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Toward Greater Heights Card Story - Episode

Reflecting or Eating?



Ako: Ahh~, that was yummy~! We really stuffed ourselves, huh, Rin-rin?
Rinko: M-mhm... Ah... Ako-chan... There's rice... on your cheek...
Ako: Where? Here? Huh? Rin-rin, can you get it for me~?
Sayo: So, can we start discussing our performance now?
Rinko: Ah...! Th-that's right...!
Lisa: Yeah, let's get to it! But I gotta say, there is like nothing bad on this menu! I've eaten my fill, that's for sure.
Yukina: You too, Lisa..? You do all realize that the reason we're here is to reflect on our performance, right?
Ako: Yes~, we know~. Oh, but before that, Yukina-san! Do you mind if I grab a drink?
Lisa: Okay, I'll go with you. Yukina, I'll bring you some coffee, okay? Lots of sugar, right?
Others: Excuse me, girls. Could I bother you for a moment?
Lisa: Hm? Us? Uhh... You're the manager of this shop, correct? Is there something we can help you with?
Others: We've actually been working on a new menu item, and we were hoping to have customers give it a taste and let us know what they think...
Ako: Samples?! Yay~! Count me in! You guys want some too, right?
Rinko: I-I don't know... if I can...
Ako: Come on, it'll be fine! There's always room for samples! Lisa-nee, you want some too, right?
Lisa: The sound of a new item does tempt me, I can't deny that~.
Yukina: Why does it have to be us, though? There are so many other customers here too...
Lisa: C'mon, doesn't hurt to try! And the manager went to the trouble of reaching out to us! 'Kay, we'll have the samples!
Others: Okay, thank you so much! I will bring them right out. Please give me a moment!

5 Minutes Later

Others: These are the samples. Please, give them a try!
Ako: Whoa~! Look at all this food~!
Lisa: Seriously! I wonder if we can eat all of this~...
Yukina: Is this... gratin?
Others: This one is a gratin made with french fries. This one is an omelet made with french fries. This one is a dessert - french fries with chocolate sauce.
Lisa: Wow... You sure did a good job getting fries into everything...
Rinko: But Hikawa-san... just ate... so many...
Ako: Sayo-san, isn't that great? Now you get to have even more!
Sayo: I-I told you already, it's... not like I have a special love for them or something...
Others: We were hoping to hear from you especially. You always order the fries whenever you come alone too!
Ako: What?! Really?! Sayo-san, is that true?
Rinko: Hikawa-san... So you like french fries that much...
Sayo: N-no, that was...
Lisa: (I-I'm gonna have to come to Sayo's rescue here, aren't I...?)
Lisa: M-maybe the manager is just confusing her for Hina...!
Ako: Ah! That's right! Sayo-san and Hina-chin do look alike!
Yukina: Really? You actually think they look that similar? I can't say I see it.
Rinko: ...But that might only be true... from our point of view. I think to other people... they would look alike...
Lisa: W-well, whatever! Maybe we don't know the reason, but we do know we have all these sample they're letting us try out! S-so let's get down to business...! Time to eat~!

10 Minutes Later

Others: How were the samples?
Ako: They were all so good! I think I liked the gratin the best. The warm cheese was just so tasty!
Rinko: I also... liked... the gratin.
Lisa: Well I'm a fan of the omelet~☆ I like how you get to experience so many different textures. It's to die for! Yukina, what did you think?
Yukina: I was surprised at just how well the fries and the chocolate sauce work together. Sayo, you were of the same opinion, correct?
Sayo: Yes. I think they were all delectable. Each of them focused on a different aspect of that makes french fries an enjoyable food item.
Others: Thank you, girls. We value your opinions greatly. We will keep your comments in mind as we develop our new recipes!
Lisa: Ahaha! Glad we could help! Hey, Ako! Those items could be on the menu soon, you know!
Rinko: Ako-chan... You're looking forward to it... aren't you...?
Ako: Mhm! If they do that, I am absolutely, positively ordering them!
Others: Really?! Actually... There is one more thing we would like for you to try...
Lisa: T-there's more?!
Others: It's something new that uses bitter melon-
Yukina: Sorry, we'll pass.
Others: B-but we think this one is very good-
Yukina: W-we're full from all of the food we just tried, so... sorry...
Ako: I can still eat!
Lisa: C-c'mon now... We didn't come here to try out foods! We have to start talking about our performance, okay?
Ako: Oh. Yeah, you're right...! We're sorry we can't try your food...
Yukina: (Good... Thanks, Lisa...)
Lisa: (Geez, Sayo, Yukina. You two always need someone there to lend you a hand...)

Toward Greater Heights Card Story - Special Episode

A Little More Growth


Record Shop

Yukina: I'm certain this is the CD that Rinko was talking about...
Marina: Ah, Yukina-chan. Hey there.
Yukina: Good afternoon, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san.
Marina: Out shopping, Yukina-chan? Did a band you like come out with a new album?
Yukina: No, that's not why I'm here...
Marina: Hm? Actually, this is the classical music section, right?Didn't think I'd ever see you looking around here.
Yukina: Well, the other day, Rinko recommended a classical music album to me. I came to buy it.
Marina: Oh. Yeah, she is really well-versed in that genre.
Yukina: I figured we would need to adopt elements from various types of music if we want to improve our musicality any further.
Marina: I see~. You know, depending on how you look at it, this is one of the best parts of being in a band.
Yukina: One of the best parts? What do you mean by that?
Marina: Well you can't have a band with only one person, right? That means that each individual's musical sense will rub off quite a bit on the group, and I think because of that, the band grows, little by little.
Marina: Like right now, you're giving classical music a chance, and that could lead to you all developing in new ways as a band.
Yukina: So we experience new growth thanks to everyone's individual influence...
Yukina: I've never thought of it like that. We do have significant impact on each other when we're together long enough, that is true.
Yukina: ... Ah. So maybe that conversation we had the other day was actually about growth as well...
Marina: Hm? What was this conversation? Hey, you want to know too, right?
Yukina: It's nothing really that interesting... The other day we were talking about how Sayo came to like french fries because of Hina.
Marina: French... fries?
Yukina: And Ako was saying how her food preferences are very similar to Udagawa-san.
Yukina: So it's not only band members. Maybe sisters can have an impact on each other too.
Yukina: I can't really be sure, though, since I'm an only child...
Marina: I wouldn't say that. Sisters aren't the only people who influence each other. All of our family members have a hand in who we become.
Yukina: All... family members?
Marina: Yeah. Someone had to have a significant impact on you... Well? Doesn't anyone come to mind?
Yukina: ... Ah, my father.
Marina: Right, exactly!
Yukina: Yes, that's true. It was because of my family... because of my father that I got into music. There's no question about that.
Yukina: ... Fufu. I kind of... feel like I need to thank you, so... thanks.