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Trace Of Effort Card Story - Episode

Cooking With Yukina♪


Lisa: We haven't had a sleepover like this in so long♪
Yukina: ......
Lisa: Hey, what's that face for? You're gonna hurt poor Lisa-chan's feelings~♪
Yukina: I'm in high school. I think I can survive one night alone by myself.
Lisa: Nope nope nope. Your parents said if you're gonna stay here for rehearsals while they're on vacation, you have to stay together with me. Right?
Lisa: And anyway, we both know you can't do anything around the house.
Yukina: What...? We each have our duties. My mother is in charge of all the cooking.
Lisa: Hmm~? So what do you do, then?
Yukina: ... I clean the dishes... sometimes.
Lisa: Well, whatever. I'm gonna cook you your most favorite meal tonight, okay? You're gonna love it♪
Yukina: Lisa, I keep telling you...
Lisa: Come on, come on! Let's go get groceries.
Yukina: (... Her fingers are worn out enough as it is. Now all of this, too...?)

Yukina's House

Lisa: Here we go! It's time for me to make Yukina's very favorite stew~♪
Yukina: I can help you, you know. ... With peeling, and such.
Lisa: What? Really?! You're so grown up, Yukina~! I'm touched, I really am♪
Lisa: Okay then. I'll keep going with this here, and you can peel the potatoes there. Here's your peeler♪
Yukina: (I don't know why I said that... Obviously I can't use a knife at all... but I'm not really good with these things, either...)
Yukina: (Even so... I can't just leave it all to Lisa, not with her fingers the way they are...)
Lisa: We always used to cook dinner and have sleepovers like this, remember? When your mom and dad were gonna be late home from work.
Yukina: I remember...
Yukina: It was mostly you doing the cooking, just like now...
Yukina: You always were good in the kitchen, Lisa.
Lisa: Hehehe, I guess. I always cook together with my mom, so...
Lisa: You were always good at singing though, right? Back when I was still terrible at bass.
Yukina: You were?
Lisa: I really was. Oh, you can just put the peeled skins in here. I'll clean up afterwards.
Lisa: Oh also, I was gonna put some spinach in. Can you eat spinach, now?
Yukina: ......
Lisa: I still remember, you know. When you used to sing along while your dad played guitar... The two of you in perfect harmony...
Lisa: I mean, I always knew you were good, but even back then as elementary school kids I remember thinking... "Yeah, she's a pro."
Yukina: A little overstated for a child.
Lisa: I know, but I just felt something! Something that said, "this girl's different," you know?
Yukina: ...
Yukina: (This potato's getting smaller and smaller the more I peel it... I hope I'm doing it right.)
Lisa: Watching the two of you, hearing your voices and your dad's guitar, I remember thinking I wanted to try something else, not vocals or guitar.
Lisa: Now that I think about it, that was probably a little rude to all the professional musicians out there, but...
Lisa: It was thanks to that that I'm playing bass beside you now, right?
Lisa: I was terrible at first, though. I thought maybe I should give it up and just try singing with you, however bad my voice is.
Lisa: But now? I'm just incredibly thankful to both you and your father♪
Lisa: You both stuck by me, even though I was no good at it at all.
Yukina: ... Because "practice is all that matters." It's not like me or my father were any good when we first started, either.
Yukina: People improve in different lengths, at different speeds. Some will hear a song once and master it. Others go from 1 to 100 in no time, then slow...
Yukina: Others still will take time at the beginning, but once they feel it with their own body, they'll never forget it again. That's you, Lisa.
Lisa: Oh? Really? You're okay with chicken, right?
Yukina: Just make sure to cut the fat off.
Yukina: Yes, that's your style. You had so many gaps when we started out, but now you're already at the same level as the rest of us.
Lisa: Ahaha... I mean, I felt like I almost died trying.
Yukina: Die trying... Anyone can have skills, you know. But real genius is putting them to use at 120%.
Yukina: It's something to be proud of.
Lisa: Hehehe... Come on, you're gonna make me blush with all these compliments♪
Yukina: I suppose I'm just so focused on all of this. I'm speaking before I really think...
Yukina: (I've never really done any cooking before, but... this might actually be quite fun.)
Lisa: ... Yukina?! Where's the potato I put down here?!
Yukina: What? I just now finished peeling it.
Lisa: That?! It's only half the size of the one I gave you. Where's the other half?
Yukina: That'll be the skin there.
Lisa: Thick! Too thick! How did you peel away half the potato...?!
Yukina: You asked me to peel, so I peeled. I don't see why anyone should be complaining.
Lisa: You don't?! At this rate your mom's gonna be cooking for you forever, you know. Here, let's start with how you hold the peeler.
Yukina: I-I don't even care. It's only cooking.
Lisa: "Practice is all that matters," right? Now take that carrot!
Yukina: (I may now regret some things I've said...)

