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Tomoe SOS! Ako's Grand Nursing Operation Event Story - Opening
Tomoe's Request

Coming down with a case of the chills, Tomoe leaves school early.
When she arrives home, she sends Ako a message asking for a favor...


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 1-B

Tomoe: (Ah, so cold... Also not feeling too hot... Don't tell me I'm getting sick...)
Tomoe: Uhm, Sensei...
Teacher: Yes, Udagawa-san...? ... Oh, you don't look so good...
Tomoe: Actually, I've been feeling really cold...
Teacher: Like the chills...? You might be getting a fever.
Tomoe: (... Ngh... Can't... stop shaking. This is definitely a fever...)
Teacher: If it's bad, you should head home as soon as possible. You don't want it to get worse.
Tomoe: ... Right. Okay then... Excuse me...


Moca: I wonder if Tomo-chin's okay~. I heard her fever was 104 degrees.
Himari: And she ended up going home early. I guess that's not surprising, considering it was that high...
Tsugumi: Oh, really...? That's not good...
Tsugumi: Maybe I should stop by her house after school...
Himari: I-if you're gonna go, I'll go too! Moca, Ran. What about you two? I'm sure she'd be happy to see us!
Moca: Really~? You think we should~?
Himari: Huh? What do you mean? I thought if we went to take care of her, she might get better super fast...
Ran: Don't do it.
Himari: ... Ran?
Ran: Remember, you're talking about Tomoe. She'd just feel bad about making us worry.
Tsugumi: Ah... Yeah. Tomoe-chan is always thinking about others, so we might end up making things worse for her...
Himari: When you put it like that, yeah... I guess...
Moca: Sleep has always been the best cure for a cold anyway~. We should just let her rest for today~.
Tsugumi: Y-yeah, okay...
Himari: ... Ah, it's a message from Tomoe!
Tsugumi: What'd she say?
Himari: Uhh~...
Himari: "Himari, I know you're probably thinking about coming to see me, but I don't wanna spread my germs so don't worry about it!"
Himari: ... Well... Haha, looks like she saw right trough me.
Moca: Classic Tomo-chin. Sick at home but still sharp~.
Himari: Alright, I guess that settles that... She went out of her way to send a message to tell me not to go. I wouldn't wanna give her a hard time.
Ran: I think that's for the best.
Himari: Okay then~. That concludes our emergency meeting~!
Tsugumi: (But... I still wonder if she's okay... I hope she gets better soon...)

Udagawa Residence - Living Room

Tomoe: Sigh... Finally... Made it home. Ngh... I'm even colder than before...
Tomoe: Gah... Out of medicine at a time like this...?
Tomoe: I think... Ako should be out of school... by now... Maybe I can ask her... to buy medicine on the way home...

Shopping Mall

Ako: Hm? Sis? Kind of a weird time to send me a message. I wonder what happened...
Ako: ... Huh?! Her fever was that high?!
Ako: Uhh, uhh... Just gotta buy medicine and a sports drink, then I can go home, right? ... Got it!
Ako: I-I'll buy some ice cream too! You just can't help but want to eat ice cream when you catch a cold!
Ako: Medicine, sports drink and ice cream! Right away! I'm coming, sir!
Ako: Th-the pharmacy is... Uhh, oh yeah! That way! I'll be there soon~!


Ako: Huff, huff... Just a little longer, sis. I'm almost home!
Saaya: Oh. Hey, Ako. What's the hurry?
Ako: Ah, Saaya-chan! My sister caught a cold, and now she has a super high fever!
Saaya: What?! Really?! Tomoe doesn't usually get sick... I wonder if she's okay...
Saaya: Ah! That's why you're in a rush, right? S-sorry, I shouldn't have stopped you! I'll find some bread that'll be easy to eat and bring it later!
Ako: Thanks, Saaya-chan! Okay, see ya!

Tomoe SOS! Ako's Grand Nursing Operation Event Story - Chapter 1
Tomoe's Thoughts

Ako starts looking after Tomoe as soon as she gets home.
What will Tomoe think upon seeing Ako's best efforts to take care of her?


