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Trust in My Friends Card Story - Episode

Turning Heat into Words


After School
Residential Area

Ran: ...
Tsugumi: Ran-chan, wait for me~!
Ran: Tsugumi...? Don't you have student council or something?
Tsugumi: Yeah, I was supposed to, but Hina-senpai had to leave...
Ran: Why?
Tsugumi: She said she forgot she had a Pastel✽Palettes job.
Ran: I feel like that's happened more than once.
Ran: Still, I see. So is that why you called out to me?
Tsugumi: Yeah! I thought I could catch up with you.
Tsugumi: Fufu, it's been a while since we've gone home together like this, just the two of us.
Ran: You're right, we've had band practice almost every day lately. There might've been less days where we weren't all together.
Ran: Tomoe and Himari have club meetings, and Moca has to do something at home, right?
Tsugumi: Yeah. Do you have any plans after this, Ran-chan?
Tsugumi: If not, why don't you come to my place? We just started selling a new kind of cake!
Tsugumi: Our customers seem to like it quite a bit.
Ran: Sorry. There's something I have to do...
Ran: I don't exactly have plans, but I want to work on the lyrics for a new song.
Tsugumi: New song...? What do you mean? I didn't think we were making any new songs...
Ran: You know how Tomoe had that interview the other day? Well, it gave me some inspiration for a new song.
Tsugumi: I see...
Ran: Sorry. I didn't mean to keep it a secret, I just wanted to show it to you guys once it was a bit more fleshed out.
Tsugumi: No, don't worry about it. But I am a little curious to know what Tomoe's interview made you think of.
Ran: Right... How can I put this...?
Ran: Back in her interview, Tomoe was basically trying to say how, from now on, we'll fight with our pride on the line, right?
Tsugumi: Yeah. She even declared war on everyone.
Ran: We think that our music is the coolest, and we have to use it to convince people who think otherwise.
Ran: I want to put this passion into words. I want to make it into our own song and sing it out loud.
Ran: And I want this song to be our new source of determination... That's what I was thinking, anyway.
Tsugumi: Ran-chan...
Ran: ... Ah, sorry. That was kind of confusing.
Tsugumi: No, it wasn't at all! I really understand how you feel now!
Ran: Y-you do? Well, that's good...
Tsugumi: Hey, Ran-chan! Can I- No, can we help with the new song too?!
Ran: Huh? But it's just an idea I had. I don't even know if it's going to work out...
Tsugumi: All the more reason for us to work on it together! You said you wanted this song to be show our renewed determination, right?
Tsugumi: I thought the same thing while I was listening to you talk... So I definitely want to make it happen.
Ran: Tsugumi... Okay, sure. Let's make it together with everyone.
Tsugumi: Then I'll message the others about it! Umm...
Ran: I'll reserve some studio time while you're doing that.
Tsugumi: Okay, thanks!
Ran: I got a booking. They just happened to have a space open.
Tsugumi: Tomoe-chan and the others said okay! They said they'd come to the studio after they're finished.
Ran: All right. Then how about we go on ahead?
Tsugumi: Okay! Ran-chan, let's make our new song a good one!
Ran: Of course. That's what I was planning to do in the first place.
Ran: Let's make a cool song, same as always.

Trust in My Friends Card Story - Special Episode

Finding My Way



Marina: Mm~, work is finally over~. Good job today!
Ran: Oh, it's you two. Hello. Are you still worki... Actually, it doesn't seem like it.
Marina: Hello, Ran-chan! We just finished for the day.
Marina: Are you here for rehearsal? You're so motivated~. You were here yesterday and the day before too... Haven't you been practicing every day recently?
Ran: Yes, we've been quite motivated lately. Tomoe's interview really lit a fire inside of us.
Marina: You mean the one in Melody Musix? That was a very cool interview indeed!
Marina: Didn't she say something like, "We're gonna paint our rival bands in the colors of Afterglow, and make everybody recognize our music"?
Ran: Yes, she did say that. And I don't think it sounded too bad at all.
Ran: In the past, I had to face my father in order to continue being in the band...
Ran: That was, in its own way, a battle to make him recognize how serious and dedicated I am to Afterglow.
Ran: Just like I did then, from now on, we'll have to go up against all sorts of people and make them recognize our talent.
Marina: What you're saying is, you want everybody to know about Afterglow's music, right?
Ran: Yes. I believe it's an important step on the way to reaching our goal of putting on the ultimate show.
Ran: We can't lose this battle.
Marina: Ohh~, I can't wait to see how you guys grow from here~.
Marina: I'll be cheering for you to dye everyone in the colors of Afterglow!
Ran: Thank you... Ah, but I do have one favor to ask...
Ran: Could you keep what I said about Tomoe's words a secret from Tomoe and the others?
Marina: Sure... but why?
Ran: I told Tomoe that phrase was a little cheesy. But the more I think about it, the more I feel like it's not bad at all...
Ran: So it would be embarrassing if they found out. They would definitely tease me about it. Especially Moca.
Marina: Fufu, alright. I promise I won't tell.
Ran: Hm? It's a message from Himari. Huh? Everyone is there already except me?
Ran: Excuse me, Marina-san. I have to go now.
Marina: Yeah, we should get going too. Have a good practice!
Ran: Thank you. See you.