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Trick or Escape! Event Story - Opening
Pastel✽Palettes Halloween Show

Pastel✽Palettes has been asked to serve as reporters for a Halloween special.


Banquet Hall
Aya: Wow! Look! The ceiling is so high! It may be for work, but it's so exciting to be here at a grand hotel like this.
Maya: Check out the stone walls and the majestic dining set... I heard that the hotel was fashioned after a European castle, but this is much more than I expected.
Hina: Yeah, but isn't this place a little too big? It's gonna be such a pain to showcase.
Aya: Don't say things like that, Hina-chan! It's not every day we get asked to do a Halloween special to promote a place like this! We have to bring our A game!
Aya: When I told my mom that I was doing this assignment, she was so thrilled~! I absolutely can't let her down!
Chisato: A lot of effort must have gone into planning this program. Just look at how characteristically Halloween these outfits are.
Eve: Chisato-san, you look very lovely! You're perfect for being a witch!
Chisato: Eve-chan... I'm not sure I should take that as a compliment...
Hina: Hmm, so Maya-chan is a black cat, right? Eve-chan is a vampire. I guess I'm a little devil girl? And, last but not least, Aya-chan is a pumpkin!
Aya: H-Hina-chan, don't call me a pumpkin! There's actually another term for this, right? What was it again? Jack... jack...
Maya: It's jack-o'-lantern.
Aya: Yeah, that! See, if you say jack-o'-lantern, it sounds much better!
Chisato: Fufu, from the costumes to the hotel decorations... It really feels like the full Halloween experience... Doesn't it?
Maya: You're right... The attention to detail for this assignment is astounding. Even the lamps on the walls are all jack-o'-lanterns.
Aya: As long as we showcase all the fine details, I'm sure we'll prove to be eggcellent reporters!
Aya: ...!
Hina: Ahaha, that's our Aya-chan! Just that hiccup alone will discredit us as "eggcellent" reporters~.
Aya: Ohhh~...
Eve: Anyway, I know we were told to wait here, but the staff members sure are taking a long time...
Chisato: Now that you mention it, it has been a while. There's no sign of any hotel staff, either...
Aya: I wonder if something happened. Should we try giving them a call? ... Ah, but my phone... I don't have it with me!
Chisato: Well, we were told not to bring our phones since they might ring and interrupt the filming.
Eve: I shall go outside to take a look!
Eve: ... Huh? What's this?
Aya: What's wrong, Eve-chan?
Eve: The door we came in through... It's locked!
Aya: Huh? What do you mean it's locked?! You're kidding me! What's going on?!
Aya: Y-you don't think... we're trapped in here, do you?!
Aya, Eve & Chisato: Ahhh!
Chisato: I-is this a power failure?!
Hina: What is going on here? Ahaha. This is eerily kinda exciting!
Maya: E-everybody, stay put! We don't want anyone getting hurt!
Aya: Phew, the power came back on! What a relief~! I-is everyone all right?!
Eve: I-I... I'm okay over here!
Chisato: Y-yeah... I'm fine, too.
Hina: Ahaha! I see now... So that's how it's gonna be!
Aya: ... What do you mean? Hmm, Hina-chan? What's going on?
Chisato: I think I understand the situation, too.
Aya: Huh? What are you guys talking about? ... What's this? There's something on the table!
Hina: Oh, you're right. This is... some sort of message card?
Maya: This card was not here earlier... I don't think?!
Aya: Yeah, it definitely wasn't! Let's see...
Aya: "Maidens, wailing in distress, imprisoned within an old fortress. If our trials you overcome, and collect five golden jack-o-lanterns in sum, the path which was once concealed, shall surely be revealed."
Aya: That's what it says.
Eve: "If our trials you overcome"...? "The path... shall surely be revealed"?
Chisato: In other words... Our mission is to escape this place.
Aya & Eve: E-escape?!
Maya: I-I see...! So that's it...!
Hina: Oh~! What an exciting turn of events! Now we're boppin'♪
Chisato: So, the feature assignment was all just a front. This was the intended main event all along.
Eve: Oh, so when the staff told us we couldn't bring our cell phones or our belongings ...
Chisato: Yes, I'm sure that was all part of their plan.
Aya: Oh, okay... I guess we're really not showcasing this hotel then... Sigh... How am I going to explain this to my mom...?
Hina: Ahahaha♪ We have to escape this place first... before you worry about that!
Chisato: Oh? Look, there's more written at the bottom. ... "If the solution proves too hard to render, scream ‘I give up!’, in surrender."
Aya: W-well, now that we know what's going on, there's no way we're giving up! Everyone, let's do our best to escape this place!
All: Yeah~!