Trace Of Effort Card Story - Special Episode

Yukina & The Band


Lisa: ... Thinking back on everything, we kind of just jumped into all of this...
Lisa: A lot of things sure did happen~...
Lisa: So much support from our fans, and BanG Dreamer-san's always there for us too...
Lisa: Yukina seems kind of happy too.
Lisa: Mmm~! Gonna have to keep giving it everything I've got♪
Lisa: ... Oh, BanG Dreamer-san. Hey~.
Lisa: Feels weird seeing each other so early in the morning, huh?
Lisa: ... Huh? Why am I here at this time of day?
Lisa: Hmm~... I guess I just wanted to come in before everyone else...
Lisa: Anyway, enough about me. Why are you so early today?
Lisa: ... Ohh, I see. That makes sense, it's kinda your job to come in at this time of day and prepare for the gigs, huh~?
Lisa: Thanks for all your hard work♪
Lisa: ... Speaking of which, why did you decide to work here anyway, BanG Dreamer-san?
Lisa: Oh, it's not like I think it's strange or anything, I was just curious~♪
Lisa: Or is this one of those off-limits topics?
Lisa: Hmm... it's a secret, huh?
Lisa: ... Huh? You wanna know why I decided to play in a band?
Lisa: Well...
Lisa: In the beginning, it was just to be there for Yukina because she... well, you know how she is.
Lisa: ... You had a feeling that was the case? You could tell just by watching me here?
Lisa: N-now I'm starting to wonder how I come across...
Lisa: Well, we can talk about that later!
Lisa: In any case, I just wanted to be there for Yukina. I wasn't that serious about the band side of things really~.
Lisa: ... Ah, you should see the look on your face, BanG Dreamer-san!
Lisa: You're surprised? Fufu, it's the truth though~.
Lisa: I couldn't abandon Yukina, which is why I decided to join the band.
Lisa: ... But, you know...
Lisa: After we formed the band, Yukina started to smile more, and my feelings of wanting her to be happy just grew stronger.
Lisa: And then before I knew it, I was getting all serious about this.
Lisa: I was only in it to be there for Yukina, but now I'm actually taking this band thing really seriously.
Lisa: ... You're wondering why I couldn't abandon Yukina?
Lisa: It's mainly just because she's a close friend... I mean, she's actually really sweet, you know?
Lisa: ... I guess it's kind of hard for you to imagine, right BanG Dreamer-san?
Lisa: Okay~, lemme think...
Lisa: One time when Ako, Yukina and I were heading to the studio after school together...
Lisa: Ako looked at my fingers, and she was really surprised by how beat up they were.
Lisa: Yukina was barely paying attention to us, but she gasped when she saw my fingers...
Lisa: Then she warned me not to overdo it because it'll just damage my fingers.
Lisa: I guess at the time I was burning myself out. Like, just practicing too much.
Lisa: I don't know why, but... I was just so happy that she worried about me.
Lisa: It gave me this sense that she actually does care about me.
Lisa: She acts like she doesn't most of the time, and then suddenly goes and does that... How am I not supposed to get hit in the feels?
Lisa: It just makes me want to do more for her, you know?
Lisa: It's so not fair~♪
Lisa: ... Huh? You can tell I really care about her?
Lisa: ... Hmm, well, we're best friends, after all.
Lisa: Besides, it's not just Yukina, I really care about the other members of the band too♪
Lisa: ... Okay, that's enough about me!
Lisa: Now you've got a good idea about how sweet Yukina can be, right BanG Dreamer-san?
Lisa: Great! That's the only thing that matters♪
Lisa: Wow, look at the time.
Lisa: I totally lost track of time talking to you, BanG Dreamer-san.
Lisa: Thanks, it was really fun♪
Lisa: ... You did too, BanG Dreamer-san?
Lisa: Ahaha, thanks again♪
Lisa: Okay, I'm gonna head off now.
Lisa: See you later~♪