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Today's a Special Day Card Story - Episode

How to Find a Hobby


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Front Gate

Moca: Let's see, what would work best~?
Kaoru: What a downtrodden expression. What ever is the matter?
Moca: Oh, Kaoru-senpai.
Moca: Hmm~... I wouldn't consider it a big deal or anything, but could I have your opinion on something~?
Kaoru: Absolutely. Forever am I a devoted ally of my little kittens.
Moca: Thank you very much~.
Moca: To tell the truth, I'm stuck in a bit of a bind and am not sure what to do~.
Moca: When I was at Yamabuki Bakery the other day, Saaya and I started discussing hobbies and whatnot~.
Moca: Everyone in Poppin'Party has been taking up new hobbies, which left Saaya wondering if she should find one for herself~.
Moca: That's when I told her that the great Moca-chan would be happy to help~... but I'm not too sure how to go about doing that~.
Kaoru: Devoting time to a hobby can help add a splash of color to daily life. Discovering a new one, however...
Moca: In my case, I have a good grasp of what I like, and I'll dive right into anything that I find interesting~.
Moca: And while I'm enjoying myself, it just sort of becomes my hobby on its own~.
Moca: But because I'm like that, I've never actually thought of "making" something into a hobby~.
Kaoru: I see. Yes, I would assume those who follow such a pattern are numerous.
Kaoru: As with the works of Shakespeare, the beginning is but a trivial matter. And before long, it is too late to go back...
Kaoru: So it remains true for hobbies, as they, in turn, are but fleeting things.
Moca: That makes sense~. Fleeting, not to mention difficult~.
Kaoru: I do not believe so. Does their fleeting nature not result in a more simplistic existence?
Moca: Which means~?
Kaoru: To conceive the best solution, one need only trial said option. You, together with Saaya-chan.
Kaoru: The possibilities are endless, are they not?
Moca: True~. Jogging or swimming would be good choices for exercising~...
Moca: As for the outdoors, camping is pretty popular nowadays~. And there are many shops that specialize in that~.
Moca: And for indoors, sewing, cooking, or video games could be worthwhile activities~.
Kaoru: Many eligible candidates have been presented, so why not randomly select from the pool and experiment?
Moca: Hmmm, I suppose that could work~...
Kaoru: I sense hesitation. Do you perhaps have another course of action in mind, Moca-chan?
Moca: What I have in mind is~... Hmmm.
Moca: To put it simply~... maybe the act of searching in and of itself could be fun...?
Moca: Actually finding a hobby that suits her would be great, of course, but what happens during that time is also kind of important~.
Moca: Deciding on the hobby is a simple decision... so it might be best to have her enjoy the time spent with each one...?
Kaoru: Interesting... Treasuring each moment on its own. It is but that.
Moca: Ah, I get it~. So that's what I was trying to get at~. Even I'm surprised~.
Kaoru: When confronted with difficulty, one may lose sight of oneself. Only through rediscovery does the journey begin anew.
Moca: Wow, I'm impressed, Kaoru-senpai~. I'm glad I asked for your help~.
Kaoru: The honor is all mine, my little kitten. Do not hesitate to call upon me should you feel I can be of service.
Moca: Ohhh. I may take you up on that offer if you don't mind~.
Moca: Kaoru-senpai, you... along with Kokoro-chan and Maya-senpai~. I've been struck with a flash of inspiration, you see~.
Kaoru: Fufu, a most hasty request.
Kaoru: I will call upon the others in your stead. They will undoubtedly be elated to assist in this matter.
Kaoru: Class will begin shortly, so would you share the details with me after school?
Moca: That does sound best~. Let's go with that, please~.
Kaoru: Very well. Fufu, what a charming smile.
Moca: It's you who helped bring my smile back, Kaoru-senpai.
Kaoru: I look forward to meeting you again after our lessons have concluded.
Moca: Me too~. Please speak to the others for me~.
Moca: ... Sensing my frustration with a single glance is very fitting of Kaoru-senpai~.
Moca: Thanks to her, Saaya's situation might just work out in the end... I can't wait for school to end~.

Today's a Special Day Card Story - Special Episode

Successful Helper~


CiRCLE - Cafeteria

Moca: Ohhh, if it isn't Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san~. Hello there~.
Marina: Good afternoon. Hm? I thought Afterglow's reservation isn't until this evening.
Moca: Yes, you're right~. I decided to come a little early~. There is something I was hoping to discuss with you~.
Marina: Oh, I see. I'm free at the moment, so go right ahead!
Moca: Thank you very much~. So what I wanted to talk about happened the other day~.
Moca: You see, I helped Saaya out a little with finding a new hobby~.
Marina: Wow, that sounds like fun.
Moca: Oh boy, like a barrel of monkeys~.
Moca: Saaya said she wanted to try something new, so to help her find the perfect hobby, I got some helpers together so we could test out a bunch of different things~.
Marina: Huh? Helpers?
Moca: Minato-san and Chisato-san, Aya-san and Kaoru-senpai... I also got Kokoro-chan and Maya-senpai involved, and everyone had a great time~.
Moca: We did juggling, ballroom dancing, and even made some radios~. Oh, we even tried our hand at bouldering~.
Marina: You really went all out with your choices, didn't you?!
Moca: Because we had no idea what would be best for Saaya. They were all a ton of fun, though~.
Moca: Anyway, after trying out all those things, Saaya ended up going with photography.
Moca: I only brought the camera along to get some shots of Saaya and everyone having fun together, so her decision really threw me for a loop~.
Moca: But at the same time... I was also kind of glad~.
Moca: Of course, the most important thing was Saaya finding the perfect hobby for herself, though~.
Marina: And you caring about her so much was also part of it, don't you think?
Marina: That's exactly why Saaya-chan was so drawn toward that camera of yours!
Moca: Huh~? You really think so~?
Marina: I know so!
Marina: People can sense that sort of sentiment! Saaya-chan must have been so happy to feel that from you!
Moca: Aw, you're going to make me blush with that kind of talk~.
Moca: Discussing this with you two has stirred up all sorts of new feelings~.
Marina: We're both feeling all warm inside too, thanks to our little chat, Moca-chan.
Moca: I'm feeling extra pumped up today, so I bet my guitar is going to pump out some mad sound~.
Marina: Hahaha, everyone will be so surprised!
Moca: Thank you so much for today~. I'll come by to chat again if anything comes up~.
Marina: Sure! Good luck with your rehearsal!
Moca: Thank you~. I won't let you down~.