Trick or Escape! Event Story - Chapter 1

The girls are locked in a hotel modeled after an old castle.
In order to escape, they must solve the first of many puzzles.


Room Number 1
Aya: This must be the first room... right?
Chisato: It's also decorated in a Halloween theme. We're supposed to be looking for our first golden jack-o'-lantern in here... Correct?
Hina: Oh, over there! There's a treasure chest right in the middle of the room! My guess is that it's in there!
Maya: You might be right...
Maya: I'll go check it out!
Eve: The chest is locked. I see.
Eve: We have to find a way to open it!
Aya: What's this? There's another message card beneath the chest...
Hina: Oh! Nice going, Aya-chan! That's probably where the riddle is, right? I'm sure if we solve it, we'll be able to open the chest.
Eve: Right! Seems like we're getting the hang of this! Aya-san, do us the honor and read the card to us!
Aya: Got it! Let's see here... It says...
Aya: "If a treat is not offered,
Aya: then a trick must be suffered!"
Maya: It must be referring to the classic phrase people say on Halloween. "Trick or treat"... I believe it was.
Chisato: Yeah, but it's such a common Halloween phrase that I don't really know what to make of it...
Hina: Aya-chan, are you sure there's nothing else on there? We need all the clues that we can get. You didn't miss anything, did you?
Aya: That's all that's on here! I'm sure of it! Other than that, there's just a cute drawing of a donut!
Hina: See! I'm glad I asked!
Hina: That could be an important clue!
Aya: What?! Really?!
Aya: Since "treat" is written,
Aya: I thought the donut was just for decoration...
Chisato: Under the circumstances, anything and everything can be a clue. It's crucial to pay attention to every small detail. That donut could even be the key to solving the riddle.
Aya: Oh, I didn't think about that...
Aya: I've never really done this before.
Aya: I'm sorry, everyone.
Chisato: I'm sure you'll get a feel for it pretty soon. Now, let's all put our heads together and solve this puzzle.
Aya: Right! Thanks, Chisato-chan!
Eve: Everyone! Please come over here for a second!
Eve: I think I've found something!
Aya: What is it, Eve-chan?!
Eve: I was just looking around the room and I came across this! It looks rather suspicious to me... What do you think?
Maya: Well, it's a plate...
Maya: And on it, there's a piece of... candy, I'm guessing?
Maya: The candy is in the shape of the letter "T"...
Hina: Ahaha!
Hina: Is that it? How elementary! I've solved it~!
Aya: What?! You've figured it out already?!
Hina: We just have to put the alphabet candies on the plate so it spells out "TRICK OR TREAT"! I mean, from what it says on the card, isn't that the only logical conclusion?
Eve: ... I-I see!
Eve: When you put it that way, I guess you're right!
Aya: H-Hina-chan, you solved it just from the clues we got?
Aya: ... You're too amazing.
Hina: Well, they practically gave this one to us for free! I mean, you figured it out instantly, too. Right, Maya-chan?
Maya: Uh, nope! I did not get it at all! In fact, I think I might be pretty bad at puzzles like these.
Hina: Ohh? Is that so?
Hina: You seem like you'd be good at them...
Maya: Aha, hahaha...
Chisato: ... Anyway, in order to spell out "TRICK OR TREAT" on the plate...
Chisato: We have to find the rest of the alphabet candies?
Aya: I guess so! Alright, everyone! Let's start searching!
10 Minutes Later
Aya: Okay! We've looked everywhere in this room! This must be all of them, right?! Let's try spelling it out on the plate!
Aya: So it's "T"... then "R"...
Aya: ... And that spells "TRICK"...
Hina: Aya-chan, make sure you don't spell it wrong, okay~? By the way, the "OR" in "TRICK OR TREAT" is spelled "O-R."
Aya: Hmph~! I know that much!
Aya: ... Huh?
Eve: Aya-san, is something the matter?
Aya: It seems like... we're one letter short!
Aya: We're missing the last "T"!
Eve: You're right. At this rate...
Eve: We'll only be spelling out "TRICK OR TREA"...
Eve: Is there anywhere we haven't looked?
Maya: Nope, I don't think that's possible! We've searched every nook and cranny of this place!
Chisato: Then, what should we do...?
Chisato: Is it possible we missed a clue somewhere?
Hina: Oh, that's right! Yes, I get it now~.
Aya: Huh?! Did you figure it out?
Hina: This must be where the donut comes in.
Hina: I guess it was a tricky puzzle after all!
Aya: ... Huh? The donut?!
Aya: What do you mean, Hina-chan?!
Hina: See here, Aya-chan? What you're doing right now is spelling it out in one line. But if we change it to be in the shape of a donut, it'd be like this...
Chisato: The first "T" now also works as the last one,
Chisato: and we fully spell out "TRICK OR TREAT"!
Aya: You are brilliant, Hina-chan!
Aya: This is definitely the right answer!
Maya: Hey! Look at that!
Maya: The plate is turning over, and it's revealing a key!
Eve: This must be for the treasure chest, Aya-san!
Eve: Hurry up and try opening it!
Aya: Uhm, are you sure I should open it?
Aya: I think Hina-chan should do it...
Aya: I did absolutely nothing to help...
Hina: It's fine, don't worry! Just open it, Aya-chan!
Aya: O-okay, if you insist...
Aya: Here I go! ... Open sesame!
All: Wow~...!!
Chisato: So this is what the golden jack-o'-lantern looks like... I expected it to be... bigger. It's kind of small.
Maya: At least it'll be easy to carry around, right?
Maya: At any rate, we got our first one!!
Aya: We still have four more left...
Aya: That's quite a long way to go...!
Hina: But that's good! It means we get four more puzzles to solve♪ Alrighty! To the next room we go!