Udagawa Residence - Tomoe's Room

Ako: I'm home!! Sis, you in there? I'm coming in!
Ako: S-Sis! Are you feeling okay?!
Tomoe: Ohh, Ako... You're home. Hey.
Ako: Don't "hey" me! Are you alright? You're still wearing your school uniform!
Tomoe: Ako, you're gonna get sick. You shouldn't get too close.
Ako: We have more important things to worry about! First, we have to get you changed, okay? I'll get your pajamas!
Ako: Let's see. Pajamas, pajamas... Got it!
Ako: I bought some medicine, so I'm gonna get that and some water! In the meantime, you put these on!
Tomoe: ... Okay, okay. Thank you.
Ako: Once you're done with that, you need to get tucked in and get some rest! Okay?
Tomoe: Ako... I'm sorry.
Ako: Why are you apologizing? You weirdo.
Ako: Alright, I'll be back in just~ a sec'! I won't be long. Everything's A-OK. Don't you worry about a thing.
Tomoe: ... Haha. Mhm. I'll be waiting for you.

Living Room

Ako: Uhm, got the water, and... medicine! That's right. And then... Oh yeah! I bought that sports drink!
Ako: And I'll need a towel for wiping sweat! Go, go, go~!

Tomoe's Room

Tomoe: "Everything's A-OK. Don't you worry about a thing"...
Tomoe: I always thought Ako was following my lead, but... Looks like she's done some growing up without me even realizing it.
Ako: Here I am!! I'm back~!
Tomoe: Wow, ya got quite a lot of stuff there.
Ako: I brought a bunch of things from the freezer. Here! Put this on your forehead. It'll feel nice and cool! Oh, and... I'll go get you some fruits or something...!
Tomoe: Cool, thanks.
Tomoe: (It wasn't even that long ago when I was the one looking after her...)

A Few Months Earlier
Udagawa Residence - Living Room

Tomoe: Ako, that's probably enough drum practice for one day, don't you think?
Ako: I can't stop! I really want to be a part of Yukina-san's band!
Tomoe: Ako...

Ako: Sis, my wrist hurts~...
Tomoe: Hitting the drums for too long, right? Let me see.
Tomoe: ... Yep. We can wrap it up for now, but if it's still hurting tomorrow, you gotta go to the doctor's, okay?
Ako: ... M-mhm, okay. I will...
Tomoe: Alright, now put your arm out... There, should be good to go.
Ako: Thanks, Sis!
Ako: A-actually... My shoulders kinda hurt too...
Tomoe: Haha. Alright, alright. Turn around. I'll give you a massage.
Ako: Yay~, thanks~ ♪

Ako: Sis, Sis!!
Tomoe: Ako, what's up? What's with all that excitement...?
Ako: I got into Yukina's band! And I couldn't have done it without you fixing my wrist!
Tomoe: Whoa, nicely done! Congrats, Ako.

Present Day
Tomoe's Room

Tomoe: ... You've matured so much... in such a short time, Ako.
Tomoe: Maybe thanks to... the members of Roselia.

Tomoe SOS! Ako's Grand Nursing Operation Event Story - Chapter 2
Nostalgic Memories

Ako goes above and beyond to take care for the feverish Tomoe.
Seeing this brings back memories for Tomoe.


Udagawa Residence - Tomoe's Room

Ako: Sis, is there anything else you'd like? IF there is, let me know right away!
Tomoe: Thanks. You already brought all of this stuff, though, so it's cool.
Tomoe: Anyway, Ako...
Ako: Hm? Is something wrong?
Tomoe: Do you remember? When you were little and you got sick just like this. That time you had a really high fever...
Tomoe: "Sis, my head hurts." "Sis, my tummy hurts." "Sis, I'm hungry"...
Tomoe: You were crying and clinging to me really tight...
Ako: R-really? I guess~... I kinda remember....
Tomoe: Mom would tuck you in, but you would immediately jump out of bed and grab onto me...
Ako: ... Y-yeah. I guess~... I remember...
Tomoe: So we just ended up sleeping together, and then, the next day-
Ako: Ah! You got sick, right?
Tomoe: Yup. The next day was tough. My head hurt, my stomach hurt, and I was so hungry because I couldn't eat anything...
Tomoe: Meanwhile, you were back to normal, jumping around and whatnot, hahaha.
Ako: Sis... I'm sorry I did that to you.
Tomoe: No, no, don't be sorry. I don't want you to apologize. What I'm trying to say is that you've really grown.
Tomoe: I can even count on you to take care of me when I'm sick...
Tomoe: It's crazy how reliable you've become in such a short time, Ako.
Ako: ...
Ako: Sis, you remember everything, don't you...?
Tomoe: Of course. You think I'd forget anything about you, Ako?
Tomoe: You're my cute litte sister. I've got everything about you up here.
Ako: Sis...
Tomoe: Haha, now that we're talking about the old days, all these memories are coming back to me.
Tomoe: Like when you started going to elementary school...
Ako: Wahhh~! No~!! Stop~!! No more talking about that stuff~!!
Ako: Forget about that. You gottta get some rest so you can get better!
Ako: C'mon, close your eyes. You can sleep easy knowing that Ako will be here to nurse you back to perfect health!
Tomoe: Haha, okay. Whatever you say...
Tomoe: Good night, Ako...
Ako: Mhm! Nighty-night, sis.

