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Translating Languages Card Story - Episode

A Herbivore's Instinct


Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Staff Room Entrance

Mashiro & Tsukushi: Excuse us.
Mashiro: Tsukushi-chan, thank you for helping me with my class duties. I couldn't carry all those papers on my own, so you saved me.
Tsukushi: I'm the class president, so don't worry about it! And besides, it's only common sense to help out a friend in need.
Tsukushi: Now, should we go and meet the others? Touko-chan sent a message in the chat telling us to hurry.
Mashiro: Yeah. Today is our last day to prepare for the seminar, isn't it?
Tsukushi: We have to finish on time! Let's do our best, Mashiro-chan!
Student Council President: Oh, you are Yashio-san's...
Tsukushi: Ah, it's the student council president! Hello.
Mashiro: ...?!
Student Council President: Hello. Futaba-san, right?
Tsukushi: You remembered my name?!
Student Council President: Of course. After all, you were the only student who volunteered to help set up for the seminar.
Student Council President: The fast pace of Yashio-san's work has become quite the hot topic in the student council room.
Tsukushi: Really?! Isn't that great, Mashiro-chan?!
Mashiro: Huh...? Ah... Y-yes.
Student Council President: Keep up the good work. Let's make this seminar a good one.
Tsukushi: Yes!
Tsukushi: Hehe, the president told us to keep up the good work.
Mashiro: ...
Tsukushi: ... Uh, what's wrong, Mashiro-chan?! Your face has gone pale.
Mashiro: It's so impressive that you can speak to the president like that, Tsukushi-chan.
Mashiro: My mind went blank just looking at her...
Tsukushi: Huh? Why did that happen?
Mashiro: B-because she's the student council president...
Mashiro: She's smart enough to be in the top five for the national mock examinations, and she's good enough at sports to win the national archery championship...
Mashiro: Speaking to someone as amazing as that... No, even just walking past them makes me nervous...
Tsukushi: O-ohh~. I think that's a bit over the top...
Mashiro: You know, the other day, I watched this show where they followed animals on the savanna for a whole year.
Tsukushi: Huh, on the savanna?
Mashiro: Apparently, a herbivore's body will naturally tense up when they spot a lion.
Mashiro: It's an animal instinct, so I don't think they can help it...
Tsukushi: Th-the student council president isn't a lion!
Tsukushi: Ugh~, I guess there's no other way. Let's slowly get you more used to being around them.
Mashiro: Do you think I'll be able to...?
Tsukushi: Of course you will! You were really nervous the first time you stood on stage at a live house, right?
Mashiro: Yeah... I still get nervous now.
Tsukushi: But you've gotten up there and sung several times! And you're even more confident now than you were at first.
Tsukushi: That means you gradually got used to those nerves.
Tsukushi: So even if you're too nervous to speak to them now, I know you'll be able to get used to it, just like you did with the stage.
Mashiro: ...
Mashiro: I'm not sure when it will happen, but... I hope it does.
Tsukushi: Yeah. I'm sure it will!
Tsukushi: Now, should we get going? We have to finish setting up for the seminar.
Mashiro: Yeah, let's do our best.

Translating Languages Card Story - Special Episode

Rui's Strength


Shopping Mall

Marina: Huh? What are you doing here? I thought I'd have some fun on my way home from work.
Marina: You too? ... Hm? Hey, hey, look over there in that book shop...
Mashiro: Hmm~... Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Hello.
Marina: Hello, Mashiro-chan. You look rather lost. What were you looking at?
Mashiro: I'm looking at these collections of paintings. I can't decide which one to get.
Marina: Do you like paintings, Mashiro-chan?
Mashiro: I wouldn't say I like them, but... Recently, I went to an art exhibition with Morfonica.
Mashiro: All of the pieces were beautiful, so I wanted to look at some more.
Marina: Huh, I see. You never know what kind of things will get you interested in something new.
Mashiro: No, you don't. Perhaps I appreciated the exhibition more since I looked up the artists beforehand.
Marina: Oh~, I'm impressed you studied up on them before you went~.
Mashiro: Ah, no, that's not what I meant... A seminar to coincide with the exhibition was actually held by the same artists at Tsukinomori.
Mashiro: All of Morfonica helped with the preparations, so I ended up learning about the pieces as part of that...
Marina: An art seminar, huh~? I bet you had to prepare quite a lot for that.
Mashiro: It was quite difficult... But I enjoyed working together with everyone.
Mashiro: And it was refreshing to hear Rui-san's stories.
Marina: Rui-chan's stories?
Mashiro: "What is the point in doing something if you are not the best at it?" "It is meaningless to spend time on something if you do not have talent."
Mashiro: Rui-san always talks like that, but we got onto this topic while we were working.
Mashiro: After hearing her say these things, I thought to myself, Rui-san sure is strong.
Marina: Strong? Why did you think that?
Mashiro: Umm, I cannot explain it very well, but...
Mashiro: Spending your time on things you are good at means that you can determine what your talents are...
Mashiro: I thought that was impressive... It's impossible for me to do that. No matter what I do, I can't help but think I am bad at it...
Marina: It is difficult recognizing what your strengths are.
Marina: And even if you can, just as Rui-san said, it doesn't mean you will be the best at them.
Mashiro: I thought the very same thing.
Mashiro: So I think when Rui-san says something like "there is no point in doing something if you are not the best at it," what she really means is, "if you have talent, you must aim to be the best."
Mashiro: But don't you think that is quite a lot of pressure? Although Rui-san doesn't seem to feel that way...
Marina: I see~. I understand what you mean, Mashiro-chan.
Marina: But only Rui-chan truly knows how she feels, so maybe you shouldn't assume too much.
Marina: Otherwise, you might not notice the signs when Rui-chan is truly in a pinch.
Mashiro: I wonder if Rui-san ever even sends me signs...
Marina: I'm sure she has. This is just me guessing here, but I think she'd be happy if you just brought it up with her casually.
Mashiro: ... I see. I am not sure if I can do it, but... I will be careful not to miss any signs she sends.
Mashiro: I should get going now. Goodbye.
Marina: Yeah, see you!