Trick or Escape! Event Story - Chapter 2
Team Aya & Hina

Separated from the others, Aya and Hina must work
together to solve the puzzle before them...


Room Number 2
Hina: So this is the second room, huh?
Aya: Wait up, Hina-chan! It's dangerous to go alone!
Aya: ... Huh?! Th-the door just closed behind us!
Aya: Ch-Chisato-chan! Eve-chan! Maya-chan! A-are you guys okay over there?!
Maya: W-we're fine! I'm so sorry! We tried to follow behind, but the moment Aya-san walked into that room, the door suddenly slammed shut!
Aya: Hey, Hina-chan! What should we do?! We got separated from everyone!
Hina: Ahaha! So this is where it gets serious~! This was probably in the plan all along!
Aya: What?
Chisato: I'm with Hina-chan on this one. I think they're splitting us into teams, forcing us to work separately to make the show more interesting.
Eve: As they say, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained"! Even though we've been separated, we have to do what we can to get the golden jack-o'-lanterns and join back up!
Aya: Y-yeah! Absolutely! I have Hina-chan with me, so we'll be fine over here! ... O-of course, I'll try to help, too!
Eve: Aya-san and Hina-san, may the fortunes of war be with you!
Aya: A-anyway, we should get down to cracking this case and join back with the others as soon as possible!
Hina: Yeah, but... there's a certain vibe to this room.Feels to me like it's a study?
Aya: Wow, there are a lot of portraits on the wall!
Hina: Let's see, that's Beethoven. Next to him is Bach. And over there is Mozart, Chopin, and Liszt... Hmm, seems like they're all portraits of musicians.
Aya: What? You know who all of them are?
Hina: Huh? Of course! There are even pictures of them in the school's music room!
Aya: Well, I only really know Beethoven and Bach... The others are a mystery to me... Huh?! Hey, Hina-chan, look over there! There's one that's completely blank!
Hina: Oh, you're right.That's probably the puzzle we have to solve. Let's go check it out!
Aya: Oh, look! There's a message card stuck in the picture frame!
Hina: Whoa, awesome! Well done, Aya-chan! You're really fast at finding these message cards! I can't really comment on anything else, though...
Aya: Ngh... But neither can I...Anyway, let's see what it says.
Aya: Okay... "Display on the wall, a portrait of Me, the path that was missing, you then shall see."
Hina: "A portrait of Me," huh? I'm guessing the "Me" part is extremely crucial~.
Aya: Hmm...? What makes you think that?I still have no clue what it all means...
Hina: The message is telling us to "display" a "portrait," right? ... So obviously, all we have to do is draw a picture of someone.
Aya: O-obviously? It's not obvious at all, Hina-chan. You're just too brilliant... But I see what you're saying. In that case, we just have to figure out who to draw.
Aya: Hmm, if I had to guess, it'd definitely be a musician... Judging from the portraits in here, it must be a great one at that...
Hina: Oh! Like my sis or something!
Aya: S-Sayo-chan?! I-I really don't think think that's a possibility...
Hina: Ahaha, I'm just kidding! There's probably a hint somewhere in the room.
Hina: Which means... Aya-chan, you're up! If there's one thing you're good at, it's finding stuff.
Aya: Hina-chan... Why do you have to put it that way...?
5 Minutes Later
Hina: How's it going, Aya-chan? Did you find anything?
Aya: No~. Nothing helpful, anyway. All I found is this floor plan of the hotel...
Hina: What? A floor plan?! You found a floor plan of the hotel?!
Aya: ... Uhm, y-yeah?! Nothing special really... Though, there is a Halloween-ish name to one of the rooms on here...
Hina: Aya-chan, let me see that!
Aya: Uh, sure...It just looks like this...
Hina: Okay, the first room we were in was the banquet hall, right? We've finished that room, which means we're here... Wouldn't that make this the name of the very room we're in?
Aya: ... "Jack O. Lantern's Study"?!
Hina: See, I knew it would be an important clue! We're in Jack O. Lantern's study right now! Which means the "portrait of Me" in the message card would be a portrait of-
Aya: A jack-o'-lantern...?!
Hina: Yup, that must be it! Alright then, I'll get to drawing!
Aya: Yes, please!
5 Minutes Later
Hina: Okay, I'm all done!Now let's just put it in the frame-
Aya: Ah! The picture frame is turning. And a golden jack-o'-lantern popped out!
Hina: Whoopee~! We got two down!
Aya: W-we're awesome, aren't we?!I think we're clearing the rooms at a good pace!
Hina: Well, we could have solved it much faster, if only you had told me you found the floor plan earlier♪
Aya: H-Hina-chan... You don't have to say that...
Hina: Eh heh. Anyway, onward we go! I wonder how Chisato-chan and the others are doing~.
Aya: Chisato-chan, Eve-chan, Maya-chan...I hope you're all doing okay...

