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Together with Chii-chan Card Story - Episode

Dusk of Past Days


School Path

Others: Walking Leon was fun~. Can we do this again sometime, Chii-chan?
Others: Of course. I think Leon would like that too.
Others: Yay~! Thanks, Chii-chan.
Others: And thanks for being good during the walk, Leon. Let's go again sometime.
Others: Fufu, Leon looks so happy.
Others: I want to keep playing with you guys, but it's getting late.
Others: Yeah, it'll be dark soon. You should probably go home.
Others: But-
Others: If you don't go quickly, the ghosts will come out, Kao-chan.
Others: Ghosts?! Don't say that~! I'll be too scared to move.
Others: Fufu, ghosts are pretty unrealistic anyway, scientifically speaking. I think it's mostly just people mistaking what they see. There's probably no such thing as ghosts.
Others: Probably...? But doesn't that mean they also could be real...?
Others: What should I do...? I'm a bit scared now...
Others: Kao-chan... I guess there's only one solution. Leon and I will walk you home.
Others: I was the one that mentioned ghosts, after all.
Others: You would do that?! Oh, but then you would have to walk back home alone, Chii-chan.
Others: I have Leon, so I'll be fine. Now, let's get going before it's too dark.
Others: Okay...! Thanks, Chii-chan, and you too, Leon.
Others: Fufu, it seems like Leon loves being around you anyway.
Others: Really? I'm glad~. Let's play again sometime, Leon.
Others: ... Huh? What's with the barking? What's wrong?
Others: Leon's barking toward that empty lot over there... Is there something there? Or... someone...?
Others: Is it a gh-ghost?! What should we do?! There might be a ghost!
Others: I-it's fine. There's no such thing as ghosts... I'm sure it's nothing.
Others: But why bark at nothing...?
Others: Leon might be able to see something, but I'm sure it's not a ghost... probably.
Others: Th-then what can Leon see? It must be a gho-
Others: I'm sure it's just something only Leon would notice... like a small creature-
Others: A creature...?
Others: Y-you know what I mean... It is... but that!
Others: It is but what...? Ahaha. I guess stuff like this does happen. Little creatures and such.
Others: D-don't laugh at me. Anyhow, it's not a ghost or anything at all...!
Others: Ah... Leon stopped barking.
Others: You're right. And Leon's not looking at that empty lot anymore.
Others: What was that, exactly...?
Others: Whatever it was must have left.
Others: Yeah, that's probably it.
Others: I'm sure Leon was just talking to something really small.
Others: I was surprised at first, but yeah, maybe it was just a chat with a friend that we couldn't see.
Others: Yeah, I'm sure that's what it was. Right, Leon?
Others: Whoa, you got an answer back! I'm so relieved it wasn't a ghost.
Others: Like I told you, there's no such thing as ghosts.
Others: Yeah, there are no ghosts...! We're fine!
Others: Okay, now shall we get going? If we keep going at this pace it'll get dark.
Others: You're right, let's go!

Others: ... Despite all this, today was a nice break. I haven't been able to relax for this long in a while.
Others: Thanks for hanging out with me, Kao-chan.
Others: No, thanks for hanging out with me. It was so much fun reading your script and walking Leon. And the dacquoise were delicious.
Others: I had a feeling you really enjoyed reading the script. Anyhow, would you help me practice my lines again next time?
Others: Is that okay?! Yes! I wonder what kind of script it will be.
Others: Fufu, you're making me look forward to my next job even more.
Others: I'll practice my reading so I can read the lines more smoothly!
Others: I'll practice every day!
Others: Fufu, I can always count on you. But yeah, you do have to be good at reading if you want to keep up.
Others: Okay, from today onwards, I will add reading to my homework, and I'll practice reciting too.
Others: Ah... Kao-chan, we're at your house already.
Others: Oh... That was quick. I wanted to talk with you more...
Others: Fufu. We'll see each other at school. And we can hang out on our days off.
Others: True... Can you get home by yourself? Will you be okay?
Others: I'm fine, Leon's with me... Oh, it's Papa!
Others: Oh yeah, there's your dad! Is he on his way home from work?
Others: That's what it looks like. I'll walk home with Papa and Leon, so no need to worry.
Others: Okay, got it! Thanks for walking me home, Chii-chan.
Others: See you tomorrow! Bye

Together with Chii-chan Card Story - Special Episode

Sought-After Antique


Shopping Mall

Kaoru: Hmm, it's not here... or here...
Marina: Are you looking for something, Kaoru-san?
Kaoru: Why, if it isn't Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san?
Kaoru: I am searching for footage from an old television show, but I can't seem to find the one I desire.
Marina: Ah, I see. What's the name of the show? We'll help you find it.
Kaoru: You will? Ahh, you would be a tremendous help.
Kaoru: I am not particular about the type of media, whether it be DVD or video, but the title is...
Marina: Wow, that brings back memories. But now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever seen that show in the rental store...
Kaoru: That's what I was afraid of...
Marina: Why are you looking for such an old show anyway?
Kaoru: Theater Club's next play is a stage adaptation of this show, so we decided to view it together.
Kaoru: I thought we had better review it again for reference.
Marina: I see. As usual, you're so dedicated, Kaoru-san.
Kaoru: To tell the truth, the role I will be playing was originally portrayed by Chisato in this very show.
Marina: Really?! What a coincidence~.
Marina: So, does that mean you got into theater in part because of Chisato-chan?
Kaoru: Yes, if Chisato and I had not been fortunate enough to be friends, I fear I wouldn't have come to love theater as much as I do now.
Marina: I knew it! When you think about it, Chisato-chan has had a big impact on your life then.
Kaoru: However... if I really ponder it, I believe it was destiny... I cannot imagine a world in which I am not an actor.
Marina: A Kaoru-san who isn't an actor... Y-yeah, I can't picture it either.
Kaoru: If I was anything but an actor, I very likely would not have joined Hello, Happy World! And I, of course, would never have had the opportunity to meet you two.
Marina: ... Yeah, I really can't picture it.
Kaoru: Thus, it was fate. In other words... it is but that.
Marina: Fufu. I suppose it is.
Kaoru: ... This performance is an exceedingly important one to me. Hence, I will not act half-heartedly.
Kaoru: Furthermore, that is why I wanted to search for these old recordings, no matter what. If you perchance stumble upon them, could you let me know?
Marina: Yeah, sure. Leave it to us.
Kaoru: You two are a blessing. I should be grateful that I ran into you today.
Marina: We also want to support you as an actor, Kaoru-san, so we're happy to help.
Kaoru: Such considerate words... Thank you very much. I will act my heart out so you need not regret saying them.