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Through the Marble Card Story - Episode

Eureka! A Lovely Smile!



Kokoro: Come along, Kanon! The Smile Patrol is heading out!
Kanon: O-okay, Kokoro-chan!
Kanon: (Misaki-chan, Kaoru-san, and Hagumi-chan are all busy today, so it's just Kokoro-chan and me...)
Kanon: (Considering what happened last time, there's no telling what she could have in store for us...)
Kanon: (I'm not sure if I can keep up with her on my own...)
Kokoro: Hurry, Kanon~! I hear all those smiles calling out to us!
Kanon: Ah! Wait, Kokoro-chan~!
Kokoro: Oh?
Cat: Meow~.
Kanon: Hey, I see a cat over there.
Kokoro: Why, hello there♪ Are you here to receive a smile?
Cat: Meow~♪
Kanon: Fufu. This cat already seems pretty happy to me.
Kokoro: Yes, that's a very lovely smile you have there! So you came to show yours off, then!
Cat: Meow.
Kokoro: Oh? Where are you going, kitty? Come! We won't be left behind, Kanon!
Kanon: Huh? Are you sure?
Kokoro: Absolutely! I'm sure this will lead us to more and more smiling faces!
Kanon: Fuee... More like lead to all sorts of trouble, I bet...

Downtown - Back Alley

Kanon: H-hey, Kokoro-chan. Where are we? Have these alleys always been here?
Kokoro: It must be some sort of secret path! I wonder where it leads. This is going to be so much fun♪
Kanon: Fueee... N-not so fast, Kokoro-chan...! I'll get lost without you~.
Kokoro: Ah! Look, Kanon! I see Michelle and Marie!
Kanon: What? In a place like this...?!
Kid A: Then, I'll draw a few balloons, and... all done! My Michelle is finished~!
Kid B: Hahaha, it looks just like her~!
Kanon: Oh, it's only some kids drawing. Fufu, they're pretty good.
Kokoro: You two must really love Michelle and Marie!
Kids: Yep, we sure do!
Kokoro: Fufufu, that's wonderful to hear♪ Kanon and I can't get enough of them!
Kanon: Fufu. It's a shame that Michelle and Marie aren't around to hear this. They would have been so happy.
Kokoro: They aren't the only ones!
Kanon: Huh?
Kokoro: I was happy to hear it, too! Weren't you, Kanon?
Kanon: Yeah, I was. I have to admit, hearing those children say that they like Michelle and Marie did make me feel good...
Kokoro: Fufufu! I knew our kitty friend would lead us to more and more smiles!
Kokoro: Okay, let's stay the course! Keep our eyes on those beautiful smiles. There must be so many more out there waiting for us!
Kanon: Yeah! Let's keep going.


Kokoro: Wow! Look, Kanon! There are so many flowers over here!
Kanon: Oh, so there's a flower shop here... I had no idea.
Kanon: Ah! Look, Kokoro-chan. Check out all the types of roses they have.
Kokoro: Fufu, they smell so wonderful~! It's enough to make anyone smile!
Kanon: This is the part where Kaoru-san would say, "Ahhh, how fleeting..."
Kokoro: Definitely! We should bring her here when we have a chance.
Kanon: Ah, we should also bring along Hagumi-chan and Misaki-chan to show them that art from earlier.
Kokoro: Yes! That is such a great idea, Kanon!
Kanon: (Even a casual stroll has helped us find ways to bring out the smiles of everyone in the band. Kokoro-chan really is amazing.)
Kokoro: Kanon! Let's keep the Smile Patrol going! Ah! Look, look! Another kitty friend! Come on, Kanon~!
Kanon: Ah, Kokoro-chan. Don't pull so hard~.

Through the Marble Card Story - Special Episode

Palm-of-the-Hand Scenery



Kokoro: Hmhmmm~♪ Hmhmhmmm~♪
Marina: Ah, Kokoro-chan! Hello!
Kokoro: Oh, it's Marina and BanG Dreamer! What are you doing here?
Marina: I was curious about that happy look you had, Kokoro-chan. Did something happen?
Kokoro: Yes, actually! See for yourself!
Marina: Is this... a marble?
Kokoro: Look how pretty it is when you hold it up to the sky!
Marina: Oh, let me see... Hey, it is pretty!
Marina: Can't remember the last time I saw anyone with a marble, though. Where did you get it?
Kokoro: Marina, this is no ordinary marble. Why, it is one of the many precious treasures given to us, the Smile Patrol!
Marina: Ah! By the way, thanks for what you did that day! Sorry that the show was on such short notice!
Marina: You really bailed us out there~.
Kokoro: Making everyone smile is what the Smile Patrol is all about! Think nothing of it!
Marina: But yeah, you did mention picking up some marbles while cleaning up litter near the station, didn't you?
Marina: Would the one you have now be one of those?
Kokoro: You're on the right track, but no.
Marina: Huh? What do you mean?
Kokoro: The marbles we originally found were ordinary, but this one I have now is a special treasure!
Kokoro: This is the marble I got after we put smiles on all those faces!
Marina: Interesting. I think I've got the gist of what you're trying to say.
Kokoro: Hey, Marina. BanG Dreamer. If you put the marble in front of your eye like this, the scenery on the other side looks like it's trapped inside!
Marina: Trapped inside the marble...? That's a very Kokoro-chan way of looking at it.
Kokoro: Do you think everyone in that tiny world is smiling as well?
Kokoro: If not, then I would love to hop right in there and bring happiness to as many people as I can!
Marina: That's a very sweet sentiment. And I know you could. No matter how small the situation, you always know how to bring happiness and smiles to those around you.
Kokoro: Hmmm, I don't follow, but oh well! All I know is the more fun, the better!
Marina: Fufufu, you might be right! I'll continue doing my part as a member of the Smile Patrol! Why don't you join us, BanG Dreamer-san?
Kokoro: Yes! What a fantastic idea! We can protect the world's smiles together!
Kokoro: Here we go, everyone~! Happy~! Lucky~! Smile~! Patrol~!!