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Twilight Battler Card Story - Episode

With Fire and Oomph


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Roof

Tomoe: Let's see... What do we have here...?
Ran: Hm? Oh, Tomoe. What are you doing up here? Reading?
Tomoe: Hm~...
Ran: Tomoe!
Tomoe: Whoa! O-oh, it's just you, Ran... You can at least warn me before you start yelling...
Ran: I already tried getting your attention though... So you are reading. Now that's a sight to see. Not only that, that thing's gigantic.
Tomoe: Oh, you mean this? I borrowed it from the library.
Ran: "Notable Quotes from Shakespeare"...? Wait, you're gonna start acting like that too?
Tomoe: What?! N-no, not at all! I just thought I could learn something from it.
Ran: Learn what? Was there something Shakespeare related in class that I don't remember?
Tomoe: I'm not talking about school. I'm talking about vocabulary. You remember that whole thing with Ako? When she was talking about sharing her idea of cool?
Tomoe: ... I am her sister, so I thought maybe I should try to use some words that she would think is cool.
Ran: Makes sense, you don't have the best vocabulary.
Tomoe: You don't have to be so blunt about it~... Even if it is true.
Ran: Once you get excited, everything boils down to being intense, awesome, or crazy.
Tomoe: I can't deny that...
Ran: Okay, but why Shakespeare?
Tomoe: Well, he's famous. And it might be partially because of Seta-senpai, but it's the first book that caught my eye...
Ran: I see... So, is it working?
Tomoe: Uhhh... Hmmm... I get the vibe he's going for, but I don't actually understand what he's saying, you know?
Ran: Ahaha, I knew it. That just doesn't seem like your kind of book.
Tomoe: You thought that too? Yeah... Okay, enough of that! I'm gonna go return it. Be right back.
Ran: If you try too hard to show off, you won't be able to keep it up for long anyway. I think Ako will still see you as cool if you just be yourself.
Tomoe: Yeah, I guess you're right.
Tomoe: And it's how you express yourself that's important, not which words you choose!
Tomoe: If your fire's intense enough, what you're saying will hit, "wham," like a ton of bricks.
Ran: There you go. An intense wham, that's right.
Tomoe: Oh, be quiet... I'm tellin' you, that's good enough!

Twilight Battler Card Story - Special Episode

A Sister's Trust



Tomoe: BanG Dreamer-san. Another day of hard work, huh?
Tomoe: What's that? Ako forgot something? Ah, thanks! I'll hold on to it.
Tomoe: She can be a little careless at times. Especially when there's something on her mind. Everything else just slips away.
Tomoe: Still, if you look at it a different way, that just means she knows how to concentrate.
Tomoe: And she's been working hard on something recently.
Tomoe: From what I understand, she's been putting together this idea for a show that she wants to be able to share with everyone.
Tomoe: It's supposed to be a Roselia performance shrouded in the power of darkness where they raise the dead, and a dragon comes out at the end and breathes fire or something like that at the crowd.
Tomoe: Could you imagine a performance like that? I feel bad saying this as her sister, but... I couldn't imagine it. I could tell it was something big though.
Tomoe: It's too bad. She was so serious when she was sharing the idea, and she seems to have a clear image of what she wants to do.
Tomoe: Yep, even I could tell that she had her heart set on something specific.
Tomoe: I bet she'll be able to get others to understand what she's thinking one day. I mean, this is Ako we're talking about.
Tomoe: Think about her drumming skills. Before I knew it, she was an amazing drummer.
Tomoe: That's just how Ako is. Once she decides she's gonna do something, she carries through, no matter how many times she fails.
Tomoe: So I know she'll learn to explain herself well...
Tomoe: Maybe one day she will be able to put on a show where they raise the dead and a dragon breathes that crazy stuff she was talking about.
Tomoe: Ahaha, I'm only half joking! I really think she can!
Tomoe: And I wanna see it from the front row~. You can sit there right next to me, dude!
Tomoe: Ahaha, cool! No going back on your word, okay?!