30 Minutes Later

Tomoe: Zzz... Zzz...
Ako: Looks like she's finally asleep... But... she still has a slight fever...
Ako: (I'll take care of it.)
Ako: (She's always looking after me, so every once in a while, I've gotta return the favor!)
Ako: (And I wanna pay her back for when I was little and for when I got into Roselia...!)
Ako: (So...)
Ako: (Get well soon, okay?)
Ako: Alright, I have to find more and more things I can do for her...
Ako: Yeah! I'll do my best!

Tomoe SOS! Ako's Grand Nursing Operation Event Story - Chapter 3
Kind Visitors

The bell rings at the Udagawa residence.
Ako opens the door to find three unexpected vistors.


Udagawa Residence - Tomoe's Room

Tomoe: Zzz... Zzz... Zzz...

Living Room
Ako: Great... She's fast asleep. That means she'll be better in no time.
Ako: Hm? Who's that...? Uhh, intercom, intercom...
Ako: Huh?!

Saaya: Hey.
Hagumi: Ta-da~, it's Hagumi!
Tsugumi: Sorry to bother you.
Ako: Hey, is something wrong?
Saaya: Remember, I said I would bring something for Tomoe to eat? Well, on my way here, I ran into these two, so they decided to come too.
Hagumi: I was so shocked! I heard Tomo-chin was knocked out cold... by a cold!
Tsugumi: Tomoe-chan said we shouldn't come, but I just couldn't stop thinking about her, so I came anyway.
Ako: Guys... Thanks! I bet she'd be happy to hear all of this!
Hagumi: Hey, Ako-chin. Is there anything I can help with? Taking care of her by yourself must be a lot of work.
Ako: Actually, I'm okay! I can do it all by myself! And she's sleeping like a baby at the moment.
Saaya: Ah, Tomoe's asleep. I see... Alright, well we wouldn't wanna wake her up, so we'll get out of here. Here you go. Could you give this to her?
Ako: Wahhh~, thanks!
Saaya: As promised, these are foods that you can eat even when you're sick.
Saaya: We have some French toast, which is really soft, so you don't have to have an appetite to eat it.
Saaya: And there's also some white bread. It's light, so you can probably make a sandwich or something with it.
Ako: Wow~ ♪ Looks yummy~!
Tsugumi: I brought some black ginger tea to help her warm up.
Ako: Black... ginger... tea?
Tsugumi: Yeah. It's tasty, and it's perfect for when you're cold. I think it can help cure her right away.
Ako: Really?! Thank you, Tsugu-chin!
Tsugumi: A-and, uhh... Please let her know... that we can't wait for her to get back rehearsal.
Ako: Okay!
Hagumi: Hagumi's turn! I brought~...
Hagumi: Ta-da~! Chicken dumplings~!
Ako: Whoa~! This many? Are you sure?
Hagumi: Of course ♪ If you make a soup with them, you can create a meal packed with nutrients!
Hagumi: And this! A specialty at our store! Fluffy croquettes!
Ako: Yay~! I love croquettes too~!
Hagumi: If Tomo-chin isn't feeling up to it, you can eat them! Okay?
Ako: (I can't believe I got so much stuff...)
Ako: (My sister's friends are all so nice.)
Saaya: Okay, we're gonna get going.
Tsugumi: Tell Tomoe-chan we said hi.
Hagumi: See ya, Ako-chin! Make sure you take good care of Tomo-chin! Bye-bye~!
Ako: Thanks for coming, guys! Bye-bye~!

Ako: Everyone's hoping Sis gets well soon... I'm gonna do everything I can!

Tomoe SOS! Ako's Grand Nursing Operation Event Story - Chapter 4
Mealtime with Ako

Ako uses the ingredients she received from Hagumi to make a soup.
What will Tomoe think...?


