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Treasure Finder Card Story - Episode

The Party's Just Starting!



Kasumi: Mmm, concerts are so much fun~!
Arisa: Phew, I'm glad we managed to get through both the afternoon and evening shows~.
Rimi: Here, Arisa-chan. Drink up.
Arisa: Oh, thanks... Ahhh, that hits the spot~.
Saaya: I'm glad the after-party show was as exciting as the afternoon one.
Tae: Both Ran's and Yukina-senpai's groups had me absolutely trembling.
Rimi: And the crowd was all smiles with Hello, Happy World!
Kasumi: I'm so, so happy we could put on such an awesome concert with everyone~. Cheers to the sports festival~!
Tae: Cheers~!
Arisa: You guys are way too pumped, I swear...
Kasumi: Come on, those concerts were so much fun~. Sigh, I wish we could have kept playing~... Do you think we can, Arisa?
Arisa: Of course not! Besides, aren't you gonna have a look around? The after-party will be over soon..
Saaya: They do have a lot of stands set up~.
Kasumi: Ah, that's right! Yeah, I wanna check them out~!
Tae: Rimi, they're selling chocolate cookies over there.
Rimi: Then I'm coming too~!
Arisa: Alright, let's walk around, then.
Kasumi: Yay~! Then let's hurry!
Kasumi: Ahhh, I'm stuffed~. I couldn't eat another bite~.
Rimi: Fufu, same here~. I think I had a little too much.
Arisa: That's too much no matter how you look at it!
Kasumi: Hm? What's going on over there?
Saaya: Are they... setting up for the folk dance?
Kasumi: You're right! Hey! Why don't we go join in once they're set up?!
Tae: I'm down!
Saaya: Alright, let's wait here, then.
Arisa: If they're setting up the folk dance, I guess that means the after-party will be over soon~. This day really flew by.
Rimi: Fufufu, there was a lot going on.
Arisa: No kidding~. The power went out, then it came back on, and we had to adjust the schedule during all that.
Saaya: The events kept getting bigger and bigger in scale, too. Doing a competition in the city streets was a first for me~.
Arisa: Yeah, like the scavenger hunt. Keeping track of all the stuff people had to go out and borrow from around town was a major hassle.
Kasumi: Everyone seemed like they were having a great time!
Tae: It wasn't just the scavenger hunt either. The other competitions were also filled with smiles.
Arisa: And the closing ceremony was wild too~. Especially when they were calculating the scores.
Saaya: Yeah, totally! Every school got some intense applause when it was their turn.
Rimi: I was so moved~.
Kasumi: I'm with you there! That wave of applause came crashing over me like no other~.
Kasumi: Here's what I think! That amazing closing ceremony, all the fun we're having at the after-party...
Kasumi: It's all because we got through that power outage together!
Kasumi: We all worked together to keep the festival alive... Which is why we're having such a blast now!
Arisa: That makes sense. If we'd done nothing, things wouldn't have ended up the way they did.
Rimi: I'd say this has been a very rewarding day~.
Saaya: Fufufu, one that we'll likely never forget.
Tae: I want to have an even bigger blast.
Kasumi: Same~! Let's keep the fun rolling for as long as we can, guys!
Arisa: Oh, it looks like the folk dance is starting.
Kasumi: You're right! Let's go strut our stuff~!
Arisa: Hey, don't pull me~!
Tae: Right behind you! Rimi, Saya? Are you coming?
Rimi: You bet!
Saaya: Okay~. I'll handle the photos~..
Kasumi: Here we go, Arisa~. Hm? Do we start on the right foot? Or was it the left?
Arisa: Whoa, don't just stop like that...! S-Saya! Don't point that camera at me~!

Treasure Finder Card Story - Special Episode

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