Toyama Kasumi is the main protagonist of the BanG Dream! franchise. She is a second-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School and the vocalist and rhythm guitarist of Poppin'Party.


Kasumi lives with her parents and has a younger sister, Asuka - whom she calls "Aa-chan" - however it's not always clear who is the more responsible out of the two.

When she viewed the stars one night as a child, she heard a sparkling "Star Beat" and she's been searching for it. She believes that she found it after she saw her guitar for the first time, and when she formed Poppin'Party.


Cheerful and always in high spirits, Kasumi is a playful, active and generally positive girl that always finds something to be excited about.

She is capable of sharing a mental wavelength with Kokoro, something nobody else seems to be able to do. She is also the type to believe in (or fall for) the strangest explanations. However Kasumi is also quite forgetful, tending to do important things by last moment (though unintentionally so.)

She loves to tease Arisa, but given her kind personality, it's hard to tell if she is deliberately trying to provoke her or if she's oblivious. At times she can also behave melodramatically.


Kasumi has purple eyes and brown hair worn loose with segments pulled up into star-shaped buns. Her short bangs are framed by longer forelocks held by red star-shaped clips.

In her casual wear, she often wears a long blue button-up t-shirt dress accompanied by a yellow flannel tied along her waist. She also pairs it with a silver star necklace and a black watch.

In her first stage costume, she wears a white sleeveless collared shirt with red plaid cuffs and a tie

Game Interactions

A list of characters Kasumi interacts with in the game.

Tae (icon)Rimi (icon)Saaya (icon)Arisa (icon)Ran (icon)Tomoe (icon)Aya (icon)Eve (icon)Yukina (icon)Lisa (icon)Kokoro (icon)Hagumi (icon)


Poppin'Party 戸山香澄 自己紹介動画

Poppin'Party 戸山香澄 自己紹介動画


  • Her personality and character were the complete opposite in the original storyline - she was depressed, lonely and reserved.
  • She is not a good swimmer unlike her sister, who was a member of Hanasakigawa's swimming club.
  • ESP Guitars has released a real-life version of Kasumi's guitar, Random Star, alongside Tae's guitar, Rimi's bass and other BanG Dream! merchandise.[1][2][3]
  • Although Kasumi's hairstyle is often mistaken for cat ears, it is actually her own attempt to make her hair in the shape of a star.[4] Even when it rains, her hairstyle is never affected.[5]
  • She, along with Arisa, are the only members of Poppin'Party that interact with all other bands during Lives (and in the dialogues at the end of every game).
  • She is one of the few girls unable to tell that the Student Council President and keyboardist of Glitter*Green were the same person until witnessing her remove her glasses.
  • She's childhood friends with Hagumi, but Hagumi only realized it when Kasumi didn't have her cat ears (as she used to wear twin tails when she was younger).
  • She is the same height as Tsugumi, Aya, Hina, and Kanon.
  • Kasumi has a special ability to detect if Saaya's bakery made a new bread type by sniffing her.[6]
  • She hates ugly people and wants them to slit their throats.

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