Udagawa Residence - Living Room

Ako: Okay, while she's asleep, I'll whip up something tasty.
Ako: I have to do what I can so that she can get better!
Ako: I'm pretty sure Hagumi said I can use the chicken dumplings to make a soup.
Ako: Hmm, but I'm not sure how to do that...
Ako: Oh, I know. I can look it up! Uhh, just gotta get my phone, and... just like that...
Ako: ... Yeah! Here we go! Huh, so that's how you make chicken dumpling soup.
Ako: Alright! Now, it's time for an Ako specialty dish!

30 Minutes Later

Ako: Hmm, now I put this in...
Ako: This seems like the kinda thing where a secret ingredient could make it really delicious...
Ako: Oh, but... The other day on TV they were saying you should always stick to the recipe.
Ako: ... That means the secret ingredient will have to be Ako's love!
Ako: Sis, get better soon...! Hiyah! The love has been infused!!
Ako: ... Ehehe, should be good now! Just have to add the chicken dumplings and let it steam a bit, and...
Ako: Mhm, all done!
Mother: I'm home.
Ako: Ah, Mommy! Hi!
Mother: Wow. Ako, you're cooking? You don't see that every day. Did you make all of this on your own? That's amazing!
Ako: Sis caught a cold, so I've been working really hard and made this for her. Can you try it for me, please?
Mother: Mhm, of course... Mmm, that tastes great!
Ako: It does?! Yay~! I did it!
Ako: Ehehe, can't wait until Sis eats some so I can hear what she thinks too.
Tomoe: Yawn... What a great nap...
Ako: Ah, Sis! How are you feeling?
Tomoe: After getting some sleep, I'm feeling a lot better. I think I still have a bit of a fever though.
Ako: Are you hungry? Can you eat?
Tomoe: I am starving~.
Ako: Ta-da~! That's what I thought you'd say, so I prepared something for us!
Tomoe: Oh, wow. That's awesome. Ako, I didn't know you could cook.
Ako: Ehehe~. Hot soup, coming right up! There's a lot, so don't be shy!

Tomoe: ... Phew, oh man. Thanks, Ako. That was delicious.
Ako: Really? Was it actually that good?
Tomoe: ... Yep. I didn't think you'd be able to make such a a tasty meal. I'm surprised.
Ako: Yay~! I'm just glad that you liked it!
Tomoe: Especially the chicken dumplings. They were amazing. I hope you'll make them again someday.
Ako: Actually, I made this soup with chicken dumplings that I got from Hagumi!
Tomoe: What? Hagumi was here?
Ako: Mhm. And I got this French toast from Saaya-chan.
Ako: Also, the black ginger tea you're drinking was from Tsugu-chin!
Tomoe: I see... That was nice of them to come...
Ako: Aren't you happy to have so many friends who care about you? They were all really worried!
Tomoe: They were? Even though I told them they don't have to come see me...
Tomoe: Now I gotta make sure I get better soon so I can thank them.

Tomoe SOS! Ako's Grand Nursing Operation Event Story - Chapter 5
Our Time Together

Now that her fever has finally dropped, Tomoe offers to play video games with Ako.
Will she be the one to be spoiled this time around...?


Udagawa Residence - Living Room

Tomoe: Phew... A great meal, cold medicine... I think I'm feeling a lot better.
Ako: You are? That's great~.
Tomoe: There's a lot of people I should thank.
Tomoe: But most important of all, I should thank you, Ako.
Ako: N-not really. I just did what I'm supposed to do!
Tomoe: Maybe that's true, but it makes me happy that you did.
Tomoe: Oh yeah. I was thinking since you did something for me, I should do something for you. You wanna play some video games together? It's been a while.
Tomoe: All I've been doing is sleeping. My body feels so stiff...
Ako: N-no! You can't play video games...! Just feeling a little better doesn't mean you're completely cured! You gotta go back to your room and sleep, Sis...
Tomoe: Hmm... But I've already slept so much. It's really boring.
Ako: But you still have to do it!
Tomoe: ... Fine. Okay, I want ice cream. If you let me have some ice cream, I guess I can go to sleep.
Ako: Geez... Sis, you're acting like a big baby.
Tomoe: So what~? You've become so dependable. Should be okay to let you take care of me sometimes.
Ako: Alright, fine~. Ehehe~. Actually, I thought you might say that, so I bought some ice cream on my way home!
Ako: Okay, so I'm gonna bring you some ice cream, but after you eat it, you promise you'll go to sleep, right?
Tomoe: Yeah, I promise.

