the conversation lessons Arisa-chan and I did before.)
Rimi: (I think Lisa-san said I should be polite, but only enough to make them feel comfortable enough to be impolite...)
Rimi: (I also need to let them know what my interests are, right...? In that case...)
Rimi: U-uh... Uhm... I usually listen to rock music... What do you listen to, Yukina-senpai?
Yukina: ... I also listen to rock music.
Rimi: I see.
Rimi & Yukina: ...
Rimi: (Th-that ended fast...! Wh-what else should I talk about...?)
Lisa: Sorry, Yukina~☆ The register was really crowded!
Yukina: It's fine.
Lisa: ... Huh? If it isn't Rimi! What are you doing here? Are you looking for something?
Rimi: Ah, Lisa-san~. I'm on my way back from shopping. I thought I'd see if there were any CDs I wanted.
Lisa: Gotcha~. Did you find anything?
Rimi: Yes, but it's not available yet. I'll have to come back later.
Lisa: Oh, then I guess you've got something to look forward to~♪ We're here to buy some CDs we wanted too. Isn't that right, Yukina?
Yukina: Yes, although they don't have the one I'm looking for.
Rimi: R-really? What CD did you want, Yukina-senpai...?
Yukina: I've been searching for this band's debut album. I've been to countless stores, but I can't find it...
Rimi: Ah! I have that album.
Rimi: Would you like to borrow it?
Yukina: ...!
Lisa: Oh! Perfect ☆ You'll have to take Rimi up on that offer, Yukina.
Rimi: U-uhm... What do you like about that band, Yukina-senpai?
Rimi: I like all the unexpected chord progressions. They're fun to listen to, and it makes it harder to see what's coming next. It makes my heart beat faste—
Yukina: ... Ushigome-san.
Rimi: Ah, sorry... I got carried away...
Yukina: Personally, I think those chord progressions serve some sort of specific purpose to their songs. What do you think?
Rimi: Y-you think so too?! I completely agree!
Yukina: Could you tell me more about your thoughts on their music?
Rimi: ... Yes, of course!
Lisa: U-uhm... Sorry to interrupt you guys just when you're getting excited, but... maybe we should go somewhere else first.
Rimi: That's fine by me...
Yukina: Well... I don't mind either.
Lisa: Seriously though, Rimi... You really opened up to Yukina, didn't you?
Rimi: Ah... Now that you mention it, I guess I did...
Rimi: (S-something tells me I understand her just a little bit more...)
Lisa: Fufufu, alright, then we're off to strengthen the bonds of friendship! Let's go~☆

Through Our Music Card Story - Special Episode

Sparks of Growth



Rimi: Hmhmhmm~. Hmhmhm, hmm~♪
Rimi: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san. Good afternoon.
Rimi: What am I doing? I'm writing down a melody I just thought up.
Rimi: Something catchy just came to mind. I don't know if I'll use it for a new song though.
Rimi: I-I looked like I was having fun...? I see. I suppose I am a little more cheerful than usual.
Rimi: That's probably because of the concert I did with Yukina-senpai and the others.
Rimi: Listening to everyone's thoughts on Marina-san's song...
Rimi: Talking about the things we noticed in our performance...
Rimi: Getting to know everyone's viewpoint on music like that was a great experience.
Rimi: Still... Their approaches to music are all so amazing.
Rimi: It was almost like everyone's passion really came through, even with just that one performance...
Rimi: ... Huh? I'm amazing too? Fufu, thank you.
Rimi: It didn't really make me feel bad about myself though.
Rimi: I'm also in a band after all... So really, having people like that around made me feel like I've still got plenty of growing to do.
Rimi: I-I'm on fire? Do you mean like my motivation...?
Rimi: I suppose you're right!
Rimi: The next time we perform together... I want to surprise everyone!
Rimi: ... You'll be cheering me on? Th-thank you!
Rimi: I-I'll be sure to do my best!