Trick or Escape! Event Story - Chapter 3
Team Eve, Chisato & Maya

As they reach the third room, Eve, Chisato, and Maya
receive their next puzzle. What could it be...?


Room Number 3
Eve: Chisato-san! Maya-san! Let's start solving this puzzle so we can join up with Aya-san and Hina-san!
Maya: I wonder what mysteries await us in this room... I guess we should find out by looking for a message card!
Chisato: Do you think it could be this right here? There's a card lying on the table like nothing out of the ordinary.
Eve: Oh! But it has the same design as the one that Aya-san found earlier! This must be the message card, no doubt about it!
Chisato: Okay, I'll read it out loud, then. It says...
Chisato: "When nighttime falls, silence calls."... That's all that's written on here.
Eve: "When nighttime falls, silence calls"...? What on earth is that supposed to mean? There's still quite a while before night is upon us-
Eve & Chisato: Kya!!
Eve: The lights went out again!
Chisato: ... Do the staff not have any better ideas than just turning off the lights all the time...?
Maya: Ch-Chisato-san! Eve-san! Keep calm, okay? It's pitch black in here, so don't move around too much!
Chisato: Thank you, Maya-chan. It's very reassuring to have someone who can stay calm at all times.
Maya: N-no, I-I'm just being me...
Eve: Our eyes should be slowly adjusting to the darkness. I'm starting to see your faces a little!
Maya: Looking carefully, you can see the lightseeping through the cracks of the doorway.
Chisato: Yeah, but we're still stuck in this predicament, aren't we...? Unless this darkness has something to do with the riddle.
Maya: What did the message say, again? "When nighttime falls, silence calls"... right? Well, I suppose it does feel like nighttime right now...
Chisato: When nighttime falls......?! I get it now, that must be it!
Eve: Chisato-san...?And what would the 'that' be referring to?
Chisato: What Maya-chan said just now sparked an idea in me! The card read, "When nighttime falls." Perhaps this darkness signifies nighttime.
Maya: O-oh! I see!That did not occur to me at all!
Eve: So the next part, "silence calls" would mean...?
Chisato: Well, we won't know unless we try,but maybe it means we should stay quiet.
Eve: Staying quiet...?Okay! Let's give it a shot!
Maya: Yes, we should! Who knows, maybe we'll catch something we didn't notice before! Well, here we go. One... two...!
Chisato, Eve & Maya: ...
Eve: ... H-have you noticed any changes?
Maya: Nope... Not particularly...
Chisato: ... What's that? Perhaps it's my imagination...But do you two hear something?
Eve: I hear it, too!... Ah, sorry...Yes, I hear it, too...
Maya: Doesn't it... sound like a music box...?
Chisato: Yeah, it does...It's so faint that you wouldn't even notice itunless you were being quiet...
Maya: In other words, there's a music boxsomewhere in this room.
Chisato: Maybe... "when nighttime falls, silence calls" actually meansthat we need to silence the music box?
Maya: Ooh, I see! Brilliant logic, Chisato-san! Absolutely marvelous!
Chisato: Maya-chan, we don't actually know if that's the answer to the riddle.
Maya: Ahh...! Y-you're right... I may have jumped to conclusions but...your logic just makes so much sense.
Chisato: ...
Eve: So we have to find this music box, right? I think I hear the sound coming from the far end of the room!
Chisato: Let's go over there, then!
5 Minutes Later
Eve: Chisato-san! Maya-san! The music box is over here! I think if we just close the lid, the music will stop!
Chisato: Eve-chan, can you try closing it, then?
Eve: Okay!Here I go, then... Ready, set...
Eve: Phew! We have light again!
Chisato: Whoa, it's bright... Going from pitch black to bright lights is not good for our eyes...
Maya: Y-you can say that again...
Eve: Oh, look! Next to your feet, Maya-san! A golden jack-o'-lantern has suddenly appeared!
Maya: Oooh, you're right!Wh-when did this get here?!
Eve: It definitely was not there when we entered the room... Gasp! Could it be... the work of a ninja?!
Chisato: I sincerely doubt that a ninja would appear here, in a western-style castle like this, Eve-chan.
Chisato: (I have to admit, though, it is rather strange that the golden jack-o'-lantern just appeared out of nowhere. And I certainly didn't see any trap doors or anything like that...)
Chisato: (Could it be...?)
Maya: Chisato-san...?Is something the matter?
Chisato: No, I was just thinking about something.But it's nothing...
Maya: Are you sure?Wh-what were you thinking about?
Chisato: For now, it's nothing. I might just be overthinking anyway. In any case, looks like we solved the riddle. Let's move to the next room.
Eve: Yes! We have to reunite with Aya-san and Hina-san as soon as possible!

