Tsukishima Marina (月島 まりな) is the in-game navigation character. She is a staff at the Live House CiRCLE. In the game's main story, she is trying to get five bands together for a multi-live event together with the Player Character's help.


Marina has black hair with her fringe neatly sorted to her right. with a bob cut all the way to her shoulder. She has fair skin and somewhat pink-red eyes. Her outfit consists of low-cut jeans with a white-blue horizontal lines shirt with a black cardigan.


  • She seldom appears in event stories, card stories and the second band stories after the first few chapters of the main story.
  • Her height appears to match Saaya's, Rinko's, Nanami's, Ran's, and Misaki's, at 157 cm tall.
  • Marina introduced the 5 main bands with quite a dramatic flair in GARUPA☆PICO's 1st episode.
  • She is the only major adult character in the game as other adult characters, like Ran's father, Yukina's father, and Kokoro's bodyguards are all but supporting characters only.
    • Marina is also the only major adult character who is voiced.
  • In FUN! FUN! CiRCLING FIVESTAR!, Marina reveals that she used to play in a five-member band as a guitarist. Their band aimed to be the best and wanted scouts to recognize their talent, however the band lost the passion eventually when they didn't reach the level they wanted and started losing their audience. According to Marina, they also realized they weren't having any fun playing.
    • She also keeps her guitar at the backstage of CiRCLE and sometimes plays it.
  • Marina enjoys reading manga.[1]
  • Marina dislikes horror and scary things.[2]



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