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Trip Down Memory Lane Card Story - Episode

Tanabata Power


After School
Kasumi: And then, guess what! When I told O-Tae about our childhood-park search, she told me about her favorite park!
Kasumi: And she said she always brings her rabbits there to play!
Hagumi: Wow~, that sounds fun! I wanna play with her rabbits too~!
Kasumi: I know, right? We should tag along next time she goes!
Hagumi: Sounds good! I can't wait~!
Hagumi: You know, hanging out with you really is a blast, Kaa-kun~!
Kasumi: Same goes for you, Hagu! And the fact that we were able to meet again like this must be thanks to our tanzaku from back then!
Hagumi: Yeah, for sure! It's the power of Tanabata!
Kasumi: I wonder what I should write on my Tanzaku this year~. I wanna do more concerts, but I also wanna visit all sorts of places with everyone~.
Kasumi: Ah...! And I also wanna eat delicious food together!
Hagumi: Wow~! That sounds amazing~! I wanna do that too~!
Kasumi: Right?! ... Ah, all this talk about food is making me hungry...
Hagumi: My tummy's rumbling too! Come on, Kaa-kun! Let's go to my place and get some croquettes!
Kasumi: Ah, wait a minute! I should have just the thing for times like this in my wallet... Found it!
Kasumi: Ta-da~! A coupon for Yamabuki Bakery! I got it when I bought some bread the other day! Wanna use it together?
Hagumi: Huh, are you sure?! I was just thinking about how I wanted bread from Saya's place! Let's go!

Yamabuki Bakery
Saaya: Welcome to Yamabuki Baker-... Ah, if it isn't Kasumi and Hagumi.
Kasumi: Ehehe~, it's us alright~. We're hungry, so we're here to buy some bread!
Hagumi: Kaa-kun invited me along since she has a coupon!
Saaya: Fufu, thank you for your patronage~. So what will you have? Take your time.
Kasumi: Hm~, it's so hard to decide~... Everything this bakery makes is so good~.
Saaya: Ah, that reminds me! In just a little bit, we'll have some fresh melon bread too.
Kasumi: What~?! Now I really don't know what to get~!
Saaya: If you can't decide, you could always buy all of 'em, fufufu ♪
Kasumi: Well, my allowance isn't that big so... I guess I'll get three things!
Hagumi: And I'll do the same!
Kasumi: Let's see... I'll get a cream roll, a croissant... and melon bread!
Hagumi: And I'll get this curry bread, yakisoba bread, and... this croquette bun!
Kasumi: Saya, we're ready~.

Kasumi: Nom... Saya's bakery really does make tasty bread~... Nom...
Hagumi: Yeah, the tastiest! Ah, that's right. Here you go, Kaa-kun!
Kasumi: Hm? What's all this paper for?
Hagumi: They're raffle tickets! I just got them from Saya!
Kasumi: Raffle tickets?!
Hagumi: Yep~. The downtown area's doing a raffle for Tanabata right now! The grand prize is a hot-spring vacation!
Kasumi: Huh, really?! I wanna go to the hot springs!
Hagumi: You need ten tickets for one spin, so we can spin it once!
Kasumi: Yay~! So where are they doing the raffle?! Hurry, let's go!

Downtown - Raffle
Kasumi: Let's see... We need a gold ball for the grand prize, right?
Hagumi: Yup! And the grand prize is the hot-spring trip! Good luck, Kaa-kun!
Kasumi: What~? Let's spin the lever together, Hagu! These are both of our tickets after all.
Hagumi: Huh?! Is that really okay?! Thanks, Kaa-kun! Alright, on three, spin! One... Two... Three!
Kasumi: Come on~, gold! We need gold~!
Hagumi: Hmm... There it is! It's... not gold... We got--
Woman: You got the silver ball! Congratulations~! Silver means you've just won our second-place prize~!
Kasumi: Huh? Second?! That's awesome! It's not the grand prize, but it's still something!
Hagumi: Yeah! I bet it's because we worked together! So what do we get for second place!
Kasumi: Let's see, second place is...
Hagumi: Two tickets... for the amusement park?!
Kasumi: ... Ah! Didn't you write on your tanzaku as a kid that you wanted to go to the amusement park?
Hagumi: Ah, you're right! Maybe... this is also the power of Tanabata?!
Kasumi: I think so... Orihime-sama~! Hikoboshi-sama~! Thank you~! Hagu, let's invite everyone and go to the amusement park ♪

Trip Down Memory Lane Card Story - Special Episode

That Place Is Special


CiRCLE - Lobby
Kasumi: BanG Dreamer-san! Hello~! Huh? Nobody's here yet...
Kasumi: Uhm~... If you're free, why don't we talk while I wait for everyone to get here?!
Kasumi: ... Thank you! There's a story I really, really wanna share with you. Do you have any childhood friends, BanG Dreamer-san?
Kasumi: You see, when I was little, Hagu and I used to play together all the time at the park!
Kasumi: It was a long time ago, so we didn't even remember where this park was, but then, a group of us decided to go look for it together!
Kasumi: During our search, we kept remembering more and more about this park, and eventually, we found where it used to be!
Kasumi: ... No. The park's gone now, so we couldn't play there anymore...
Kasumi: But in its place, we found a culture center filled with kids. They all looked like they were having lots of fun!
Kasumi: That got me thinking. Someday those kids will find that place as nostalgic as Hagu and I do now...
Kasumi: And maybe it doesn't matter whether it's a park or a community center. Maybe the friends we make there are more important than the place itself.
Kasumi: I'm so glad Hagu and I got to play together~.
Kasumi: Ah, that's right! While we were looking for this park, I remembered that Hagu was the one who taught me how to ride a bike!
Kasumi: And when I fell down and hurt myself, she was the one who helped me!
Kasumi: Even back then, Hagu was really kind... Yeah, I loved Hagu back then, and I love her now!
Kasumi: Still, it really is a miracle that Hagu and I would meet again once we entered high school.
Kasumi: And not only did we reunite, but we're both in our own bands too. The two of us even perform here at CiRCLE.
Kasumi: And thinking of all those things that happened makes me really glad I have a childhood friend.
Kasumi: Yeah! Hagu and I promised we'd go back to the culture center on our next day off!
Kasumi: We might uncover even more memories.
Kasumi: I wish our next day off would get here faster~. Ah~, it's so hard to wait...!
Kasumi: ... Ah! That's it! We should do a concert with Hello, Happy World! at the culture center!
Kasumi: Pretty good idea, right? And that one just came off the top of my head too.
Kasumi: I'm sure the kids will love it, and then we can make even more memories there together...!
Kasumi: Right?! It's a great plan, isn't it, BanG Dreamer-san?!
Kasumi: I wonder when we should do it. Ah, I should ask everyone what their schedules are like first.
Kasumi: Wait, before that, I better check with the culture center and see when works for them too!
Kasumi: Wow~, I'm having so much fun just thinking about it!
Kasumi: I'm sure I'll be coming to you for all sorts of advice for our show.
Kasumi: So when the time comes, I'd really appreciate your help!