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To the Spotlight Card Story - Episode

Kind Friends in a Harsh World


Main Hall - Dressing Room

Chisato: Good work, everyone. We were able to finish today's show without any problems.
Chisato: This is all thanks to the staff that are always supporting us... As well as all the trainees who put on such a wonderful performance.
Aya: And get ready for this! The staff got catering for us!
Chisato: As we have such a rare opportunity to spend time together, I hope to make this a friendly get-together as well as a modest after-party... Aya-chan, if you would.
Aya: Okay! Everyone, do you have your cups ready? All you trainees, let's have fun together!
Aya: Well then... Cheers!
Aya: Wow~, where should I start...? The food Maya-chan and the others are eating over there caught my eye too...
Chisato: True, with all of this, it is quite difficult to choose. However, I'm certain we won't be able to eat it right away.
Aya: Huh? Why not? I'm pretty hungry.
Chisato: Fufu, I'm not worried about your stomach. This sort of opportunity also occurs at filming sites for TV dramas...
Chisato: As you are talking with your fellow actors and the staff members, you suddenly realize that you haven't even touched the food.
Chisato: That even happened during the TV drama you and I starred in, did it not?
Aya: Y-you're right...! Talking with all those people was so fun that I might not have eaten at all.
Chisato: The main part of an after-party isn't the food, but the exchange with others. This is especially true because today's show was centered around all of us.
Trainee A: Aya-san! Chisato-san! You were both great today!
Aya: Ah, girls! Hello~! How's the after-party? Are you having fun?
Trainee B: Yes! We're so happy to be here with you all!
Aya: Ehehe, I am too~! Your performance was so good!
Chisato: Agreed. We also got into the spirit as we were watching offstage.
Trainee A: Really? Thank you so much! Pastel✽Palettes's stage performance was also very wonderful!
Trainee B: Since you let us watch you practice throughout our joint rehearsals, the show today was even more moving!
Aya: Wow, we're the same there too! I knew how hard you all worked, so all my emotions just started welling up...!
Trainee A: That's why we realized that we have to keep working hard. We'll do our best to put on great shows just like you!
Aya: Yeah! And we'll do everything we can so we aren't outdone!
Chisato: Fufu. It seems you've all been influenced by Aya-chan.
Chisato: However... I'd like you to remember what we told you during our joint rehearsals.
Chisato: When thinking about putting on a good show, our band's methods will be different from your own...
Chisato: So take what you can as reference and utilize it in your own shows in your own special way.
Trainee A: Yes, you have a point...! If it's not in line with who we are, then we'll just go through the same thing...
Chisato: Correct. Thinking about that is necessary for surviving in this harsh industry...
Trainee A: Thank you very much. We'll think of something that is all us!
Aya: Right. I'm sure that'll be hard to find... But whenever you lose your way, you should just rely on the members around you!
Aya: After all, I believe that's what the group is for!
Chisato: ... I agree.
Chisato: Having a group where everyone supports one another... That is sure to light your way.
Chisato: I've also been helped a lot by my fellow members.
Aya: We helped you... Ohhh.
Chisato: A-Aya-chan? Why are you crying?
Aya: I-I'm sorry... Hearing you say that, I remembered everything that's happened so far...
Chisato: You really are quite hopeless... Here, have a handkerchief.
Aya: Ohhh~... Thank you~...
Trainee A: Fufu. A group where everyone supports one another... I think I sorta understand now.
Chisato: ... Well, I'm pleased to hear that. This was a rare opportunity, so even if just that one thing got across to you, then I am glad.
Chisato: Now then, how about you go talk to Maya-chan over there?
Chisato: I'm certain she'll also have something wonderful to teach you.

To the Spotlight Card Story - Special Episode

Friends You Can Trust


Edogawa Music

Chisato: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san, hello.
Marina: Ah, Chisato-chan! Hello. Are you out shopping too?
Chisato: Yes. I came to stock up on picks.
Chisato: Whenever I play with worn-down picks, I get scolded by Maya-chan.
Marina: Fufu, I can picture that happening.
Marina: But that just means that you're paying attention to the musical performance side of things. I think that's amazing for an idol.
Chisato: Thank you. We may be idols, but we're also a band...
Chisato: We talked it over amongst ourselves and decided to value not only the performance, but the music as well.
Chisato: The reason we've been able to bring that to fruition is due in large part to Maya-chan's efforts.
Marina: I see. Maya-chan was originally a session musician, wasn't she?
Chisato: Yes. Her knowledge of equipment and musical performance is always helping us out. But that's not the only thing.
Chisato: She confronts music with all her heart... Even the sight of that influences us greatly.
Marina: Mhm. You can really tell that she loves music.
Chisato: That's right. She played a very active part in our show the other day.
Marina: Ah, the one where the agency trainees also made an appearance, right? It's been causing a buzz online.
Chisato: Fufu, I see you were already aware of it. In order to put on that show, our band and the trainees held some joint rehearsals.
Chisato: Even then, Maya-chan did an analysis of the trainees and made an effort to convey her ideas...
Chisato: At any rate, she was even more passionate than usual.
Marina: I didn't know that. Sounds like Maya-chan worked really hard.
Chisato: Yes. It was actually to the point that I became worried she was working too hard.
Chisato: I had been worried that she might be pushing herself too much due to her sense of responsibility as a role model... But that wasn't the case.
Chisato: She wasn't pushing herself or anything like that... She was simply putting in the effort.
Chisato: She was both positive and earnest as she searched for something that she could do. She thought only of helping the trainees.
Marina: That's amazing. But what made Maya-chan work so hard?
Chisato: ... That is likely something that only Maya-chan knows.
Chisato: However, the sight of her reminded me of an idol that could bestow dreams onto others. She truly was shining.
Chisato: I am certain the trainees drew strength from that.
Marina: I imagine you're right. I'm sure that she was a very dependable role model for them.
Chisato: Fufu, I have to try harder so that I can show the newer idols that I can be dependable too. Well then, goodbye for now.