Trick or Escape! Event Story - Chapter 4
Hey, Maya-chan

Eve, Chisato, and Maya move onto the fourth room, and Chisato
finally realizes what exactly has been bothering her...!


Room Number 4
Chisato: Here we are in the next room...It's much bigger than the others.
Maya: There are all sorts of activities on the tables!There's chess and roulette...
Eve: And we have darts on the wall here!And playing cards decorating the wall over there!
Chisato: It seems like we have entered an amusement room of sorts.
Eve: Chisato-san! Maya-san! Look! There's another card on the table in the middle of the room!
Chisato: Oh, you're right. I'm sure that's where we'll find our puzzle. Let's go take a look!
Eve: It has the same design as the ones from earlier!I am going to read it out loud!
Eve: Let's see..."Jack with all the sweets just hates to share.Jack without sweets cries as it's unfair."
Maya: Wh-what is that supposed to mean...?Did you figure it out, Chisato-san?
Chisato: I don't really know yet, but I am curiousas to why "Jack" is mentioned twice.
Maya: That certainly is true. There's Jack with all the sweets, and Jack without sweets... But what could "Jack" possibly be indicating...?
Eve: Could it be talking about...jack-o'-lanterns? That must be it!It's the "jack" in jack-o'-lantern!
Maya: Whoa! I did not catch that at all!
Chisato: (Maya-chan didn't catch that? It's so obvious, there's no way she would've missed it.)
Eve: ... Aha! I think I might know the answer to the riddle! Somewhere in this room, there's a jack-o'-lantern with all the sweets...
Eve: Perhaps we just need to find the sweets and divide them between the two jack-o'-lanterns?
Maya: I-I see what you're getting at! Considering the riddle, that logic does make sense! Outstanding job, Eve-san!
Chisato: Hold on, Maya-chan. Can I ask you something?
Maya: Y-yes?
Chisato: You've just been going along with our suggestions the whole time. I want to hear what you think.
Maya: Wh-what I think? L-like I said, I'm not good at puzzles like these. My head is all topsy-turvy just trying to keep up with you two.
Chisato: Is that so? Considering how helpful you were on the deserted island, I would think you'd be great at this...
Maya: Th-that's because... well... y-you just overestimate me, Chisato-san! I'm definitely not suited to solve these kinds of puzzles!
Chisato: Fufu, I see...I guess you must have it hard too, Maya-chan.
Maya: ...?!
Maya: A-anyway, following Eve-san's logic, there should be jack-o'-lanterns in here somewhere, right?!
Eve: Yes! There should definitely be a jack-o'-lantern with all the sweets,and a jack-o'-lantern without any!
Maya: W-well, what are we waiting for? Let's try to find them!
10 Minutes Later
Eve: It looks like we were only able to findthis one jack-o'-lantern...Perhaps my logic was flawed after all...?
Maya: Hmm? I-it looks like the jack-o'-lantern's mouth can be opened! Let's try opening it and see! ... Ngh!
Eve: Wow! There are candies inside!Counting them... there are five in total!
Chisato: This must be the jack-o'-lantern that'shogging all the sweets.
Maya: "Jack with all the sweets just hates to share. Jack without sweets cries as it's unfair." Since there are five candies and this one has all of them, could it mean there are four without any?
Eve: Four, you say? But we've searched everywhere in this room and didn't find any other jack-o'-lanterns.
Eve: What do you think, Chisato-san?
Chisato: I think that since Maya-chan went so far as to bring it up, the number four is crucial to helping us solve this. Am I right?
Maya: ...?! Ch-Chisato-san...Wh-what is that supposed to mean?
Chisato: Fufu, it doesn't mean anything really. I was just thinking that whenever you've mentioned something, it has always helped us to solve the riddles.
Eve: Now that you mention it, that's true! We only figured out that darkness means nighttime because of what Maya-san said!
Maya: Th-that was just a coincidence!
Chisato: Your "coincidences" sure have helped us out, a lot.
Maya: Chisato-san... What are you hinting at...?
Chisato: Fufufu, I wonder... Anyway, we better start looking for these four Jacks. Since we definitely know they're in this room.
Eve: Absolutely! Let's get to work! Hmm, if we consider all the things in this room, there's a chess set, a roulette wheel... Also, there's a dartboard and some playing cards on the wall...
Eve: Could there really be four Jacks among all the things here...?
Chisato: Four Jacks... Four...?! That's it, Eve-chan! I've figured it out!
Eve: Huh? What part?!
Chisato: I am thinking that the answer lies in the playing cards. Four jacks, right? The 11th card in a suit is called a "jack."
Eve: You're right, that is what it's called!I get it now! I've figured it out, too!
Chisato: Let's go take a look at the playing cards displayed on the wall! Sorry, but can you help too, Maya-chan? It's probably okay to ask you to do that much, right?
Maya: Ch-Chisato-san, if there's something you want to say, you should just come right out and say it~!
Chisato: Nope, I got nothing~♪
Eve: This jack of spades is the last one!
Chisato: It's really impressive that you can put candies inside the mouth of the cards. It must have been quite the task to prepare.
Eve: Here you go, Jack-san. Hope you enjoy the candy~!In you go!
Chisato: Whoa...! The dartboard just dropped, And a golden jack-o'-lantern popped out!
Eve: Looks like we solved the riddle for this room!Chisato-san! Maya-san! We did it!
Maya: Y-yeah, w-we did... Ahah, hahaha...
Eve: What's the matter, Maya-san?You look befuddled.You should be more thrilled!
Chisato: Fufufu. Shall we move on to the next room?Maya-chan, would you care to lead the way?

