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Treasure by the River Card Story - Episode

Discovery! An Interesting Stone☆



Eve: Fufu, the sound of running water is so sublime ♪ Even in winter, the riverbed is oh-so delightful, Ran-san!
Ran: Well, I guess it's alright. All the rocks make it hard to walk, but it's not so bad once you get used to them.
Eve: Huh? Tae-san and Himari-san have begun walking towards the river...
Ran: Think they spotted a fish or something? Maybe we should have a look too.
Hagumi: Wooow~!
Eve: Wh-what is it, Hagumi-san?!
Hagumi: Eve-chin, Ran-ran! Look, look! I found something really cool! This rock is super sparkly~!
Eve: Wow, this dazzling display of colors is so very beautiful!
Ran: Hey, nice job finding that under all these other rocks.
Hagumi: Hehehe, I thought there might be some other exciting stuff around here, and I just happened to find one~!
Hagumi: There might be some other cool rocks nearby. I'll keep looking!
Eve: I will do the same! Ran-san, you should join us!
Ran: Who, me...? Sure, I guess.
Hagumi: Let the hunt begin! Where could they be hiding~? Ah~...! Found one~!
Ran: Huh? Already?
Eve: I-incredible...! Hagumi-san, what kind of stone have you found this time?!
Hagumi: Ta-da~! See for yourselves! Pretty good, right? I've never found a rock as round and smooth as this one!
Eve: Very good! Round and smooth... with a nice glossy layer ♪
Ran: I suppose it is rare to find a pristine rock like that in a riverbed like this.
Hagumi: I'm starting to think today is my lucky day! They even let me handle class duties at school today!
Ran: ...? How is getting stuck with class duties lucky?
Hagumi: During homeroom this morning, our teacher went on about how pretty the blackboard looked~.
Eve: It is true that you leave the blackboard with a sparkling shine, Hagumi-san. The students in the later classes are often pleased with how easy it is to write on!
Hagumi: Really?! Hehehe, glad to hear it~.
Hagumi: I think I'll show this stone to Kokoron tomorrow~♪ I hope it'll fit in my pocket~.
Ran: There is no way a rock that big will fit, you know. Ah...
Eve: Ran-san, what is it? Something at your feet...?
Hagumi: Oh, did you find a cool-looking rock too?!
Ran: I'm not sure if it's cool or whatever, but... Look. Doesn't this one look like a guitar pick?
Hagumi: Yeah, it totally does!
Eve: Well done, Ran-san! I hope to find one of my own.
Eve: I must not fail in my search~. To never falter is the way of bushido!
Hagumi: Keep at it, Eve-chin! I'm rooting for you!
Eve: Thank you very much! Hm...? Ah! Hagumi-san, there, by your feet...!
Hagumi: Huh? By my feet?
Eve: Yes! Look, that stone perfectly resembles the magatama!
Hagumi: Whoa~! So cool~!
Ran: It's definitely got a weird curve to it...
Eve: Fufu, I did it! I found an interesting stone of my very own!
Hagumi: I bet that stone popped up when it felt your bushido spirit gushing out, Eve-chin!
Eve: Fufu, how wonderful!
Eve: I believe I will take it home as a way to remember this day!
Hagumi: Ah, me too, me too! It'll look great right next to Monkey~♪
Ran: Wouldn't it be better to leave the round one here, though? It's a little big if you ask me.
Hagumi: Hmmm, maybe you're right~. Okay, as much as I hate to, I'll stick with just the shiny one!
Eve: Why not leave the round one in an easy-to-find place and return to fetch it some other time?
Hagumi: Nice idea, Eve-chin! I'll do that!
Himari: Ran~! Hagu~! Eve-chan~! What are you doing~? Don't get left behind~!
Eve: Ah, my apologies~! Hagumi-san, Ran-san. Himari-san is calling us! Let's go!

Treasure by the River Card Story - Special Episode

Because I Love You


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy
School Path

Eve: Good afternoon, BanG Dreamer-san! Those bags... Are you on your way back from shopping?
Eve: Ah, they are supplies for the CiRCLE studio. I have just finished my tea-ceremony club activities.
Eve: I feel like I learned many new things today!
Eve: Um, the rest of Pastel✽Palettes and I have a magazine interview later.
Eve: It has been a while since our schedules have lined up like this.
Eve: We have much to catch up on, so I am looking forward to it.
Eve: Huh...? No, I do not feel particularly stressed! I enjoy both my job and my club activities!
Eve: Tae-san said something similar the other day.
Eve: How she continues to go jogging because she enjoys it. I believe we are alike in that aspect.
Eve: Participating in events with Pastel✽Palettes, hearing the sound of the cheering fans when we play on stage...
Eve: They are all areas of the idol industry that I love so much!
Eve: And I feel the same way about my clubs and my part-time job. No matter how busy I become, I never feel stressed by it.
Eve: Being able to spend every day doing the things that I enjoy makes me happy beyond words.
Eve: Fufu, thank you for the concern!
Eve: The secret to good health is a balanced lifestyle... Yes, that is yet another part of the bushido mentality!
Eve: Oh, that reminds me! Here, please accept this!
Eve: This is a sample from one of Himari's secret unique recipes: melon bun in the form of rusk. It is quite delicious!
Eve: All you need to do is place the melon bun in the toaster. I have been taking some with me to work lately.
Eve: Our staff is also very fond of it. I am so glad that it is to their liking!
Eve: Thanks to this rusk, the atmosphere at the agency is even warmer than before, and our work has become even more enjoyable!
Eve: I hope to follow in Himari-san's footsteps to learn recipes of my own so I can create many more of these types of gifts!
Eve: I'll be sure to provide you with a sample of my new repertoire, BanG Dreamer-san ♪
Eve: Eating many delicious types of food. Yes, that is yet another secret to keeping in good health!
Eve: Ah, pardon me! I lost track of the time with all of my rambling.
Eve: Okay, I should be on my way now. Please have a wonderful day at work, BanG Dreamer-san!