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To Exceed Expectations Card Story - Episode

Making Flyers with Moca Part 1


Aoba Residence

Moca: Mama~! I finished that flyer I was telling you about. Take a look~.
Moca's Mom: ... This is terrible. First of all, I have no idea what you're trying to tell me. When people see this, what do you want them to know?
Moca: Uhh... Uhm...
Moca's Mom: This is what happens when you just do something without thinking. Try again! I'll mark all the mistakes I notice in red. Look over everything when I'm done.
Moca: ... Oof, brutal~. You didn't have to be so harsh~.
Moca: But I guess she's right~. I was in a rush, so it turned into a rush job~.
Moca: Hmm~. This calls for drastic measures...

Shopping Mall

Moca: ... Ah, here it is! Just the book I was looking for♪ And~... here's that manga I've had my eye on~.
Misaki: Huh? Aoba-san?
Moca: Hm...? Oh, well if it isn't Michelle-san~.
Misaki: ... Ah, yeah. I'm also Michelle, but...
Misaki: (Aoba-san and I don't really talk, so I have no idea if I'm supposed to just play along or what...
Misaki: What have you got there? A manga and... a textbook on design?)
Moca: Hm? Oh, will you look at that~. Whoopsie, I must have grabbed the wrong book by mistake. These covers look so similar~.
Misaki: (Those books look nothing alike!)
Misaki: . Ah, wait... Aren't you in charge of flyers for the event that's coming up?
Moca: You got me~. I thought I'd be able to make something passable, but turns out that's not really the case.
Moca: I figured I'd come here to grab a book to refer to. Maybe doing a little research will help me out.
Misaki: Oh, I get it. So you decided to buy that textbook with the similar cover to that manga you have. Is that it?
Moca: Bingo~! That's correct~. I'll use this as a guide and make something super snazzy~.
Misaki: Snazzy, huh...? Everyone in Afterglow seems pretty stylish. Why not ask them about it?
Moca: Ah~, you're right about us being stylish, but~...
Misaki: (Aren't you supposed to deny that?! ... Gah, I want to say it so badly!)
Moca: If I go to everyone acting all serious about something, they'll get worried. I can hear them now. "Who are you and what have you done with Moca-chan~?!"
Moca: It's because I care about the members of Afterglow that I don't want them to worry...!
Misaki: Ahh~.
Misaki: (She doesn't want anyone to see her actually trying... I can understand that.)
Moca: So what business do you have in a bookstore, Misaki-chin?
Misaki: Oh, uhm... I'm here... to get this.
Moca: "MIDI for Morons"...? That must stand for "Moca-chan: Indestructible. Definite. Infinite"... Right?
Misaki: It stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface...
Moca: Ehehe~. Looks like someone's getting serious about her band too~.
Misaki: I don't know about that~. It's more like I'm buying this for Michelle. That's all.
Moca: I see~. It would cause a real ruckus if a bear suddenly came to a bookstore, huh~?
Misaki: Exactly. So Michelle asked me to buy this for her.
Moca: ...
Misaki: ...
Misaki & Moca: ... Pfft! ... Fufu!
Moca: I'm starting to feel like we have a lot in common.
Misaki: Yeah, same.
Moca: Right? Welp, with that, it's time for us to get down to business~.

To Exceed Expectations Card Story - Special Episode

Making Flyers with Moca Part 2



Moca: Phew~... So nice to relax~.
Misaki: (... How'd we end up getting coffee together...?)
Moca: Oh, whatcha drinking~? Is that... hazelnut? Looks yummy~.
Misaki: Yeah, it is. I'm a fan of nutty flavors.
Moca: Interesting~. Hey, do you and Michelle like the same foods and stuff~?
Misaki: (... What is this...? It's like a really casual comedy routine... How should I follow this up...?)
Misaki: I'm not really sure~. Michelle might have completely different tastes from me.
Moca: Hehe~. Yeah~, she is a bear after all~.
Misaki: (... But this is such an easy-going pace. I mean, I normally have to deal with Kokoro and Hagumi, two runaway trains...)
Ran: Huh? Oh, Moca... And Okusawa-san?
Tomoe: Yo. Pretty weird seeing you two together. What're you up to?
Moca: You can tell, can't you~? We're strengthening our friendship by having a great intellectual debate~.
Tsugumi: Ah, I didn't know you had plans with Misaki-chan. That must be why you couldn't come to our study group today.
Moca: I don't really need to study either though~. I'm a genius. I can wing it and still be fine~.
Himari: Sorry about this, Misaki-chan. She's not being too much trouble, is she?
Misaki: No, not at all. Being with her is actually pretty fun.
Tsugumi: Oh, that's the manga you were telling me about. Did the first volume just come out?
Moca: Uh-huh~. I went to the bookstore to buy this and ran into Misaki-chin out buying books for Michelle~.
Ran: Do you really have time to be playing around like this? Shouldn't you be working on the event flyers like you said you would?
Misaki: (D-did she just glance over that stupid Michelle joke?! Man, they have way too much practice dealing with Aoba-san...)
Moca: The flyers will be great, you'll see~. I've got my mama on my side, remember~?
Himari: Oh yeah, and she's a professional~. You've got this in the bag.
Moca: Don't forget the fact that I'm a genius too~. It'll be fine~.
Ran: Yeah, yeah. You're a genius. You know you're just raising the bar for yourself by saying stuff like that, right?
Moca: The higher the bar, the more satisfying it is to jump over~.
Tomoe: Ahaha! We're counting on you, Moca. I expect a flyer that'll get us a crowd of 10,000 people to play for!
Himari: 10,000?! Tomoe~, you really do like to exaggerate, don't you~...?
Ran: Like you're one to talk.
Tsugumi: I'm here for you too, Moca-chan! If you need any help, just let me know, and I'll be there!
Moca: Thanks, guys~. You all have your study group to get to, right? Have fun hitting those books~.
Himari: We'll try! See you tomorrow! Misaki-chan, keep an eye on Moca for us, okay?
Misaki: Huh?! Wh-what do you mean? Hey... And they're gone.
Misaki: Everyone in Afterglow really is in sync with each other, aren't they? You can tell just by the flow of your conversations.
Moca: It's 'the same as always' for us~.
Misaki: Yeah, that's what it felt like. Sounds like they expect really great things from your poster design.
Moca: I know~, what am I gonna do~...? I really need to make something good now~.
Misaki: (She's not showing it, but I think she's happy her bandmates expect so much from her... I can understand that feeling...)
Moca: Okay~, now that I finished this manga, time to study some design~. How about you, Misaki-chin?
Misaki: Alright... Might as well start reading this book on MIDI. You know, for Michelle.
Misaki: That way, if she has any questions about it, maybe I can help.
Moca: Ohho~, what a considerate friend you are~. 'Kay, then I'm gonna absorb this book so much, it'll make me grow three centimeters taller~.
Misaki: What? That makes no sense, and you know it.
Moca: But if I'm three centimeters taller, I should be able to reach that higher bar.
Misaki: Okay, now you've lost me.
Moca: Hehe~. Time for us to refill our drinks. Let's go~♪