Trick or Escape! Event Story - Chapter 5
The Mastermind

The girls reunite, no worse for wear.
But what will happen when they move onto the next puzzle...?


Hotel Corridor
Eve: Oh! Aya-san and Hina-san are over there!Aya-san~! Hina-san~!
Aya: Ah, Eve-chan! Chisato-chan and Maya-chan, too! Oh~, I'm so glad all of you made it out safely~!
Chisato: Fufu. Aya-chan, aren't you being a little overdramatic? We're shooting a show right now, of course they wouldn't put us in danger.
Hina: Oh, Maya-chan! Looks like you're holding some golden jack-o'-lanterns!
Maya: Yes! We were able to obtain two of them!
Aya: We got two as well! So now, altogether we have four! That means we're finally on our last one!
Eve: Were you two waiting for us here?
Aya: Well, there's a little more to it than just waiting...Here, take a look at this door.
Chisato: "Maidens, wailing in distress, imprisoned within an old fortress. All five must gather at this place, beyond the door the challenge you shall face." So all of us had to be here to get through.
Eve: So this is it! We've come to the last room. As Aya-san mentioned, this must be the last trial we need to overcome!
Hina: If we want to know for sure, why don't we just ask Maya-chan? So, which is it, Maya-chan? Last one or not?
Maya: Huh? H-Hina-san?Wh-why would I know something like that...?
Hina: What? But you're the mastermind behind all this, right? Surely you would know if it's the last or not.
Maya: ... Ngh?! Wh-what are you talking about?!
Chisato: Hina-chan... Even if you've figured it out, you can't say that out loud. We're filming a TV program here, remember?
Hina: C'mon~, who cares about that~? The producers can just edit the scene out if they don't like it~!
Aya: H-hold on a second! What do you mean Maya-chan's behind all of this? Eve-chan, are you following?
Eve: No, I'm not really sure what's going on, either.
Maya: ... Ohhh. I'm so sorry, everyone!Actually, what happened was...
Maya: ... So I'm the one who has been placing the message cards and putting the golden jack-o'-lanterns in different places...
Maya: I-I am terribly sorry!The staff members asked me to help!
Chisato: When we were on the deserted island, Maya-chan easily completed all those missions. I'm sure the staff decided to have Maya-chan cooperate so she doesn't beat them to the punch.
Hina: I already knew something was fishy during our first trial. I mean, it was such an easy puzzle that there was no way Maya-chan wouldn't have gotten it.
Aya: What?! You mean you knew from that early on?!! You should have told me~!
Chisato: Thinking back on when the lights went out that first time, Maya-chan, it was you who told us not to move, wasn't it?
Maya: Well, carelessly moving around in the dark can be dangerous. The staff warned me about it too...
Maya: Although, I was also told not to facilitate or give hints in any shape or form... I accidentally did since I wanted to help everyone out...
Eve: So that's what happened. I see now! Maya-san, thank you so much for casually dropping hints here and there!
Chisato: ... I wonder how casual those hints actually were...
Maya: Everyone, again, I'm so extremely, terribly sorry!
Aya: Y-you don't have to apologize so much! We know there are a lot of things to consider. Plus, I'm sure it must have been tough for you, right?
Maya: The roughest part was when Chisato-san had figured it out. I was so terrified that I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest!
Chisato: You might want to work on your acting skills a bit more, Maya-chan ♪
Maya: Ah, haha... It's become crystal clear that I am not meant to be an actor...
Hina: Ahaha!... Anyway, back to my point! So, Maya-chan,is our final challenge beyond this door?
Maya: Actually, I only know what's supposed to happen up until meeting all of you here. From here on out, I'm on the same page as all of you.
Hina: Is that right? So this is where we all gotta buckle down and take the bull by the horns!
Aya: Alright, girls~!Let's work together and solve this last mystery!
All: Yeah~!!
The Final Room
Aya: So this is the final room, huh?I wonder what's in store for us here...
Chisato: I see a giant grandfather clock and a fireplace. But nothing really out of the ordinary or worth mentioning...
Maya: Oh! There's a golden door over there!Looks like there are five openings in it!
Hina: If we place the five golden jack-o'-lanterns there, the door will probably open, no?
Eve: I see! Just as clever as always, Hina-san!
Aya: Ah, look here! There's a message card on the floor right in the middle of the room!
Hina: Oh, that's our Aya-chan alright! Using her special powers to locate the mysterious message card!
Aya: Hopefully I'm not just finding things this time.I'm gonna try to help solve the puzzle!
Aya: So let's see what it says..."Jack-o'-lanterns, there are plenty.But which one's real, out of so many?"
Chisato: "Which one's real out of so many"...?What is that supposed to mean...?
Maya: ... Uh? Do you guys hear something?It sounds like the floor is shaking...
Eve: I hear it, too!!I-I think it's coming from the fireplace!
Aya: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wh-what's all this?!
Maya: A whole lot of pumpkins are dropping out of the fireplace!!
Chisato: This number is ridiculous...And it looks like they just keep on coming...
Hina: Ahaha! Suddenly we're swimming in a room full of pumpkins~!
Aya: Could it be that...we have to find the golden jack-o'-lanternin this sea of pumpkins?!

Trick or Escape! Event Story - Ending
Happy Halloween!

The girls challenge the final puzzle, one that even
the mastermind Maya doesn't know the answer to...!


