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To that Joyous Place! Card Story - Episode

Time to Find an Elephant!


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Class 2A
Misaki: Phew. School's finally over. Guess I'll head home.
Misaki: I'm usually busy after school, but since I've got no plans today, maybe I'll go shopping. Ah, that reminds me, I could use some new needles...
Kokoro: Misaki! Great, you're still here!
Misaki: Whoa, Kokoro! What's going on?
Kokoro: I need you for something, silly. Come with me!
Misaki: What? Where are we going? Were we supposed to do something today?
Kokoro: No, we didn't have any plans! But we're doing something now!
Misaki: O-okay... So where are we off to?
Kokoro: We're going to find an elephant!
Misaki: A what?! What do you need an elephant for? Besides, you don't just go find one of those things!
Kokoro: Really? But I think our next show should have an elephant in it!
Misaki: Argh~, good grief. I've got no idea what you're talking about. Help me understand what's going on.
Kokoro: The other day, I went to see a show at Sparkle Dome with Kasumi and a few other girls! While we were there, we talked about what kind of show we'd give at a dome.
Misaki: You did say something about that, didn't you? But wait, don't tell me the elephant is for...
Kokoro: Yup! I wanna do a show that has all kinds of fun surprises! One that'll make tons of people smile!
Kokoro: That's why I want elephants, giraffes and other animals in our show.
Misaki: Hey, you're free to think whatever you want, but this sounds-
Kokoro: Imagine Kaoru, Kanon, Hagumi, and Michelle, together with all the animals... We'd all be singing, dancing, and smiling.
Kokoro: Of course, you'd be smiling too, Misaki! Wouldn't that kinda show just be fantast-erific?
Misaki: The animals and everyone else would be smiling...? I can't really see that...
Misaki: I know you want to make people smile, but don't you think throwing an elephant into the mix is a bit too much?
Kokoro: It'll be fine! Elephants are super kind. I'm sure one would love to be in our show!
Misaki: Nah. You're not getting it... Sigh~, how the heck can I explain this to you?
Misaki: ... Wait, doesn't this all stem from your conversation about what you'd want to do if we gave a show at a dome?
Misaki: In that case, doesn't Hello, Happy World! need to be good enough to get a gig at a dome first?
Kokoro: Oh yeah~, we would, wouldn't we?! You're right!
Misaki: Right? So let's hold off on the elephant search until our band is at that level...
Kokoro: Alright, then instead, we should talk about what we've gotta do to play a dome show!
Kokoro: If we're gonna talk this out, we need get Kaoru and the others! This calls for a Hello, Happy World! meeting!
Misaki: Wait! Slow down! Is this meeting happening now?!
Kokoro: You bet! There's no way I can wait any longer!
Misaki: Yeah, well, you might have to. The others probably have plans already...
Kokoro: No need to worry about that. I already got everyone together to look for an elephant!
Misaki: You what?! When?! They sure came together for that quickly... But that's the Hello, Happy World! members for you... I guess that applies to me too.
Kokoro: C'mon, Misaki! Let's get to the others!
Misaki: Ah, wait a second... I'm still getting my stuff to leave!
Misaki: ... And she's gone. Darn. Here I thought I'd have a chance to do some shopping today.
Misaki: Still, I don't know what she'll do or say if I'm not there. Guess I'd better go!
Kokoro: Misaki, hurry up~!
Misaki: Jeez... Okay, I get it! Here I come!

To that Joyous Place! Card Story - Special Episode

When Kokoro Leaps


Shopping Mall
Kokoro: Oh, hello, BanG Dreamer! Hello, Marina! I'm so happy I ran into you!
Marina: Hi, Kokoro-chan. Getting some shopping done today?
Kokoro: Yup! I'm meeting up with the rest of Hello, Happy World! We're gonna buy some props for our next show!
Kokoro: But they won't be here till a bit later, so I'm glad to see you two!
Marina: Fufu, and we're happy to see you. You're ready to start shopping now, aren't you? You seem more fired up than usual today.
Kokoro: That's right! You see, something stupend-erific happened!
Kokoro: I went to see a show with Kasumi and a few other girls at this place called Sparkle Dome! Umm, the name of the event was...
Marina: Was it Girls Band Expo?
Kokoro: That's it! I should've guessed you'd know about it!
Kokoro: Watching the Girls Band Expo made me want to put on shows that make the audience smile even more!
Marina: I see!
Marina: We wanted to go to that event too, but we had to work... How was it?
Kokoro: It was filled to the brim with smiles!
Kokoro: There were tons of people. We stood in line to buy goods and then we talked... I felt like I was at a festival! It was all so exciting!
Kokoro: There were so many kinds of goods too. They had hats, t-shirts, flashing finger rings... and lights that changed color too! There was so much stuff!
Marina: Really? With all that cool merchandise, you must've had to wait a long time, right?
Kokoro: Yeah. People were standing in line all the way from the shop to the entrance of the dome!
Kokoro: You know, I wonder why waiting can be so exciting.
Marina: Oh, you didn't mind standing in line?
Kokoro: Of course not! I could listen to people's exciting conversations while I was waiting to buy goods!
Kokoro: And it was fun to talk with friends about what we might buy, and what the show might be like. I was smiling the whole time.
Marina: Ahaha. I see. Waiting can be fun, huh...? That's wonderful.
Kokoro: Of course, the performances on stage were incredible too. They were so sparkly and exhilarating... It made me want to play a show just like that!
Kokoro: And since the stage is so big, I want our show to have elephants and giraffes too. I told Misaki about it, but she said there's no way we could do that.
Marina: Elephants and giraffes, huh~? Yeah, that might be a little hard to pull off.
Kokoro: But we won't know until we try!
Kokoro: Asking animals to join our show is going to take some time though. So today we're gonna try something else!
Marina: So that's why you're looking for props today.
Kokoro: Yup! I'm so excited about what we're gonna do for our next show that I can barely keep still!
Marina: Fufu. I guess we can look forward to the next Hello, Happy World! show.
Kokoro: You sure can! I promise it's gonna give you the biggest smiles yet!