Ako: Sis, I got your ice cream. Here. Ahh~...
Tomoe: Ahh~... Mmm, it's so cold. That's the stuff.
Ako: ... Ehehe ♪ You know, this kinda makes me feel like I'm your older sister.
Tomoe: Big sister Ako... Doesn't seem too bad.
Ako: Hmm... But, actually, I'd rather be the little sister!
Tomoe: Really? Why's that?
Ako: Because~, I like when you spoil me!
Tomoe: ... Hahaha. That's cool. I have no problem spoiling you rotten.
Ako: Okay, then it's hug time!
Tomoe: H-hold on! You can't hug me now. Not while I'm sick.
Ako: Oh, right. Okay, then you have to get better, right away!
Tomoe: Mhm, got it. Alright, I've had my ice cream, so as promised, I'll go back to sleep. So that I can get better more quickly ♪
Ako: Okay~! Nighty-night, Sis!
Tomoe: Good night, Ako.

Ako: ... Alright. Now I have to wash dishes and stuff!
Ako: Hmm, big sister Ako... Is this really what it feels like to be the older sister?
Ako: "Tomoe... Everything okay? Don't get lost on me." "Tomoe, no need to cry... Your big sister is here!"
Ako: ... Pft, haha... Ahaha! Yeah, that really doesn't seem like my style!
Ako: After all, being Sis's little sister is the best.

Tomoe's Room

Ako: Sis, are you sleeping like you should be?
Tomoe: Zzz... Zzz...
Ako: Great... Out like a light.
Ako: I wonder if her fever has gone down. I'm gonna feel your forehead, okay?
Ako: Hm~... Yep!
Ako: All but gone. Awesome... This means that by tomorrow, she should be all better!
Ako: Sweet dreams, Sis. I hope tomorrow we can walk to school together...

Tomoe SOS! Ako's Grand Nursing Operation Event Story - Ending
That's My Little Sister

Having recovered from her sickness, Tomoe heads to school with Ako.
On their way, they run into three familiar faces...


The Next Morning
Udagawa Residence - Living Room

Ako: I think Sis should be getting up soon. I gotta make breakfast before that.
Ako: Uh-uhm, I think... we still have the crouqettes from Hagumi left...
Ako: As well as the white bread from Saaya-chan. I'll just put those in the toaster...
Tomoe: Good morning.
Ako: Ah, Sis! I see you're wearing your school uniform. Are you feeling okay?
Tomoe: Yup. All better and no more fever.
Ako: Good ♪ Oh, I'm making breakfast. Just one second!
Tomoe: You're making breakfast too now? You always sleep until the last minute...
Ako: I was up really early this morning! I even got up before my alarm rang!
Tomoe: Haha, I told you. You really are reliable. Maybe you're better off with me having a cold.
Ako: What~? No way! When you're unhealthy, Ako's unhappy~!
Tomoe: Ahaha. I know, I know. Sorry, I was just kidding.
Ako: Ah, the toast is ready! Breakfast is done~. Here you go, Sis.
Tomoe: Hm? What do we have here?
Ako: Croquette buns!
Ako: I made them with the stuff the girls gave me yesterday!
Tomoe: Looks like we'll have to show our thanks by digging in. C'mon, Ako. Time to chow down.
Ako: Mhm! Alright...
Ako, Tomoe: Let's eat!

Ako: So, how was Ako's breakfast?
Tomoe: Delicious. Fluffy croquettes with white bread... It was awesome.
Ako: Right?! I thought so too!
Ako: Ah! Sis, look! There they are!
Ako: Morning~!
Saaya: Ah, good morning.
Hagumi: Whoa, whoa. Tomo-chin, you're looking super duper healthy~ ♪
Tsugumi: That's nice. Did your cold go away? All of us in Afterglow were worried.
Tomoe: I know you all were concerned, but I'm completely cured. And it's thanks to the gifts you guys brought me, as well as all of Ako's help taking care of me.
Saaya: Ako looked after you, huh? That's pretty amazing.
Hagumi: Wow~, Ako-chin! You're awesome~!
Ako: N-not really. All I did was cook a couple of meals~.
Tomoe: And thanks to that, I got a taste of what it's like to be the little sister.
Hagumi: Ako-chin, that's so cool ♪ You must have been great if Tomo-chin is saying all of that! I'm so jealous~. I wish I had a little sister like Ako-chin!
Tomoe: Too bad. You can't have her. I'm proud to say she's my sister.
Ako: ... Mhm!
Ako: W-well... Nursing is a breeze for the mighty Ako!
Ako: After all, I am...
Tomoe: ... Am...?
Ako: Sis's little sister!

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