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Trembling Performer Card Story - Episode

Truth to the Rumors?


Hikawa Residence - Living Room

Sayo: Now then, it is about time that I leave the house. All my belongings are accounted for...
Hina: Sis, do you have practice at CiRCLE again today?
Sayo: That is correct. I shall be home before dark.
Hina: Then can I go pick you up today?!
Sayo: Why would you do that?
Hina: The thing is, lately there have been rumors about rehearsal studios in this area!
Hina: People are saying that strange things have been appearing at studios here and there!
Hina: So I was thinking when I go pick you up, I might be able to run into something~...
Sayo: Would that be... the rumor that there's been another haunting?
Hina: Yeah! Umm, for example... There's a kinda big rehearsal studio three stations away, right?
Hina: That studio has a cursed drum that will lead you to misfortune if you play it!
Sayo: Misfortune...? What specifically happens?
Hina: Huh? Hm, I don't know exactly, but... I think you just run into a ghost.
Sayo: You truly do not tire of ghosts and strange creatures, do you, Hina...? Unfortunately, I do not see their appeal.
Hina: Come to think of it, you've never talked about the occult.
Sayo: Naturally. That is because I do not believe in it.
Sayo: I often hear stories of someone seeing a ghost or a mysterious animal, but I have yet to meet someone who has actually seen one. I, myself, of course, have not seen one either.
Sayo: Does that not answer the question on the existence of ghosts?
Hina: I see. But doesn't the thought that they might be real make you feel boppin'?
Hina: That's why I love occult stories! When rumors like that sweep the neighborhood, it just makes things more fun!
Hina: Aside from the cursed drum three stations away, the latest craze is that there's a "ghost bassist" at a studio in the neighboring town.
Hina: Ah, that's right! There's also a rumor that a zashiki-warashi appears at the old studio close to CiRCLE!
Sayo: Exactly how many supernatural phenomena are occurring in this town...?
Sayo: Where do you hear those stories in the first place?
Hina: There are times where I see neighborhood rumors online, and there've also been times when stuff is listed in occult magazines.
Hina: But I guess I hear most of them at school! A lot of rumors come up when I'm chatting with friends.
Hina: Even the other day, I had a bunch of fun talking with the other student council members!
Sayo: For goodness' sake... Chatting is all well and good, but you really must try not to burden Hazawa-san as well.
Hina: It's okay. I took care of my duties while I was chatting!
Sayo: Your duties should not be carried out while talking.
Sayo: It is time now, so I should be leaving.
Hina: Okay, take care! And what about picking you up~...?
Sayo: That is not necessary.
Hina: Too bad... Ah, that's right. About the ghost bassist I was talking about before.
Sayo: The one you said that appeared at a studio somewhere? What about it?
Hina: That story might actually be true. A friend from Haneoka said she saw it.
Sayo: ... It is likely that she was simply seeing things. I will be going now.
Hina: Okay, take care~.
Sayo: Yes, I shall see you later.
Residential Area

Sayo: ... It is simply a rumor, right...?

Trembling Performer Card Story - Special Episode

Paranormal Activity Manual


CiRCLE - Lobby

Sayo: Hello, Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san. I'd like to check in, please.
Marina: Ah, Sayo-chan! Hello. Did you have solo practice today?
Sayo: Yes. We currently have no plans for our next concert, but I do not intend to let that be an excuse not to practice.
Marina: I really respect that side of you, Sayo-chan. Do your best with practice!
Sayo: I will. Now then... Oh my, a message...?
Sayo: If I recall, my phone should be in my bag...
Marina: Your book fell. Is it okay?
Sayo: Yes... It didn't get dirty, nor is it bent... Thank goodness.
Marina: "Encounters with the supernatural"... That's quite a rare title for a magazine.
Sayo: Th-this is, umm... How should I put this...
Marina: It looks to be an occult magazine... So you read this sort of thing. That's a bit unexpected.
Marina: Ah, did you buy this for Hina-chan? She does love the occult, after all.
Sayo: N-no... That is not the case. I did not purchase this for Hina...
Sayo: ... I wanted to read it, so I borrowed it from her.
Marina: Huh? Why's that?
Sayo: To be honest... When we stayed at Imai-san's house previously, everyone was in an uproar saying there was a ghost.
Marina: Ahh, I heard about that from Ako-chan. According to her, it was awful.
Sayo: Quite. However, ultimately, it was all our own imaginations and there was no actual ghost.
Sayo: I am sure if we had not already been terrified, such misunderstandings would not have occurred.
Sayo: That is why I thought to first research what ghosts are.
Marina: Umm... What do you mean?
Sayo: It is said that fear is the result of ignorance.
Sayo: As such, I decided to read various occult magazines and ghost stories to attain enough knowledge so that I would be able to say with finality that this is not the work of a ghost.
Sayo: That way, such an occurrence would not happen again.
Marina: I-I see... You must've been really scared then...
Sayo: Hm, did you say something?
Marina: No, it was nothing! I was just thinking that this is totally like someone as serious as you...
Marina: Ah, it looks like the studio you'll be using is open now. It's a little early, but you can go on in.
Sayo: Thank you very much... Umm, I have one favor to ask.
Sayo: ... Could I ask that you not mention this to the other members of Roselia?
Marina: Of course. I'll keep it a secret. You have to keep it a secret too, BanG Dreamer-san.
Sayo: Thank you for that... Now then, I shall be borrowing the studio.