The Final Room
Aya: Could it be that...we have to find the golden jack-o'-lanternin this sea of pumpkins?!
Maya: Hmm? Aya-san! There's more written on the card! "Taking your time is not an option, alright? You only have until exactly midnight."
Eve: Look over there!The hands on the clock are ticking faster!!
Hina: So we have until the clock strikes twelve to find the golden jack-o'-lantern.
Chisato: That would mean we only have about ten minutes...
Hina: Only ten minutes, huh? With the volume of pumpkins, it's going to be quite the task! Looking through all of them doesn't feel very boppin' to me~♪ Maybe we should call it quits and give up!
Aya: There's no way we're surrendering now, Hina-chan! We've come this far together, we are going to work to find this last one!
Hina: Ah! That's right, you're good at finding things!The spotlight is on you, Aya-chan.
Aya: Hmph~! You need to help search too, Hina-chan!... Wh-whoa!!
Eve: A-Aya-san?!
Maya: A-are you okay?! Be careful where you step.There are pumpkins everywhere!
Aya: S-sorry, I just lost my footing and stumbled...... Uh... Wha-?!
Chisato: A-Aya-chan? What happened to the golden jack-o'-lanterns you were holding...?
Aya: They must have slipped out of my hands when I fell just now...!!
Hina: Ahaha! Now we're talking!I'm finally boppin'~♪
Chisato: Aya-chan... I know this is a TV program, but you didn't have to go and make it more exciting...
Aya: I-I'm really sorry, everyone! It wasn't on purpose, I swear! Please believe me!
Eve: E-everyone! I know we're in a predicament,but the clock is still ticking!We have to work fast!!
Chisato: She's right! We're pressed for time right now. We can't waste it sulking away. Don't worry, Aya-chan! At this point, it doesn't make much of a difference whether we're searching for one or for three.
Hina: Yup, yup! Besides, getting to see this interesting side of Aya-changot me all fired up!
Aya: Chisato-chan... Hina-chan... I have conflicting emotions right now, but thank you so much~!
Eve: Aya-san, this is not the time to be tearing up! In difficult times like these, we should rely on the spirit of bushido!
Maya: There's nothing to worry about, Aya-san! Everything will turn out fine. Think of all those times that we've been in a bind. We've always gotten through them together!
Aya: Eve-chan, Maya-chan... You are absolutely right! Thank you, everyone!
Aya: Alright then! It's the home stretch now, let's do this!
All: Okay~!!
2 Minutes Left
Aya: Found one!! That makes two now!
Hina: Ohh~! See, I knew you were good at finding things~. Apparently, though, you're good at losing things, too.
Aya: Hina-chan! You can stop saying that~!
Chisato: Anyway, that means we have one more to go. But I wonder if it's really in here.I mean, we've all been searching with no luck.
Maya: Wh-what should we do? We're running out of time!
Eve: I'm not sure there's any more we can do...It feels like we've lost all hope...
Aya: B-but we still got time! We absolutely can't give up until the very end!! A miracle will happen if we just power through! I'm sure of it!
Aya: ... Hmm? What's this? A pumpkin just tumbled toward my feet...
Maya: P-perhaps it's the golden jack-o'-lantern that we've been searching for all this time!!
Aya: ... No. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it doesn't look like it.
Eve: Oh. Well, that's too bad.
Hina: Where did this pumpkin even roll out from?And why now?
Chisato: I think it must have come from the fireplace. Perhaps...
Aya: Ohh~! I think I'm thinking the same thing you are, Chisato-chan!!
Eve: Huh, Aya-san?! What's going on? Why are you suddenly rushing over to the fireplace?!
Aya: There could be some still stuck in the chimney! If that's the case, even if we keep looking at the ones here, we're not going to find anything!
Aya: Nnngh... Oomph!! Mmm~... Where could it be? Is it even here...?
Maya: I-I see what you're doing! That makes sense since that pumpkin came out of nowhere! Well, did you find anything, Aya-san?!
Aya: It's so dark, I can't really see anything...Hmm? Oh, I see it!! It's really here! It was stuck in here all along!
Chisato: Aya-chan! You have to hurry up!We only have about a minute left!
Aya: I-I'm sorry, I'm trying!I... I think I'm almost able to reach it...... Ugh~!!
Eve: A-Aya-san...!
Maya: I know you can do it!
Hina: Aya-chan, step on my back and propel yourself up! You should be able to reach it then!
Aya: ... Huh? Step on your back...?!Are you sure, Hina-chan?!
Hina: C'mon, hurry up! We don't have much time left!!
Aya: O-okay. Sorry about this!Here I go...Ugh... Urrrghhh~!
Aya: Yes~! I've got it! I've got it!
Maya: G-great job, Aya-san, Hina-san!You two made a magnificent duo!
Chisato: Aya-chan, now you gotta put the golden jack-o'-lantern on the door!!
Aya: R-right! Here I go, then~! One.. two...
Aya: It's open! We did it~!!
Eve: Well done, Aya-san! You did a fantastic job!
Maya: Looks like the clock hands stopped right before it was about to hit twelve. We seriously solved it at the eleventh hour...!
Chisato: We were able to witness a miracle all because of Aya-chan's determination.
Hina: That's our Aya-chan alright! Always swooping in and saving the day when most needed~!
Aya: N-not at all. I was only able to muster up that determination because of all of you here! Sniff... You're the ones I should be thanking~!
Chisato: Fufu... Why don't we continue the conversation over on the other side? Look~. There's a whole party waiting for us over there.
Aya: What?! A party?! Wow~!! Look at that!
Maya: Seems like the film crew and the hotel staff have prepared this and have been waiting for us!
Eve: I see tons of delectable food over there! I'm ready to head right over!
Hina: Yeah~! Let's go! Let's go!
Banquet Hall
Maya: So, Aya-san! Everyone has been patiently waiting for us here! Would you kindly say a few words?
Aya: What?! Y-you want me to give a speech?! Me?! Uhm... okay... I guess I'll do what I always do...
Aya: Okay... Here goes, then... Hello, everyone! It's Aya Maruyama, the fluffy,pink member of Pastel*Palettes! I hope you all have a happy Halloween~!
Chisato: Wh-whoa, Aya-chan!! Your hands... They're all black and covered in soot...
Aya: ... Huh?! Eek, you're right... I guess I got them dirty when I was looking for that pumpkin in the fireplace!
Hina: Ahaha! They're as black as night!
Aya: Ohhh... And here I thought I could finish on a high note~!!
Chisato: Fufufu...! But that would be incredibly boring!Besides, this is what makes you who you are♪

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